10 Best Aquarium LED Lighting in 2020 – Top Rated Lights Compared!

When designing your aquarium or fish tank lighting system, you should keep in mind the fact that the quality of life in your aquarium is directly related to the quality of light. Another important point to note is that your lighting system should duplicate natural conditions. If the right intensity and spectrum of light is not provided in your aquarium, then the survival rate of your invertebrates or plants or whatever, will be poor.

How do you design your lighting to mimic natural conditions though for the aquatic life in my aquarium to thrive?

Due to recent technological advancements, this is an easy task. A task made even easier with this review since I do all the hard work for you by narrowing down your options with a list of the best aquarium LED lighting.

10 Best Aquarium LED Lightings - Comparisons


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10 Best Aquarium LED Lightings in 2020 - Reviews

1. Current USA Fixture Orbit Marine Pro LED Light

The dome optics on this model enables it to spread light evenly through the entire aquarium. This ensures the marine life in there gets the light that is much needed for their growth.

It is easily programmable, and you can schedule on and off hours. It can also simulate any time of the day you choose such as moonlight for nighttime and sunrise or sunset. The diverse, dynamic effects allow you to choose the effect that will provide the look you are going for. Switching from one effect to another is easy, depending on your preference.


  • High output LEDs, spectrum specific for SPS and LPS corals
  • Includes wireless 24 hours LED controller and timer
  • Dome optics enable the light to spread evenly through the aquarium
  • Easily programmable
  • Ability to simulate any time of the day
  • Water resistant and easy to install


  • Reef tanks need a minimum of two lights
  • Some preset features like the thunderstorm feature can scare the fish

55-minute LEDs attached to it give it its broad structure. It can be operated in wireless mode too using a remote, further enhancing convenience.

It features 90-degree optic lenses that make this LED even more powerful. Its coverage area is 28 square inches which is quite huge compared to typical aquariums. This package also comes with a hanging kit and fixture that is easy to handle, fix and adjust.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight and convenient to handle
  • Touch control
  • Can be operated in wireless mode with remotes
  • 90-degree optic lenses
  • Coverage of 28 square inches
  • Independent blue and white controls


  • Programming cannot be done on two lights at a time, and if power goes out, they lose their programming
  • Some lights don't dim as well as others

The circuit boards are of high-quality aluminum to aid in cooling the lights down, which will make the bulbs last longer. The bulbs are arranged in an evenly spaced manner; hence the light covers the aquarium more evenly, with an intensity that is not too strong.

This fixture is also a full spectrum. It has a wide range of color LEDs to ensure growth and health of your aqua plants and fish in the tank. It comes with two lighting modes, daylight, and moonlight. The moonlight feature is turned on from a separate switch for you to set the moonlight setting for your aquarium at night.


  • LEDs promote marine refugium and freshwater growth
  • Evenly spaced LEDs for refugium purposes
  • Daylight and Moonlight modes
  • Moisture resistant PC splash guard
  • Has incorporated 660nm red LEDs that have efficient wavelengths for photosynthesis
  • Bulbs last 40,000+ hours
  • Aluminum circuit boards extend bulb longevity


  • Gets hot
  • Has power supply problems

The LED size varies from 18 inches to 60 inches, and it is easy to handle. This LED also provides a color adjustment feature, to a minimum and maximum intensity (0-100%) for convenience. It is designed to illuminate a whole standard sized aquarium easily.

This LED also does not produce heat, so you don't need to worry about it increasing the temperature inside the aquarium. It has adjustable moonlight color, adjustable brightness, and duration


  • Min and max color intensity adjustment
  • Adjustable moonlight color, duration, and brightness
  • 24 hour on/off time, run up and dim down duration
  • Easy to handle
  • Can illuminate a whole standard sized aquarium
  • Doesn't produce heat


  • Not a good reef light

The full spectrum of lights that provide many different light waves makes this fixture suitable and healthy for all photosynthetic corals, to promote growth and maintenance of a vibrant color.

The light bulbs are arranged in different channels, and each can be fully programmed. There are in-built timers in each channel that allow you to program intensity an on/off time for each separate light channel. This feature makes this fixture customizable.

Because a different type of fish requires different amounts of light and intensities at various times of the day, the programmable timer function does all that work for you.


  • Lights of different colors are arranged in a crisscross manner among white bulbs to maximize growth and health of aquatic life
  • Full spectrum of lights with different light waves
  • Light bulbs are grouped into different channels, and each can be fully programmed
  • Programmable time to increase convenience
  • Suitable for all photosynthetic corals
  • Adjustable hanging kit made of a unique lock assembly to make mounting secure. It ensures the unit is positioned properly over your aquarium


  • Very bright fixture that can accidentally burn due to the light intensity being too much
  • Poor manual completion

This LED light is efficient, as one 165w aquarium light can be used for a 24"x 24" x 24" fish coral tank. It is suitable for reef, coral and so on for plants that grow in water. It has two power cords, two dimmers and two on/off switches that control blue and white light separately.

It has optimized output for PAR, sufficient lights spectrum and super light penetration. Also with this light, you can add another light when you get a bigger tank. A lot of people love the blue for this light is bright even at the lowest setting.


  • Two power cords
  • Two dimmers
  • Two on-off switches to control the white and blue light separately
  • Optimized output for PAR
  • Super light penetration and sufficient light spectrum


  • Not a light fixture for a planted freshwater aquarium

Red light promotes the growth of fish and makes them look more colorful. Blue lighting makes the water look vivid and as clear as seawater for the growth of coral and et cetera.

Blue lighting also helps in the production of vitamin D3 that promotes absorption of calcium for coral to make them look brighter in color. The LED lights are grouped into 2 channels, and there are 2 dimmers, 2 power cords and two on-off switches to control the two channels independently.


