Abu Garcia Orra SX Review – Casting Reel Worth Investing?

As a serious fisherman, you know how important it is to have the smoothest possible operation of your reel. Without the proper bearings, your reel is going to lack the fluidity that you need for casting and reeling.

Thankfully, this Abu Garcia reel uses seven stainless steel ball bearings to give the perfect amount of weight and balance to your reel. Plus, it uses an additional roller bearing to give it even smoother operation than other reels in the same pricing and performance tier.

Abu Garcia Orra Sx

Durable Frame

If you go out fishing frequently, you are going to need a reliable reel that is going to crumble or need a lot of maintenance within the first few weeks or months of taking it out of the box. This model has a durable X-craftic alloy frame that can withstand bumps and drops so that normal wear and tear doesn’t shatter your reel. The casing is also corrosion resistant, so you don’t have to be concerned about keeping your reel totally out of the water and away from any excess moisture.

Drag System

The drag system on any reel is very important and holds a lot of power and responsibility in how effective a reel can be. It registers when there are enough power and friction pulling on your line so that it can automatically let more line out, preventing your fishing line from snapping.

The Power Disk drag system in this model gives your reel the smoothest in drag performance. As soon as the reel experiences a hard enough pull on the line, it will immediately rotate and letting more line out. This smooth drag system will keep your catch from breaking the line.

Brake System

With cheaper braking systems, you will find that the power of the brakes are inconsistent. This can make casting and fishing unnecessarily difficult. This reel is equipped with a powerful and efficient Mag Trax braking system. The value in this braking system is that it gives you, the fisher, more control in your cast. With the Mag Trax braking system, you are going to be able to have consistent pressure throughout the cast of your line. That way, you don’t have to worry about wasting time trying to figure out how to manage the braking system, when you are casting.


If you have ever been fishing with a cheap reel before, you know how uncomfortable it can be using a lower quality handle and star. You want to make sure that you don’t skimp on your reel when it comes to comfort. Having an ergonomically designed handle is incredibly important when you are shopping for the right reel.

Thankfully, this Abu Garcia reel uses a totally comfortable and ergonomically designed compact bent handle and star so that you don’t fatigue your hands while you are fishing.

Things We Liked

  • The first aspect of this reel that we liked was the level of comfortability that it provides in the handle and the star. You can have the highest performing reel in the world, but if it isn’t comfortable to use, who is going to buy it?
  • The seven plus one bearing system on this model also makes it really appealing. It gives you a seamless and easy cast every time that you use it, and gives plenty of weight and balance to the reel.
  • The Mag Trax braking system and the Power Disk drag system are nice touches as well. Making sure that you don’t lose or snap your line is key, and having a quality braking system is going to make it much easier to reel in your catch.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • There is very little if anything bad to say about this reel. The build is durable and the braking system and drag system on this reel work as promised.

FAQ -Some pre-selling Questions and Answers about the particular product

Question: Where is it made?
Answer: This reel is made in China.

Question: Is the braking system centrifugal or magnetic?
Answer: Some models of this reel have a magnetic braking system and others have a centrifugal designed braking system.

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