Best Aquarium Air Pumps in 2020 – Expert Buyer Guide!

If you own an aquarium, an air pump is a vital accessory that you need. The main purpose of having the air pump is to keep the water oxygenated, and this helps the fish to survive in the fish tank. The air pumps work well in ensuring that the water is not stagnant, so the air moves and circulates in your aquarium effectively and this gives fish a comfortable life.

When you are choosing an aquarium air pump, it is important if you choose a quiet one so that it doesn't disturb your fish with noise. Aquarium air pump comes in various types, and they also vary in budget.

Top 10 Aquarium Air Pumps - Comparisons

10 Best Aquarium Air Pumps -  Reviews

The following is a list of top ten aquarium air pumps that are most popular in the market.

1. ​Hydrofarm Active Aqua Commercial Air Pump

The Active Aqua Commercial Air Pump is a great aquarium for the money. This unit is perfect for powering multiple water farms and air stones at once.

It features an electrical magnetic air compressor system in a high-quality aluminum case, so no more worries about longevity.

To add to its durability, this air pump for aquariums features a wear and tear resistant material for the cylinder and piston. Another outstanding feature that makes the pump perfect for commercial applications is its ability to switch on and off each outlet. All these are made possible by the multi-outlet divider.

This pump also has an electrical, magnetic air compressor that offers a high water pressure and output. This gives it a performance of around 1100 gallon of cycles in an hour. It also provides you with a quiet operation because of its multiple levels of mufflers.

You will not suffer huge bill when you are using the pump in your aquarium, thanks to its' very low power consumption. The pump is also designed with a special artificial rubber that maintains a steady flow of air output and pressure which is easily adjustable.


  • Provides a high pressure and a high output
  • Cylinder and piston are water and tear resistant
  • Features a quality aluminum alloy case
  • It is quiet
  • Has an electrical, magnetic air compressor


  • It can get warm when in use for an extended period

Tetra company is one of the leading brands that produce the best aquarium air pumps. The Tetra Whisper Air Pump for Deep Water Applications is one of their most powerful air pump that is used for deep water.

The pump provides enough power that can drive some air stones in more than one aquarium. It is an excellent deep water air pump that provides air to protein skimmers, ponds, and tall tanks.

The pump is perfect for situations that produce a lot of back pressure such as deep tanks, multiple air stones, and long decorator air stones among others.

With the Tetra Whisper Air Pump for Deep Water Applications, it is easy to create a well aerated and healthy aquatic environment. It ensures that your aquarium is oxygenated and this keeps your fish healthy and comfortable. On top of that, the air pump boosts the overall condition of the water in the fish tank.

The pump features a unique dome shape design and rubber feet that stick on the glass of the tank. This translates that all the sound wave frequencies that are created by the pump are flattened, so they will not be reflected on other surfaces.


  • Has enough power to drive multiple devices
  • Perfect for deep water applications
  • Limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • Keeps the aquarium oxygenated which keeps fish comfortable
  • Available in different sizes
  • Has a powerful vibration
  • High quality and easy to use


  • Can be noisy after using it for long

If the whole search for the best aquariums seems confusing, you can get the Aqua-Supreme 59942 Aqua Supreme AP-8 Aquarium Air Pump which is a lightweight air pump with eight outlet air pumps. This is one of the air pumps on the market that is very easy to use, and the assembly is very simple.

Forget about aquariums that consume huge amounts of power. With this unit, you will end up saving much because it consumes less energy.

It uses only 7 watts of power for every pump. In the long run, you will realize that the electricity bills will be less as compared to when you are using other aquarium air pumps.

This easy to use pump provides a very quiet operation. It works well in aerating the aquarium without necessary bothering the fish with noise.

The pump features high-quality technology, and this makes it a great pump that can power large amounts of air into the pump. It also has a pressure control knob making it easy for you to adjust the level of pressure.


  • Features an energy efficient motor
  • Has a user-friendly design
  • Operates quietly
  • Compatible with standard airline tubing
  • Has a pressure control knob
  • Features 8 outlet pumps


  • It is not waterproof

Aquarium air pumps are vital in any fish tank. In as much as they do not determine whether your fish will live or die, they are very important especially if you have an aquarium that has a high demand for oxygen.

Choosing the right aquarium air pump can be involving especially if you are buying your first accessory. But do not worry because I'm here to help you pick the right air pump that will provide the best aeration in your fish tank.

