Best EDC Knives Under $100 – Our Top Picks Compared & Reviewed!

There’s really no need to list down all the convenient benefits of having an EDC knife with you all the time. For those who are still unaware of the helpfulness of an everyday-carry knife, with this you can always open packages and tin cans more easily pry open windows and doors, cut stray threads from shirts, and remove a splinter or cut a seatbelt from a totaled car.

You can even use it for self-defense. But you don’t have to spend too much money on a good knife. In fact, you can just go and pick the best EDC knife under $100 and you’re good to go.

7 Best EDC Knives Under $100 - Comparisons

 Best EDC Knives Under $100 - Reviews

To make sure that you do have the best EDC knife for the money with you at all times, you may want to pick from among these excellent suggestions:

Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife (1660) 3-In

This extremely popular blade is also extremely affordable, but the low price isn’t the only reason why it’s so highly regarded. This stainless steel knife with a bead-blasted finish uses Sandvik 14C28N steel for the 3-inch blade, while the 4-inch handle is made from 410 stainless steel. Kershaw has been making high quality knives in their Oregon manufacturing facility since 1974, and this Leek is an excellent EDC.


  • The knife is quite compact and slim, and it only weighs 3 ounces. 
  • The length of the 3-inch blade is allowed in many localities, and it’s also a very convenient size. 
  • The high performance steel for the blade offers a razor-sharp edge along with a tip that can piece and even do detailed cuts. 
  • It has the SpeedSafe assisted opening feature that opens the blade when you just pull back on the flipper or push on the thumb stud. 
  • When you open the blade, a part of the handle gets behind the blade to lock it into position. With the predrilled holes in the handle, you can change the tip position or the side on which the knife carries. 
  • The handle is also drilled for a lanyard. 


  • The smooth and slim handle will certainly slip if you use this for digging and stabbing.
Ontario Knife OKC Rat Ii Sp-Black Folding Knife

This is also known as the Rat 2, and it’s a smaller and therefore more suited for EDC than the Rat 1. The 3-inch plain edge full flat taper grind blade uses Aus-8 stainless steel and it comes with a satin finish, and while it also has a nylon handle measuring 4.1 inches. It uses dual thumb studs for ambidextrous carry, and the pocket clip can be used in 4 ways.


  • The length makes it a more convenient carry for everyday situations. 
  • The scalpel shape of the blade offers a nice mix of toughness and edge retention, and it’s easy to sharpen. 
  • The textured black nylon handle comes with a textured surface and a slot for the index finger for a more secure grip. 
  • The opening action is quite smooth. 
  • The weight is about 3.2 ounces
  • It comes with a lanyard hole


  • With the smaller design, you may have a bit of difficulty handling this if you have extra-large hands.
Opinel Carbon Steel Folding Everyday Carry Locking Pocket Knife

You may be a bit confused about the wide range of knife designs available these days, so the traditional design of this folding knife can be very reassuring. The blade is made from carbon steel, while the handsome handle is made of beech wood. When closed, it is 3⅝ inches long, while the blade adds another 2⅞ inches to the length.


  • The short blade length makes it legal to carry in many more localities. 
  • This thing is quite lightweight despite the wooden handle, as it weighs just half a pound. 
  • It features a locking collar that keeps it open or closed. 
  • The familiar design doesn’t make it look dangerous and intimidating, so it’s easier to use around others without alarming them. 
  • The wooden handle makes it look really great. Also, the wood makes it easier to customize to fit better in your hand. 


  • The carbon steel needs extra maintenance, and for newbies that can be tedious. This requires more frequent sharpening, and you need to keep it dry all the time.
CRKT Pilar EDC Folding Pocket Knife

CRKT may be a relatively new brand as it was only established in 1994, but it quickly established a reputation for high quality knives and innovative design. Award-winning knife designer Jesper Voxnaes named the Pilar after Hemingway’s boat, and Voxnaes made sure to create a knife that the famed author and outdoorsman would have used as an EDC knife.


  • The flat grind blade with a satin finish handle measures just 2.4 inches long, and that’s legal in many places. 
  • The tip of the blade is strong enough for detailed work. 
  • It uses a thumb slot opening mechanism in the stainless steel handle to deploy the blade, and there’s a frame lock to keep it closed in your pocket. 
  • The design is understated and low profile, so, it’s easy to carry in your pocket. 
  • The slots in the handle and blade make it easy to handle securely. 
  • It has a hole for a lanyard. 
  • It only weighs 4.2 ounces. 
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 


  • Of course, you’ll probably find yourself wishing for a longer blade for some tasks. At least most of the time, you know when that’s going to be so you can come prepared.
Victorinox Pocket Knife Folding Pioneer X Multitool Silver Alox

No list of EDC knives is complete without at least a mention of a single Swiss Army knife, and this one is certainly an excellent example in this price range. After all, this is a real Swiss Army knife made by Victorinox. That Swiss manufacturer is notorious for its rigorous quality inspection, and each of its blades is inspected visually and with micrometers through the 7-phase production process.


  • It’s a Victorinox, which means you can be very sure of its quality. 
  • This knife offers up to 9 functions: It has a large blade, plus scissors, reamer, can opener, 3mm and 7.5mm screwdrivers, bottle opener, wire stripper, and a key ring. The scissors is new, so you can cut nose hairs more effectively when you notice them at work. 
  • Despite the multitude of functions, this weighs just 3.3 ounces. 
  • It also only is half an inch thick. 


  • You need to use 2 hands to open any of the tools. 
  • The blade doesn’t come with a lock. 
Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife, Fine Edge, Stainless Steel

This fine clip point-style blade uses high carbon stainless steel, and it’s the smallest knife in the Paraframe series from Gerber. The blade length is just 2.2 inches long, and the overall length is 5 inches. The handle uses an open design for a secure grip and a lighter weight.


  • You’ll hardly notice that it’s in your pocket. When closed, it is just 3 inches long while the weight is negligible at a mere 1.4 ounces. 
  • The short length of the blade should make it legal in many states. 
  • Despite the compact size, the handle offers a nice grip. 
  • This may be the cheapest knife on this list, but it sure doesn’t have that cheap feel that you generally find in the other knives in this price range. 


  • This comes with a clip, and unfortunately the clip doesn’t match the quality of the rest of the knife. 
  • You may have to grow your fingernails a little bit so you can close the knife more easily. 
Spyderco, Inc. 9000685 Delica 4 Folding Knife, Zome Green

Spyderco is one of the most famous brands in the EDC and tactical knife industry, so it doesn’t make sense to leave it off this list. The Delica model has always been a favorite among knife aficionados, and this is the 4th version of that trusted classic.


  • The 2.875-inch VG-10 steel blade has a 2.56 cutting edge that’s really sharp. 
  • The blade also features slip-resistant jimping along the spine.
  • The opening and closing actions are smooth due to the use of phosphor bronze washers. 
  • The fiberglass reinforced nylon handles can come in 13 different colors, and they all feature the Bi-Directional Texturing on the handle surface for a slip-free grip.
  • The design is for ambidextrous use, and the clip can be used 4 ways. 
  • It has a hole for a lanyard. 


  • The edges of the handle can catch a lot of dirt.


Buy any of these and you’ll have the best EDC knife under $100 that will prove useful in numerous occasions. There’s really no need to dawdle—just first check with your state and local ordinances about carrying knives and then pick the best EDC knife on this list that’s legal where you live.

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