Best GoPros for Fishing – Guide to Choosing the Right Action Camera

Fishing is one of the remarkable experiences today that leaves fanatics and enthusiasts with exciting tales of the happenings. From your beach, kayak or fishing boat, the water adventure can be summed up into the whole action using the best GoPro for fishing.

You can capture every action of the moment in your GoPro camera and video shots that are the most reliable and sometimes from angles that could not have been possible with your naked eye.

The GoPro allows you to deliver the reality in a fraction of a second ultimately helping you deliver the fishing tales as-it-happened, without missing any part of it.

As a dedicated kayak or boat angler, you need the best action camera that won't disappoint at the moment when you want that very quick and reliable shot. You don't have to be caught in the hustle of having to strain explaining the how the happenings unfolded, when all that could have all been captured in one video or shot, to spill it all in real-time.

But, getting to choose the best GoPro for fishing can be overwhelming and energy draining more especially when you are new into the fishing escapades. It doesn't have to be any longer, thanks to these incredible house brands that will deliver your best moments.

Comparison on Best GoPros for Fishing 

Reviews of 10 Best GoPros for Fishing

1. GoPro HERO4 Silver

GoPro HERO4 Silver

Your world memories are at hand, thanks to the new GoPro HERO4 Silver that embraces one of the incredible built-in displays with additional features for controlling your camera as you frame shots after capture for storage.

The camera brings you an ultra-convenience that is user-friendly as you view, tap and swipe the screen for the best images and videos.

Its video is 1080p60 and 720p 120, a reliable clarity that will not disappoint. Store your photos in up to 12MP capacity on a 30 frame per second of shots. This will save your time in real-time experience.

Transform your experience with its enjoyable playback, editing and sharing with no much hustle. Count on its QuickCapture to power your camera and proceed with the recording in a click of the button.

After done taking your shots, go ahead and have fun with the camera, just like you intended while relying on its waterproof based on 131-feet or 40 meters capability of smooth operation. The GoPro HERO4 Silver combines versatility and pro-quality capture at the touch of display that will live up to your expectations.


  • Easy camera control, shot-framing, and playback
  • 1080p60 and 720p120 video with 12MP photos at up to 30 frames per second
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support
  • Smart Smooth Remote operation


  • Didn't like quality of its waterproof casing
GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition

Enjoy one of the most memorable experiences with the GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition since it comes in a light and smaller design you will find effortless to carry around.

Featuring a fast built-in Wi-Fi, the GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition boasts impressive recording and shot taking in a durable, rugged housing that is not only waterproof but also will enable the device to overcome physical damage.

Its camera will enable you to capture full HD at 1920 by 1080p on video at 60 fps and 1280 x 720p at 120 fps. This is a reliable resolution for the most quality images. You ca easily store your photos on a 10 MP capacity and a burst rate of 10 fps. Find this design an instant support of the both NTSC and PAL video systems too.

Its camera features a superb ultra-wide angle glass lens, low-light image and a microSD card slot for uninterruptible real time experience.

For those interested with connectivity, the GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition has an optional Wi-Fi remote capability. Expect buy though separately an LCD touch BacPac and a battery BacPac. For mounting, its two mounts will make it very easy to get you started for your outdoor action and adventure.


  • Quality HD video and photo shoot
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Easy to use
  • Durable body construction


  • Doesn't come with mounts
GoPro HERO5 Black

Nothing moves fast to level up to the latest technology like the GoPro HERO5 Black. It is your ultimate solution for the most powerful and easy to use the camera, courtesy of its additional features that make the whole experience all brought just into one hand.

Its 4K video and incredible touch display provide one convenient, smooth video operation that is crystal clear.

You will get on top of that quality audio, and pro-quality photo capturing that intelligently combines GPS capability making GoPro HERO5 Black one of the simplest to operate.

Enjoy the ability to quickly edit and share your videos, as you proceed to automatically upload footage to your GoPro plus cloud account for simple access on your phone in just a click of the button. This is further facilitated by the GoPro editing app downloadable from the App store.

If you are concerned about mounting ease, the GoPro makes the process a walk in the park, thanks to included official mounting accessories. Expect it to work so well with a 30+ GoPro too. This is why the camera is the ultimate versatile family of reliable brands.


  • Durable and waterproof
  • One-button simple-to-use features
  • Ease playback shots
  • Easy-to-use settings
  • Advanced video stabilization


  • Doesn't include frame to hold camera for selfie stick use
GoPro HERO Session Waterproof Digital Action Camera

Want not to miss the action while out on your adventure? Find the GoPro HERO Session one of the easiest and easy to use devices that will leave you with a touch to your best moments.

With just a single button powering on the camera, you can set in a second to your recording automatically just like you can quickly be able to stop the action. The camera after recording can stop powering itself by shutting down.

Once done capturing your favorite videos and photos, count on its 1080p60 video and 8MP photo for images with the most remarkable clarity. Simply put; the images are of high quality and stunning.

