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10 Best Alcohol Stoves for Backpacking in 2020 – Eat Well Outdoor

We all like going out, camping, hiking, you name them. Alcohol stoves can enhance your adventures outdoor in a way that few other tools can.

Some people try to improvise and make their alcohol stoves. You do not need to go all that way. You will find amazing, decent stoves in almost every retailer that you go, stoves that will meet your needs.

Why alcohol stoves? Our choice of alcohol is because it is economical and eco-friendly, in the sense that alcohol emissions are pure unlike other types of fuels.

Experimenting with different types of alcohol stoves has led me to settle on the below-listed stoves. I draw a comparison table during the test. Once I am done testing, I tabulate the results and settle for the top scorers.

Comparisons of 10 Best Alcohols Stoves

Vargo decagon is an innovative alcohol stove that keeps weight to a minimum. The manufacturer uses a one piece construction that makes for extra durability. It sets the durability standard for other alcohol stoves.

More so, it is titanium, one piece construction that makes it a dependable stove. It is built to withstand outdoor conditions.

It has a wide base bottom that gives for excellent stability. It prevents the pot from tipping, which would probably also tip the stove, causing alcohol spillage. It has a large center hole that facilitates for easy filling with alcohol.

This stove comes with a user manual that is easy to follow. You can tag your Vargo decagon along on a flight. My trick to using this stove without making a mess was to figure how much I require for each cook. The trick helps prevent the mess of having to empty the remaining alcohol.


  • Minimal weight
  • One piece construction
  • Titanium material
  • Large center hole makes for easy filling and lighting
  • Bottom stability plate


  • It does not allow for heat control

The sturdy construction of this stove from camping store makes it ideal for outdoor cooking. It uses a simple design. The design entails jetted stainless steel inserts and a stainless removable cup.

The base has some spring loaded springs. It is a clever base design allows you to create a pot rest by pushing the base and rotating 180 degrees.

It has a great capacity that will last for the entire time you will be using the stove. It comes with a zipper bag. By folding incredibly, it facilitates for easy carry in the zipper bag. The stove burns fast. You will be serving dinner in the wild within the hour. Also, if you use denatured alcohol, it burns clean.

The silver color is very appealing. Its performance will leave tongues wagging. It is easy for people to rule it out when in the zipper bag. Once you take it out, it glamor and performance will proof your unintended audience wrong.


  • Appealing silver color
  • Spring loaded base
  • Folds up excellently
  • Zipper bag for easy carrying
  • Burns fast and clean
  • Durable stainless steel construction


  • Some padding on the zipper bag would do some good

Esbit uses hard anodized aluminum in the making of the Esbit alcohol stove and trekking cookset. The choice of material makes this stove from Esbit a durable and extremely light weight.

It comes as a complete cook set. The package includes a solid fuel base, brass alcohol burner, stand, two cook pots, and a mesh carry bag. The mesh carry bag makes for easy portability.

The alcohol burner holds 4 ounces of alcohol. The manufacturer recommends that we fill it up to two-thirds the volume. The two-thirds volume will last give you 30 minutes of burning time. A trick that will help you is to put the exact amount of alcohol that you need for single use. If some oil remains after use, consider leaving the stove burning to deplete the oil.

The stove comes with a 985ml pot, which has a volume indicator on the side. An additional 470 ml pot also serves as a lid and a pan. When on the move, all other components can fit in the larger pot. The smaller pot acts as the lid.


  • Durable
  • Extremely light weight anodized aluminum
  • Includes everything that you require
  • Brass alcohol burner
  • Mesh carry bag
  • Pot has a volume indicator


  • You might find it larger than most other units

I am ending this list of the top ten best alcohol stove on a high note. This solo alcohol burner is the most versatile and user-friendly. It has a simmer lid that features a fold out handle.

The simmer lid enables for controlling the flame, it adjusts the flame from a full flame to simmer, and also acquire flames in between the two extremes.

Twisting the cap that features O-ring seals the burner. That implies that you do not have to empty the burner of unfinished fuel. The seal cap minimizes fuel wastage by preventing evaporation. Savings on fuel make for an economic alcohol stove.

It has a compact size that facilitates for easy back packing. It has an efficient air flow system that makes for fast boil times. It uses brass to give for durability and appealing aesthetics. The workmanship is done with precision to ensure for zero defects.


  • O-ring seals
  • Brass material
  • Efficient air flow system
  • Simmer lid enables for flame control
  • Zero defects in workmanship


  • The flame takes time to appear (do not assume that it is not lit)

Solo stove enables you to save on fuel using a patented design that uses a unique secondary combustion. Unlike other stoves, this one uses either twigs and sticks or alcohol as fuel.

