Best Fishing Float Tube in 2020 – Guide To Getting The Right Model!

Is your favorite fishing spot closed to boats? Do you have to hike into your favorite lake to fish for trout? Are you new to fishing and on a limited budget? Then a fishing float tube may be the answer to your fishing dreams.

While most of us would prefer to fish from a nice comfortable boat, some of us can’t afford one, and many places don’t allow them. If you need to walk some distance to access a lake or pond, you’re not going to carry a kayak.

Fishing tubes allow fishermen to access waters where other methods won’t work. The ideal places to use float tubes are mountain lakes, remote ponds, and close to shore in larger lakes. Some fishermen use them in rivers, but I don’t recommend it. A high-quality tube can last a long time and provide you with a great fishing experience.

Best Fishing Float Tubes - Comparisons

10 Best Fishing Float Tubes in 2020

Are you ready to go shopping for the best fishing float tubes? I’ve found ten of the best models available today. Let’s take a look at them, with a brief review on each one:

1. Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float

This floating device from Classic Accessories is a teardrop shape. Some of the great features on this float tube are the mesh storage pouch for your jacket, adjustable backrest, extra cushy padded seat, and a cupholder for the beverage of your choice.

Customers really liked the comfortable seat on this floating device and the high sitting position.

Highlighted Features

  • Backpackable with adjustable shoulder straps
  • Hydrodynamic hull shaped for superior tracking
  • Thickly padded seat
  • Adjustable Backrest
  • 2 fishing rod holders
  • Integrated fish ruler
  • 2 cargo pockets
  • Back mesh storage platform
  • 350 lb capacity
Classic Accessories The Teton Float Tube

This is a more basic float tube from Classic Accessories available at a lower price point. It has a U-shaped design with a fixed inflated backrest.

Dual storage compartments will hold your gear, and a handy D-ring will help you anchor or attach a stringer.

User comments were positive overall, noting how comfortable this floating tube is and ease of use. A good value for the price.

Highlighted Features

  • Comfortable backrest
  • Hydrodynamic hull shape
  • Unique sculpted design
  • Stripping apron with fish ruler
  • Fishing Rod holder
  • Back storage pocket
  • Multiple compartments
  • Safety flag pocket
Bighorn Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Bighorn Inflatable Fishing Float Tube is another U-shaped float tube that is very similar to the Teton and Gunnison models.

It has additional zippered compartments for storage and has a rated capacity of a whopping 350 pounds. Users loved the large size for roominess and ease of entry and exit.

Some buyers complained that the velcro patches used to suspend the stripping apron were inadequate. This is a good choice for the larger fishing enthusiasts.

Highlighted Features

  • Rear storage pocket and exterior mesh storage pocket
  • D-rings for attaching gear and creel bags
  • Quick-release stripping apron
  • Safety flag pocket
  • Orange rear visability panel
  • 300 lb capacity
Outcast Fishcat 4-LCS

Outcast Fishcat 4-LCS is a teardrop-style float tube without a lot of bells and whistles. Features include an adjustable backrest and two zippered cargo pockets.

People who bought this tube loved how high it keeps you out of the water.

Users reported that their knees were above the water, leaving only their lower legs in the drink. This float tube is made from high-quality fabric and vinyl, which may account for its relatively high price point.

Highlighted Features

  • Affordable float tube
  • Better casting distance
  • Includes an adjustable stripping apron
  • Cargo pockets for storing your gear
  • 2 zippered side pocket
Bighorn Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Bighorn Inflatable Fishing Float Tube has earned the reputation of a state of the art fishing float tube because everything about is pure class and style.

In terms of performance, it is the leader of leaders while ensuring massive comfort and much extra room for the fishers in the industry.

It was built and designed for the serious users who value the adventure and experience. Like the other fishing float tubes. The bighorn inflatable fishing float tube measures 54 inches by length by 50 inches width by 27 inches height with a weight of 11 lbs.

Surprisingly, it can handle up to a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. This type of fishing float tube is also available in two colors only that is copper and brown. Since it is bigger than the others, storage capacity has also been increased for example it has roomy armrest storage capacity with additional reel pockets, gear pockets, small mesh pockets and flat zip pockets.

There is also rear storage pocket and exterior mesh storage pocket. Regarding matters concerning safety the float tube has a quick-release stripping apron and safety flag pocket.

Highlighted Features

  • Its hydrodynamic hull shape makes it have an enhanced tracking and steering experience.
  • The bighorn inflatable fishing float tube is U- shaped just like the letter U which helps the fisherman have an easy time when getting in and out of the tube.
  • It is also fitted with an adjustable seat back which is large enough to provide more comfort. We must appreciate the fact that everyone's body is unique so it's always prudent enough to have some room for adjustment.
  • Portability is much easier since the bighorn float tube is inflatable which means it can be deflated and packed ready for transportation. To ease on the transportation, it comes with straps which make it carried like a backpack.
  • The bighorn inflatable fishing float tube was also designed with D- rings for attaching gear and creel bags.
  • Fitted with a ruler for the fisherman to measure his catches which also consists of a stripping apron.
Outcast Super Fat Cat LCS Float Tube

This 300 lb. capacity float tube from Outcast Super Cat has some nice features.