You don't need necessarily a separate housing, its rugged waterproof design with providing protection from physical damage and water, just in case your device accidentally slips off to water. This is why you can equally expect this device to withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions without the need again for housing.

Are you keen on resolution? Depend on the GoPro HERO Session 1440 pixels per inch to deliver some of the sharpest professional videos you will love in the long run. Its frame rates up to 100 frames per second to enable you to create a smooth slow-motion playback as you intended.


  • High-Performance Video and Photo
  • Stable and compact mounting
  • Bluetooth plus Wi-Fi support
  • Supports up to 128 GB


  • Comes with a non-removable battery
GoPro HERO Session Holiday Promo Kit

At just a portable weight of 4.5 ounces, the 1.5 x 1.4 x 1.5 inchesGoPro HERO Session Holiday Promo Kit strikes the right balance between convenience and functionality.

For those of us who are keen on storage space, expect up to 16 microSD card for storage capacity, meaning you never have to worry about running out of space just like it is characterized with regular brands.

Boldly capture once-in-a-lifetime moments while out adventuring straight from this GoPro that you will find one of the most impressive designs able to withstand extreme environments and conditions. This is further complimented by the fact that it comes waterproof with no need for housing.

For powering needs, it uses a lithium battery that ensures reliability and no interruption of your action when fully charged. Move ahead and enjoy the experience on a record stunning 1140p30, 1080P60, and 720p100 video capability. Get the best shots on a 10 fps burst of your photos and 0.5 to 60 second time-lapse saving your time.

For your photo storage, 8MP has been dedicated to serving you comfortably for a later view of your best capture.


  • Embraces use of 16GB microSD Card
  • Comes with a floating grip
  • Clear videos and images
  • Easy to mount


  • Doesn't come with mount to bicycle handlebars

Intending to capture those amazing moments? Then what you need to transform your experience with the GoPro HERO+ LCD [Ecommerce Packaging]. It comes with a 1080p60 video and a capacity to hold up to 8 MP of photos on a remarkable convenience of a touch display.

For connectivity, its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will make it easier for you to use its GoPro app for shot previews.

Enjoy the amazing total camera control and easy content sharing to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter straight from your tablet and phone.

Find it an efficient waterproof design rugged enough, suited for protecting the device from physical damage. It comes with the ability to power up and record whatever you need at the click of the button. This is why you can count on the GoPro HERO+ LCD [Ecommerce Packaging for your lifetime capture solutions.

This camera brings you a perfect scene capture, thanks to its easy navigation and adjustability of its settings at the convenience of your touch. The quality of shots has been enhanced by its auto low light that makes it even easier to take your capturing of the never-to-be-missed moments within a time lapse mode automatically set at the interval of 0.5 to 60 seconds.


  • Versatile photo capture
  • Can shoot up to 5 photos per second
  • Rugged waterproof all-in-one design
  • Able to handle 1080p60 and 720p60 video
  • Built-in touch display + speaker


  • Battery is in-built and not removable
GoPro Suction Cup Mount (GoPro Official Mount)

Are you in need to get yourself the right treats of the moments by capturing it all while out fishing?

Well, get a chance to attach the GoPro suction cup to your fishing boat, motorcycle, car and much more. The suction cup boasts a superb speed of 150 mph plus shot taking capability, with some of the most exclusive broad range action that will deliver your best moments within a fraction of a second.

For those of us keen with mounting, this model boasts ultra-compact mounting prowess to enable you to realize without distortion the clearest view of the happenings without missing a thing.

It comes with remarkable arms that are flexible to adjust to whichever angle you need within the shortest period. It is important you mount this design to a clean surface for the best stability.

It's standard base and quick release base makes it very possible for you to enhance your movements to the most convenient shots and locations so that you don't miss a thing. Takes your angling experience to a whole new height with this GoPro suction cup for an experience like no other, thanks to its embrace of the latest technology you rely on with no missing of the action.


  • Comes with industrial-strength suction cup of 150+ mph
  • Provides wide range motion and stability
  • Quick release for best shots and locations
  • Durable body construction


  • Touch screen not well usable with wetsuit gloves
Bobber - Floating Hand Grip for GoPro HERO Cameras

You never have the reason to miss your most thrilling best shots and videos, thanks to intelligently designed GoPro that is by far one of the most convenient and easy-to-use camera.

This camera is one of its kinds in the pack, thanks to superb waterproof capability just in case you accidentally end up dropping your camera in the water.

It doubles up as a perfect hand grip and a floating device. Additionally, just in case it lands on water, expect to be able to spot it very easily.

Find it a perfect choice for taking your selfies and POV footage. You are likely to enjoy shooting steadily this camera as a handheld device, for the most real action shots.

When it comes to connectivity, you can use this Bobber - Floating Hand Grip for GoPro HERO without adapters by connecting it directly to the camera. More specifically, expect to experience 100% compatibility with all the GoPro HERO cameras.

