10 Best Camping Stoves in 2020 – Enjoy Your Camping

Gone are the days when we used to carry food to camping sites or roast meat over campfire. Carrying homemade food makes you eat cold food. Roasting on campfire, you may overcook food or under cook, which is not healthy.

A camping stove will allow you to cook and prepare hot meals. The meals can be prepared anytime anywhere. You may also choose to share a meal with friends and family over tailgate parties, beach parties or in the wild.

You need the best camping stove available on the market. There are several sizes of stoves depending on your needs. Whether you are out with friends or during summer in the cabin with family or alone on a mission, there is a stove that can serve all that specifically.

Camping stoves are portable, light, easy to clean and combine a wide variety of functions in that you can have the kitchen you want while outside in a cave or wherever.

10 Best Camping Stoves - Comparisons


Product Name

Fuel Type




2.07 pound


36 pound

Camp Chef Everest High Output


‎12 pound


‎12 pound


11 pound

Iwatani Corporation of America


3.7 pound


0.62 pound

Ohuhu Camping Stove


0.06 pound

Wealers Camping Fire Pit Stainless Steel Portable


0.06 pound

Jetboil Genesis Base Camp


0.55 pound

Why Choose the Best Camping Stove?

It is quite evident that there is an ocean of stoves on the market today. The different kinds of stoves serve different purposes depending on the features they have. The stoves also vary when it comes to the types of fuel they use.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you may agree with me that choosing the best camping stove can be quite overwhelming. That is why I have compiled a few tips to help you choose the best camping stove.

Fast Boiling

The more power a stove model has, the faster it is at boiling. Time to boil also determines the cooking experience you will have.

All of the best camping stoves named below have been tested and have been ranked according to their capabilities. In short, you choose the best camping stove because the time to boil indicated will give you a humble experience.

Best Fuel Conserver

The ability to simmer simply means the ability to which a stove can be proficient at low heat. When you visit the wild, you do not want to carry around bulky luggage like extra fuel or gas.

The best camping stove should be able to cook fast even at the lowest level of heat. Choose a stove that can run hot and turn the flame down even to the point that one can hardly tell if the stove is on and it can still cook first.

Package Size

Since you are going camping, let's say you may reach a point where you will be forced to walk and to have bulky luggage won't be pretty, you may need a small sized package that is light. Best camping stoves have small package sizes.

The cases are made of plastic and super light for more convenience when it comes to portability. In this case, the best camping stove is the one that you are most comfortable carrying around.

Most Accessorized

Most of us today, when we out, we want to maintain same cooking routines we have at home or have a special meal preparation style. That is why there are different stoves on the market today and has been accessorized differently.

From a cookware, griddle attachments, pizza ovens, camp table, carrying case. The best camping stove is the one that has been accessorized to your needs.

10 Best Camping Stoves - Review

Here are the recommended best camping stoves and a vivid guide on how to choose and buy them.

1. ​BioLite CampStove Campstove 2 Wood Burning Electricity Generating & USB Charging Camp Stove

BioLite CampStove Campstove 2 Wood Burning Electricity Generating & USB Charging Camp Stove

When you hear people talk about something going overboard for the wrong reasons, then you may be confused when I say the BioLite Wood Burning CampStove First Generation has done the same. This stove is extra ordinary. It has all the unique features one would never expect a stove to bear.

The stove is the perfect definition of both back country camping and emergency preparedness kit.

First of all, with the BioLite Wood Burning CampStove First Generation, you won't have to carry any fuel instead you will use twigs that you collect on your journey or in your back yard.

Second, the stove can convert heat from fire to electricity meaning you can charge your phone, lights and any other rechargeable gadget you have.

By using renewable sources of energy, you will be taking part in environmental conservation. Unlike other stoves that utilize polluting fuels, your fingerprints will be out of the pollution stalemate.

Finally, this camp stove is not for use only in campsites, and you can use it at home by the patio to make a fun time meal and share with friends and family as you make cute memories.


  • The camp stove comes ready for any task you will throw at it.
  • It works efficiently
  • You will have a wonderful cooking experience
  • It is affordable
  • The camp stove employs the modern technology


  • It is less durable

The Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range was the heaviest stove we came across. So it's not surprising that it managed to scoop a place in the best ten stoves.

The stove is a burly and rugged stove that is just perfect for a family day in the wild. It serves with unbelievably high power that is when you need to cook faster and a lot.

The Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range features a heavyweight construction making it the outdoor king. One great thing about the set is that you can also use it at home like on the patio during summer and grill all you want as you enjoy the fresh breeze of open space air.

The Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range features removable legs for easy packing and preparing for use. As much as it's big, it is very portable and malleable. You will be able to bond with friends over a special meal made at the coral reefs or the wild.


  • The stove has a powerful flame
  • It has a tough and long lasting frame
  • The materials used to make it are rust resistant
  • It is quite easy to set and clean the stove then pack it
  • The stove is extremely efficient irrespective of the weather.


  • It contains some harmful chemicals

They say you don't judge a book by its cover and the same applies on the Camp Chef Everest High Output 2 Burner Stove.

