5 Best Fishing Chairs [Lightweight & Portable]

Fishing in the outdoors often means spending long hours waiting for that one big one to finally take the bait. Without a comfortable fishing chair to rest your feet with, the entire experience could suffer and you might even end up taking off early before the fish really start biting.

The best fishing chair you’ll find is going to be the KingCamp Folding Director Chair because it combines the best of comfort and convenience by providing extra padding on the seat and it includes a cooler, table, and cup holder all in one. 

Ready to check out all the best fishing chairs on the market to find the one that is perfect for you? Let’s check it out.

KingCamp GEERTOP Quik Shade Coastrail HANERDUN
Portability Portable Very Portable Very Portable Portable Extremely Portable
Price $139.99 $29.99 $46.91 $54.99 $41.99
Durability Very Durable Durable Very Durable Very Durable Durable
Weight Capacity 330lbs 220lbs 500lbs 400lbs 330lbs


Best Overall: KingCamp Folding Director Chair

The KingCamp Folding Camping Chair is a lightweight, portable and easy-to-carry fishing chair that can go anywhere you want it to.

The chair sits a little higher up than most other fishing chairs so you’ll have an easy time getting in and out.

The chair comes with a cup holder and a small table that attaches to the right side of the chair. It’s perfect for placing your phone, gear, drink, and keys so they don’t get lost in the outdoors.

The cup holder even has some drainage holes so you’ll be able to put any cold drink in and won’t have to worry about a puddle of water forming at the bottom.

The table folds down too so you don’t have to take up a ton of space if you aren’t using it for holding fishing gear.

An insulated cooler bag attaches to the left side of the chair and it has great insulation so you’ll be able to put hot or cold items inside and they’ll remain the same temp for hours.

The steel frame uses a crosshatch design so it’s even more sturdy than most other single frame chairs. What’s even more comfortable are the pads that come attached to each armrest so you don’t have to put your arm directly on the steel supports.

You won’t have any trouble hauling this around either because it doesn’t weigh too much and it can also stand all on its own when its folded up.

Cheapest: GEERTOP Folding Camping Chair with Cooler

The GEERTOP is a great fishing chair that is so easy to set up you could take it with you anywhere and it will work perfectly.

It has a built-in cooler bag that rests right beneath where you sit so it’s out of the way but you can easily reach inside without moving.

It’s insulated pretty well and will keep your items cold for up to 5-6 hours. There’s even a smaller side pocket in front you can stick additional items like your keys, phone, and wallet.

This chair is completely flat when folded and takes up so little space that you won’t even notice it’s there when you’re packing.

The structure uses one of those X designs so it’s not going to be as stable as some of the other chairs on this list but at least it comes with a backrest.

You’ll probably want to get some extra padding on the backrest though because it won’t be comfortable for long periods of time.

There are a few rubber pads on the poles that rest on the ground to help you from shifting around if you’re on a slick surface. Should be pretty helpful when you catch a big one and don’t want your chair sliding around on you.

This is going to be the cheapest chair on the list so if you’re looking to save a few bucks while also getting a high-quality fishing chair, this is the one.

Best Value: Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair

The Quik Shade MAX is the ultimate shade chair for those looking to take their relaxation to a whole new level.

When you’re fishing all day in the hot sun the last thing you want is to get burned from head to toe. The Quik Shade makes it easy to stay away from harmful UV rays by including a patented adjustable canopy.

You can move it to any height to get the most sun protection possible and it’s wide enough to cover your entire body.

The polyester fabric is made to resist stains, water, and even moisture accrue so you can leave it out and not worry about it breaking down.

The backrest is higher than normal fishing chairs which means you’ll have plenty of support resting back and taking in the beautiful day.

The MAX also includes two cup holders on each armrest so you can have a bottle of water and then your drink of choice to enjoy while waiting for the big one.

There’s also a convenient side pocket for storing your essentials while you enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about losing your most important items.

The carry bag makes this chair easy to transport whether you’re headed to the beach or setting up from the pier.

If you’re looking for a chair that can hold up over time but won’t break your wallet, the Quik Shade should be your first choice.

Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair

Coastrail’s outdoor chair is an ideal solution for those who love to spend time long hours fishing in the outdoors.

The extra padding that is added to the seat and the backrest make it just like you’re on your Lazyboy at home. You won’t even notice any pain in your body from sitting for long periods of time.