  • Covers the 120 degree LEDs with top quality acrylic lenses
  • Superior ambient light efficiency and remarkable color uniformity
  • High resolution with low power consumption
  • Safe to use over open water and perfect for marine or freshwater environments
  • Efficient light spectrum for healthy growth of plants, reef, coral or fish
  • Eye catching wavelengths give the aquarium a modern look
  • Dimmable with 2 channels for setting lighting to simulate daytime and moonlight
  • Has fans and a heat conducting plate that protects lamps from heat increasing longevity


  • The fan rattles sometimes, and it can get annoying
  • Light looks powerful for the nano it hangs over and may cause accidents

All these colors are controlled by a single 32-key customizable remote, so you can change the color of your aquatic environment without altering your body. The Satellite LED features effects, and each color is individually adjustable for endless custom color blends.

The features include 6 freshwater optimized color presets, 12 dynamic effects including cloud cover, storm, lightning, fading lunar, dusk and more.

It also has 4 memory buttons for saving custom color blends, and you can play or pause each mode on demand. It features sliding docking legs that allow easy and quick adjustments for a variety of installations. It makes adding multiple fixtures a breeze.


  • Wireless LED remote control
  • 2 adjustable docking mounts
  • Colors are individually adjustable for custom blends
  • Dynamic effects
  • 4 memory buttons for saving custom blends
  • Sliding docking legs allow for easy and quick adjustments of many installations


  • Moisture buildup inside causes failure after a while
  • Not compatible with an add-on timer

A great and unique feature of this fixture is that when one LED light is broken, the rest are unaffected and will continue to work normally, unlike other LED fixtures. These highly efficient LED bulbs are low energy so that when you need to turn the aquarium lights on all the time, this feature will save you a few bucks when it comes to your electric bill.

This fixture features a full spectrum light, which is suitable for any aqua plant, fish and coral reefs. The aquarium light comes with 3 optional control modes for the lights; all lights on, only blue LEDs on and all lights off.

The all light options are for daytime while the blue LEDs are for night time to give a moonlight effect on the water.


  • 156 bright LEDs with 5 colors
  • Full spectrum LEDs that make phycophyta look vivid
  • 3 optional control modes
  • Extendable bracket that makes it easy for it to fit in aquariums of different sizes
  • If one LED is not working, the others will keep working as usual
  • High efficiency but low energy consumption to save cost
  • High-quality LEDs that can be used at least 50,000 hours


  • Extendable end brackets are flimsy and move when turning on the light

The LED lights used in this model are of low energy consumption levels. With this light, you can make your aquarium look better, just got cheaper.

It has a sleek and contemporary design, and it fits easily in a wide variety of aquarium sizes. The LEDs are also long-lasting, a plus on longevity since you don't have to worry about replacing different bulbs every few months.


  • Energy-efficient light fixture
  • Long lasting and the bulbs will not need replacement for a long time
  • Fixture is pre-wired for use
  • Timer module that program on and off times
  • 6500K spectrum LEDs


  • Encourage algae growth in some cases
  • Causes evaporation hence water levels drop and have to be added

Things to Consider when Buying Best Aquarium LED Light in 2020

To make sure that you do not end up with the wrong LED light for your aquarium, here are some considerations to think about.

Needless to say, the wrong light might do a multitude of negative things for your aquarium, from promoting the growth of unwanted algae to making your plants and fish stunted in growth. So let's dive in.

Size of Your Aquarium

This is one of the most top crucial things to consider when selecting a suitable LED light for you. Based on the aquarium size, they all vary. For larger aquariums, more light is needed since you will need more space lit up. So you should be looking for an LED light whose coverage is vast, and its intensity is widespread.

For smaller aquariums, an LED with more light might be too bright and might do more harm than good, so you need to be looking for one that is size-appropriate.

Plants in Your Aquarium

Different kinds of plants have different light requirements, and there are different LED systems to cater for each. Also, plants and corals in their growing phase need a different level of light intensities, so you need to choose one that is appropriate for the kind of aquatic life and plants in your aquarium.


If you are just beginning, you need to do lots of research. I cannot stress this enough. Making blind decisions when choosing the kind of lighting for your aquarium might result in tragic consequences. Depending on specific factors of your aquarium and what you have in it, you need to do lots of research on what is suitable before you take home an LED light.

Research helps you make decisions from an educated point of view, instead of spending money on the wrong thing, then realizing that later when it's too late.

Intensity and Light Spectrum You Want

From this review, and even as you explore other options, you will realize that different aquarium LED systems to have different colored spectrums and different, wide ranges of intensities to pick from.

This will come in handy especially when you require providing optimum lighting levels for a wide range of plants while catering for all of them in different growth phases and ideal living conditions.

Features and Budget

With a lot of models in the market, anyone can find an aquarium light that is within your budget. All the lights have a different set of features, and you can choose one with features that serve your needs best, as there is no need to pay an arm and a leg for an expensive light with features you won't need.

LED lights are supposed to provide efficient functionality for your aquarium at a price you will find affordable. The price range and features makes this product easily available to anyone, even with their varying needs and budgets.

Final Words

If you are like most of us and you love your pet, then you most certainly want the best for it. A lot of people have aquariums and for different reasons too. However, one thing is for sure, you want the best for life in there, and good lighting is a good way to give them that.

In this review, I have listed some of the best aquarium LED lighting, tried, tested and approved then reviewed. Along with a brief list of things to consider before you take the ideal one home, this review guides you a few steps closer to your next aquarium LED light.

Remember to do lots of research and read lots of reviews available online, from previous and current users after your options have been narrowed down for honest testimonials.

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