Best Handheld GPS Devices For Fishing & Hunting in 2020 – Top Selections

Whether you are in the countryside or on a open water, proper navigation is important. You need the the right handheld GPS device to find route, recording track or finding right geocache.

The GPS devices which we will mention below contain the best handheld gps for fishing and best gps for hunting, and are easy to use so that your outdoor adventures are fun and relaxing.

Why You Need a Handheld GPS for Fishing?

If you have been a victim of getting lost on water during your fishing adventure or lost a favorite fishing spot since you could not trace it, then here are the reasons why you need a handheld GPS next time you are visiting waters:

  • Lock your coordinates to keep your favorite fishing spot
  • Don’t get lost in your fishing adventure
  • Locate where you are!
  • Encourages anglers to try new fishing points

Best Handheld GPS Navigators For Fishing - Comparisons

5 Best Handheld GPS Navigators in 2020 - Reviews

1. ​Garmin Oregon 450t Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin Oregon 450t GPS navigator is a very impressive device from the Garmin brand that is well known for producing quality goods.

It might not be the most well-known of locators from Garmin, but it can certainly hold its own with those more illustrious brands.

Garmin Oregon 450t GPS navigator is a very simple device with very easy operation. There is not a lot of expertise required to make it work, even the most amateur of users can get it to operate. Its impressive feature is the touch screen.

The touch screen renders buttons obsolete and also makes the device very easy to operate. There are menus that can be easily accessed and options chosen by the user without having to use buttons. In addition to this, the screen is also a very large one that will handle all display matters very easily.

You will not have to squint to see information; it is all available easily for the user to see. The screen also accommodates 3d viewing which enhances the experience of using the device to new levels. 3d technology is among the latest meaning that the user is getting good value for money.

Information displayed on the screen must have come from somewhere, and that is where a high sensitivity receiver comes in. It can receive GPS information accurately and quickly and display it to the user for his or her benefit.

The screen can also be read even in direct sunlight. The importance of this cannot be overstated. It gives the user a very easy time while using it. There are stored maps of places that are known and that people are likely to visit. These maps make the getting of information very quickly and easy.

The user can use the device even when GPS information is unavailable and because of these stored maps will still be able to appreciate its functioning.

It is one of the best devices out there. The functioning is very basic and the features perhaps not as advanced as one might find in more expensive models but it does what it does very well, and for that, it is recommended highly.

Highlighted Features

  • Grey exterior
  • 850mb RAM storage
  • Sharing both wireless and manual enabled
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Sensitive compass
  • Accessories available
  • Easy to navigate user manual

The Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx is the big brother of the GPSMAP 60CS, using top notch craftsmanship and detailed features that are perfect for marine use.

This 7.5 ounce navigator is popular for its amazing accuracy delivered by its high-sensitivity GPS receiver, ensuring that you can precisely track your position in all conditions.

Furthermore, The Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx navigator is supported by 64MB of memory via a microSD card, giving you the chance to store all of your detailed marine maps and your track logs for an enhanced fishing experience.

The unit itself comes with a pre-loaded Americas auto-route basemap, a U.S TOPO and recreational map with fishing hot spots, and other Garmin MapSource products. Once you have retrieved the map data, you can view it from the 2.6 inch TFT color display which is extremely clear in all lighting environments.

Other fun and convenient features on this GPS navigator include USB connectivity for charts/maps loading and transfer, an electronic compass for directional guidance, 2 AA batteries for 20 hours of battery life, a lightweight, waterproof and rugged case for easy portability, high-use buttons for easy operation, and a dedicated geocaching mode for outdoor adventures.

Highlighted Features

  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver
  • 64 MB microSD card for storage of optional map detail
  • Fast USB connectivity
  • Color-handheld mapping ideal for both marine and outdoor use
  • Bright, sunlight-readable color TFT display

There are a number of these kinds of devices, but perhaps the most impressive are those from Garmin. This 72h is one of their flagship products in this category. It is a device that will impress even the most difficult to impress user.

It is as light as they come weighing in the region of six ounces. This enables it to float thereby making it very easy to handle. Another feature is the large screen which features the latest LCD technology for a superior display and also allows for clear viewing because the numbers and letters displayed are large.

The operation of the device doesn't require a lot of experience. There are few buttons, and these will offer all the control the user needs. It is also a handheld device meaning it is very portable. The feature that impresses me the most is the connectivity. Often the user might need to share some of his or her findings with other people.

To do this with this device, there has been provided a USB connection so that it can be connected to a computer and enable easy sharing. This makes it possible to use this device even in far flung areas and save the information.

All in all the user can expect the best performance from this device and also a ruggedness and robustness that will serve him well in conditions which other more delicate devices would not fare well in. This is among the most impressive devices from Garmin, and there is a good reason for this.

There may be more advanced devices than this, devices that certainly use more modern methods of display for instance TFT, but the user who needs to stick to quality will appreciate the simple effectiveness of these kinds of devices that have been around for long.

They are super reliable and will give just as good levels of services as the more fancy devices. Users should give this device a try.

Highlighted Features

  • Lots of storage memory
  • Very LCD display
  • Four level grayscale
  • Waterproof
  • USB port for connection
  • Land and water use
  • Rugged exterior

Do you look forward to having an effective handheld GPS on your next fishing trip? The Garmin etrex 10 is an admirable GPS that every angler should have.

This handheld GPS is available in two different colors which include yellow and black.

It has a basic monochrome display that you can read with ease. This display is easily one of the best and could very well rival some more established displays. There are shades of grey meaning that different areas of the screen can be separated and information read clearly.

