Our Review Guide for the Top 10 Best Electric Stoves in 2020

Electric ranges can be named as the new kids on the block, with improvement on innovations these stoves are electrically modified, and they are very effective when it comes to use.

The integrated electrical heating allows for you to cook and bake your food with little or no interference.

Unlike solid fuel stoves, electric stoves require little labor to maintain and operate. The have replaced the solid fuel stoves completely. I must agree that they have changed the shape and context of the cooking game.

They are exceptional and unique when it comes to service delivery. There are some of the best rated electric stoves that are in the current market; hence you should not get confused when searching for one.

I have taken it upon myself to have a review of different models and brands of electric stoves, and I hope that this review will be of much help especially when it comes to selecting an electric stove for your household.


If you have never tried to put any of the GE appliances to test, then you do not know what you are missing. The GE PS950SFSS electric stove boats of a large oven capacity that allows you to have more than one dish in the two ovens that are available.

This gives you that freedom in cooking especially if you are preparing to host a lot of friends and family in special occasions.

The true European convection allows for evenly cooking of meals to that perfection levels with the precise air from the convection cooking system that allows the circulation of air creating that free air flow within the stove.

You can also monitor the progress and situation of your food while using the eat probe this special feature aims at avoiding over cooking or under cooking of meals.

The controls on this stove are glass in nature, and at the same time, they are touch controls. This ensures that you can set the temperatures and at the same time cleaning with little effort. The controls are very reliable and easy to use; you cannot go wrong while using this.


  • Self-cleaning oven
  • The oven interior has a black gloss design
  • Self-cleaning roller rack
  • It comes with an expandable bridge zone
  • It comes with touch control system


  • The doors do not lock on this stove

I just cannot continue without giving a shout out the Bosch family for giving us one of the best designed electric stove. With a full depth of electric slide in range, this appliance is an astonishing beauty as it is capable of performing up to its maximum limits without any defects in operation.

When it comes to performance, the Bosch appliances have always been performed to their best limit.

This electric stove features 11 specialized cooking modes that enhance the cooking performance and also it has made the gourmet cooking very easy.

Faster preheats also reduces the pre heat time on this electric stove making its performing exceptional. There is also the temperature conversion feature which allows for conventional cooking ensuring the food cooks evenly while still maintaining its taste.

Also designed with an extra-large door window that allows you as a chef to monitor the cooking process of your meals while still being engaged in other light activities that cannot take your attention away. The kitchen timer is also available so that it regulates the time set for food to get ready.


  • It has a large oven capacity
  • Comes with 11 cooking modes
  • It has a self-cleaning feature
  • Comes with Dual heating elements
  • Has a large view oven window


  • The stove elements do not simmer well
  • The stove is hard to move because of its weight

When you are talking about the cooking experience without mentioning the Electrolux, then you have no experience in cooking. This Electrolux EI30EF45QS stove offers the best cooking experience because of its top rated features incorporated in its design and performance.

Offering seven cooking modes that include broil, bake, convection broil, convection roast, conventional bake, keep warm, and slow cook.

These modes ensure that you can get the correct mode of cooking depending on what you are cooking. The keep warm setting maintains the warmth of the food at a perfect serving temperature making it handy at the same time entertaining.

The Flex 2 fit heating elements can automatically expand into three sizes; this gives you the upper hand whenever you are using this stove compared to other ranges. With these elements, you can control your range precisely depending on what you are preparing.

There is also a perfect alert feature that ensures you are alerted whenever your meal is ready and getting those perfect taste nutrients still intact. Whenever your food is ready, the range automatically adjusts itself to the keep warm mode ensuring that your food is at the right temperature.


  • It has a luxury glide oven rack
  • Warm drawer is available
  • It is easy to clean especially the cook top
  • It offers 7 cooking modes
  • Comes with IQ touch controls


  • The burner does not stand very well

GE appliances are made with the most precise and exquisite technology when it comes to manufacturing and developing of electric stoves. The oven interior is laced with a black glossy design to give it that fresh and unique look standing out among other stoves.

With the true conventional allows the meals to be evenly cooked and also facilitating the free and fair flow of air within the electric stove.

This means that the service life of your stove is prolonged with an accurate and free flow of air in and out of the stove. The expandable bridge zone also comes in handy when you want to move the cooktop due to the size of your cooking pot.

