Best Aquarium Filters For A Clean Tank

For many people, fish is the best pet. They are appealing and just lucrative to look at. You can watch fish swim for a long time than watching television. When it comes to maintenance, they are easy and cheap. What matters is to maintain their artificial habitat, in simple terms aquarium.

Keeping the aquarium clean is very easy especially if you have the right equipment and methods of cleaning.

Now when I mention ‘equipment and method' I know am starting to sound a little bit whacky. If you have the right equipment for filtration, you will be saving so much effort, and time you might need to spend cleaning the aquarium.

Just get the right filtration system for your freshwater aquarium, which you don't need to search for further. It's right here. Let's check the best ten aquarium filters as researched by my trusted team and I.

Comparisons of Best Aquarium Filters in 2020

Why Choose the Best Aquarium Filter

When you visit other aquariums or go through aquatic magazines, the waters that you see are usually very clean and clear, which is great to look at. You also realize you own an aquarium that is full of blurring dirt.

Then you will begin to wonder why it's different yet you own everything the clean aquarium has. Or you are a beginner in fish keeping, and you want to know the secret behind the clean and clear water.

It is true that the aquarium with clean and clear water has the best filter and you will want to buy it once you discover that. The problem comes in when choosing. So here is why you choose the best aquarium filter;

To Replace Your Old Filter

You will go for a much better and improved filter that is of high quality and carries out unquestionable filtration process to replace your old filter.

This way you will be getting rid of a low quality mechanism of filtration and introducing great health to your fish.

To Complement Your Aquarium Set Up Style

If you are a professional aquarium owner who allows people to come at your place and view your fish, you will be bothered by yourself presentation style.

If your aquarium is blue, you will need to install a filter that blends with blue so as not to make it too obvious to the audience that you are always filtering your water. You also need to set an example by using a good aquarium filter.

To Suit the Type of Fish You Rear and the Size of the Aquarium

Choose the best aquarium filter depending on the type of fish you rear. You may pick a filter with large filtration baskets when you have small fish.

You may end up suffocating a group of fish. Filters designed for big aquariums technically do not perform well on small ones. This is just common sense. Choose the best filter that suits the size of your aquarium. They exist on the market.

To Last for a Certain Period

As I conducted my research I found out that aquarium filters are just like clothes you put them on, they get dirty or they wear out after some time.

There are a wide range of filters on the market today, and they all depend on the reasons for buying you have in mind. If you need a durable filter, be ready to sacrifice more, and the reverse is true.

Recommended Best Aquarium Filters 

After spending many hours of research, we were able to list top ten aquarium filters that every aquarium owner should check. Read their reviews.

1. Fluval External Filter

Fluval External Filter

Fluval is a well-established brand that prides in the production of quality equipment for you to enjoy. Like in this case, they have the best external filter in the market now.

The Fluval External Filter comes with a refined series of canisters that you will notice have an added convenience. You will also get to enjoy the improved and more powerful motor that will make filtering your aquarium very easy and flexible.

The filter involves six stages of filtration, and in each stage, more user-friendly features have been designed to facilitate the aquarium filtration process runs smoothly.

Other features include:

  • Each filter can hold up to 50% more volume than other canisters.
  • Filtration is direct and accurate as it follows a complex flow path to be in contact with media.
  • Patent aqua-stop valve
  • Several filtration baskets.
  • It has a rim connector that keeps intake and output in place.
  • Has a new and advanced motor technology.


  • The filter conducts impressive filtration process.
  • It has been well modeled with the aid of modern technology.
  • It works neatly
  • Makes the filtration process easy and fast.
  • It is unique in general


  • It is quite expensive to buy and maintain.
Aqua Clear - Fish Tank Filter

Another great brand that produces some of the immensely refined filter systems. AqualClear power filters come in five different models that provide extraordinary flow rates for most popular sizes of aquariums.

You will love the uncommon designs of the AqualClear power filters, which allow for to the extent of six times more media volume. Similarly, the water to media contact is also enhanced nicely.

You will love the AqualClear power filters because the impeller is something else. As much as the impeller reduces the flow of water up to 50%, it will never be harmed by this process.

The rate of flow can as well be reduced and increased depending on the speed that you desire to complete your filtration process.