Adjustable backrest, behind the seat storage, and a large number of compartments and pockets for storage are included on this orange and gray fishing machine.

One feature I liked is the foam seat cushion and backrest. They look especially comfortable. Users like how easy this float tube is to use, as well as get in and out of.

Highlighted Features

  • Inflatable seat
  • Backrest
  • Comfortable and compactible
  • Cup holder
  • Better visibility and casting distance
  • 300 lb capacity
Togiak Pontoon Float Tube

Togiak Inflatable Fishing Float Tube is a teardrop style float tube from Classic Accessories.

Features include an adjustable backrest, rear mesh storage platform, and a horizontal rod holder. Users like its light weight for backpacking and the seat height.

Some people complained that the two foam blocks that form the seat make it too bulky. Overall, this is a nice float tube for the price.

Highlighted Features

  • High back stadium seat with adjustable backrest
  • Roomy armrest storage with additional reel pockets
  • Small mesh pockets and flat zip pockets
  • Horizontal rod holder
  • D-rings for attaching gear and creel bags
  • Rear mesh storage platform
  • Safety flag pocket
  • 300 lb capacity
Caddis Sports Premier Plus Float Tube

The caddis sports premier plus float tube symbolizes modernization and enhanced technology.

The designers had in mind a float tube that will be resistant and withstand tough conditions on water. The result is durability.

Its top and pockets are made of heavy duty rip strap material and a heavy duty bottom to curb resistance in the water and offer protection against punctures and wear. It seems to be the only float tube with double stitched seams.

The caddis float tube weighs 16.9 pounds and measures 57.9 inches length by 43.7 inches width by 24 inches height while it has a maximum carrying capacity of 325 lbs. Like all float tubes, it also comes with great look and is available only in the color yellow. This float tube features a teardrop shape with low profile floats which aides in better balance and stability when it's on the water.

The Caddis Sports Navigator II premier plus float tube has a 500- denier tarpaulin bottom which reduces water friction. One eye-catching factor about the caddis yellow float tube is that it has so much to offer and yet it is very economical for the fisher.

Highlighted Features

  • For toughness and durability, the outer material is made of a 420 Denier nylon pack cloth which is strong and protective thus making the float tube to be waterproof, abrasion and tear resistant.
  • For easier mobility when being transported the caddis float tube has a separate inflation valve on each of the two bladders that can be easily filled with a hand jump or foot jump.
  • More room and movement has been enhanced by the attachment of the seat back to the straps at the sat bottom cushion to enable very little flex in the back and seat movement while paddling with fins.
  • Stability of the float tube is achieved by the padded stabilizer bar and its low profile pontoon styled float.
  • Storage has also been improved with more than enough space which consists of two large main pockets and two auxiliary pockets apart from the extra cargo located behind the seat.
Caddis Sports Pro 2000 Float Tube

Caddis Sports Pro 2000 Float Tube is a teardrop-shaped boat from Caddis Sports.

The first thing I noticed was that the seat height on this float tube looks higher than all the others, which many people prefer. Features include 2” foam back rest and seat, and a 250 lb. weight capacity.

This is a pretty simple, no frills float tube. People who have fished with this float tube like its 11.4 lb weight and easy casting due to high body position. This is a reasonably priced and durable fishing float tube.

Highlighted Features

  • Comfortable adjustable 2" foam seat & back rest
  • Outer shell made of nylon packcloth
  • Double-stitched on ciritcal seams
  • Two large auxiliary pockets for storage
  • Weight capacity is 250 lb easily
Classic Accessories Marshland Float Tube

The Classic Accessories Marshland float tube is suitable for fishing and hunting. The most amazing and unique part is that with this specific type of marshland, one gets to be gifted with two tubes in one; fishing float tube and a fully featured hunting float tube with a matching decoy bag. 

The design of the marshland float tube weighs a maximum weight of 350 lbs while its size is 56 by 44 by 19 inches high.

As for the matching decoy bag the size is 28 by 15 by 15 inches high. Storage is the main issue that the marshland focuses on.

On board the float tube there is plenty of storage space for either fishing or hunting gear. The matching decoy bag also has more than enough storage holding about 24 duck decoys or 6 geese decoys.

For the marshland float tube, each pontoon has an armrest cargo pocket with easy-open double zippers, two interior pockets, and a drink holder. Deflation and inflation of the marshland float tube has been made quite easy courtesy of the Boston-style valves accompanied with a safety flag holder in the back.

