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Fans of ice fishing know how critical it is to have the right rod. You can’t expect to get a quality, comfortable, high-performance rod by just buying the first one that you see. There are a lot of factors that go into getting the best ice fishing rod for you, and a ton of different qualities and materials that separate and distinguish one rod from the next.

Today, we are going to look at three different, high-performing ice fishing rods. Take a closer look at them with us, so that you can see which one is best for you.

Comparison on 5 Best Ice Fishing Rods

Best Ice Fishing Rods - Reviews 

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Ice Fishing Spinning Rod

Let’s kick this review off by starting with the Skakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 combo ice fishing rod.

The first thing that we really like about this ice fishing rod is that it is comfortable to use.

It is built with an EVA and totally ergonomic that is comfortable to grip and reel from. 

The reel has a twist lock for added security for fishing, and the pole is built one piece stainless steel guides for added security and durability. It has a 20 size spinning reel with a single ball bearing to that you can easily drop your line in the fishing hole, and reel it in as well.

This fishing pole also has a durable stainless steel body, so that it can maintain high-performance through long and harsh winters, year after year. It also has a ported aluminum spool that makes it super lightweight, and extra durable.


  • This rod is built to be incredibly durable, so that it hold up to years and years of harsh winters and lots of ice fishing
  • It is equipped with a totally ergonomic EVA handle that is comfortable to hold and reel with
  • This rod has a twist lock reel seat for added security
  • This rod is seriously well built, and is constructed with one piece stainless steel guides
  • This fishing rod has a 20 size spinning reel with a single ball bearing to make it easier to drop your line down the fishing hole, and reel it in
  • This model also features a low-profile, ported aluminum spool to make it more lightweight and even more durable


  • The rod and the reel may needed to be tightened up occasionally, especially before you first use it.
Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing Rod Pole Gear Equipment

Let’s take a look at another incredibly durable rod with the Fiblink Graphite ice fishing rod. First and foremost, this fishing rod comes in two different sizes, so you can either get it in the 24 inch medium-light power rod of the 30 inch medium power rod.

The rod is setup with a comfortable and ergonomically designed cork handle, which is pleasant to hold and really easy to grip.

This rod is made of graphite, so it is not only incredibly flexible and lightweight, but is also built for durability and strength. This rod is blank through the handle for an even more lightweight and balanced feel.

This Fiblink also includes a nice feature with the aluminum oxide guides, which make the rod even lighter and more durable, and also give your line an easy pass through when dropping and reeling.


  • This is a high-performance rod that is built to be lightweight, well-balanced, strong, and sensitive
  • This is a blank rod, and is constructed to be blank through the handle for a lightweight and balanced feel
  • This rod as unique aluminum oxide guides, which are also built to make your rod even more lightweight and durable
  • Your fishing line will easily deploy and retract through the aluminum oxide guides on this rod, without getting caught
  • What’s also different and a fun aesthetic feature of this rod is that it has a cork handle for a comfortable grip, and added control of your rod
  • This rod comes in two different sizes which include a 24 inch medium-light power rod and a 30 inch medium power rod


  • For being a graphite rod which should make it really flexible, this rod is actually pretty stiff and doesn’t have a lot of flexibility to it
Berkley LR24ULS Lightning Ice Rod

Let’s take a look at a combination rod now, with the Berkley Lightning Rod Ice Fishing Rod. The cork grip over the fiberglass rod is a nice touch, that makes this rod incredibly light and comfortable.

The cork handle is comfortable to the touch, threaded so it won’t tear up your hands, and holds in heat so your hands won’t freeze while fishing.

This rod uses oversized guides that are lightweight, durable, and thread your line perfectly straight. It has a light, graphite spinning reel, and ball bearing drive for easy casting and reeling. It also comes in a variety of sizes and actions so that you can get the right one for your preferences.