While in the wild you will have the advantage to use readily available sticks and twigs. That will save you having to carry alcohol. It saves you some money at the same time.

It has air intake holes at the bottom. The holes provide the secondary combustion wood chamber with oxygen, which facilitates for complete burning. Complete burning ensures for minimum smoke emission. The materials that make the solo stove are stainless steel and nichrome wire. Both are durable materials.

To facilitate for easy lighting, the manufacturer provides you with tinder stick. They also provide you with a light my fire Swedish army fire steel. An anodized, aluminum shield protects your fire from the storm that makes the solo stove suitable for use under all weather conditions. The solo stove has endorsements from Backpacker magazine and survivalists.


  • Endorsement from Backpacker magazine
  • Secondary burning system
  • Versatile (choose between alcohol and twigs)
  • Durable materials
  • Comes with an anodized aluminum shield
  • Has air intakes at the bottom
  • Manufacturer provides you with a tinder stick


  • Some people never get to use the two systems (most users prefer the twigs and sticks)

The construction of the white box alcohol stove comprises of lightweight yet thick materials. The materials ensure for durability and portability.

The design ensures that the side jets produce a consistent flame for consistent heating. It has one of the best flame patterns.

On a flat hard surface, the stove has excellent stability.

On soft grounds, you will need to improvise for a flat hard surface to avoid spilling whatever that you will be heating. Like a good manufacturer would do, the white box provides you with a windscreen that provides for excellent frame concentration.

White box uses a simple design for this stove making the stove easy to use. Lighting the stove when partially full with fuel is a little bit tricky. It will take you almost 6 minutes to get your water boiling.


  • Simple design
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Consistent flame
  • Manufacturer provides a windscreen
  • Lightweight


  • It is not quite stable on soft grounds

Trangia spirit burner comes with a windshield as part of the incredible design. The shield makes the stove storm proof. It has two parts. One part has ventilations that supply oxygen facilitating burning.

If the storm becomes too much, you turn the side with ventilations away from the wind. An edge over most other alcohol stoves as they require you purchase the windshield separately.

The top of the Trangia couples as both a frying pan and a lid. The design of this stove enables the use of a range of fuels. You can use gas, multifuel, or even a gel burner with the stove. It has a simmer ring that allows for adjusting the flame between simmer to full flame. You can also use the ring to extinguish the flame.

Unlike other stoves where you have to struggle with emptying excess fuel or getting the fuel measurement right, the Trangia has a twist cap with o-ring seals. The seal also prevents alcohol evaporation. The manufacturer ensures quality in every aspect of the stove.


  • Versatile allows using a range of fuels other than alcohol
  • O-ring seals allow for carrying the stove with oil in it
  • Has a windshield
  • Simmer rings also extinguishes the flame
  • Top acts as fry pan and lid


  • Sometimes the O-ring might leak

OUTAD have done an excellent job on this OUTAD alcohol stove. This stove offers for variable temperature control. It has a simmer ring that allows for adjusting the flame thus controlling the temperatures. The simmer ring is foldable; this helps with occupying minimum space during storage.

It is incredibly leak proof. An O-ring cap with a rubber seal on the fuel base prevents fuel lean and evaporation.

Also, it has outstanding burning time. Burning for 45 minutes, it outshines its competitors by a big margin. The manufacturer uses four vents on the floor to enhance optimal air flow for proper fuel combustion.

It has an extra wide base, which offers for stability. The base also serves as a windscreen. Also, it supports the pots and pans. It is ultra -light facilitating for backpacking. It has a fuel capacity of 100 ml. It allows for storing oil in the stove, so, you can use the stove four up to 4 times after a refill.


  • O-ring cap with a rubber seal
  • Amazing 100 ml capacity
  • 45 minutes burning time
  • Offers for temperature control
  • Wide base offer for stability
  • Four ventilation on base allows for excellent air flow
  • Base serves as windscreen, and pots/pans support


  • The cap might experience little leaks

Liberty Mountain completes the design of the evernew using titanium. Titanium is extra durable and also light weight. With its durability, this stove will see you through many years of traveling as it also reduces the pack weight.

Evernew titanium alcohol stove does not come with a simmer ring. The good news though, it allows for simmering function by putting the pot/kettle directly above the flame.

There is an optional cross stand that allows you to burn fuel most efficiently. The stand also couples as a pot stand.