Well, when you see this stove at first especially it's package, you are high chances of under rating it just because of it small packaging. This small stove will win you over with its convenient carry handle that is stable and super comfortable.

Besides, the stove is so light; you won't feel like you are carrying something of this magnitude. The stove features two simple burners. Yes, you can cook two dishes at the same time or even a meal of two or three people at the same time.

It can hold even large pans. Adjust the wind blocking panes for them to fit. Cleaning and setting up this magnificent stove is effortless because it is made of stainless steel drip tray which you can wipe easily and quick, then pack it to continue with your epic journey.


  • Can suitably serve as a kitchen accessory
  • It is weatherproof
  • The stove utilizes low heat
  • It is very light and portable
  • It is easy to use and durable.


  • The steel is light it can dent easily

When most of us want to purchase something, we tend to look at the size. Some of us believe that size defines high efficiency. But with the new Camp Chef MS2HP Mountain Camping Series, don't let the small size mislead you.

The stove features a Classy suitcase look that super-efficient to pack, keep or carry around. Besides, the stove has a great frame made from nice stainless steel which is drip resistant.

You won't have to think about grease or food droplets sticking on it. The light in weight stove comes with exquisite burners that support high flame power that makes cooking fast. You also do not need a match to ignite the s baby up. You only need to push the ignition button and begin cooking.

The Camp Chef MS2HP Mountain Camping Series' burners produce the non-luminous flame. This flame produces impressively high heat yet it just uses up the very least amount of fuel. The flame has no soot unlike the luminous one, which leaves all your cookware black.

The cooking area is also large enough for using large pans. It measures 23.5 x 4.25 x 13.5 inches. Of course, Windbreakers are also available.


  • The stove is easy to carry
  • It has high-quality valves that make it easy to adjust the temperature
  • The general design is sophisticated
  • The stove performs excellently
  • It is affordable and easy to maintainCons


  • If the gas used leaks, it could be dangerous

The Coleman stove takes up the first place in most researches that have been done by several experts. It is conveniently portable and durable. In short, it is the best any great camper could ever have.

You will be able to prepare some breakfast, lunch or dinner with it. It is preferably easy to pack up and go, and once you are settled at your destination, unpacking is also super easy.

The Coleman Classic Propane Stove features a wide cooking surface, which offers plenty cooking space that can fit large pans. There is also a perfect flow pressure control that works with the aid of the modern technology to keep your heat steady. The outdoor winds will give you a break finally.

With the Coleman Classic Propane Stove, you just light it up and dial in the heat that you need. The burner has two independently adjustable burners, which will allow you to cook using high power yet saving it.

There is also a wind-blocking panel. They are two, and they will shield your flame from extreme wind. These panels work so remarkably especially because when using a larger pan, you can adjust them simultaneously. Then after cooking, it so easy to clean up the stove. The chrome plated grate is detachable. The meals can be prepared anytime anywhere. A great option is to use chef skillets with your stove.


  • The stove performs well consistency
  • The aluminized steel cooktop makes the stove tough and rust-proof.
  • Has two adjustable burners
  • The stove has a reliable heat technology
  • It is very light


  • The stove can only last for one hour when fueled.

The Iwatani ZA-3HP 12, 000BTU Portable Butane Stove Burner performs like a champ. It has been designed for cookouts, picnics, camping, and Hiking or any other form of outdoor traveling that you like.

The stove is crafted from highly waterproof materials, as it has been designed for the harsh outside weather.

Besides, the portable, wind resistant butane stove is highly resilient and strong. Iwatani ZA-3 HP 12, 000 BTU Portable Butane Stove Burner's wind resistant design was incorporated to relinquish you from the trouble of relighting the stove now and then. It prevents the flame from extinguishing because of the wind making burning more consistent.

The stove also saves so much energy as it burns with a rotary flame that is strong yet saving up to 20% gas. If you are thinking of visiting high altitude areas like mountains, hills or ranges that are of low temperature, the Iwatani ZA-3 HP 12, 000 BTU Portable Butane Stove Burner is the perfect companion for your trip.


  • The Iwatani ZA-3HP 12, 000BTU Portable Butane Stove Burner
  • Very portable and light weight
  • It is simple to set up and operate
  • The stove has no electric spark on ignition
  • It is perfect for outdoor activities
  • The Cookware is extremely efficient


  • It uses gas, which is less eco-friendly.

The Avinee camping stove features double aluminum burners, which are highly efficient, and burns with an impressive flame power. What you just require to do is to connect it to the bulk tank which is usually filled with disposable propane or natural gas. The tank comes with a regulator to allow you to be in charge of the rate at which the flame will be supplied.

You will also love the effortless cooking experience. The Avinee camping stove features an immense cooking space that can accommodate even the largest group of campers. There is also a three-sided windscreen to protect your flames from hostile winds. The appliance style knobs added will enable you to adjust the heat quantity freely.