Other features include:

  • The re-filtration system is patented.
  • It has a multi-filter media stacking
  • Incorporates the exclusive cycle guard system.
  • The filtration media is crafted from ceramics
  • Has biomax to ensure the safety of fish
  • Has extension tube


  • Most adaptable hang on filter.
  • It has an attractive and unique design
  • Works fast
  • It improves the quality of water in your aquarium
  • The flow rate of water is adjustable.


  • Requires often renewal of filtration components
Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter

The Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium filter beats all odds by being the best in the market that aside from cleaning fresh water, salt water is no threat to it.

It has these large capacity stackable media trays, which makes filtration process very flexible. The trays are designed to allow multiple filtration stages in just one process.

There is also a quick and easy push button primer. This primer also comes along with double single-handed taps that rotate at three hundred and sixty degrees succinctly.

The shut-off valves that control the flow rate of the water during filtration, can also adjust the water flow at the same time making it easy to maintain the filter.

Other features include:

  • The process involves multiple stages.
  • Can handle up to 200 gallons of aquariums.
  • Has a cobalt blue color that is neutral
  • It has a strong rubber base.
  • An airtight seal.
  • Easy to lift clamps.


  • It is a heavy duty filter
  • It offers safe external filtration process
  • The Penn Filter has a longer lifespan
  • It is super-easy to maintain
  • The Design is attractive
  • The device is impressively powerful.


  • It is huge and heavy
EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter with Media

As I tried out many filters I found on the market, and I really looked forward to one filter that, does not involve repeated filtration to achieve healthy and quality water. One filter that did its magic just in one round.

The Classic external canister filter from EHEIM fulfilled just that. If it were human, I would have called it a hero, but it's not.

It is legendary. Just pick any random word that means awesomeness, you will be defining EHEIM Classic External canister filter. You will love this because it's been tried and tested with the help of high level of technology. It, therefore, provides a high level of efficiency irrespective of the size of aquarium.

Other features include:

  • Permo-elastic fixed silicon sealing ring
  • Filter sponges
  • Accessories like spray bar, pipe, and hose
  • Eheim Mech and subtract pro (filtration media)
  • Valves
  • Powerful motor


  • The filter is easy and safe to close after every cleaning session
  • The filtration media are loose
  • It well accessorized with installation equipment
  • It is classic and long lasting
  • It is highly efficient


  • It is installed externally
Marineland Multi-Stage Canister Filter for Aquariums, C-Series

If you have a large fish community, you have probably been sliding down this list and wondering if you will have a chance to fit in. Marineland C- series multi-stage canister filter is the perfect one for you.

These are the only series of filters that come in different sizes to meet the needs of different people.

One most amazing thing is that the filters work great in salty water. They make sure your fish have a very serene environment by filtering the water in three significant stages. When your fish enjoy their home, you become happy and proud. The Bio filter balls were included to facilitate the growth of the beneficial bacteria in the water.

Other features include:

  • 530GPH certified flow rate of water
  • Can work in up to 150-gallon aquarium
  • Comes with foam
  • There are activated carbon and polishing pads
  • The filters are made of ceramic rings
  • The water rate of flow can be regulated.


  • It is a high-quality product
  • The media trays have collapsible handles that make it easy to replace them
  • It does not contaminate water with chemicals
  • It is exceedingly efficient
  • Ideal for both salt and fresh water


  • It's bulky
Fluval C Power Filter

When it comes to transforming water from low quality to high quality, the Fluval C Power Filter performs excellently.

It has been engineered to take on large amounts of water and still standout when it comes to results. The filtration process is double times that of an ordinary filter. All you will see is your fish swimming and spinning in new styles, inventing eye-catching tricks that will make you tear up with amazement.

The Fluval C Power Filter features a cleaning indicator that will signal you when it's time to rinse the polyfoam. The filter is also clip on meaning connection is super easy, and upkeep is a walk in the park.

Other features include:

  • Designed for small to medium sized gallons of aquarium
  • Has a cleaning indicator
  • Has a clip on filter
  • Comes with filtering and installation accessories
  • Incorporates a self-starting mechanism
  • It has a powerful filter motor


  • Provides clean, clear and healthy water
  • Incorporates highly engineered filtration mechanism
  • Filters high quantities of water in a short time
  • It is environmental friendly
  • It is chemicals' free


  • It is less durable.
Supreme (Danner) ASP01033 Skilter 400 Power Filter for Aquarium

The Supreme Skilter Power Filter is known to be ideal for very large aquariums. Professional fish keepers can attest to the fact that this filter has improved their activities tremendously.

