5 Best Dropshot Rods [Deeper Water & Tournament]

If you’re an avid fisherman, you’ve probably heard of a dropshot rod. Chances are that you’re considering purchasing one, and you’re looking for the best one out there. There are many different rods on the market, but there is one that stands out above all of them.

That’s what we’re here to tell you.

Based on our research, the best dropshot Rod is the 7-foot Cadence CR5-30 rod. This is a one-piece rod that is lightweight and made with precision. It gives you control over the fish you’re trying to catch due to its sensitive tip. This means that you can feel everything that’s happening with your bait more clearly, which will allow you to make the necessary judgment calls. You won’t miss anything; your catches will be more accurate and effective.

I recommend you select a 7-foot rod because they are the most versatile. You can use them both on small or large bodies of water, and you can use them with smaller or larger bait. Dropshot fishing has a variety of uses, so your rod must match your needs.

I’ll show you some of my favorite rods to use for dropshot fishing.

Top Dropshot Rods On The Market

RodWeightLength1 or 2 piece
Cadence Spinning Rodn/a7ft1 piece
St. Croix Rods Mojo4.8oz7ft1 piece
G. Loomis IMX-PRO 820S DSRn/a6’ 10”1 piece
Dobyns Rods Furyn/a7ft1 piece
PLUSINNO Elite Hunter4.45oz7ft2 piece

1.Cadence Spinning Rod, CR5-30 (Best Overall)

This is a one-piece 30-ton carbon fiber rod. This rod is the perfect balance of strength, sensitivity, and weight. I believe it’s one of the best dropshot fishing rods on the market. It comes in plenty of different sizes, but I recommend the 7ft one with this technique. It’s designed as a spinning rod which will satisfy most fishermen looking to use it inshore or lakes.

This rod uses quality materials that include carbon fiber and stainless steel. These rigid materials ensure the rod is durable yet light. It has high sensitivity that lets you feel everything that’s happening above or below you.


  • Power – Medium Light
  • Action – Fast
  • 1 Piece
  • 6lb – 12lb line weight
  • Split handle


  • Super lightweight
  • Balanced
  • Great warranty
  • Easy to feel


  • Reel seat
  • Need a reinforced tip

2.St. Croix Rods Mojo Spinning Rod (Most Durable)

This spinning rod is incredibly durable and robust for its size. Aside from that, it has excellent sensitivity making it easier to detect bites. This rod comes with a cork handle and is super comfortable, making it ideal for those long fishing trips. It offers superior durability while still having lightweight features.

The rod is finished off with a flex coating which helps it hold up to some extreme abuse. This rod is perfect if you plan to go after bass or other small fish that can require a lot of attention and technique.


  • 1 piece construction
  • 7ft length
  • Medium-light/ extra fast
  • Made from carbon
  • 5-year warranty


  • Great for lighter fish
  • Extremely durable


  • Can be too sensitive

3.G. Loomis IMX-PRO 820S DSR (Best Rod for Deeper Water)

If you find yourself in deeper water, having a rod that is designed for that is crucial. This rod falls just under 7ft which keeps it on track with my recommendation of sticking to a 7ft length. This spinning rod is an excellent balance of durability, sensitivity, and having the right action, and it is designed explicitly for dropshot fishing.

After using it just once, you’ll notice this rod is designed with super high-performance in mind with its advanced technology. The IMX Technology offers plenty of power while still being manageable by most anglers. It’s very durable and is built to last while you are out on the water for hours.


  • Mag-light/extra fast
  • Lightweight and airy
  • Tangle-free Fuji-k frame guides
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty
  • Loads efficiently and reacts quickly


  • 1 piece design
  • Designed specifically for dropshot fishing
  • Perfect for deeper water


  • Expensive

4.Dobyns Rods Fury Series (Best Tournament Rod)

The Dobyns Fury Series is designed for the more experienced or professional angler. This rod is designed to give you everything you would want in a dropshot rod. Its use of graphite and kevlar shows the craftsmanship that went into making this beauty.

This rod has various size options, but for the technique you’ll be using (dropshot), we chose to look at the 7-foot option. It’s a powerful yet lightweight rod that any professional or experienced angler would love to own.


  • Graphite Blank with Kevlar Wrapping
  • Fuji reel seats
  • medium/light
  • Uses bait caster or spinning reels
  • Designed by anglers


  • Easy to know what’s on the line
  • Great price for what you get
  • Great sensitivity


  • Rod can come damaged


5.PLUSINNO Elite Hunter (Most Affordable Dropshot Rod)

I couldn’t finish off the list without giving you the most affordable option. My main reason for this selection is not because this rod is completely inferior, but primarily to offer those looking to get started with the drop-shotting technique the ability to get in at a low price. The rod is ultra-sensitive, lightweight, and 7ft long.

This is a two-piece rod and comes with a carrying case which is a bonus compared to the other rods on our list. It has a lower quality reel seat made of plastic, but hey – this is our most economical option!


  • Made of graphite
  • Ceramic guides
  • Carbon wrapped veil
  • SIC inserts


  • Excellent quality for the price
  • Can withstand saltwater
  • Light


  • Tips break easy
  • Rod can snap
Walleye dropshot fishing

Dropshot Rod Buyers Guide

Dropshot fishing has become more popular over the years, and more people are learning how to use this technique. The main thing that you need is a quality rod. This means your whole experience will depend on this one tool’s ability to function correctly.