The chair includes a convenient side pocket with several organization pockets inside of it so that you can not only store personal items but you can know exactly where they are at all times.

A cup holder comes attached to the right armrest and it has drainage holes so no matter much condensation there is, it won’t pool water.

This portable camp seat also comes equipped with a small cooler bag attached to the left armrest. It can hold about 3 cans of your favorite drink so although it isn’t huge, it can definitely do the trick on hot days when you need a cold beverage.

The backrest has a unique feature that will help even more with getting the most comfort out of this chair.

There’s an alignment strap for ergonomical support you can adjust to your specific needs.

There’s even a small pocket at the top of the headrest you can stuff more items into or you can throw a small pillow inside to make it comfy enough to catch some shut-eye.

HANERDUN 3 in 1 Backpack & Foldable Fishing Chair

The HANERDUN 3 in 1 Cooler Backpack is perfect for fishing in the outdoors when you need something simple and innovative to get you by.

The incredible design allows you to use it as a cooler, backpack, or fishing chair.

The cooler rests right under your seat It has an insulated foil compartment that keeps your cold or hot items regulated for hours.

It’s incredibly easy to transport too because of the straps that let you wear it just like a backpack. It’s perfect for when you have a ton of gear and could really use both hands to carry as much as possible.

There’s even a storage pocket included on the front for storing essential items such as keys, cell phone, or your wallet.

A convenient bottle holder sits right next to the storage pocket too so you can take out your cold beverages from the cooler and keep them close.

You don’t have to worry about the entire chair slipping out from under you either because there’s a few rubber attachments at the bottom of the pole.

The only real downside to the HANERDUN is that it doesn’t come with a backrest so you’ll be sitting upright for a long period of time.

Choosing The Best Fishing Chair

There’s a lot of different types of fishing chairs on the market and it can be hard to determine which one is the best for you.

When you’re looking for a fishing chair that is right for you, consider all the points below before purchasing one to make sure it has everything you need.


When you’re fishing you have a ton of small items you need to keep track of so finding a chair with storage is essential.

Look for a chair that has a built-in storage pocket and if you’re lucky it will come with several other organizational pockets inside. This will help you keep all of your necessities close by without having to worry about losing them.

All the items on this list come with a storage pocket either attached to a cooler or attached to an armrest.

Storage doesn’t just have to be about extra pockets either. There are a few chairs on this that even come with their very own insulated cooler. 


This means you can store even more items in your chair and keep everything with you for easy access. Throw some sodas or beverages of your choice inside and your items will stay cold for hours.


Fishing for long hours in the outdoors can become a little uncomfortable compared to sitting at home in perfect weather on soft couches.

That’s why finding a fishing chair with ergonomical support is going to make or break your trip to the outdoors.

Save yourself some pain and just get a fishing chair that has everything you need already built-in.

The key components you’ll want to look at is if the chair itself is padded in any way including the seat, backrest, and armrests.

There’s even one item on the list that comes with a complete canopy hanging over the top to keep you protected from the shade.

You’ll find another chair on this list that comes with a strap on the back of the backrest so that you can control the exact amount of support you need. 

Comfort can be subjective but with these fishing chairs it’s built right into the structure of the chair itself so you don’t have to be in pain just to enjoy some fishing.


Having a sturdy chair is incredibly important when you are in the outdoors and it’s even more important when you’re fishing. 

The reason is, when that big one gets on the hook and you’re sitting down, you really want to make sure you can hook it without the chair completely falling out from under you.

Fold-up chairs have a reputation for being susceptible to collapsing. You’ll need to make sure you find one with the right materials and construction to ensure it will hold you, your cooler, and all of your fishing gear without any problem.

Look for chairs that are made with a steel frame as this will be the most sturdy option. Make sure the fabric is also durable and water-resistant so it can handle any type of weather.

The chair should also have rubber feet at the bottom to keep it from slipping on wet surfaces.

Finally, some chairs come with a reclining option which can be great for taking a quick nap in between fishing hours.


Even if the funds are low you’ll still want to find a fishing chair that is made with high-quality materials.

Cheap chairs tend to fall apart quickly and won’t last more than a few trips which can be incredibly frustrating.

Spend the extra money upfront to save yourself from having to replace your chair multiple times throughout the year, and any embarrassing falls.