It can also be used as a supplementary filter because it has extra nutrients that not all filters produce. Maintaining it is very easy on the other hand.

The Supreme Skilter Power features a large and powerful motor that not only my group and I rated it as the only filter that can take up to 400 gallons of water per hour during filtration. This is a large amount, don't you this so?

Other features include:

  • The filter can handle up to 125 gallons of water
  • It has a large motor
  • It comes with two dual-media Bio matrix cartridges
  • It is designed for large sized aquariums'
  • The filter is mounted from outside
  • Has a complete set of installation accessories.


  • It works silently
  • The motor is very convenient and timesaving
  • Other than filtering water, it adds nutrients to it
  • It is very affordable
  • It is flexible.


  • It carries out the filtration process a bit slower.
Tetra Filter Cartridges

The Whisker in Tank Filter 3i for 1 – 3 Gallon Aquariums is the best on the market today. It has been designed to feature the ultimate experience of small aquariums.

Unlike most filters that hang from the outside, the Whisker in Tank Filter performs it's magic when it is mounted on the inside of your one to three-gallon sized aquarium.

The fun part is the air bubbles it releases to push water up the airlift tube, through the cartridge. This makes it most ideal for cleaning when you have small fish and breeding fish.

Other features include:

  • Utilizes the small whisper Bio-bag Cartridges
  • Employs three-step filtration process
  • A high-quality filter for small aquariums
  • It works quietly
  • It is very convenient and time-saving
  • The filter mounts from the inside hence perform great.


  • It is very affordable
  • Makes no noise
  • High-quality product
  • It is durable
  • It is susceptible.


  • It has been designed to filter small aquariums only.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Aquarium Filters

Purchasing aquarium filter requires much attention and information just like buying any other thing. You need to be vigilant so to invest in a convenient and reliable filter. The following are the major factors I suggest you keep in mind while purchasing the best aquarium filter.

Filtration Process

Consider the quality of water a filter provides after filtration. The stages involved are very vital.

Note that, the best filter comes with well equipped highly engineered filtration procedures. The process from one point to another is satisfying.

A good filter has a powerful motor, works fast and filters high quantity of water at a time. Features like valves, pipes, lift up locks, filtration media a certain filter has should be able to help you know the quality of filtration a filter can offer.


You should also consider the brand or the company which engineered an aquarium filter. Some brands have been researched and have proven reliable when it comes to producing top notch aquarium filters.

Get to know these brands before buying a filter so that you can be sure of investing your money wisely. Brands like Fluval and Marineland have been on the market for a long time now. Most people like them. Each time a product comes out, it's improved or advanced.

Cost versus value; expensive products are usually the ones with high value, unlike cheaper ones. I am not forcing you to purchase an expensive aquarium filter just because they are great but invest in something worthwhile. It could affordable depending on your budget. I suggest you get the perfect aquarium filter that will be effective and will last longer.


Most aquarium filters made today are crafted in a manner that they will not give you a hard time checking them out once in a while just to see if everything is okay. There are also those that need so much attention hence the factor of maintenance depends on you.

Also if you get a filter that requires minimal upkeep, you shouldn't run for it and later assume it. You should take care of it for it to serve you for a longer period.

Chemicals and Noise Free

You also don't want to send your precious fish to the fish ER. The aquarium filter improves the quality of water by supplementing nutrients not harmful chemicals.

Also, a great aquarium filter does not produce any form of noise while working like an old train engine. It works silently without interfering with the balance of the fish's environment. Consider buying a chemical and noise free aquarium filter.

Final Words

Let your fish feel safe around you just like any other pet would despite the fact that you don't get to cuddle with fish the way you cuddle with cats and dogs.

The above-listed aquarium filters are the best you can ever find. They will transform you simple aquarium to something magical and epic. Your fish will get all the fresh air and fresh nutrients they want.

The best aquarium filters are reliable, durable and extremely powerful. Just make a step of purchasing one of them then you will be in terms with me.

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