Best AA Flashlight For 2020 – Top Selections For Outdoor Activities!

Ever tried going about your business in the dark? All of us know the situation doesn't help us accomplish much. The AA flashlight is an incredible craft to ensure you the most reliable lighting that you need.

AA flashlights are known by fanatics as compact, highly portable and most impressively have widely available batteries for replacement purposes, including rechargeable ones.

There are many flashlights out there but nothing meets your expectations any closer as the best AA flashlight does, they are simply splendid to beat the lighting woos while in the darkness.

How about a grasp of some of the remarkable AA flashlights?

Comparisons of 9 Best AA Flashlights

Light Image

Light Name


Max Output


3.2 ounces

250 lumens

7.7 ounces

1150 lumens

2.1 ounces

200 lumens

2.2 ounces

252 lumens

0.8 ounces

600 lumens

4.8 ounces

320 lumens

0.85 ounces

200 lumens

1.4 ounces

475 lumens

12 ounces

980 lumens

Reviews on Top 9 AA Flashlight 

1. Streamlight 88033 ProTac Tactical Flashlight

Thanks to its multi-function complimented by a rubber push-button tactical tail switch enabling you easily use its one-handed operation while the other hand is carrying other tasks.

You have the opportunity to utilize its programmable switch based on three options; the high/strobe/low (normally the factory default), the high and lastly low/high option.

Use this flashlight in your law enforcement, emergency needs and so many other users with the most incredible experience in lighting needs you can count.


  • Complies with European Community directives and standards
  • Comes with anti-roll face cap, two AA alkaline batteries, nylon holster and removable pocket clip
  • Embraces a bright and powerful LED technology
  • Build to last with quality material construction
  • Highly portable and easy to handle


  • Doesn't accommodate rechargeable batteries

Most fervent users of AA flashlights love the ThruNite TN4A LED for its unrivaled light efficiency that boasts of an output of up to 1150 lumens.

You never have to worry about its battery replacement since it is designed to accommodate the most readily available AA batteries that are also inexpensive, a reason why this AA flashlight is a common household brand.

Check into the dark with this dedicated flashlight, thanks to its ultra-clear tempered glass lens that has an anti-reflective coating for heightened brightness.

Additionally, the design is crafted to last long and is made of waterproof materials to safeguard its functionality in extreme conditions.

Unlike most conventional brands you will find, this AA flashlight adopts the ITC (Intelligence Temperature Control) technology to help avoid its overheating while extending its lifespan.

Apart from its impressive features, you also expect to enjoy an added advanced electronic switch with low voltage suited for your silent operation.


  • Long lasting body construction
  • Boasts Peak Beam Intensity of 26640cd and Max beam distance of 326m
  • Has an impact resistance of 2 meters
  • Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (1.5meters)
  • Portable, easy-to-use, and hold


  • Doesn't use Li-ion rechargeable batteries

Its built-in high-efficiency LED emitters also complement it. This is why the AA flashlight is no doubt a remarkable one or two AA-powered unique design with a beam pattern perfected for excellent overall visibility.

Treat yourself with yourself with this tough aircraft-grade aluminum flashlight that comes with a dual-button interface for an easy strobe mode, a tail switch and side button to enable you to control the on/off button conveniently for quick lighting.


  • Compact and slim body shape easy to hold
  • Ideal for outdoor, emergency preparedness, first responders, and much more applications.
  • Comes with powerful AA batteries use
  • High quality and durable aerospace aluminum body construction
  • Impact resistant design


  • Doesn't come with a low battery indicator

Count on its smart 3 credible output modes to enable the settings dedicated to own way usability.

Furthermore, enjoy a combined tail switch and twisting head design that boosts one hand operation while operating smoothly.


  • Has Max output of 252 lumens
  • Impressive Peak beam intensity of 1062cd.
  • Max beam distance: 65 meters.
  • Reverse polarity protection design to protect from improper battery installation
  • Durable Aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • Removable pocket clip for easy to use


  • Doesn't with AA batteries included

With a conventional output of 0.5 lumens, 5 lumens, 50 lumens, 220 lumens, this is your ideal strobe mode at just 10 Hz for reliable lighting at any given time.

You can opt for this AA flashlight's special output Turbo mode at 600 Lumens, only available when 14,500 rechargeable Lithium batteries are used, even on a beam distance of 118 meters.

The waterproof level of the flashlight is an S1A Baton IPX8 Submersible to over 2 Meters Deep. Expect its survive drop impact from over 1.5 meters high to safeguard its smooth operations, thanks equally to its premium quality design able to last you last longer than other replications.


