Stay Warm and Dry with the Best Dry Suits – Models Compared!

There is nothing worse on the planet than being cold and wet at the same time. So it goes without saying that nothing can ruin a day out fishing quite like a snap of bad weather. The old saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment, applies here.

And if you’re uncomfortable, you are not going to fish for very long—I don’t care how much the fish are biting, if you’re cold and wet, you’re going to leave target-rich waters and opt for warmer and dryer conditions sitting at home watching TV.

But you don't want the weather to dictate when you can go outside to play—your time is valuable so your time off needs to be spent wisely. So if you have a date to go fishing and the weather tries to stop you, its time you invest in a proper dry suit.

A good dry suit will not only keep you fishing, it can even keep you alive. Cold-weather injuries sustained while fishing are very common—it’s because cold and wet tend to go together, especially for fall and winter fishing. So when you’re out on the boat on the lake or at sea, you need to be able to keep yourself protected without restricting your freedom of movement. You can only do that by getting yourself the best dry suit. 

4 Best Dry Suits - Comparisons

4 Best Dry Suits - Reviews

Bare Drysuit CT200 Polarwear Mens Undergarment Thermal Suit

The Bare Drysuit CT200 is an excellent piece that not only holds up to the work, but it can also take the pounding from the weather. This dry suit is made with a Rip Stop material that is durable and won’t rip into huge holes if you get snagged. It is also fleece-insulated to keep you warm and toasty while you are out battling the elements. It is, of course, not a replacement for an immersion suit, but it will definitely help you out on deck.

So rather than sitting indoors on your butt all winter, now you can grab a dry suit and head out the door on adventure down the water, no matter the time of the year. Turn boating into a year-round event, not just spring and summer. 

What we liked

  • Its exterior is made from durable Rip Stop material
  • It has a B200 Thinsulate interior
  • Hydrostretch inserts for ease of movement
  • Has hand warmer pockets and a chest pocket with zipper
  • Affordable 

What we didn't like

  • Not a full immersion suit 
  • Durable but not made to last
Stohlquist Amp Drysuit with Tunnel Drysuit

The Amp Drysuit from Stohlquist is a great example of a dry suit that is perfect for canoers and kayakers. It keeps the water out and lives up to its reputation—this dry suit will keep you warm even in freezing temperatures, and should you end up going overboard during some rapids doing whitewater, you will be able to recover from the cold water exposure quickly thanks to this excellent piece of gear.

This suit is durable and built to last—people have used them on sailing vessels in cold weather for racing and sport. It is also brightly colored which is great for safety in case of a dangerous situation.

While this dry suit is not rated for extreme cold weather, it is ideal for most people living in the lower 48 states. If you live some other place where winter time temperatures are closer to below 0, you are going to need to invest in something better-rated for that level of extreme cold. 

What we liked

  • Made from 4 layers of durable and breathable Twin Sensor fabric
  • Has reinforced knees and seat
  • Its arm and thigh pockets are easy to access
  • Keeps you warm while whitewater rafting or on the open ocean 
  • Dries fast, providing fast recovery time from water 
  • Offers lots of freedom of movement 

What we didn't like

  • Not suited for extreme cold
  • Quite costly 
Level Six Emperor 3.0 Ply Drysuit

If kayaking is all you need a dry suit for, then the Level Six Emperor dry suit is the way to go. This was made with the kayaker in mind—its pockets and kangaroo pouch are placed in such a way that they are easy to access while wearing a PFD. There is plenty of room, giving you the freedom of movement that you need for rowing and controlling your watercraft.

This suit was made with whitewater in mind, so if you end up taking a dip you will be high and dry in no time. This suit is waterproof through and through, including the pockets. So if you are going to use this for fishing, you can safely keep your regulations, ID, and licenses in the pockets, and no matter the weather they will stay dry.

This dry suit also stands out as being one of the better-looking ones—some of these suits look like you’re trying out to be an extra in an Ed Wood science fiction movie, but this suit has a more modern and “normal” looking design—keeping the bright colors, while still being able to maintain some sensibility. 

What we liked

  • Designed specifically for kayakers
  • Made from eXhaust 3 ply waterproof fabric
  • Has waterproof storage pockets on hips and chest
  • Keeps you safe, warm, and dry
  • The two color options look stylish

What we didn't like

  • It’s rather costly 
  • The material is not as breathable 
KOKATAT Men's GORE-TEX Front Entry Drysuit

Now, if looking like you’re going to Mars to fight little green men is not an issue for you, this Gore-Text dry suit from Kokatat is actually a really great option.

First and foremost, it is one of the most breathable dry suits you will find. Most of the time dry suits are not very good at letting in even a tiny bit of air, so by the end of the day your feet and body can be pretty sweaty. While this might sound like a minor issue, if it’s cold outside this can actually be pretty dangerous. The body gets the impression that it is warmer than it actually is and starts producing sweat to cool the body down. But when air temperatures are low and it just cools you down more that could put you in a dangerous dance with hypothermia. This suit, however, will keep you safe and dry inside and out.

Using the Gore-Tex technology that is copied by many but only mastered by them, this suit is able to keep you dry while at the same time letting air in so it keeps your body from sweating. Gore-Tex also has the added bonus of being extremely water-resistant. It is not, however, waterproof and will eventually soak all the way through if you stay in the water for too long—this takes some time, but it can happen, so plan accordingly if you go with this option. 

What we liked

  • Latest Gore-Tex Technology to keep you warm and dry 
  • Has a reinforced Cordura knee and seat 
  • Its breathable material will keep you from sweating
  • Offers maximum freedom of movement
  • Comes with lifetime warranty

What we didn't like

  • Gore-Tex eventually will soak over long exposure
  • Its price is a little steep, to say the least

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are a lot of applications for dry suits and quite a few options out there. You also probably noticed that they came at a high price. Unfortunately, in order to tame the elements you have to spend a good amount of money. However, the peace of mind you get by not freezing to death is sort of worth every penny. Getting the right dry suit will keep you out on the water doing what you want for a lot longer than you would be able to do any other way.

Make the conscious effort to ensure you get the right dry suit so you can go out and play whenever you want, you are an adult, and mom can't stop you. Mother Nature sure can, but you can try and make it a little more comfortable and at least pretend like you have some control over the weather. Good luck out there, stay safe, dry, and have fun!

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