Best Fishing Headlamps in 2020 – Top Selections From An Adventurer!

A fishing headlamp can be a helpful accessory as fishing gloves, fishing shoes or fishing sun-glass to those who prefer the calm and cool of night fishing.

There are nearly as many options for headlamps as there are opinions about how night fishing should be done, making finding a lamp with features that fit your style a somewhat confusing task.

So just for you, I have sifted through the bullet points and jargon in to bring you to ten headlamps that will perform the best, have relevant easy-to-access features, and are reasonably priced. Listed below are some things to consider before you start to shop:

10 Best Fishing Headlamps - Comparisons

Things to Consider

If you are looking to buy the best fishing headlamp for you, there are some important consideration you need to keep in mind:

Where Are You Fishing?

While your gamefish may not necessarily be attracted to light, baitfish are and in turn, draw in that prize fish for which you are lying in wait.

If you are fishing in a place that already has a lot of external light i.e. dock lights, a headlamp may be unnecessary for you.

It is important to keep in might, however, that fishing solely by external light limits where you can fish, how far from the dock you can go, and can even affect what game you catch.

What Are Your Headlamp`s Needs?

Will this headlamp only be used for fishing, or do you plan to camp, hike, or work by it as well? Headlamps can come with several different modes that are useful if you need them, and bothersome if you don't.

A red LED feature can be quite helpful for working in dark spaces, where you will not be using your headlamp continuously, as the red light will not mess with your natural night vision. A white flashing LED feature may seem extraneous but can be a lifesaver in an emergency.

What Features Are Most Important for You?

When that you have determined the primary use of your headlamp you need to narrow down the features that will be most useful and then shop accordingly.

  • Should your headlamp be water resistant?
  • How accessible are modes that you will be using the most?
  • Do you prefer a headlamp that is rechargeable, or one that uses a one-use battery?
  • Should you consider a top strap or an external battery pack?
  • A headlamp that has a regulated output? What beam distance will be best suited to you?

As I mentioned before, there are many good headlamps out there, and so narrowing down what is most important to you can help ensure the right fit.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Consider your budget and once again, narrow your search down to features that you want. Headlamps can cost as low as ten dollars or can run you over one hundred dollars depending on how many lumens your lamp has, its durability, battery life, and even weight.

Sure, having a headlamp with solar powered capabilities is cool, but how useful will that be for night fishing, and is it worth the extra money?

On the other side of things, a red LED capability or a further beam distance could well be worth the money.

Once you have all the above figured out choosing your headlamp should come down to these points:

  • Durability
  • Beam Distance
  • Mode availability
  • Weight
  • Ease of usage

With these points in mind, here are my top fishing headlamp choices.

10 Best Fishing Headlamps


The Vont Spark Headlamp is power-packed with 200 lumens of super bright LED lights, water and drop resistant, and comes with one-touch button to toggle through its low / medium / high / SOS modes and a comfortable band with a sturdy stretch—all of which simply translates to this monster of a headlamp definitely giving you the best value for your money!  

Add to that the lifetime quality guarantee that it carries (as with all the products in the prominent Vont product line), the Vont Spark Headlamp is perfect for all your outdoor, sports, and night activities and emergencies where and when you need a reliable headlamp to use.

Highlighted Features

  • Super bright 200-lumens vLED
  • Drop and water resistant
  • Lightweight but compact design
  • Comfortable, adjustable strap with sturdy stretch
  • One-touch toggle through 7 light modes
  • Lifetime quality guarantee
InnoGear 5000 Lumen Bright Headlamp

Both heat and waterproof, this lamp is the most durable so far. It is light and includes a car charger for powering up on the go.

It has four light modes and a highly bright headlamp at 5000 Lumen. It is lightweight and travels well, making it perfect for a camping and fishing trip.

Highlighted Features

  • Comfortable, light and stable in us
  • Waterproof and heatproof
  • Aluminum alloy and rubber made
  • Great for fishing
Super 5000LM Rechargeable Headlamp

Super 5000LM is the only lamp on this list that includes a green light on the back that makes the wearer easier to follow, a great option if you are hiking to your fishing spot with friends. Its light is super bright and comes in four modes.

It is also rechargeable and comes with a car charger for a power boost on the go, and shines an evenly spread light, a useful feature for fishing.

Highlighted Features

  • Green light on the back of pack
  • Wall charger and USB cable
  • Super Brightness for long distances
  • Light weight and comfortable
Mifine Waterproof LED Headlamp

With its aluminum alloy body and waterproof design, the lamp is extremely durable. Also rechargeable, mifine waterproof lamp includes a red light to let you know when the charge is low, an important feature if you do fishing farther from shore.

