Best Fish Tanks For You in 2020 – Reviews From Aquarium Adviser

As a pet owner, you know the benefit of securing a comfortable, safe resting place for your pets. If you are interested in fish pets, this mean you need to buy best fish tank that has great features. Fish tanks do not provide a good place for fish alone, but they also add a soothing atmosphere to any room that you put them in.

Young kids enjoy feeding the fish and also watching them as they swim. Having an aquarium in your house is one of the greatest ways to teach your children how to live and take care of pets. If you have the best fish tank, you will surely enjoy the benefits it offers.

There are plenty of fish tanks that are available in the market currently, and I know for sure deciding on which tank to buy might be a problem to some. The good news is that I have your needs covered and I have reviewed the best-rated fish tanks available on the market.

Best Fish Tanks in 2020 - Comparisons


Product Name

Tank Size (Gallon)



50 gal


6 gal


20 gal


5 gal


5 gal


2 gal/tank


3 gal


1.1 gal


3 gal


5 gal


Best Fish Tanks For You in 2020 - Reviews

1. ​SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

The acrylic aquariums are clear than the glass fish tanks plus they are also more than fifteen times stronger and weigh half the weight a glass aquarium weighs. The designing material makes it more impact resisting and less prone to chipping, cracking or even breaking, unlike the glass aquariums.

This aquarium gives you a choice to use either fresh water or salt water depending on the fish that you want to rear as pets. It is not only a haven for your guests but also for your children and other pets to play around it.

Your fish and decorations that include artificial plants and gravel will pop up giving your aquarium a unique and beautiful view.


  • Easy to clean.
  • It holds the temperatures better at a constant balance.
  • Crystal clear viewing for all.
  • It has cut outs for an airline on each side of the tank.
  • Has two large openings on the top to fill and scrape the bottom too.
  • Rounded seamless corners give it a unique design.


  • Contains one fluorescent bulb that is barely enough for lighting.
  • An external filter that can be noisy at times.
  • The top part is not removable limiting you in times of cleaning.

The Fluval Edge consists of two parts that work harmoniously; a clear glass aquarium nestled inside an outstanding pedestal. This pedestal appears to be clasping the fish tank making it appear like it has been suspended in the open air. There is a column that houses the filter and electric wiring.

The Fluval Edge top is clear, and it allows a crystal and virtually unobstructed aerial view of the interior of the tank. Water evaporation in this tank is minimal because the top is completely sealed and you can fill the aquarium right to the brim realizing a spectacular effect.

Instead of a traditional canopy, there is a small cover at the top that houses the LED lighting of the aquarium. The 21 LED bulbs ensure that you can turn on all the lights for a full blazed illumination or you can choose to turn only the blue bulbs giving it a moonlight effect. These LED lights create a very clear and natural looking light for the inhabitants.


  • It has an inbuilt pump inside the filter that circulates water.
  • The filter skims and washes the water cleaning the environment of the fish habitat.
  • 360 degrees viewing.


  • The filter is noisy

Are you an aquarist looking for that traditional look in an aquarium that has all the natural scenery and creates a peaceful and relaxing environment yet letting your fish stand out extremely? Worry no more the Tetra team has your search covered.

The Tetra 20 gallon water capacity Aquarium Kit is one of the bestselling Tetra glass designed aquarium with that traditional model and they that are built to last and also withstand any scratches made on them.

The aquarium provides this natural effect and makes your fish stand out in their habitat.

It is designed with a whisper filter that is quite quiet and provides a powerful and dependable flow of water. Artificial plants that are in the aquarium add a unique and that natural ocean feels while still giving your precious guests places to hide and reduce their fish stress.

The Tetra kit also comprises of one LED hood that is essential in the illumination department, and it also has once tetra mini UL heater that can sustain some tropical fish in the aquarium. The tetra 20 whisper filter and gravel are also items found in the kit.


  • Nice size ensures adequate fish movement.
  • The water heater comes with a fixed temperature.
  • The filter is very quiet.
  • The LED light bar gives the tank an attractive look.
  • The tank is also easy to set up.
  • Feeding the fish is easier.


  • Some of the decorative plants are ugly.
  • The thermometer sticks outside the tank.

The crescent shaped seamless plastic aquarium gives the room a bright lighting through the 15 Blue LEDs, and the cover is clear. This aquarium is perfect for aquarists, with small size cartridge filters. Your Glo fish will enjoy this safe home.