Sometimes you be taking your shots, by accident this device drops into the water. You never have to worry because its high visibility floating body makes it very easy for you to trace it and pick it.


  • Direct GoPro Connection without adapters
  • Quick attach gear when to in use
  • Firm wrist strap attachment
  • Comes with connect attachments


  • Didn't find it easy to hook to my suction mount
Garmin Virb XE

The Garmin Virb XE boasts camera shots that embrace superior high definition at a remarkable 1080p/60fps. This a reliable shooting experience that will deliver to your expectations just like you envisioned.

Its 12-megapixel photos shoot capability is based on 30 fps with the ability to capture the action with G-Metrix.

The G-Metrix inbuilt capability is to allow you to be able to track and overlay on how quickly, far, high and intense capturing your favorite moments took place.

The Garmin Virb XE can dive into 50 meters without a case, allowing you stand a chance to capture clearer and cleaner video plus audio in the most convenient perfect condition. Be a step ahead with Garmin Virb XE for superb performance, thanks to its modern designed built-in sensors able to show the speed, distance, heart rate monitoring and much more.


  • Has advanced video resolution
  • Burst shooting mode
  • Waterproof body construction
  • Bluetooth capability


  • Doesn't record RPM
DBPOWER EX7000 Sports Action Camera 4K

This is one remarkable camera that boasts a waterproof housing that is designed harsh environmental conditions. Find this 4K underwater camera wearable and easy to mount.

If you intend to go for diving, biking, driving, surfing and you don't want to miss those interesting moments, count on the DBPOWER 4K Action Camera WIFI 12MP Waterproof Sport Camera to take the best shots for up to 30m or 100 feet, with emphasized clarity.

This camera can handle 25 fps and 2.7K 30 fps video on a capacity of up to 12 MP in photos in 30 frames per second. This is uniquely 4 times the resolution of regular HD cameras. This is why with this camera; you have an assurance of taking best moments on the most reliable resolution.

For powering convenience, it comes with 2 rechargeable batteries just in case you run out of power in the middle of shot capturing. This is further complimented by its double recording time from roughly 90 minutes to 180 minutes.

For reliable connectivity, it also comes with a 2.4G wireless wrist remote control will enable you to control this camera with ease while framing some of your best shots or video recording. Stay ahead of the regular models by just downloading its free App ((iSmart DV) onto your phone or tablet and be able to conveniently connect with your DBPOWER 4K Action Camera for real action.

Built-In WIFI and Free APP: Just download Appon your phone or tablet and connect with DBPOWER 4K action camera. Then operate or review the images or videos via Android or iOS devices. Wi-Fi signal ranges up to 10 meters.


  • Smooth review of images and videos via Android and IOS
  • Waterproof housing
  • Superb HD resolution
  • Versatile and easy to use


  • Doesn't support superb power zooming

How to Choose the Best GoPro for Fishing

Getting to know the right and quality GoPro can be a daunting task. This could be the case for those new into these household models, but it doesn't need to be the case anymore, ensure you get the most out your device by taking into account of these tips for not only the best experience but also convenience of use.

Screen Quality

Let the GoPro you are going for embrace at least a modern standard screen for easy viewing and capturing of your videos. It should let your check out on enhanced clarity your photos smoothly and adjust the video angle in real time.

Easy Access Buttons

Find the model of your choice easy to power on and off without much of the straining. This makes it easy for after mounting your device to proceed swiftly with taking your best shots and capturing videos without much of the hustle.

Touch Screen Control and Features

Be able to control the recording settings without much of the ambiguity than you would experience with the regular models. Let your GoPro come with on/off buttons that enable you to do it swiftly on your touch screen without ant let downs.

Video Quality

If you get your GoPro with HD (high definition) quality, that will be a milestone towards getting the best quality shots and video captured for the most memorable experience. This means you would have it all clearer, brighter and even better, just the way you want it. If you can have a device that embraces uploads, that will be a plus.

Other Factors to Consider

  • Ability for the GoPro to mount easily for stable shot taking
  • Ability to connect to Wi-Fi for sharing your experience.
  • Additional accessorizing like for mounting
  • Cost and affordability of your GoPro
  • Ease of understanding use and use of interface while on a quick reaction


Never have to miss you're the best moments while out kayaking, fishing or enjoying any of your remarkable adventures, thanks to these GoPro designs. They are easy to understand and use.

Find it more fun while enjoying the GoPro camera when comes to mounting, since you are assured of stability that is dependable with less of the shortcomings. I can recommend these designs boldly since they are not only light in weight but also portable to move around with comfortably.

See to it whether you can afford your choice, but don't compromise the quality you want too in the process. Ensure you get not only a long lasting design but also one with reliable functionality that will see you within the shortest time take the most excellent shots and capturing of your favorite videos. You will never go wrong with any of these GoPros, and they will leave spoilt for choice.

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