There are fewer modes of lighting, making for more streamlined and faster access for the fisher who is not interested in the extra features some other lamps offer.

Highlighted Features

  • Extensive lifetime of LED
  • Superbright Longtime Service
  • Safety light indicator
  • Suitable for outdoor sport
Waterproof 5000Lm LED Headlamp

Waterproof 500 lamp can be recharged by USB cable, making it easier to charge in the car on the way to your favorite fishing spot.

It has four light modes, including a low setting that could be helpful for finding things in your boat without blinding yourself or ruining your night vision.

Its’ lamp can be adjusted up to 90 degrees, increasing its versatility, and is also waterproof to boot.

Highlighted Features

  • Hybrid spool design
  • Water resistant
  • Wall and USB charger
  • Headstrap for usage
Best CREE LED Headlamp

Best creed LED lamp is waterproof, has six lighting modes, comes with a lifetime warranty and is even available in different colors.

Its design is very sleek as the switches for the light modes are pressure buttons, instead of a wheel that clicks.

There are two separate switches for the red and white light modes to protect your night vision, and the headband is comfy and adjustable. It's not rechargeable but does come with Duracell batteries so that you can start to use it right away.

Highlighted Features

  • Extreme bright headlamp
  • Comfortable headband
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Lifetime warranty
Brightest Headlamp with Red LED Light

For attracting bait fish, the bright light Brightest Headlamp offers is perfect. It shoots a focused beam of light up to 110 meters, a great feature for finding that perfect fishing spot.

Also, two separate buttons for white and red light modes make use in the dark a little bit easier, and its adjustable headband and lightweight feel make it a comfortable wear.

Highlighted Features

  • Redlight headlamp flashlight
  • Elastic headband soft
  • Strong and comfortable
  • Best for fishing
Brighest Led Headlamp

The reason it is regarded as the brightest is that it is 5times brighter than the standard LED lights. This means it is stronger and oozes quality from every aspect.

The design of the brightest LED headlamp is waterproof, very much adjustable and for the comfort of the users who in this case range from kids to adults the headlamp is lightweight.

It has proven time and again that it is the most brilliant, powerful and hands-free portable LED headlamp. The main reason for designing an LED headlamp is for it to provide light in darkness and this cannot be achieved effectively if the main components which are batteries are not appropriately configured.

For this type of headlamp, the designers ensured the battery experienced longer life by coming up with three working modes which are; HIGH, MEDIUM, and STROBE.

The brightest LED headlamp can be used for activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping. Its lens is fish-eye, and it is zoomable so as to focus the beam with much accuracy for better clarity.

It also comes with a 100% warranty and its dimensions are three by two by 2 inches with a weight of 4.8 ounces.

Feature at a Glance

  • This headlamp was designed with adjustable straps to make it convenient for anyone who would like to use it. All that is needed is to adjust the straps to fit the size of your head comfortably.
  • As much as the batteries are super powerful, the way light is illuminated from the headlamp is important. For the brightest LED headlamp enhanced safety and range of vision were very much considered thus super powerful illumination which is 200 times better than other headlamps used.
  • To enhance toughness and durability, the LED headlamp was designed to be water resistant thus making it usable in literally any environment, unlike other headlamps.
  • The special and unique feature that separates it from the rest is the three energy saving modes it has that ensure long lasting use and long range vision. The energy saving modes are full power, medium, and strobe.
BYB Professional T6 LED USB Headlamp

At under eight dollars this BYB super lamp may be the most affordable one on this list, but it is far from cheap.

It includes five light settings with two dedicated to red LED for preserving night vision.

It is also water resistant and quite durable for the price point. The adjustable headband is polyester and therefore fits snugly without stretching out too much.

Highlighted Features

  • Polyester Comfortable Fabric Handband
  • Sophisticated optical lens
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Durable for using
1800 Lumens 5 Modes LED Headlamp

With several charging options included this lamp is perfect if you don't anticipate being near a wall between fishing trips.

1800 lumen's headlamp is lightweight and compact, has an intense, focused beam, and moves smoothly from one mode to the next.

ensuring that your game fish won't be frightened away by loud clicking. Thanks to its aluminum body in is a durable piece of equipment that should last you quite a while.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable aluminum alloy constructed
  • adjustable comfortable strap
  • Intelligent circuit control
  • Waterproof design

Final Verdict

When it comes to night fishing, having the right headlamp can make your trip worthwhile. Not only can you fish more accurately if you control all the external light, but you can be safer inside of your boat, while driving your boat, and even when traversing on the shore.

The above product suggestions were chosen with safety, cost, and efficiency in mind while still considering the diverse needs of your fishing style. If you know what you need, you should be able to find it in the above list.

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