The aquarium is a five-gallon water capacity that gives you more space and room to have different types of fish to live there. The clear plastic canopy is very convenient with the feeding hole of the fish. The Aquarium is also designed to take up only small spaces in your room.


  • It consumes low power
  • Beautiful glowing LED brightens the interior décor
  • Compact and fit it requires a small space
  • Made of clear plastic hence visible and attractive
  • Easy to clean


  • Occasionally algae build up in the aquarium
  • The filter can at times suck small fish in the aquarium
  • The Pump can loud at times and vibrates constantly

The rear compartment has a nice feature that hides all excess accessories from the viewing of the aquarium. This aquarium comes with a sliding canopy that is made of glass, and it facilitates easy access to the tank for easy feeding and also water dosing care.

It also has some hinged lights and a 3-way switch to juggle between that white and blue, blue only setting and off. These LED lights create a shimmering light in the tank to mimic the underwater effect of the sunlight.


  • The Filter is silent, and cartridges are easy to find.
  • All the wire lines and cords are hidden
  • Small footprint on the desk or table.
  • The contoured solid glass cover and corners make it beautiful.
  • Light construction does not flip up and ensures easy access to the tank.
  • The tank is easy to set up and clean.


  • Base is a cheap plastic, and it is not attached to the tank
  • Glass cover leaves some tiny gaps in the front corners

Are you a person who likes making unique statements in life? The Aqueon Betta Falls aquarium will sure make the stylish and desirable statements that you want to convey. This aquarium has a unique and elegant designed shape that houses three separate betta in one unique housing.

This is a compact curved cascading waterfall design that gives you that unique statement you intend to share and making the Betta falls contemporary.

The waterfall provides a constant and reliable flow of water that is filtered and purified while, the separated sections house up to three betta, crustaceans or even small fish.

The Aqueon Kit Betta Falls contains some fill indicator windows that show you the water levels in the aquarium. It also uses the powerful Aqueon quiet flow filtration system that silently ensures maximum filtration of water. There is also an Aqueon ten watts heater underneath the aquarium that ensures you can even keep some small tropical fish in one of the chambers.

To achieve a unique look, the Aquarium uses translucent accent gems for the substrate and also adding on the Aqueon Flexible bubble LED wand underneath the three chambers to give the glowing waterfall aquarium that is fully unparalleled.


  • It is compact enough for the desktop.
  • It also doubles up like a fountain.
  • Fish cannot see each other, so they do not get stressed.


  • The aquarium is difficult to heat.
  • The pump speed can be the way to extreme for the poor inhabitants.
  • There are not too much room for the fish to move around.
  • The waterfall can at times jettison the fish food to the bottom of the tank making the tank ugly.

The aquarium has a 3-gallon water capacity and plenty of room to house your little tiny important friends. It also comes with an auto color changing diving bell LED lighting technology for the best illumination. The light technology also combines with an air curtain to form one of the best mesmerizing bubbling effect ever known to man.

The Tetra Whisper cartridge based filtration system operates in a quiet and smooth manner, and it ensures easy maintenance of the tank. There is also a nice clear lid at the top of the tank, and it is very efficient when feeding the fish.

For you, as the owner of this aquarium, it gives you the power to control the air pump where you can adjust the airflow between the air stone and the pump creating the ripple and bubbling effects that you desire.


  • It has the best silent whisper filters.
  • The fish tank is small and portable to carry around.
  • The lid is clear and has an opening for feeding.
  • The half-moon design makes it fit anywhere.
  • The filter and bubble disk are easy to adjust.


  • Pre-filter sponges do not cover the filter intake.

If you are looking for a tank that is small and fits very well in your home, apartment, or even your office then the Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium that uses 1.1 gallons is at your disposal.

This Aquarium is small, and it requires a little place for setting up, it is one of the smallest Betta tanks that are available in the market currently, and it can fit on your desktop or any other room.

The tank is designed to have a half moon shape that ensures that there is plenty of room for a Betta. It also has LED lights that are detachable and can either be placed on either the top or bottom of the tank giving you the best illumination that you desire.

The lid also features a suitable feeding hole ensuring that your precious pets are easily fed. The tank also has cord holes on the left side that are essential in case you decide to place a heater in the tank. This hole for wires can accommodate two large wires making it one of the best betta tanks.