You’ll want to try and get a chair that comes with some kind of water resistance so the fabric can hold up over time.

Look out for the material the frame is made with too because this will help you keep your chair for a long time without it falling apart on you.

In order to really take care good care of your chair make sure that when you’re not using it you store it properly and keep it in a safe place away from outdoor conditions. 

It will help preserve your chair for the next time you use it instead of busting it out only to realize that a part of it is broken or decayed. 


Getting a portable chair is just as important as getting one that is comfortable and made with good materials.

You’ll want to be able to fold it up and put it in your car without any problem so you can take it wherever you go.

All chairs on this list meet the criteria for being easily portable, but some are going to be better than others.

Look for a chair that comes with a bag so you can easily fold everything up and carry it without any parts sticking out.

One chair on this list even comes with straps so you can carry it like a backpack. You can’t get more portable than that.

The X frame chairs are going to be a lot better for packing with you other gear so if you’re worried about how much space you have it’s best to go with those. 


Since you’ll be carrying your chair all around with you as you’re fishing, it makes sense that you’ll want one that is lightweight.

Having a heavy chair out in the middle of nowhere can be incredibly frustrating, and your back will start to hurt from tossing it around before you know it.

Weight also comes into play when transporting your items around so if you plan on hiking out to your fishing spot you may not want to lug around a heavy chair the whole time.

Most of the chairs on this list are pretty lightweight but the ones that use the X construction are going to be the most lightweight.

The only time you’ll want a heavyweight fishing chair is when you know it’s going to be a windy day and you’re scared it’s going to blow away if you aren’t in it.

There are some chairs that might even have some holes where the frame comes to rest on the ground. 

This is so you can put some stakes or something similar into the holes so it anchors the chair down to the ground better. 

You could always stick your tackle box or something heavy on the chair when it’s not in use. 


Size is one of the few components of your fishing chair that can be pretty subjectable because every person is going to be looking for something different depending on their own body type.

If you’re going to be more mobile when you’re fishing and bouncing from spot to spot, you’ll want a chair that is pretty small in size.

The X frame chairs are going to be your best bet because they are a fraction of the size as a full-blown fishing chair.

But, if you’re planning on hanging out in the same spot and you don’t need to hike to your fishing spot, you should get one of the bigger chairs.

These types of chairs provide a lot more support for your back and often come with a lot more accessories that can make your experience more comfortable.

Some of the chairs will come with different width sizes for the seat and backrest so it’s important to compare those sizes with what you know will feel more comfortable.

The extra room can be comfy but it can also cause you to feel like you’re sinking in to the seat if you aren’t big enough. 


There are different types of fishing chairs that you can get, and the right one for you really depends on your fishing habits.

One type of chair is the X frame chair which can be better for portability and quick set up.

These chairs are incredibly lightweight and fold up small so they’re perfect for people who are always on the go.

They also come with a comfortable fabric that is water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined if it starts raining on you.

Another popular type of chair is the fold-up chair. These are the type that typically collapses into themselves and usually come with some kind of carrying bag they fit into.

These chairs are often used by people who are fishing from a dock because they come with a lot of stability and a higher backrest than other chairs.

But, you can use them off the shore too if you plan on staying in the same place for a while.


How much weight can a fishing chair hold?

The average weight for a fishing chair to hold is around 300lbs but this weight distribution will change depending on the type of fishing chair. Some chairs are durable enough to hold up to 500lbs but these will often be more expensive. Lightweight chairs will only hold around 200lbs.

Should you put a fishing chair in water?

Most modern fishing chairs use a specific coating to make their chairs rust resistant to water but other manufacturers will use materials that are naturally rust-resistant. You should feel comfortable placing your chairs in water without any damage being done to their frame or fabric.

Do fishermen really need fishing chairs?

Fishing does not inherently require a chair in order to work but specific types of fishing cause a fisherman to be standing in the same place for long periods of time. In this case, a fishing chair is very convenient and can even save the fisherman from getting tired and ending a trip shorter than if they had used a chair.

Buying The Best Fishing Chair

There’s a lot of different fishing chairs on the market you can get that serve different purposes but if you’re really looking for something special, The KingCamp Folding Chair is going to be the best of the best. Just remember that every fisherman needs something special for their specific trip so look over the items above to make sure you’re getting the right one for you.


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