  • Powered by a single powerful AA battery
  • Has SIA upgraded version for enhanced performance
  • Easy to use
  • Has five brightness levels and a strobe
  • Compact and portable


  • Not adjustable to cover narrower or broader field view

The Fenix LD12 320 Lumen 2020 version LED Tactical Flashlight is IP68 Rated, Submersible to 6.56 feet/2 meters.

Expect to find this model an interesting portable design with a black pocket clip for extra convenience of use.

End your long time search for a digitally regulated output AA flashlight, by opting for the Fenix LD12 320 Lumen to give you not only consistent brightness but also low voltage warnings to remind you when the battery requires replacement.


  • Comes with overheat protection
  • It's an anti-roll and anti-slip body design
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Has side switch for output selections
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  • Includes Edison bright AA battery and AA battery in package


  • Doesn't come with a rechargeable battery

To ensure your flashlight embraces excellent direct heatsink, it has been intelligently soldered directly on copper.

You have this AA flashlight coming with an extra included rigid nylon holster and 8x Free Eco-Sensa Premium AA Batteries.


  • Has a solid brass heatsink
  • Features a very smooth thread
  • Has clicky switch for on/off modes
  • Pre-selectable output before turning on


  • Didn't get well-packaged batteries

Just in case the capacity output is low, the flashlight comes with an automatic stepping down able to lower output.

You will have the convenience of 3 selectable high, medium and low levels and you can program each level to one of its sub-levels also adjustable to different levels of brightness.


  • Runtimes tested and parasitic drain estimated
  • Uses one 1.5V AA (NiMH, lithium or alkaline) or 3.7V 14500 li-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Boasts floody beam from frosted lens, with 90-degree beam spread


  • Batteries are not included in the package

This is why the D40A is able to effortlessly reach as high as 980 lumens, a high performance for its size. Find this flashlight a great choice for your hunting, law enforcement and so much more.

To safeguard this flashlight and last you long, it is able to automatically enter the high mode after 3 minutes of continuous use. High: 550 Lumens (1.7hrs) mid: 220 Lumens (4hrs) and Low: 30 Lumens (31hrs) to avoid overheating.


  • Uses widely available (alkaline, NI-MH, nickel-cadmium) batteries
  • Has a dual-button side switch system
  • Comes with 4 Edison bright AA batteries
  • Designed to last you long


  • Doesn't use Li-ion rechargeable batteries

How to Choose the Best AA Flashlight

Pay attention to the kind of flashlight you need to meet your expectations. Your AA flashlight choice should be worth your budget and save you possible replacement costs in the long run.


Let you flashlight material be worth its cost by embracing long term use. You can find inexpensive plastic-made flashlights to suit your preferences.

But also you can opt for flashlights made of high-grade aluminum or stainless since they tend to last even longer.

Consider going for a model with extra features like water resistance and impact resistance to cushion the flashlight from spoilage and last for a long time.

Size of Flashlight

For portability purposes, you might consider a small-sized flashlight instead of those bigger in size and heavy. They tend to be more convenient.

The bad side of it is that small-sized flashlights might become challenging to find if they slip-off your hand in the dark. They are easier to pack and can last longer.

Brightness of Beam

A flashlight's brightness is measured in lumens. This implies the higher the lumen your flashlight comes with, the brighter is your flashlight and fast in illuminating in the dark.

Also, the amount of light your flashlight produces will determine how long its power can last before recharging or replacing the batteries.

Interface Design

Most flashlights you will come across have a one-button operation that will enable you to adjust the brightness based on the built-in modes.

It will enable you to use the other hand to do other things, a convenience while handling of the flashlight.

Other Factors to Consider

Possibility of flashlight having extra features like prompt twist head to turn on/off and adjust brightness

Beam distance (the distance of how far the light can travel and what kind of beam it reflects). There are those with flood beam and spot beam


Any of these top-class best AA flashlights will leave you spoilt for choice since they embrace high lumen output and the convenience to run on long lasting AA batteries.

They are easily portable and are widely available.

Go the extra mile by opting for a flashlight that is shock resistant and usable in rough situations for all your hunting, camping needs, and much more applications.

Any of these inexpensive top 10 model AA flashlights and batteries will provide you powerful performance plus added extra features for user convenience.

You can never go wrong with an AA flashlight, thanks to devoted technological design they boast. They are remarkably the ultimate choice for a reason.

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