The tank also comes with batteries for the LED Lighting and a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port for charging. With this aquarium, you can never go wrong in providing room for your pets.


  • Great design perfect for offices and kids room.
  • The aquarium is Cordless.
  • It is large enough for the betta to swim.
  • The LED lights run on batteries.


  • Plastic bumps on the bottom make it impossible to have artificial plants in the tank.

There is no need to incur the maintenance hassle of a large aquarium, and you can get yourself this bad boy that has and stylish design, and it is an ideal size for your choice. The fish tank has a super clean ten internal power filter that purifies the tanks water and is also in charge of cleaning it at a fantastic rate of 45 gallons per hour.

The Bio-Chemistry Zorb 10 resin carbon filter cartridge performs the task of removing organic aquarium pollution such as colors, heavy metals, toxic gases and odors from the fish tank. Constructed of crystal clear, acrylic that is impact resistant this aquarium is safe for your fish to inhabit in.

The full hood's LED lighting gives this compact desktop tank a bright illumination for the inhabitants without the cost of any heat transference of another conventional aquarium making it an energy efficient aquarium.


  • Great design and size.
  • The aquarium comes with internal filters.
  • The filter is super quiet.


  • LED lights burn out quickly.

This aquarium has an API Superclean ten internal power filter that cleans and purifies the tank as well. It also comes with Zorb ten filter cartridge which is responsible for removing odors, discolorations and much more. Did I mention that this aquarium is energy efficient?

Oh yes, it is, this product uses minimal power, and it does not produce any discharge when in use.

The Seven LED lighting that includes; amber, blue, green, aqua, purple, white and red and they are responsible with illuminating the tank's inhabitants. The acrylic design of construction ensures that the aquarium is resistance to impact, eliminating the risk of leaks that are associated with aquariums with glued seams of leaks and more importantly it is child-friendly.


  • It is compact and very easy to set up.
  • Very small hence it consumes less space.
  • Lighting is great, and it allows multiple colors.
  • Has a cut-out to enable the use of large filters.


  • The filter is tiny and noisy at the same time
  • There is no feeding door hence you must remove the whole lid in case of feeding.

Considerations When Choosing Fish Tank

There is a lot of considerations that goes into finding the best fish tank for you and making fish pets comfortable at your home. You need to ensure that what you want settles with space and makes it vibrant and attractive. The following are what to consider before buying a fish tank:

Size Of The Tank

The size of the tank is mostly determined by how many fish you want to keep and also where you want to place the fish in your home, apartment or even your office. A bigger tank may accommodate much fish, but on the other hand, small aquariums are easy to clean and maintain while they also take up minimal space. Whatever you decide make sure it is what you want.

best fish tank

Filtration Equipment

If you intend to keep your fish clean, it should not have missing filters. Many of the aquariums in the market come with their filtration system, but you may be required to purchase filters separately. It is advisable that you research on the different types of filters that exist and which one is suitable for the tank that you want. Buying a tank that comes with its filters is more convenient.

Fish Tank Construction

This simply means the durability of your fish tank. It is good if you take your time and learn about the different materials that fish tanks are made of they can be plastic, glass or acrylic materials. The construction of the fish tank will also affect its design it is of significance that you also take note on that.

Lighting System

Some of the fish tanks come with plants that may require lighting to make food for the fish. The right and adequate amount of light should also be considered. The lighting system can keep things vibrant and also provide that unique illumination that is beautiful and attractive to adults, kids, and pets. Some lights are for decorations for artificial plants while others are important for food processing.

Cost And Fish Type

Your estimated spending budget on a fish tanks must also correspond with the type of fish that you want to rear as pets. Some of the fish species are quite expensive to rear and maintain the same goes to some fish tanks hence, you need to be so particular with the fish that you want to keep plus its fish tank and ensure they are within your budget.

Final Words

With all the shapes, styles and sizes of fish tanks available in the current market, there is a lot to decide from. Buying a fish tank is an investment regarding time and money, and as such, it is very important that you end up getting it right.

The review provided will help you in selecting the best fish tank from the various options provided, and it will be your choice to assess whether the tank is suitable for you and your needs. This means that you have to get it right to avoid any regrets in future. I advise that you should first bear in mind the duties that come with an aquarium before you seek any purchase

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