Top 8 Picks for Best Ceramic Knives – 2020 Models Compared

If you do a search for the best ceramic knives online, you’re going to find hundreds, if not thousands of products which claim to be just that. Rather than speculate, you can just use our review below as your guide.

With our detailed review of the top ceramic knives, you’ll never have to wonder if a product is worth it or if you’re better off buying something else.

8 Best Ceramic Knives - Comparisons

8 Best Ceramic Knives - Reviews

Chefcoo Kitchen Knife Set with Sharpener

This knife set from Chefcoo includes a pizza knife, cheese knife, a bread knife, chef’s knife, a carving knife, a utility knife, and a paring knife, making this a great starter knife set packed with functionality. While their names should give you an idea what they’re for, each of these knives is versatile and can be used to prepare other types of food as well.

Every piece of this stainless steel set has ceramic coating for additional durability, and they also hold their edge far longer than typical knives.

These knives can cut through fruits, cheese, bread, and other foods without any difficulty, and since they don’t rust minimal cleaning will be required.

These knives have grippy and ergonomic polypropylene handles so they won’t cause fatigue. While the set does not come with individual sheaths for the knives, you can stick them to the magnetic holder included in the set or simply put the knives back in the box for safekeeping.

All the knives are EU, SGS, and FDA certified for meeting food hygiene regulations. 

What we liked

  • Each knife has been honed to a sharp edge so you can start cutting and slicing upon receiving the set. 
  • The knives have ergonomic handles so your hands won’t get tired even when you’re preparing a lot of food. 
  • The handles are also non-slip, so even if your hand is wet your grip remains firm.
  • Each knife is color-coded to help you avoid cross-contamination. Their colors also look pretty cool and vibrant.
  • These knives are all dishwasher-safe.
  • The set includes a magnetic holder where you can easily store each knife. 
  • A knife sharpener is also included so you can keep your knives sharp and ready to use. 

What we didn't like

  • The knives are very sharp so you’ll need to get used to their sharpness.
  • The aesthetics may not be everyone’s cup of tea. 
best fulding knife under 100

The name Cuisinart should be familiar to anyone who purchases kitchen appliances, and this is one of their better products.

This 12-piece set consists of a 3.5" paring knife, a 6.5" utility knife, a 7-inch Santoku knife, an 8-inch serrated bread knife, an 8-inch slicing knife, and an 8-inch chef’s knife, complete with 6 blade guards for safety and easy storage.

All the knives in this Cuisinart set are rust-proof and come sharp out of the box.

What we liked

  • These knives have very sharp blades that make them suitable for cutting both hard and soft foods without tearing. The blades do a good job of retaining their edge, increasing the longevity and reliability of these knives. 
  • The blade is also non-stick, which is convenient for making thin slices and is less of a hassle to maintain. 
  • The ergonomic handle is comfortable and eases the pressure on your hands.
  • The blade guards make these knives an ideal choice for both new and longtime cooks. 
  • The varied selection of knives means you’ve always got a knife that is suited for the job—it’s an excellent set for young people who are setting up their first home. 

What we didn't like

  • The color coating of the knives wears off after a while.
  • The blades tend to dull quickly if used extensively.
Checkered Chef 4-Piece Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

This 4-piece ceramic knife set from Checkered Chef contains four knives (3”, 4”, 5” and 6”) which have been included in the set with an emphasis on versatility.

Suited for precision cuts, slices, and chopping different types of foods, each of these knives has a sharp zirconium oxide blade that is resistant to rust and bacteria.

These knives are also among the lightest ones we have come across and their light weight should satisfy every cook who prefers to use light cutlery.

This versatile selection can be used for preparing different types of food, but the general rule is to use the bigger knives for larger, thicker cuts, while the smaller blades are more suited for more delicate and decorative cuts as well as peeling.

The Checkered Chef knives have comfortable ergonomic handles, so even using them frequently won’t lead to fatigue. One of the more notable features of these knives is the special design of the handle so that the blade doesn’t stick out. This is an excellent safety feature, especially for seriously sharp blades like these. 

What we liked

  • This 4-piece set contains very sharp blades, essential for cooks who don’t want to waste their time with knife sharpeners.
  • These blades are resistant to bacteria and won’t contaminate your food.
  • The ergonomic handle make these knives a pleasure to hold and use, and the special handle design provides full protection for your fingers from getting cut.
  • The knife holder is stylish and well-designed—each knife fits in the slot perfectly.
  • A pair of stainless steel scissors is included in the kit, which is a nice complement to the knives. 

What we didn't like

  • You’ll have to properly care for these knives to avoid chipping.
VOS Professional Classic Ceramic Knife, 7-Piece Set

This knife set from VOS (Ventura Online Shopping) includes a 3-inch paring knife, a 4-inch utility knife, and a 6-inch chef’s knife. The set also includes 3 knife guards for the knives as well as a handy ceramic peeler.

The blades in this set are made of high quality ceramic, suitable for cutting a wide range of foods. The sheaths are well-designed and match the colors of the knives for convenience.

Although they have different sizes, all three knives are lightweight so you can cut and chop without tiring out. Since these knives are germ and bacteria-proof, you can be assured of their quality and safety.

The blades are sharp and non-stick, and will cut through fruits, veggies, and other foods with ease. Since these knives don’t rust or corrode, you can use them without worrying about maintenance. The set also comes with complete instructions for reference. 

What we liked

  • The blades of these knives are sharper than regular steel ones, and they also last 15 times longer, making them a practical choice.
  • They are easy to clean, plus they’re stainless and rust proof—just rinse with water after use.
  • The knives are finely balanced so they are easy to grip and control when making delicate cuts. 
  • The set comes with a free PDF cookbook, something that new cooks and home chefs will find useful.
  • It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the product you’ll get your money back.