  • This rod is constructed from solid, yet lightweight fiberglass for extra balance, comfort, and durability.
  • Over the fiberglass rod is a cork handle, which makes this rod even more comfortable to hold and helps it retain warmth while fishing in cold weather
  • This rod uses oversized guides for the fishing line to make sure that the rod is reinforced, that the line can stay straight, and so that the guides last through harsh winters
  • This rod also comes with a light, graphite spinning reel and ball bearing drive
  • It comes in a variety of sizes and actions
  • The foregrip on this rod has a hidden thread installed in it which makes it more comfortable to grip, and causes less wear and tear on the hands


  • The top-eye can come out of alignment fairly easily
  • Nothing really exceptional or notable about the performance of this rod
Piscifun Storm Spinning Rod Portable Travel Fishing Spin Rods

Let’s now take a look at the Piscifun Storm spinning rod. What separates this rod from some of the pack when it comes to ice fishing rods, is that instead of being primarily stainless steel, it is made from 24 ton graphite.

The graphite makes the rod increasingly more flexible without sacrificing durability. The material makes it feel light and well-balanced.

This model of fishing rod is specifically designed for a spinning reel, so keep that in mind. On the body, the rod is equipped with ceramic inserts and stainless steel oxide guides. Research shows that these are 25 times more durable and 60 percent lighter than your average stainless steel guides, and are perfect for braided line use.

The rod is comfortable to hold with it’s totally light, balanced, and ergonomically designed handle. It is designed to increase comfort and reduce fatigue while you are holding it.


  • This rod is made of lightweight, durable, and perfectly balanced graphite
  • It is way lighter than other stainless rods and makes it incredibly flexible and strong
  • This ice fishing rod uses ceramic inserts and stainless steel oxide guides that are 25 times more durable and 60 percent lighter than traditional stainless steel guides
  • Great for braided line use, so you don’t have to worry about the guides being in line
  • Includes a lightweight and ergonomic handle that is designed to feel great and reduce fatigue while you are fishing


  • Takes a little getting used to if you have used stainless steel rods in the past
  • Does not come with a reel
BaitRunner Noodle Ice Fishing Rod

This is another great ice fishing rod that has a slightly different construction from other rods in this review.

This rod is made out of 28 inches of E-glass, which makes it really sensitive, and also really durable and strong.

It has a secure hook setting and a strong backbone for handling any fish

Another quaint feature about this interesting rod is that the handle has a built-in, interchangeable bait cup. That makes it really easy to access stored bait and tackle.

The handle is constructed with an ABS design which gives the rod added sensitivity and is self-centering, to give you a better position for your reel. This works well as a dead stick or jigging rod, and has the look and feel of a custom fishing rod.


  • Great for both jigging and dead stick
  • Made of incredibly sensitive and durable E-glass
  • Built-in interchangeable bait cup that makes it really easy to access bait and tackle
  • ABS design for added sensitivity the ability for your rod to self-center
  • Extremely durable and flexible for fishing in cold weather


  • This rod looks nice, but also doesn’t really offer anything exceptional in comparison to other rods in the same caliber

How to Choose The Best Ice Fishing Rods

So what are some of the key factors that should play into your choice of ice fishing rod?


What material do you like and what are you most comfortable with? There are just as many benefits from using a stainless steel rod vs. a graphite rod, but they are going to feel and perform differently. Take some time reviewing the materials that these rods are made of before jumping into a decision.


What size rod is best for you? As you can see, many of these rods offer different sizes, and some of them don’t. What size works best for you and is it offered?

Added Features

Added features are definitely something that you want to pay attention to when shopping for the right fishing rod. Pay close attention to the rod construction, handle cover, ergonomic design, and guides on the rod to see what they offer. Every rod is constructed a little differently.

Final Verdict

So at the end of the day, who won the top performing rod? We think that the best overall ice fishing rod in this review is the Shakespeare ​​Ugly Stick. It has a durable design, is well balanced, comfortable to hold, made out of high quality materials, and rates high on the durability scale so that you can use it winter after winter, with minimal wear and tear.

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