This makes the device reliable and saves costs as well because it takes a lot less money to make a monochrome display. This is of course translated to the user in terms of cheaper prices.

The device itself is made in such a way that it can handle all abuse thrown at it. The exterior is as rugged as they come, it will survive being dropped and banging against other surfaces. Users should, however, still be careful when using the device and not just go around banging it.

Maps are available directly in the device. These maps are most common coastal areas, and this means that the user will be able to rely on information that is already there when he or she goes out into the ocean.

These preloaded maps are very accurate and not likely to deceive the user. For those places that aren't mapped yet you don't have to worry, the device comes with a splendid GPS receiver that should be able to provide all the information needed by the user in terms of location.

Memory is not an issue. Lots of internal storage space is made available, and connection to computers and other devices is also possible. This saves the user lots of stress. In a nutshell, you will not be doing yourself any harm by purchasing one of these devices, they are reliable and accurate at all times.

Highlighted Features

  • GLONASS Support
  • Waterproofed to the highest level
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Spine mounting accessories provided
  • GPS receiver
  • Yellow and black variants
  • 6ounces weight

The GPSMAP 62stc from Garmin is a rugged and waterproof handheld navigator that comes with a camera.

This navigator comes with an inbuilt 3-axis electronic compass which is tilt-compensated, so that you can find the bearings of your destination even when you are standing completely still.

This compass is complemented by a high-sensitivity WAAS enabled GPS receiver, which can quickly and efficiently pinpoint your position even when the waterway in which you are fishing in is heavily covered by trees. When it comes to the maps of the GPSMAP 62stc, you can benefit from detailed marine maps, a worldwide basemap and the pre-loaded TOPO 100K which are all stored on 4.3GB of internal memory.

When it comes to the maps of the GPSMAP 62stc, you can benefit from detailed marine maps, a worldwide basemap and the pre-loaded TOPO 100K which are all stored on 4.3GB of internal memory.

These maps will fully cover all the waters found in the U.S and Puerto Rico, and can be supplemented with custom maps and satellite imagery that can be downloaded to your device for maximum water coverage.

When it comes to documenting your fishing journey you have the chance to utilize the 5MP autofocus camera to take geotagged pictures, which you can then share with your friends and save so that you can revisit the spot at a later date.

The lightweight Garmin GPSMAP 62stc also has a 2.6 inch color TFT display, as well as multiple sharing and analytical options that will make your fishing experience more efficient.

Highlighted Features

  • Built-in 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass and barometric altimeter
  • 1.7G of onboard memory and microSD card slot for adding a wide array of topographic, marine and road maps
  • Rugged handheld navigator 2.6-inch
  • Sunlight-readable TFT display with 160 x 240 pixel resolution
  • Built-in worldwide basemap with shaded relief download Garmin Connect photos for picture navigation

Things to Consider - Best Handheld GPS For Fishing

You need to know points flooding with fish and the ones that aren’t worth visiting. Long-term fishing requires you to understand the water so well. Marking your greatest catching point could never be easy without a perfect tracking device.

That is why you have to consider the following features when choosing your fishing handheld GPS or best gps for hunting.

You can also check the following video for the guideline on choosing the best fishing GPS:


There are several great display technologies used in designing handled GPS devices for fishing. Color displays, sun-readable TFTs and LCD displays are some of the commonly used VDUs on these devices.

This is, therefore, a major consideration if you are looking for a reliable GPS.For instance, purchasing a GPS with a sun-readable TFT display makes it easier for you to obtain accurate locations inbright sunny day.

You don’t have to look for shades to use your GPS machine.Consider the Garmin Oregon 450 Handheld GPS Navigator (reviewed below), built with a 3-inch improved touch screen with sun-readable display, that’s has grown popular in today market due to its precision and vivid presentation.

Waterproof Design

Buying a waterproof handheld GPS for fishing, like the Garmin 72H Waterproof Handheld GPS with High-Sensitivity eliminates the risk of damages caused by water.

As an angler, you must be aware and prepared for water accidents, therefore, most of your tools and gadgets should be resistant to water.

GPS Receiver

The faster your GPS machine is, the better. For this reason, you should go for quick receiving handheld GPS devices to enhance your fishing spot locating speed. Consider handheld fishing GPS with a high-sensitivity receiver.

In most cases, GPS devices with WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System)enabled receiver are always worth depending on. This air navigation system enhances accuracy and quicker location of target points.

In-Built Basemap

Whether you are a professional or casual angler, you shouldn’t miss the landmarks, coastlines and the water-bodies around you. With a GPS within-built base maps, you don’t have to carry huge maps around when you are fishing. The inbuilt base map ensures of these best fishing handheld device or best gps for hunting you are aware of all the important points on your fishing radar.

You can also use handheld GPS devices that allow you to install mapping software in them. In other words, with such global location device, you are able to view updated satellite maps fast, making your fishing adventure greater.

Mode of Operation

If you are paddling your kayak and trying to locate your favorite spot at the same time, you might really be in need of an easy to operate locating the device.

In this case, I would recommend touchscreen operated handheld GPS for fishing. They provide the easiest operation interface, making point location and general navigation much simpler and fast.

Final Verdict

I can finally say that the 5 handheld GPS navigators given above are the best that Garmin has to offer. Combining rugged and waterproof construction with an intuitive interface and detailed maps, you can now use these navigators to improve your fishing experience.

So stop wasting time, and choose which one of the aforementioned handheld GPS navigators you will be taking on your next fishing trip.

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