Best Camping Hammocks – Outdoor Single & Double Models For 2020!

The 10 Best Camping Hammocks - Reviews

In the guide that follows, I review ten of the most popular hammock out there, keeping each of these considerations and others in mind.

1. Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock

Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock

The Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock is as stylish as it is purpose. Due to its double nest design, it has an extreme amount of strength, and can hold up to 400 pounds with ease.

To keep you comfortable and safe, this fantastic camping hammock is made out of synthetic materials including aluminum wiregate carabiners, triple interlocking stitching, and breathable woven nylon.

Worried about your ability to transport the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock to and from? If so, you will love the attached compression stuff sack it comes with. You can place this massive hammock into an easy to carry, lightweight backpack with little to no effort.

In fact, you can compress it to the size of a grapefruit, making it easy to store in any camping bag you have. ENO is known for its stylish designs, and because of this, you get to choose from nearly thirty colors! Each color palette is bright and fun, mimicking the laid back nature of the ENO Company.

You may pay more for the brand name, but you would be hard pressed to find someone who wasn’t satisfied in their investment when buying an Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock.

Highlighted Features:

  • 400-Pound Weight Limit
  • Trusted ENO Brand
  • Many Color Choices
  • Made from Durable Materials
  • High-End Brand
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Fantastic Self Storage Abilities
Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock

A slight downgrade from the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock, the ENO SingleNest Hammock model provides a slightly more economical choice for campers on a budget.

Featuring all of the same amazing features as the DoubleNest version, this camping hammock will keep you safe and comfortable while you are exploring the beautiful wonders of the outdoors.

While this model still has a capacity of 400-pounds, it is not as strong overall as the DoubleNest model. However, the ENO SingleNest Hammock still has the various materials built into its design that keep it flexible and durable.

Similarly, it can be put into an even smaller and easy to create compact backpack storage state for long hikes. Have you had issues putting hammocks on trees before? If so, you will like the ease of use this ENO product offers.

Thanks to the nautical guideline and stainless-steel snap links, you can practically improvise where you will set up this hammock while camping. Practically any location is simple to set up in, and the instructions are a breeze.

Highlighted Features:

  • 400-Pound Weight Limit
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Made from Durable Materials
  • Affordable
  • Trusted ENO Brand
  • Many Color Choices
Fox Outfitters Neolite Double Camping Hammock

Another wonderful high-end hammock model, the Neolite Double Camping Hammock is great for those traveling with a partner. Thanks to the wide design, 400-pound capacity, and strong materials features. 

Neolite Double Camping Hammock is one of the more impressive hammock models on the market right now.

Made from quick-drying, super breathable woven nylon, and featuring a heavy duty triple interlocking stitching construction, you will never have to worry about your hammock suddenly giving out while you’re taking it easy.

Do you prefer to show off your individual style while camping?

While the Neolite Double Camping Hammock may not come in as many colors as the ENO models, it still offers 20+ colors to choose from, allowing you to feel stylish and cool while camping.

The integrated drawstring stuff sack works similarly to the ENO models storage capabilities. This in combination with the two solid steel carabiners help making storing and hanging this Hammock a breeze, even for beginners hammock users.

If you like to stay self-sufficient while out exploring new territories, you need to invest in this amazing hammock from Neolite. User reviews are extremely high for the hammock, so you can rest assured it will give you the stellar performance you crave.

Highlighted Features:

  • Many Color Choices
  • Mid-Range Model
  • Integrated Drawstring Stuff Sack
  • 400-Pound Weight Limit
  • Triple Interlocking Stitching Construction
The Rocky Peak Single Person Hammock

A great mid-range camping hammock model, the Rocky Peak BEST Ultralight Single Person Parachute Hammock has a unique design that is perfect for outdoor adventurers on the go.

While it may look somewhat flimsy when compared to other products on this list, you will never face issues when trying to get the most out of this hammock. 

The Rocky Peak BEST Ultralight Single Person Parachute Hammock’s built in drawstring storage bag is much more varied than other camping hammocks.

In addition to providing room for you, it has pockets to keep things like sunglasses and tanning lotion securely tightened to your other camping gear. One of the only drawbacks of this model is its dimensions. While certainly not small, it is not as wide as the ENO and Neolite models we discussed previously.

However, its size does not keep it from being strong. It can hold up to 400 pounds, and is made from super strong 210T Parachute Nylon Fabric. This fabric is not only strong, but comfortable due to its soft feel, and breathable nature.

Finally, the Rocky Peak BEST Ultralight Single Person Parachute Hammock dries quickly. If you adventure in humid or wet environments, this feature will help to keep you warm and comfortable after a dip in the river, or a harsh rainfall.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built-in Drawstring Storage Bag
  • Dries Quickly
  • Storage Pockets
  • Breathable 210 T Nylon
  • 400-Pound Weight Limit
  • Perfect for Humid and Wet Environments
Himal Outdoor Travel Camping Hammock

Do you want a camping hammock that is highly varied? If so, the Himal outdoor travel camping Hammock has the features to set itself apart from the competition.