The Tetra Whisper Air Pump, 60-Gallon is an amazing aquarium accessory that produces very minimal noise and ensures the fish tank gets a maximum flow of air. It features a dome shape that flattens the sound wave frequencies hence resulting in the silent operation. Additionally, the air pump features sound dampening chambers that produce a smooth and quiet stream of air.

To do away with sound producing vibrations, this air pump is designed with a wide footprint, suspended pump motor and rubber feet. All these ensure that there are no vibrations during operation. It also has thick walls to insulate noise from the motor.

The pump works well for deep water applications because it has a powerful diaphragm that offers ample airflow. You can also use the pump in different ways such as powering sponge filters, air driven ornaments, and airstones.


  • Operates with minimal noise
  • The air pump provides a maximum air flow
  • Perfect for deep water applications
  • The pump is versatile so it can power other devices like sponge filters
  • Produces a smooth and quiet stream of air


  • No cons for the pump so far

A quality air pump will promote a healthy environment for the fish because it keeps the water oxygenated. You need to get a top rated pump so that you can maintain a healthy aquarium and make your fish live long.

Choosing an aquarium air pump can be an overwhelming task for many aquarium owners. And this is where I come in to provide you with reviews of only the top rated air pumps for an aquarium on the market.

Have you had an encounter with the Active Aqua Air Pump? You should try this pump on your aquarium to provide the best aeration. This pump comes in only one universal size with several outlets. With the eight outlets size option, it can cycle up to 6.6 gallons of water per minute and almost 400 gallons in an hour.

Unlike other aquarium air pumps, the Active Aqua Air Pump is very energy efficient. This saves you money, so you do not have to incur huge bills at the end of the month. Another thing that I like about this aquarium pump is its extra quiet operation. Unlike other air pumps, this one doesn't produce loud noise that can be a bother to the fish.

The air pump also features a special artificial rubber to maintain a stable air flow output and pressure that is easy to adjust. It is important to note that you need to keep the pump above the level of water to prevent water backflow through the air tubing. If you do not do this, it can eventually result in permanent damages on the pump.


  • Low power consumption
  • Quiet operation
  • The artificial rubber maintains a steady flow of air and pressure
  • Has an adjustable air flow
  • It has a pressure control knob


  • It doesn't have a power switch
  • The pump is not waterproof

This is another amazing aquarium air pump that is powerful and very quiet. It produces a consistent flow of air because of the advanced swing-arm diaphragm design. This ensures that your fish in the tank get the best aeration hence keeping them comfortable.

The air pump is designed with a thick wall outer casing and a noise suppressing baffle chamber that makes it quiet during operation.

The Fluval Q1 Air Pump features a strong and quality construction that offers a long lasting performance for aquariums up to 300l. It can power up to 8x2.5 cm airstones in 45cm of water depth. Note that the overall performance of this air pump will depend on the number or air valves used.

You also need to position the pump higher than the level of water to prevent back siphoning. The pump comes with a 2-year limited warranty against normal use defects and service. This doesn't include replaceable rubber parts.


  • Very powerful and reliable
  • Has an adjustable flow control
  • Provides a quiet operation
  • Comes with two-year warranty
  • It can support aquariums up to 300 liters
  • Provides a consistent flow of air


  • The dual outlets are not adjustable

If you own an aquarium, there are high chances that you do not know about some of the important accessories that you should buy because they do not come with the fish tanks. One of the most vital accessories that you should have in your fish tank is an aquarium air pump.

Why is an aquarium air pump so important? The pump is crucial because it helps to add dissolved oxygen in the water and this boosts the overall health of the aquarium.

With the use of the Silent Air B11 Battery Operated Aquarium Air Pump, you will get some peace of mind when there is a power outage or interruption to the AC power. The pump can provide enough air for many aquariums up to 55 gallons. This is a great accessory for aerating temporary tanks when there is power outage so that your fish will get a continuous flow of oxygen.

The pump is powered by 2 "D" batteries that provide up to 48 hours of continuous use. It runs on the batteries when it senses that there is an interruption in the electrical system. It switches from electric to battery operated automatically. It also has a 5' power cord that is easy to replace.


  • Safe for freshwater and marine environments
  • Supports tanks up to 29 gallons
  • Provides continuous aeration to your tank
  • Provides a reliable and long lasting performance
  • Features an attractive and compact design to fit in most spaces
  • Automatically detects loss of AC power and turns on


  • The pump is not silent
  • You need to purchase the batteries separately

If you are not using an aquarium air pump, water tends to stagnate, and this is not healthy for the fish. You can prevent water stagnation by purchasing the VicTsing Aquarium and Fish Tank Oxygen Air Pump.