The oven also comes with a self-cleaning feature that allows it to clean it self within the shortest period possible of about twenty minutes. I can guarantee you that you need no chemicals or warm water to clean the oven it just cleans itself using a self-generated steam. With touch controls, this device is just out of this world one of the best.


  • It is easy to clean
  • The setup installation is easy
  • The stove comes with a large capacity oven
  • Contains touch control system
  • Self-cleaning oven


  • This stove is very heavy

The brand name will always tell you more about the product that you are looking, and there is no exception when you talking about LG LR3083ST electric stove.

True to its name the LG stove has a true convection system which allows a faster preheating and more precise cooking.

Who does not want to spend less time cooking?

I thought so, this stoves' convection ensures that your oven is always fitted with the ideal temperature for cooking faster while still ensuring distribution of heat inside the oven.

Fitted with an IntuiTouch control system together with the scrolling of the intuiscroll display, they are essential for the operating of the electric stove a snap just something easy.

The right side of the electric stove controls contains the oven functions whereas the left side of the panel is where the cooking top elements are. The unique arrangement ensures that you do not get confused when it comes to cooking.

The LG electric stoves come with a power double element that ensures the fastest boiling when it comes to finding a boiling solution offers the most powerful element in the market, boasting of around 6,400 Watts. The easy clean feature is also fantastic ensuring that you require no chemicals when it comes to keeping your oven clean, you are already catered for.


  • It comes with a wide view window
  • It also comes with a storage drawer
  • Features a Go cook smart oven light
  • It is easy to use
  • It is easy to clean


  • It has a poor oven temperature swing
  • The oven door is defective

When it comes to matters concerning Samsung, then there is no doubt that you have the right equipment and companion for your kitchen ware.

The Samsung NE59J850W electric stove comes in handy with a flex duo feature with dual convection allows you to enjoy cooking your food faster and more evenly.

The ovens dual convection system is responsible for this feature. The smart divider feature also allows a single oven to split into two and you can have more room to cook your other type of dishes that you want. The temperature control system controls the dishes being cooked and ensures that they are kept at the right temperature.

The dual door ensures that the middle hinge door can be opened just at the top section or the full oven and this ensures total flexibility while maintaining energy efficiency. This is like having two ovens merged to one.

The oven has a large capacity of about 6 cubic feet, with the large interior then you are guaranteed that you can cook different sizes of meals in the oven whether baking or roasting you are sorted. The NE59J850WS Samsung electric stove also comes equipped with a split rack on the top part so that you can have more room for tall dishes.


  • It has a flexible cooking top
  • It also features a warming drawer
  • Steam cleaning is also available
  • Has a soft door closing feature
  • The oven capacity is very large


  • The oven does not hold the temperature

Developed and built in America, this stove is designed to handle different types of cooking ware be it heavy or light it never disappoints.

The smudge proof stainless steel; gives you that feel of cleanliness because it is resistant to fingerprints or even messes be it solid or solution.

The current market has many brands, and this is one of the best stoves when it comes to baking convection, this stove offers a quick bake faster convection that gives you the joy and humility of using this stove. The oven comes with a cleaning sign that can clean itself meaning that you should not worry about cleaning it.

The power burner gives you that freedom of enjoying a more powerful and faster boiling time with the continuous grates found from one corner to the next this device offers a lot regarding cooking.

The grates offer a low simmer burner that gives you the ability to cook different types of delicacies. There is a self-cleaning solution that you can set it to clean the oven after one, two, three or even four hours. This gives you the satisfaction of a better and quality clean.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It has a self-cleaning feature, and it is fast
  • Quick bake convection available
  • Contains a storage drawer
  • Comes with a power burner


  • Grates are made from a very flimsy material



Looking for that flexible cooktop? Then this is an appliance that you should consider getting for yourself.

The Samsung NE59J7630SS electric stove comes with a specialized 5 burner cooking top that ensures you have the freedom and flexible simultaneously cooking multiple of dishes at the same time using different size pans.

There is also a triple burner that enables you to go from a rapid boil all the way to a true simmer, and convenience isn't it?

The true convection feature ensures that you can cook your meals faster and with a more evenly heated fan system that is usually a joy to baking enthusiasts because the true convection is efficient when it comes to baking and boiling. Distribution of temperature is thorough to allow even cooking of meals without altering their taste nature.

The oven has a large capacity which allows you the freedom of preparing multiple dishes at the same time. The interior is large enough to accommodate even a big turkey roast during Thanksgiving ceremony, while the multiple casserole dishes have several racks of cookies that can be shifted depending on the size of what you are preparing.


