Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Reel Review – Maximum Performance in a Lightweight Design

When it comes to getting yourself a reliable reel that will perform in top condition for years to come, this Pro Max reel is going to have you covered. This reel has anything that you could possibly want in a top performing fishing reel including high-quality brakes to help you control the power of your cast. This gives you the ability to gently and fluidly adjust the tension of your cast without overcasting or undershooting the spot that you are trying to place.

The Power Disk drag system on this reel gives smooth drag performance so that you always have control, even when it feels like the fish is in control. The drag system applies gentle drag to your line, to release it in a controlled manner. This gives you the power position over your fish without the risk of snapping your fishing line in the process.

Abu Garcia Pro Max

One of the biggest highlight points of this particular product is the design. The amount of durability that the body offers is intense and could hold up to the most intense or extreme fishing scenarios. Virtually the entire body of this reel is made with graphite, which is a lightweight metal. With it being both durable, light in weight and designed to be totally ergonomic, you will rarely find your hands and wrists getting fatigued while you are fishing. It has a seven plus one ball bearing system, which gives you plenty of reeling and casting power.

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Keep reading below to check out the other features that this top quality fishing reel has to offer.


As we mentioned, prior, the brakes on this fishing reel are excellent for having the perfect cast. The braking system on this reel gives steady, gentle braking application so that you don’t have to be concerned with undershooting or overshooting your target area for fishing. These brakes will give you the proper amount of control so that you don’t have to waste precious time by reeling in your line, just to recast it.

Drag System

The drag system on this reel is particularly helpful when it comes to getting control over your catch. The drag system gives the angler a huge advantage to reeling in powerful fish. It multiplies the amount of power that you are getting out of your reel when pulling in the fish, which gives you a massive mechanical advantage, even with a large catch.

Abu Garcia Pro Max

Graphite Design

Aside from the general performance of the features on this reel, one aspect of this reel that we love is the design of the body. The body of this reel is made almost entirely out of graphite. If you aren’t familiar with graphite, it is a lightweight metal that is also staunch and durable. If you have been shopping for a reel that is going to last, have integrity and be able to perform for years, the graphite body on this reel gives it a solid base.

Brass Touches

Another really nice feature that we like about this model is the brass accents on this reel. This product actually comes with brass gears which noticeably extends the functional life of your reel. The brass gears on this model are resistant to weathering and damage, which make them a nice complement to the graphite body.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

The more comfortable and enjoyable something is to use, the better use that you are going to get out of it. Because this reel is lightweight, ergonomically designed and easy to use, you are going to want to go fishing with this reel for years. It is not going to quickly wear out your hands, wrists, or shoulders while you are using it, even on long fishing trips.

Abu Garcia Pro Max


  • This high-performance fishing reel features a seven plus one ball bearing design which gives it the smoothest operation possible when you are casting and reeling.
  • This reel is primarily constructed from a machined, double-anodized aluminum spool. The aluminum material that the spool is made from provides ample strength for the reel, without making it unnecessarily heavy.
  • This Abu Garcia reel uses a PowerDisk Drag system to give it a smooth drag and better performance
  • When it comes to the small and critical components on this reel, this model is equipped with brass gear. The brass gear components on this reel give it a noticeably longer life than other reels that are made of cheaper materials.
  • One aspect of a lot of reels that you need to investigate before you decide to buy one is how comfortable it feels in your hand. This Abu Garcia reel uses a compact bent handle to give it a totally ergonomic design.
  • Another concern that many anglers have with their reels is that they aren’t going to have sufficient enough braking power to effectively slow and stop their line when they are casting. The MagTrax braking system that this reel is equipped with is designed to provide consistent braking pressure so that you don’t have to worry about casting too short or too long.
  • To make this reel even more durable and lightweight, the base of this model is made of graphite. This reel is made of a one-piece graphite frame and graphite side plates to give it excessive amounts of durability and a longer viable fishing life.


  • This is a good entry level reel, but this will be lacking for professional or experienced anglers.


  • Question: Will this reel work in saltwater?
  • Answer: Yes, you can use this reel safely in the salt water.
  • Question: Is this reel also made for left-handed anglers?
  • Answer: Yes, this model is also made in a left-handed version.

Final Verdict

Overall, this reel from Abu Garcia is an awesome entry level reel. If you are just getting into fishing or haven’t been fishing for that long and you are looking for a reliable and affordable reel, this one would be ideal for you.

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