This is an effective air pump for aquariums that bring about water movement and add oxygen to the fish tank. This eventually promotes the health of the water in the fish tank hence they feel very comfortable.

The pump is designed with two air outlets. This means that it can provide oxygen in two fish tanks at the same time. You can also choose to use the two outlets in a single fish tank to come up with more bubbles depending on your requirements.

Very little noise is produced when the air pump is in operation. It is designed with a multi-level muffler that guarantees you of a very silent operation, so it will not disturb the fish and other aquarium inhabitants.

The air pump can be used for both small and medium sized fish tanks regardless of the creatures present. It allows a max flow of 3.5L/min.


  • Can be used on two fish tanks simultaneously
  • Low noise
  • Perfect for small and medium sized tanks
  • Provides oxygen in the fish tank hence increasing the health of the water
  • It is easy to use
  • The air pump is power saving


  • Comes with low-quality air stones

Are you looking for a budget-friendly aquarium air pump with an incredible performance? Then the JW Pet Company Fusion Air Pump is just what you are in need of. This is one of the quieter aquarium air pumps that you will find on the market currently.

The pump is designed with a patented baffle system that provides a silent operation and very dependable air output. You can use the air pump for aquarium aeration and air driven filters.

If you want a convenient air pump that doesn't bother the fish with noise, then stick to this model. It offers enough power to power your accessories while running very quietly. Using this pump also provides dissolved oxygen in the water which boosts the general health of the aquarium.

The pump is also designed with a simple control knob that allows you to adjust the flow of air. This knob creates a precise and quiet flow of air. It is also worth noting that the pump is very powerful with the capability to power up to 15 different air operated filters and ornaments.

This pocket-friendly aquarium air pump also has a very durable construction that makes it strong and rugged to offer many years of use.


  • Offers a quiet operation
  • Features a durable construction
  • Very powerful air pump
  • It is budget friendly
  • Improves the health of the aquarium
  • It has a patented fusion baffle system


  • Not perfect for tanks over 10 inches

Many aquarium owners overlook the importance of aquarium air pumps. Aquarium air pumps are very special accessories that you should not lack if you have an aquarium. After all, how will you ensure that the fish get oxygen in the aquarium?

If you want to purchase a new air pump or replace the old one, the EcoPlus Commercial Air will be a perfect pick.

This is an aquarium air pump that is versatile so you can use it in aquariums, fish farms, and hydroponic systems.

The pump's cylinder and the piston are made with a quality material that makes the pump strong and durable. You can also easily operate the pump without oil or much noise.


  • Features strong and durable components
  • Perfect for proving oxygen in aquariums, hydroponic systems, and fish farms
  • Features chrome air manifold with outlets ranging from four to sixteen


  • Customers say the pump is way too noisy

How To Choose The Best Aquarium Air Pump

Before you indulge in purchasing an aquarium air pump, there are a few issues that matter most. Please consider the following:


There are two ways in which aquarium air pumps are power. You can either choose a battery operated or an electric air pump. A battery operated is ideal when there is a power outage. Electric models are the most common types of air pumps used which plug on the wall and operate on the regular AC power.

Noise Level

Aquarium air pumps are not designed the same. You need to be keen when you are picking one, so you do not end up with a noisy model. Choose an air pump that provides a low noise operation such that it doesn't disturb the fish.

Energy Consumption

I know nobody wants an aquarium air pump that consumes a lot of electricity leading to huge electricity bills. Always go for an energy efficient air pump, and by doing this, you will end up pocketing more money at the end of the month rather than paying bills.

Volume Per Hour

Ensure that the air pump you purchase can process the right amount of water that is required and any given speed. If you ensure that the pump can provide an adequate amount of gallons of water needed, you will not have problems running the things you want.

Pump Placement

Where do you intend to place the pump? This matters more, and you can place the air pump underneath the tank in the cabinet. Ensure that the air pump is above the water level in your aquarium.

Final Words

Aquarium air pumps are very vital for your fish tank. Having an air pump is the only way in which your fish and other creatures will get enough supply of oxygen. On top of that, there are other many benefits provided by aquarium air pumps such as helping in water circulation to release carbon dioxide from the water and take in oxygen.

The above reviewed are the top recommended air pumps for aquarium use that you can pick. Get any of these air pumps and provide fish and other aquatic plants with a happy and comfortable life.

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