What we didn't like

  • The knives’ large handle could be uncomfortable for users with smaller hands.
Solutionelle Ceramic Chef and Paring Knife

This 2-piece ceramic knife set includes a 4-inch paring knife and an 8-inch chef’s knife. Both of these knives are designed for chopping, cutting, slicing, and dicing fruits, vegetables, and other foods. They come with ergonomic handles and their blades are made from FDA-approved materials.

These knives are notable for their razor sharp edges and thick spines. These two features work together as the spine will keep the blade balanced even when force is applied. The ceramic used for the blade ensures that these knives won’t leave any unpleasant taste on your food—a lingering metallic taste is one of the more common complaints with steel knives, but that’s not going to be an issue here. These knives won’t discolor your food either.

The handles are very comfortable, and they’re also BPA-free. The soft grip is a nice touch and further adds to the convenience of these sleek-looking knives.

What we liked

  • The blades are very sharp so you won’t need to do any frequent sharpening.
  • They have thick spines so they’re stable when you use them.
  • Both knives have ergonomic handles so even chopping and dicing won’t induce hand fatigue.
  • They are also lightweight.
  • These knives are bacteria and germ-free, and they won’t leave any metallic taste on the food you’re preparing. 
  • The knives are made from the highest quality materials, and you’re guaranteed a refund if you’re not happy with them.

What we didn't like

  • These blades will need to be sharpened every now and then to get optimum performance.
Ceramic Knife Set by Heim Concept, 5-Piece

This ceramic knife set from Heim Concept contains a 6-inch chef’s knife, a 5-inch slicer, a 4-inch utility knife, and a 3-inch paring knife. You also get four sheaths for each knife for easy storage, as well as a ceramic peeler so you can easily remove vegetable and fruit skins.

With the different knives provided, you can be sure that you’ll have the right knife for all sorts of food preparation tasks. These knives are resistant to rust, which on the one hand means that they are not high maintenance, and they are also a dozen times more durable than steel. They come with soft rubber handles that are ergonomic and easy to hold. And even if this is your first time using ceramic knives there’s no need to worry as this set also comes with instructions. 

What we liked

  • All the knives in the set come sharp out of the box so you’ll be able to use them right away. The ceramic blades are harder and have better edge retention than stainless steel so you’ll be able to use these knives for longer periods without having to sharpen them. 
  • Their blades are corrosion and stain-resistant.
  • The knives have rubber-coated ergonomic handles with gripping dots so they are more comfortable to hold. The handles are also non-slip for added safety. 
  • The blades of these ceramic knives are not going to react with the food you’re cooking—this also means vegetables and fruits can retain their color and will taste better. 
  • The knives in this set come with sheaths so you can safely store them after use.

What we didn't like

  • This is a starter knife set, so the blades are not as sharp as other knives. 
  • It only comes with a 90-day warranty. 
DALSTRONG Infinity Blade 8-inch Chef’s Knife

Dalstrong knives are a great option for professional chefs and ordinary cooks alike. Rather than the usual round tip, the blade of this chef’s knife has a pointed tip. The blade is twice as sharp as regular steel, and it is this sharp edge that allows you to cut smoothly.

One of the most important benefits of this Dalstrong knife is that it won’t cause browning or leave a metallic taste on your food. And even as you cut and slice, you can rest assured that this blade stays free from bacteria and chemicals, and no matter what it is you’re cutting, this chef’s knife won’t absorb oils, acids, or salts.

This knife is also rust-proof, which makes it easier to maintain. Once you’re done using the knife, just clean the blade with the included cleaning cloth and put it in its sheath for convenient storage. 

What we liked

  • The zirconium blade is twice as sharp as stainless steel, ideal for making thin slices. Its edge retention is 15x greater than that of regular steel, so you won’t have to sharpen it often.
  • The knife has a comfortable, ergonomic handle that fits snugly in your hands and won’t slip.
  • The knife has been specially designed so it is BPA-free, nonporous and won’t rust. It is also bacteria and germ-proof so it is not going to contaminate your food. 
  • You also get an EdgeLast knife sharpener with your purchase so you can easily keep the blade sharp.
  • The set comes complete with a BPA-free PerfectFit sheath. 

What we didn't like

  • You cannot use this knife to cut bones or other hard materials as the blade might chip.
Kyocera Advanced 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

This 3-piece ceramic knife set from Kyocera includes a 3-inch paring knife, a 5-inch micro-serrated knife, and a 6-inch chef’s knife. These ceramic knives all have zirconium oxide blades with excellent tips and sharp edges. These Kyocera knives also retain their edge longer than stainless steel ones. Since the knives don’t have any metal in them, they are not going to rust, and won’t discolor the food either.

All of the knives in this set are well-made, durable, and easy to clean. While the versatile chef’s knife is great for cutting fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats, the 5-inch knife has a serrated edge will make quick work of cutting tomatoes, cucumbers, and various fruits and vegetables. And lastly, the paring knife is most suitable for trimming, peeling, and making more delicate cuts. 

What we liked

  • These knives are lightweight so they’re easy to use and won’t wear you out even after extended use. 
  • The three knives in the set are all made of quality materials that guarantee durability.
  • Their blades are very sharp and have superior edge retention so you won’t have to keep sharpening them.
  • Kyocera offers lifetime warranty on these knives, so if there’s any damage, they will replace or repair your knife. 

What we didn't like

  • The knives could get chipped if you’re careless with the blades.
  • The packaging could have been better in terms of presentation. 

Final Verdict 

Ceramic knives have become more popular as cooks are starting to recognize their benefits. While it can be difficult to decide which model to choose, hopefully, our guide of the best ceramic knives could help you become more knowledgeable about these excellent blades and you could find the ones that are best suited to your needs. 

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