This style of fishing has several advantages over other methods. It can be used with a variety of bait, it’s easy to learn, and the gear you need is affordable. There are also many different ways you can use this technique, so knowing what to look for in your rod will be very helpful.


Power is a term used to describe the amount of pressure it takes to move your rod. You want to choose a rod with the proper amount of power depending on what you will be fishing for. Always understand what you plan to catch and what size bait and weights you will be using.

Having a rod with medium power is the best choice. This gives you a balance of being lightweight but not being too light that you won’t be able to bring your fish up. You may also be pulling your catch through some debris on the way up, where a medium rod really comes into play.


This term refers to where the bend starts in your rod. The position of the bend can tell you a lot about how it will work. The closer the action is to the tip, the more sensitive it will be. This means that you’ll feel every little movement your bait makes in the water.

I have found that a fast action tip is the best way to go, especially for game fish like bass. You want to feel what’s going on at the other end of your line, which makes it essential to have a tip that can give you those valuable insights.

Size Matters

When you purchase a dropshot rod, it’s crucial that you consider the size of your selection. I always recommend using a 7-foot rod because they are versatile and easy to handle.

Depending on your needs, you can use a shorter or longer rod, but 7ft offers so much versatility and lightweight handling. This rod is sensitive enough to detect the lightest bites but strong enough for larger fish. It also helps you stay in control the fish are not spooked.

I recommend staying away from any rods that are 8ft or longer because it’ll be harder to control your bait. If you have a shorter rod, it may not have the strength needed to land some of your bigger catches. That’s just one consideration you need to keep in mind.


Another thing you should consider is the weight of your rod. Lighter rods are easier to control, so I recommend you purchase a model designed for finesse fishing if possible. The best thing about these models is their ability to provide you with both sensitivity and strength at the same time.

These fishing rods are lighter than most, but they’re strong enough for heavier duty applications. The lightness allows you to stay in control of your bait, so if you can choose a rod that’s lighter than the rest, it will be much easier to handle.

It may not sound like the weight is very significant, but if you’ve used one of the heavier models, you’ll understand why this is so important. You’ll also appreciate how sensitive these rods are, and that’s always a good thing if you want to land larger fish.

Dropshot Fishing Technique

Dropshot fishing is a simple type of fishing that uses a sinker below the hook/bait. This is a great way to fish because it reduces the chance of scraping the bottom or fish not seeing your bait.

The sinker is placed 6-18 inches below the hook/bait, depending on water depth. It’s essential to adjust your depth based on what you’re fishing for. You will need to adjust your sinker size based on the current and type of bait you’re using.

Frequently Asked Questions 

 What is a Dropshot Fishing?

Dropshot fishing is a way to reduce your chances of scraping your bait and hook along the bottom while fishing. You utilize a sinker that is positioned below the hook and bait. You can adjust the amount of space between the hook and sinker based on the type of bait and waters you are fishing in.

What is a Dropshot Rod?

A drop shot rod is a type of fishing rod that gives you the ability to control your bait with greater accuracy. They typically have a sensitive tip, which allows you to detect even the lightest bites from fish.

The best thing about this type of rod is that it can have many different uses. You can use it in ponds, lakes, or saltwater, and with various kinds of bait. It’s easy to learn this technique, but it takes a long time to master it.

What rod do you use for dropshot fishing?

The best rod size for dropshot fishing is a 7ft medium action rod. Dropshot rods are typically lightweight and are designed to provide sensitivity around the tip. These rods come in spinning and baitcasting models.

What reel should I choose for dropshot fishing?

When it’s time to choose a reel, I always want to make sure it will match the style of fishing I will be doing and what type of fish I am going after.

Since most people will use dropshot for freshwater fish, I always try to go with a fast retrieval rate reel.

This allows me to properly set my hook and gives me more control with bringing my catch up to the boat. The fast rate also helps decrease the chances for large amounts of slack in your line, which usually can result in your snapping if you’re not careful.

What should the distance be between the hook and weight in a dropshot setup?

I always recommend a distance of 6 inches to a foot between the hook and sinker. This offers enough room to keep your hook off the bottom but still leaves room to catch your fish.

The length will also greatly depend on the type of fish you are trying to catch and how strong the current is. You will also want to watch out for any obstructions that may arise, like fishing around an artificial reef or other debris.

Can you use lures for dropshot fishing?

The cool thing about dropshot fishing is you can use this technique with almost any style of bait or lure. My personal choice is to use soft or live bait.


Dropshot rods are an excellent choice for anyone serious about fishing. You can use them in almost any body of water, and the technique is easy to learn. If you’re looking for a lightweight rod designed with sensitivity, then dropshot is your best bet.

Always consider the power and action of the rod before selecting one. It is also important to understand the types of fish you will be going after and the water conditions. Set your dropshot rig up the right way and ensure you don’t let your bait drag on the bottom with your weight.

A 7-foot rod is highly suggested for dropshotting to give you the most control and flexibility, and light-action rods with a sensitive tip allow you to detect even the slightest bites. Some of these rods come in spinning and baitcasting models, giving you more options.

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