Maui Mat Review – Foam Material Enhanced with Colorful Graphics

When it comes to having fun with your family, there’s nothing like going to the lake to play in the water. Whether you plan on swimming, fishing, or boating, you can spend all day out there without ever getting bored.

However, if you want to relax on the water, you need to bring a flotation device. Assuming that you don’t have a boat, what other options do you have? You can bring some inner tubes or other rafts, but why not an Maui Mat?

At first glance, this may just seem like a conventional floating device for kids. However, it’s built to be so much more. In fact, this pad is large and strong enough to hold the whole family as you float lazily on the water. Let’s see how it can make your next lake trip even more memorable.

Aqua Lily Pad

Large Foam Pad

For the most part, flotation devices are for personal use. No matter what you have, it’s designed for one person only. However, with the Maui Mat, you can pile on as many people fit, which is quite a few when you consider the dimensions.

The Maui Mat can come in a few different sizes, but this particular model is six feet by 14 feet. This means that you can cram everyone, from kids to adults, on the same surface. The pad is also 1 ⅜ inch thick, which is part of the reason why it floats so well.

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But, if everyone’s on there, won’t the Maui Mat sink? The short answer is no. Each model is designed to carry a ton of weight without sinking, which is why it’s such a great way to bring the family together. This unit can support up to 1000 pounds itself, so don’t worry about anyone overloading the weight capacity.

Another thing about the Maui Mat is that it’s much more stable than most other floaties. This means that you can stand and tumble on it without causing it to dip below the surface. Although it does take a little bit of practice to get it right, you can ride the waves in almost any position.

Aqua Lily Pad

Lightweight and Portable

Considering that the Maui Mat can support so much weight, and the fact that it’s so big, you may think that it must weigh a ton. Although it’s certainly not as portable as air-filled flotation devices, it’s much more convenient than you would expect.

First of all, this pad weighs less than 25 pounds. This means that one person can carry it easily without breaking their back. As such, feel free to bring it along on your next lakeside adventure since it doesn’t take up too much room.

To make it even easier to carry, it rolls up and secures in place with Velcro pads. These pads also ensure that it will latch correctly, even when it’s soaking wet. We do highly recommend that you let the pad air dry as much as possible before rolling it, though, so that you don’t have any excess water trapped inside.

Durable Foam Material

The problem with most flotation devices is that they are not puncture-proof. Since they rely on air to work, they are vulnerable to a lot of environmental damage. A single sharp stick could ruin your whole trip as the tube or pad deflates into nothing.

That is never an issue with the Maui Mat. It is made from super dense cross-linked foam material, which means that it will stand up to a lot more abuse than most other floaties. Although we don’t recommend that you try to scratch or stab the Maui Mat, it will hold up to most environmental obstacles with ease.

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Another reason that the pad is so awesome is that it can work on all kinds of water. So, whether you want to go to the lake, the river, or the beach, you can bring the pad with you. We do want to make sure that you pay attention to things like the incoming tide and any rapids that you may encounter, so be careful out there.

Although the pad can support a lot of weight, it doesn’t offer any way to steer, nor can it prevent anyone from tumbling out. As such, exercise caution when deciding where to deploy it.

Aqua Lily Pad


  • Durable construction
  • Large design can fit multiple children
  • Thick foam stays afloat
  • Works in pools, lakes, and saltwater
  • Cross-link foam won’t rip or tear easily
  • Weighs under 25 pounds
  • Uses Velcro for storage
  • Rolls compactly for transportation
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Colorful design options


  • Expensive compared to other models
  • Large size can be cumbersome to carry


  • What are the exact dimensions of this floating pad?
  • According to the manufacturer, this model is six feet by 14 feet. The thickness is 1 ⅜ inches.
  • How much weight can it hold?
  • According to Maui Mat , the 14-foot pad can support up to 1000 pounds easily. It won’t sink unless you have a lot of people sitting or standing on it.
  • Where is the Maui Mat?
  • It is proudly manufactured in the US.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a fun and inventive way to spend time with your family on the water, then see how the Maui Mat can work for you. Yes, it is kind of expensive, but remember that it will last for years to come. Rather than spending money on an assortment of air-filled floaties that will only stay in good shape for one or two seasons, the Maui Mat will hold up year after year.

This product is perfect for family getaways or group gatherings. Since everyone can share the same space, feel free to invite friends and relatives from all over to enjoy the water together. The pad can act as a portable hangout spot where people can relax or swim to their heart’s content. It will be like a floating dock that you have at your disposal.

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