The Himal outdoor travel camping Hammock is highly affordable, making it a mid-range model you should definitely consider when making a final decision. 

The Himal brand provides customer support for all their products, including the Himal Outdoor Travel Camping Hammock.

Additionally, the well-constructed camping hammock is made from highly durable and comfortable materials. The high fiber, breathable 210 T Nylon is soft to the touch, and can hold up to an impressive 500-pounds of weight with ease.

This model also offers a variety of color choices, although not nearly as many as the ENO or Neolite brands.Those who appreciate an industry approved product will love the Himal Outdoor Travel Camping Multifunctional Hammock.

The braided nylon rope that is used to hold the hammock up is completely certified by the UIAA, allowing you to rest easy whenever you lay down for the night, or for a quick nap. For a quality hammock that will keep you comfortable and safe, this is the product you’ve been looking for.

Highlighted Features:

  • Variety of Color Choices
  • Highly Affordable
  • Mid-Range Model
  • Breathable 210 T Nylon
  • 500-Pound Weight Limit
OuterEQ Portable Parachute Camping Hammocks

Are you on a shoestring budget? Those who want a quality camping hammock, but can’t afford higher in models will be well served by the Portable Parachute Nylon Fabric Camping Hammock.

While it is not as strong or stylish as other models, it provides all the base features needed for a decent hammock experience while adventuring.

Similar to other products on our list, the Portable Parachute Nylon Fabric Travel Camping Hammock is easy to clean, and dries quickly. However, it can only hold upwards of 330-pounds before having potential issues, so it is best suited for only one camper at a time.

Given the small size of the product, you will likely be comfortable with only one person in the hammock. One of the strengths of the Portable Parachute Nylon Fabric Travel Camping Hammock is its ease of use.

If you’re a new hammock user, or are simply intimidated by the task of putting up a hammock, you will like the simple instructions needed to place this product in many different convenient areas while hiking or camping.

Highlighted Features:

  • 330-Pound Weight Limit
  • Meant for One Person
  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Perfect for Beginner Users
  • Dries Quickly
Tribe Provisions Single-Person Hammock

While it may be the least attractive product on our list visually, the Tribe Provisions Single-Person Adventure Hammock has a lot of useful features to make up for it.

Tribe Provisions Single-Person Hammock is extremely affordable. Similar to other models, it is constructed from the strong and durable 210T material. 

Due to this, it can hold up to 400 pounds, and is big enough to support two campers if need be. However, it will almost certainly be comfortable if used for just one person.

Have you experienced the frustrating scenario of a hammock not reaching far enough with its support cables in the past? If so, the two 10-foot polypropylene lashing cables have you covered. To keep your ability to set up in most outdoor areas, an investment in the Tribe Provisions Single-Person Hammock is a great idea.

The stuff-bag storage feature is also useful for adventurers on the go. To help itself stand out from the competition, the Tribe Provisions brand made their storage bag glow in the dark. For when you are trying to set up early in the morning or later in the evening, this feature can come in handy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extremely Affordable
  • 400-Pound Weight Limit
  • 10-Foot Polypropylene Lashing Cables
  • Glow in the Dark Storage Bag
  • Easy to Use
Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock

If you only settle for the best, the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock is the luxury choice for camping enthusiasts.

Beyond offering the basic hammock features, this fantastic product works more like an actual tent, only lifted off of the ground, keeping you from dealing with as many annoying insects.

The grey, no-see-um mesh, keeps you protected from the environment, and protected from any creeps at camping grounds. This in combination with the camouflage like colors help you hide away from the world when using the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock.

With a beautiful construction from quality 100% polyester and triple stitching, you can rest assured this amazing hammock will stay durable and comfortable for many years. The double-sided zipper also keeps it simple to enter and exit the hammock once setting it up.

Have you been frustrated with the lack of built in storage in other camping hammocks? The Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock provides two sizeable inside storage pockets.

If you want to store your cell phone, or other camping gear, this feature becomes very useful. Overall, no other hammock on our list as high-quality and as visually impressive as this great product from Grand Trunk.

Highlighted Features:

  • Luxury-End Hammock
  • Camouflage-Like Colors
  • 100% Polyester
  • Triple Stitching
  • No-See-Um-Mesh
  • Storage Pockets
Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

Compared to the other Grand Trunk product, the Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock will seem lackluster at first.

However, for a quality mid-range product that gets the job done, this product is perfect.

Those who feel claustrophobic should be warned, the Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock is meant to be completely shut in when you use it.

After you zip it up, it does not have any visibility at all, due to the lack of mesh material.

However, those who invite dark, calm environments when they are trying to catch some rest will love the Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock. With the ability to practically block out the sun, you can easily rest any time of the day. The sturdy S -Shaped design, and hanging hooks provide a comfortable setup.