Highlighted Features

  • A simple effective blind is made because the float tube has a Realtree Max -5 waterfowl print for waterfowl hunting and web loops on the outside edge for adding brush.
  • Excellent tracking and steering of the float tube is made possible with the hydrodynamic shape.
  • The fisher's seat is padded with a high adjustable backrest which comes to the rescue of the Fisher to provide support and comfort for long trips. The seat is extra high for drier and warmer fishing.
  • One special feature is the existence of removable shoulder straps which aid in transporting the float tube thus making matters much easier and convenient for the Fisher.
  • Roll-N-Stow cinch straps help in compressing the bag to a minimum profile when the decoys are deployed. This further simplifies matters for the Fisher.
  • The float tube is fitted with a quick release mesh stripping apron with a fish ruler.

How to Choose A Good Fishing Tube

If you’ve decided you’re ready to buy a good fishing float tube, how do you figure out which one to buy? I’ve identified four major considerations to bear in mind when shopping for the floating device:


These tubes are available in four different shapes: round, U-shaped, teardrop, and pontoon.

  • Round tubes are tough to maneuver and create a ton of drag rather than cutting through the water. Having the tube all the way around the fisherman also cuts down on any room to move. Most modern float tubes are one of the other three shapes.
  • A U-shaped tube looks just like a letter U. The fisherman faces toward the open, or front end of the tube. This open front helps with getting in and out of the tube. The back support on a U-shaped float tube is usually an inflated part of the tube, which may be uncomfortable.
  • A teardrop-shaped tube is a hybrid of the U-shape and pontoon styles. It has an inflated portion that comes to a point behind the user’s back but is separate from the seat back. The pointed part acts similar to the bow of a boat by cutting through the water as the user paddles with their fins. This is a very popular float tube style.
  • A pontoon-shaped tube looks just like a miniature pontoon boat. Cylindrical pontoons are located on each side of the operator’s seat. Advantages to this shape are extra room front and back, ease of entry/exit, and increased maneuverability. Most pontoon float tubes sit high in the water.


This one’s all about seating. If you’re going to spend all day fishing out of your float tube, try to make sure the one you get is comfortable. Browse through user reviews and see what they say about seat height. Being up out of the water is always more comfortable, and allows you to see much better.

Also, look for a float tube with an adjustable seat back. Everyone’s body is unique, so it’s nice to have some adjustment to make your float tube comfortable to you. Pay attention to comments regarding the comfortable seat padding as well.


All float tubes come with some type of storage, but they are not all the same. Figure out the size and number of storage pouches on the float tube. Try to picture what gear you’ll be taking with you out on your float tube and where it will go.

Additional storage behind your wonderful seat is always great for your life jacket, and a cupholder isn’t a bad thing either.


The main feature that makes a float tube useful in situations is its portability. By this, I mean how much it weighs and how easy it is to pack. Check the weight of any float tubes you are considering and remember you’re going to be carrying it, perhaps a long distance.

Some float tubes come with straps so you can carry them on your back like a backpack. That is a nice feature if you must carry an inflated float tube.

Just remember, lighter is better when it comes to portability. Don’t forget that you also have to carry your fishing rods, tackle, flippers, and waders.

Final Verdict

Well, there you have it. These ten fishing float tubes are all great quality items to buy for your fishing arsenal. Remember to consider shape, comfort, storage, and portability in your buying decision, as well as price.

Out of these ten tubes, my personal favorite is the Creek Company 420 Ultralight Pontoon Style Float Tube, due to its super light weight and many excellent features. As I said before, all ten of these fishing float tubes are fine products. Just consider your own needs before you make the purchase. Happy Fishing!

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  • david says:

    Hi David,

    I have probably spent more time fishing out of a float tube than most people have spent fishing. I have had round, u shape, and the teardrop shaped tubes.

    Choice of tube depends on a lot of factors. The biggest factor to consider is wind. If you have much wind at all the teardrop tube is going to blow you across the water faster than you can paddle against it. The reason for this is that it rides high on the water and you have only a small part of your leg in the water to put force to your fins with.

    The u shape is somewhat better because you sit lower and can get some force to your fins. This is the only style I have ever tipped over in. The tips of the float don’t offer much resistance if you lean too far forward.

    Finally we come to the round tube. It is my choice for a number of reasons. I know that they have their draw backs. Hardest to get in and out of, a little confining for a bigger person, and the hardest to move through the water on a calm day. But when the wind comes up the round float tube shines. Almost all of your legs are in the water which tends to keep you in one place so you can concentrate on fishing and you can use all of both legs to put the maximum amount of force to your fins allowing you to move even into a considerable amount of wind. A round tube with an adjustable seat is as comfortable as sitting in an easy chair and the exercise for your legs and lower back while finning is outstanding. They are also the most stable in all kinds of weather.

    So if you are serious about fishing from a float tube in all kinds of weather and you like exercise, then a round float tube should definitely be considered. If you are less committed and a fair weather fisherman then the other types should work for you.

    I hope this helps anyone thinking about purchasing a float tube. I have spent some of the most enjoyable times of my life fishing and viewing wildlife and Mother nature from the quiet comfortable seat of my float tube. I would recommend the experience to anyone.

    Tight lines, David

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