  • The Avinee is an all-round cooking system
  • It provides extra ordinary cooking experience
  • The stove is of high quality and durable
  • It can handle a variety of cooking styles
  • The system has proven to be dependable


  • The stove has a heavy-duty construction which undeniably bulky.

When it comes to being eco-friendly and portable, you think Ohuhu Portable Stainless Steel Wood burning Camping Stove. This stove has no fuel canisters. You won't even need alcohol to aid its combustion.

On the same note, there will be no chemicals left behind on your trail. The Ohuhu Portable Stainless Steel Wood burning Camping Stove is fuelled by nature. 

While in your camp, you just pick dry twigs; leaves and wood then cook without emitting any chemicals hence making the earth a better place to live. The stove is constructed of high-quality stainless steel that lasts longer and resists corrosion by water. It comes with a three-arm base support system.

This means that, wherever you put it, it will be able to balance and burn brightly. Not even the wackiest winds will be able to blow this stove away. The Ohuhu stove is easily collapsible and light in weight. You will have easy time packing and setting it up for cooking. Besides, the stove comes with a meshy bag to allow you to spring it along and set out.


  • The stove is compact
  • Utilizes environmentally friendly fuel
  • It made of high-quality material
  • The stove is safe and extremely stable
  • The stove is portable, light and has a carrying bag


  • Wood and twigs may not be available in other camping areas.
Wealers Camping Fire Pit Stainless Steel Portable Folding Grilling Stove Fire Bowl Backpacking Hiking Camp Ground Kitchen BBQ

If you are looking for a portable stove that is travel-friendly and it is just perfect for outdoor cooking, then the best Camping Wood Burning Survival Stove is the solution. When we tested this stove's boiling time, packaging and fuel consumption.

The Camping Wood Burning Survival Stove is a sturdy ultra-light stove that can be easily dismounted.

The same way it is easy to pack, it is also super easy to set, clean and carry around. Besides the stove has been designed to serve all-purpose cooking. It is versatile to enable be comfortable while using it and it can withstand the extreme weather conditions of the outside. 

The stove can use wood, alcohol, peat, leaves, coal, and twigs to support combustion. The Camping Wood Burning Survival Stove also features engraved anti-skid radians that hold your cookware in position while cooking.


  • The stove can be stable even in rough terrain
  • The stove is wind resistant
  • It utilizes eco-friendly fuel
  • The stove is super collapsible and easy to use
  • It is crafted from high-quality materials for durability


  • The stove is not suitable for long camping duration

The Jetboil Genesis defines the future of camping stove. This stove eliminates all the baggage of camping trip, and it simplifies it into a simple package.

The stove is coated with ceramic rendering it eco-friendly for a non-stick performance. It has a very suitable carrying bag with an extra pocket for regulator fuel connection.

The Jetboil Genesis Base Camp 2 Burner System features two burners that will give you an easy time cooking while allowing you to cook fast and flexible.


  • It has advanced simmer control
  • The cooking system is expanded
  • The camping stove is easy to clean
  • You won't need a matchbox it uses ignition lighter
  • Provides a total kitchen like experience


  • It is very expensive

Factors to Consider - Best Camping Stove

There are several important factors to consider before buying the best camping stove. Besides considering if it will be a car, backpacking stove or the number of people who you will need to cook for, the conditions of the place you will be camping, how often you are planning to go camping and if it is your favorite. The following are the primary considerations to keep in mind:

Number of Burners

When it is just you going for camping, and you are comfortable cooking with one pot at a time, then a stove with a single burner is all you require.

The opposite is also applicable. For a large group of people, you may consider a larger stove with many burners.


The portability of a camping stove depends on your cooking needs. For instance, if you are going to cook for just a few people you will buy a stove that is lighter and easier to carry than the one meant for a large group of people.


You may also want to consider the type of fuel the stove uses. There are those stoves that utilize natural fuel like small pieces of wood, yet there are those that use gas or gasoline.

With the gas and gasoline, they have tanks and may also need refilling. Some gas types may contain harmful chemical substances to your health.

Ease of Set Up

If you are going camping that means you are going to have fun or you are going on a scheduled mission.

Therefore, I don't think that a stove that takes a lot of time to set up before you cook will be your cup of tea at this moment. You may consider a stove that you can set up quickly and easily.

Ease of Care

While camping for instance on a research trip, you may have a tight timetable therefore cleaning may make you waste some valuable time that you would have spent experimenting or observing something.

That is why you need to consider how easy it will be to clean a stove. Such a stove should be grease resistant and rust proof.

Final Words

With a large number of camping stoves available on the market today, spotting the best ones is not easy. That is why people like me have taken it upon themselves to do researches that involved testing and ranking the stoves according to the important features.

The decision is now on you. It doesn't matter which reason you have in mind for purchasing a camping stove, just make sure it is the best.

The best camping stoves are portable, high quality, durable, provide a fantastic cooking experience, are well accessorized, have the greatest designs, are harmless and have the coolest designs.

You can also find one that falls in your budget bracket. Yes! That one lingering on your mind. I hope your next camping trip will be great because of your new camp stove.

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