However, the straps are somewhat shorter than a lot of the competition, making it a bit harder to set up at times, especially for those who aren’t hiking or camping in densely forested areas.

If you want a durable camping hammock, the Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock has you covered. It is mildew-resistant, and completely machine-washable, making it easy to keep clean and comfortable between trips.

Additionally, the high-quality material is hard to tear, and can deal with more intensive camping habits.

Highlighted Features:

  • Blocks Out the Sun When Zipped Up
  • Quality Grand Trunk Brand Name
  • S-Shaped Design is Very Comfortable
  • Mildew-Resistant
  • Easy to Wash
  • Hard to Tear
Yes4All Ultra Light Single Hammock

Finishing out our list is another great mid-range choice. The Yes4All Ultra Light Single Hammock will provide a comfortable and easy to set up hammock for lone adventurers. It is also highly affordable.

Similar to the ENO brand, the Yes4All brand prides itself on the wide variety of colors it provides for its products.

Those who like to show off their style, even if no one’s around to notice, will love this feature of the Yes4All Single Hammock.

Made from the highly-comfortable combination of 100% high-strength durable woven nylon, and an easy-to-wash fabric, this is a durable camping hammock. The Yes4All Ultra Light Single Hammock is also completely machine-washable and dries out extremely quickly.

The only main drawback of the Yes4All Ultra Light Single Hammock is its weight limit. Only appraised to hold up to 275-pounds safely, some users will simply be to heavy to truly enjoy this product without potentially damaging it.

Lastly, the Yes4All Ultra Light Single Hammock is very lightweight, and can be placed into its storage bag with ease. If you like to keep busy when adventuring, the ability to pack up and go quickly will be very attractive.

Highlighted Features:

  • 275-Pound Weight Limit
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Store
  • 100% High-Strength Breathable Woven Nylon
  • Many Colors Available

How to Choose Camping Hammock

Before you make a final purchasing decision, you need to understand what product features affect the overall value of a camping hammock.

Our friends from Survival Know How have a detailed video on selecting the best camping hammock and how to do the hammock camping the right way, before reading our own guideline, just have a look what they got to say:

Color Options

Most camping hammocks provide a lot of color options for their products. This trend was started by the ridiculously varied color options provided by the ENO brand. Given that brands massive success, many manufacturers have made this a major selling point of their camping hammocks.

However, depending on your camping plans, color choices can either hurt or help your decision to buy a product. After all, if you plan on hunting, you want a hammock that can blend into its environment.

A bright rainbow colored hammock will spook wildlife near your camping site, ruining your hunting trip. Those who prefer using their hammock for relaxing days by a creek or in the woods, however, will still find a lot to love in brands that offer many color options for their products.


Do you want a hammock that will not only be comfortable, but durable? If so, you need to carefully consider the material of any model you’re looking at. Certain materials are not advisable for hammocks, as they attract unwanted heat from the sun.

On the flip side, some materials will keep you cool and dry. Overall, finding the perfect mixture of comfort, durability, and practicality is necessary when looking at the different hammock materials available on the market.

Additionally, certain materials will be easier to wash. Whether you need to wash it while on your trip, or right after, having machine-washable material can be a big advantage for those who plan on using their camping hammock for years to come.

Common Hammock Materials:

  • Triple Interlocking Stitching Construction
  • Polyester
  • Mesh
  • Nylon
  • Plastic

Ease of Use

Especially for users who are buying a camping hammock for the first time, ease of use is a huge consideration. Wasting your trip by frustratingly trying to set up a hammock is a scenario nobody wants to find themselves in.

Additionally, those who fail to set up a hammock are in for a rough, bug-filled night. To keep yourself relaxed when your day is winding down, or when you simply need a nice quick nap, you need to invest in a model that has highly-rated usability features.


The straps or ropes you will use to hang up your camping hammock will make or break a product. If you want a model that is easy to set up in most environments, don't buy a model that has less than seven feet of room on both sides to hang up your hammock.

Best Camping Hammocks

Additionally, some models will only come with hangers, leaving you to buy your own ropes or straps. The material a rope is made out of is also important to consider. Some organizations are dedicated to rating the qualities of parts like these for both durability and safety, for example.

Other Considerations

  • Brand Name
  • Price Tag
  • Weight Limit
  • Storage Options
  • Durability
  • Warranties

Final Verdict

No other model on our list is as high-quality as the luxurious Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock. If you want to have the features that make a tent so comfortable, but lifted off the ground, this is the product you’ve been waiting for.

Made from seriously impressive 100% polyester material, and featuring a triple stitch construction, you will be hard pressed to find a more durable camping hammock. The Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock is also fantastic for both highly experienced, and relatively new hammock users, due to its ease of use.

Unlike other models that kill your visibility once being zipped up, the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock features a patented No-See-Um-Mesh material that keeps your visibility high while keeping you protected from debris and insects.

Overall, this is the best model on our list, and you should invest in it if your budget permits you to.

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