  • Comes with a steam cleaning that is effective and fast
  • It has a flexible cooktop
  • It has a large oven capacity
  • Offers a dual convection feature
  • It is easy to set up and use


  • It lacks a storage unit



For me, I tend to think that the name Kitchenaid was not chosen for this appliance to mean anything. The Kitchenaid KSEG700ESS features some of the best that are best suited to help you in the kitchen.

Having this electric stove in your house, I can guarantee ultimate success when it comes to preparing meals.

This stove comes with a baking drawer that allows you to add more options of cooking if need be. This is a separate compartment that ensures your meal is kept at a warm temperature depending on the type of food the content of the temperature varies.

Boasting of 5 cooking elements that are independent and they allow you to do more than just cooking on your range. These elements also feature a warming zone that is dedicated to keeping your meals warm and ready to eat. The cooking elements range from different sizes from six inches to twelve inches.

The oven is also large enough to handle big meal sizes and also multiple dishes being prepared at the same time. With a seven cubic feet size, this oven gives you that flexible option of separating the temperatures in the baking drawer.


  • Even heat true convection
  • It comes with a wireless probe
  • There is an easy convect conversion system
  • Features an aqua lift system
  • Comes with a FIT Guarantee


  • The glass controls can malfunction after a long time without use.



Unlike most ranges, the whirlpool counter is made to fit that space in your kitchen. Designed to fit within a range of 2 inches and a standard of 25 inches this design requires a small footprint.

The optimized oven is designed in a simple and clear manner to maintain the cooking capacity as well as maintaining the food's nutrients.

This stove also designed with a temperature sensor that is built in with the sole purpose of monitoring the temperature of the oven as well as adjusting the cooking elements which in turn help the food to cook evenly.

There is also a special hidden bake feature that was introduced in this stove that allows the exposed bake elements are situated beneath the floor of the oven. With this, you get that smooth, and even the surface is very easy and quick to wipe clean within a matter of seconds.

The ceramic glass cooktop ensures that you can clean yours very efficiently and quickly without using chemicals or warm water.


  • It has an AccuBake temperature management system
  • The hidden bake element feature
  • The oven has a wide window for easy viewing
  • It also comes with a large storage drawer
  • Self-cleaning glass top
  • It is light in weight


  • The burners are hard to keep clean


How to Select the Best Electric Stove

When choosing the best electric stove it is more of a hassle like choosing a car. You get to view so many options, but at the end, you end up with settling for one that you think is very efficient for you.

Electric stoves can say more about you especially when it comes to your kitchen. For me, I believe that getting the best range is the most important fact that consumers always have in mind whenever they are thinking of shopping.

There are so many factors that you should bear in mind before you think of getting yourself an electric range. The following are some of the considerations' that you should have in mind.


The type of the electric stove is important because it is from here that you know what you intend to get. Freestanding ranges are popular so far because they are easy to install and use.

They are the best because the oven control panel is located at the back and it is above the cooktop surface. This ensures that it fits well in your surroundings.

Oven Capacity

A big oven gives you that freedom to prepare more than one delicacy in your oven and they always come handy when it comes to baking.

So If I were you I would be more comfortable going for a range with a big oven than a small one.


In the current market, most ranges are 30 inches wide I can comfortably say it is the standard size nowadays. Some ranges are 36 inches, and with this, you know that they are very big.

Depending on where you want to put your range you should be aware the size matters hence you should choose a size depending on your kitchen.


The price means a lot when it comes to selecting your range. 

You should go for a range that is within your reach, and you should not go for something that is expensive and will leave you with some serious financial implications. Therefore, I just suggest that you should strive to ensure that you stay within your budget.

Control and Setting

When it comes to ranges, you should strive to get that range that you can control and easily configure the setting to your standards.

Some of these rangers are purchased when they are already pre-set, and some of you find it hard to alter the settings thus you should have a range that you can control and operate.

Final Words

When all is said, it all boils down to the end user to make a choice for his or her sake. Therefore, I can urge all the potential end users out there reading this review that if you follow this review, then your future is guaranteed.

When your mind is already set on particular electric stoves that meet your specifications, I suggest that you go all heads up for it.

It is important that you never let any real chance of acquiring what you want to evade your hands. From me just want to wish you the best of luck when searching for that electric stove that you want.

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