This stove offers you incredible versatility in the choice of fuel. You need to, but the DX stand though. The stand allows for using wood, alcohol, or solid fuel. Similarly, this stand also acts as a pot stand. Also, it serves as a wind shield. Extinguishing this stove is as easy as blowing it out. Feel free to use any other means that deprives the stove of oxygen.


  • allows for versatility
  • DX stand serves as wind shield
  • Cross stand allow for efficient fuel burning
  • Rugged titanium
  • Lightweight


  • I would recommend that the manufacturer include a sealable screw

The larger pot has a volume of 995 ml. It has markings in both liters and ounces to help you with boiling the exact volumes that you require.

The larger pot accommodates all the components of the stove for storage purposes. To carry the package, the provided mesh carry bag comes in handy when making camping trips.

The stove offers for clean burning. Also, the burner has a flame regulator that fold away during storage. The top of the burner has a sealable screw. Consider always emptying the stove, do not depend on the screw when traveling.

There is something about the materials that the craftsmen use, one being they are durable. As for aluminum it is light weight, durable, and cools rapidly after extinguishing the stove. The complete set does not weigh much making for a great stove to take with you camping.


  • Larger pots accommodates all the other components
  • Mesh carry bag
  • Flame regulator
  • Sealable screw
  • Anodized aluminum cools rapidly after using the stove


  • Using other fuels other than alcohol will create soot

How To Choose The Best Alcohol Stoves

The points outlined below offer a guideline for selecting the best alcohol stoves. The perfect alcohol stove will have put all these factors into consideration.


The ruggedness of the stove determines the durability. Stainless steel, aluminum, and brass are materials that give for durability. These materials are strong enough to hold the pots weight without the stove breaking down. Another such material is titanium, the strongest of these materials but tends to add some weight to the stove.


Portability is key when it comes to hiking and camping. The best alcohol stove consists of a complete cook set. The set comprises of different sizes of pots. Well, the pots should fit into each other to occupy the least space when traveling. The simmering rings should also be foldable to facilitate packing some space.

On portability, the weight of the stove matters. Lightweight stoves make for the best portability. Materials such as aluminum and stainless steel make for a lightweight stove.


It is not a must that your alcohol stove sticks to using alcohol as fuel. What if you can cut on the cost of alcohol using readily available fuel? What if it is not a must that you carry alcohol with you? Such a stove offers for excellent versatility. These stoves are capable of using gas and solid fuel in addition to alcohol.

Such stoves allow you to indulge in you adventure without worrying about alcohol spillage. You also cut on the cost of alcohol. Whenever you need to make some tea, for instance, you just collect some twigs, and you are good.

Fuel Capacity

The fuel capacity dictates the amount of water that you can boil at a go, the larger the capacity, the more water that you will manage to heat. I prefer a large capacity over a small capacity. A small fuel capacity may mean that fuel depletes before the water gets to boil. On the other hand with a large capacity, all you need is to measure the exact fuel that you need.

Some alcohol stoves come with a cap that has a rubber seal. Such stoves allow you to leave the fuel on the stove for later use without spilling. For the stoves that do not have the seals, you will need to empty the fuel back into a bottle. You should also empty the stove if you do not trust the seal to keep the stove leak proof.

Ease of use

When out having fun you do not want an alcohol stove that takes much of your time, the time you would rather be using indulging in whatever you are out to do. A couple of features of the alcohol stoves make for ease of use.

Volume marking on the pots is one such feature. The markings allow you to pour exactly the amount of water that you need, not less, or more. Pouring more water than you require will take you more time to boil. A simmering ring allows you to easily control the heating temperature. Without the simmering ring, you will have to manually move the pot, which is much more tedious than using the simmering ring.


To avoid fatalities when using the stove, it requires the stove to have a wide base. A wide base gives for stability even when the stove is supporting large pots. A non-stable stove will give you extra work of finding a stable surface.


Good airflow system facilitates complete combustion. With complete combustion, these stoves emit little to no smoke. On the contrary, poor ventilation will be cause for a sooty stove. A sooty stove equals sooty pots, which complicates the pots clean-up process.

Storm resistance

Often the manufacturer will provide a windscreen as part of the cook set. Some stove designs incorporate the wind screen in the design. If the manufacturer does not provide the wind screen, then you will have to spend a little more for the wind screen.

Final Verdict

You do not have to struggle with cold while on adventure anymore. The above-listed alcohol stoves offer for an incredible level of portability, and ease of use. You no longer need to make a fire in the bush to enjoy some hot meals, could lead to wild fires remember.

Alcohol stoves are not only economical, and they are very convenient. Just evaluate the top ten best alcohol stoves listed above and select the one that suits you best. You will be recommending these stoves to friends and family within the first few days of using them.

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