5 Best Ice Fishing Lures – Strongest and Reliable

There’s nothing like welcoming the winter with busting out your ski poles and getting your gear loaded up and ready to go ice fishing. The crisp, clean, cold air and the anticipation and excitement of the potential catch of the day is a nice way to make the most of a frigid winter.

Ice fisherman all know how important it is to have good quality lures that don’t scare the fish away. One of the biggest keys to making sure that you have a successful season out on the ice is making sure that you have high quality, authentic bait. You could have the best fishing hole in your area staked out, but if your ice fishing lures are cheaply made and don’t look like the real thing, the fish are not going to bite.

5 Best Ice Fishing Lures Comparison

5 Best Ice Fishing Lures - Review

Today, we are going to take a look at five of the best ice fishing lures in 2020, so that you can be stocked and fully prepared for ice fishing this season.

1. ​Goture Ice Fishing Jigs with Treble Hook Single Hook for Walleye Winter Fishing Lures ice Jigging

Let’s kick this off by taking a look at Goture’s Walleye Fishing Lures. These colorful and high quality lures weigh in at about 10.1 grams or .36 ounces, and are 3.26 inches in length. Each pack of lures that you buy comes with four lures included.

The head and tail of each lure are equipped with their own respective hooks, which makes it really difficult for the fish to escape, once it has been latched on to.

These jigging fish lures are balanced perfectly so that when they are in the water, they move around in a natural and enticing circular swimming motion, to catch the attention of the fish around it. These lures are built with only high quality components and are made to look exactly like a minnow, to help you lure and catch fish faster.

The quality finish on the minnow design is made to replicate the actual colorization of living minnows, to make it even more real and irresistible for the fish. The fish that these minnow lures work the best for are trout, pike, panfish, walleye, and bass. Goture even goes into so much detail in these lures, that they have three dimensional eyes so that they look as realistic as possible.


  • Hooks on the head and tail of the lure to make it difficult for fish to escape
  • Weighted design that makes each lure swim in a pattern that make it move like a real minnow, so it is even more enticing for fish
  • Made of high quality materials that make them look as realistic as possible
  • Three-dimensional eyes that make the lures look like real fish
  • Best for a variety of cold water fish, and perfectly made for ice fishing
  • Each package that you purchase comes with four unique, realistic lures


  • These lures are all hard-bodied, and may work better if they were soft
  • Significantly larger than other lures in its category

These lures come in sets of five, and come in a random variety of colors and styles that are perfect for ice fishing.

These lures by QualyQualy are significantly smaller than the previous lures that we looked at, but are they are weighty, and designed to get down your fishing hole quickly.

This company offers their lures in an eye-catching variety which is perfect for catching the attention of nearby fish. Each lure includes a single hook, which makes for the perfect capturing mechanism. They are great for catching a fish and making it extremely difficult for the fish to escape.


  • Come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes
  • This company makes captivating designs that are perfect for catching the attention of nearby fish
  • Each lure has a single hook that is designed to not only grasp fish, but make it extremely difficult for the fish to get loose
  • Each pack of lures that you buy comes with 5 different lures, that will vary in terms of size, color, and style
  • These lures are designed for ice fishing, and even though they are small, they will get down the fishing hole and into the water quickly


  • Many of these lures are very small, and may be difficult for fish to find
  • These lures only come with single side hooks, so it may be harder to catch fish
  • You don’t get a choice of the type, style or color of the lures that you get. They are randomly assorted, so you get something different every time.

Celsius Panfish Assorted EC5C-5A JigsReview of the productCelsius Panfish offers a massive lure set that includes a total of 16 different pieces that you can use on your ice fishing endeavors.

These lures are made of high quality materials, that are perfect for drawing fish to your line.

Each lure is made with the utmost of authenticity, in order to draw in nearby fish. Each package that you buy comes with four individual boxes of lures, and in each box you get a set of four quality-made, lures that are designed for ice fishing enthusiasts.

These single-hook lures are specially designed to draw in coldwater fish of all kinds, so that you don’t leave your fishing hole empty-handed.


  • For the nominal amount of money that you are paying for these lures, each pack comes with 16 lures. Each package you buy comes with a colorful variety of different lures that are ideal for ice fishing.
  • Offer tons of different variety for any fishing situation
  • Single hook design that is great for hooking fish
  • The hooks on these lures come really sharp, so they will have no issue hooking a fish


  • The paint on these lures seem to wear off pretty quickly.
  • With the paint wearing on these lures, the effectiveness of the lures may suffer

The Gulp Alive ice fishing lure minnows may be some of the most authentic and realistic lures that we are going to look at yet.

This company offers their realistic minnows in large jars and are sold in packs of two, so that you get plenty of lures when you buy them. Here’s the unique selling point: these one inch long minnows are floating in Gulp’s Majic Gravy.

The gravy coating that each lure is soaking in makes them look, taste, smell, and feel like they are going after a real minnow. The gravy coating gives them all of the characteristics that this bait needs to appear like it is alive. The life-like design of these lures make them perfect for fishing in all kinds of circumstances and environments, and work particularly well when ice fishing.


  • The unique selling point of this product is far different than any of the previous products that we have looked at
  • The patented Majic Gravy that these minnow lures are floating around in, make them look, taste, and smell like they are the real thing.
  • The gravy coating that the lures soak in make them seem alive to the fish around it, and therefore make them really appealing bait for catching fish
  • These unique lures come in jars, and are sold in packs of two, so that you have plenty of lures to use before you have to worry about purchasing more lures.


  • The smell of these lures doesn’t make them the most pleasant for storing and using
  • As far as we can tell, with these lures you are going to have to use your own hook or hooks to set them up

Let’s have a closer look at the Celsius 14 piece ice fishing jig kit. What we really enjoy about this particular kit is that it comes stocked with a ton of different lures, that are meant to replicate different kinds of species of small fish and minnows.

They come in all kinds of beautiful colors and authentic designs, and the single hook setup of these lures make them perfect for fishing of all kinds, including ice fishing.

This is also one of the most cost effective lure sets that we are covering in this review, so if you are looking to get a ton of variety at a good bang for your buck, this could be the right set for you.


  • Each set includes beautiful and authentic lures that are designed to imitate different breeds of small fish and minnows
  • Each set that you purchase includes 14 different lures that are great for ice fishing
  • Single hook design that is great for catching fish
  • Made of high quality materials and bright colors to draw in fish with ease


  • Some of the lures appear to be cheaply made and can break quickly
  • No real unique selling propositions or offers, other than that each pack of lures is reasonably priced and comes with 14 different lures

Final Verdict

So which of these lures sounded and looked the best to you? For us, we really believe that the Goture Ice Fishing Jigs are going to be the best value for your money. Taking a close look at them, each one of these lures are carefully crafted and constructed, down to their three-dimensional eyes, to look like the real deal.

Since every one of these lures looks like a real minnow and is equipped with two hooks instead of one, we believe that these best ice fishing lures will be the best of 2020.

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