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Best Fishing Spot In California – Top Selection By Expert Anglers

Fishing is a very interesting outdoor activity that you can go with your family. I had my first fishing experience when I was five years, and it lasted for a few hours. The memories are still fresh even after 20 years.

I love fishing (also kayaking), and being a native of California, you might think that I’m biased, but the truth is the place has the best fishing spot in the world. If you look forward to trout fishing or thick about fishing catfish, pan fish, striped bass and much more, California is the best place to be.

California has a variety of freshwater fishing destinations, and saltwater fishing destinations are also plenty. If you are planning to take your family or friends to a fishing trip in California, here are top places that you need to visit.

Lake Shasta

Lake ShastaDo you look forward to catching different fish species? If this is so, Lake Shasta is the place to go. You will be amazed at the high marks for the diversity of the lake. Whether you want to fish king salmon, largemouth, crappies, catfish, rainbow trout, brown trout, green sunfish, readear sunfish, sturgeon and much more, you can get them here. The place is nice to visit all year round because of its relatively low elevation. You will also love the easy accessibility of the lake because of ramps and marinas present.

Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa

Another highly rated fishing spot in California is Lake Berryessa. Its proximity to Bay Area and Sacramento makes it easily accessible. For many years, the place has been the top fishing spot with the largest kokanee salmon. Anglers also find this place amazing because of its nice landlocked king salmon fishing. You can get kings here weighing up to 6 pounds.

Lake Tahoe

Lake TahoeLooking forward to an incredible fishing trip with your family where you can enjoy a nice scenery, snow peaks, and blue water? Lake Tahoe is worth paying a visit to enjoy all those and much more. On top of the beautiful place, the lake is also great for fishing. The lake has a history of having big sized fish weighing up to 37 pounds. The most commonly used fishing methods in the lake include trolling and jigging. Do not visit California and leave without visiting this amazing fishing spot.

Lake Camanche, Ione

Lake Camanche, IoneFor those anglers who love bass and catfish fishing, the lake best suits you well. The best thing about this place is that

it has a lot of events taking place hence it is a great idea to bring your kids along when you come for fishing. This place is top ranked as the best fishing spot in California where you can take your family.

Lake Chabot, Castro ValleyLake Chabot

Looking for easy fishing in Central California? Then you need to pay a visit to Lake Chabot that is stocked with
catfish, bass, trout, bluegill and crappie. The lake covers 371 acres and supplies people living in Alameda County with plenty of fish. You are not allowed to swim in the lake, but there are other fun activities that you can engage in with your family such as lake tour boat rides to keep your family entertained. The lake is also surrounded by hiking and golf courses which benefit those who love physical activities.

Clear Lake

Clear LakeClear Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in the state of California. If you love bass fishing, this is the best spot to visit. The best thing with the lake is that it has big fishes. You can get fish weighing 10 pounds and above. Most anglers love to do their fishing on the show lines of Berger Bay and the mouth of Kelsey Creek. If you visit this place during summer, you will love throwing your line anywhere and catch big fat bass.

Lake Casitas

Another awesome place for bass fishing is Lake Casitas. The lake has crystal clear water that makes it easy to use low visibility lines. The lake also has weedy areas that offer a perfect place for your nightcrawlers.

Sacramento River

Sacramento RiverDo you love salmon? Sacramento River is one of the best fishing places where you can get Chinook and Pink Aalmon. You will also get striped bass and trout in abundance during spring. This place is perfect for taking your family for a fishing trip where you can also enjoy easy day hikes, shoreside swimming, barbecue pits and highly coveted cabin spot.

Yosemite National Park

Fishing doesn’t always have to be boring, and you can visit Yosemite National Park and enjoy the beautiful mountains, wildlife, and waterfalls as well as river rafting and hiking. There are different types of fish that you can get in this place such as native rainbow trout which are abundant, smallmouth bass, bull gill and brown trout.

Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge

The place is known for the presence of White sturgeon, leopard sharks, rays, striped bass. Apart from fishing, you can enjoy other activities such as float out into the bay or public fishing pier where no license is required. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can enjoy fun activities such as hiking, biking and waterfowl hunting among others.

Final Words

California is known to have the best fishing spots in the world. If you love fishing, make sure you visit the above places that I have mentioned above, and you will have best memories ever.

There are different fish species that you can get both small sized and big sized. The places also have beautiful sceneries where you can take your family for fun activities.

The next time you are planning to go for a fishing trip, be sure to have fun if you pick any of the spots that you find best. Remember, those are just a few of the best fishing spots, and I have not exhausted the list. There are many other spots that you can add on to the list. Happy and enjoyable fishing in California!

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