Best Kids Swimming Pools – Top Inflatable Models Compared!

The best kids’ swimming pools aren’t just places to play for your children. These are also places where their physical, mental and social skills can be developed further – and that, dear parents, is the most important reason for making your investment in these toys.

Plus, the entire family can even play together in the larger swimming pools, such as the Intex pool, so spending quality time while playing becomes possible.

The benefits for kids while playing in these swimming pools are numerous, too. Water play, especially splashing and swimming, contributes to improved overall balance, muscular strength, and physical coordination.

Even just clapping the hands and jumping on the water results in enhanced physical health, as well as in exploring new sounds, sights and tactile experiences.  Pretend swimming on shallow water engages the core muscles, which aids in improved balance, while sliding down the slide develops their balance, too.

In terms of their mental and emotional skills, children who play in swimming pools with others also develop their communication and cooperation skills. These are important life skills, too, which should be developed as early as possible for success in adulthood. 

Indeed, playing in these kid-friendly swimming pools is so much that you may have a challenging time telling your kids to stop playing! But just let them be for an hour or so since their play time is such an important part of their happy childhood.

10 Best Kids Swimming Pools - Comparisons


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Reviews of 10 Best Kids Swimming Pools

We considered the Intex Rainbow Ring pool as the best kids’ swimming pool because there are plenty of water play possibilities offered by it so children will definitely love it.

Your children will love playing ring toss with the four inflatable rings – the rods where the rings can be tossed are located on the rainbow arch over the smaller swimming pool.

 You will also find them playing ball toss games and roller games with the six plastic balls; the larger pool has two small slides at the sides for rolling down the balls. 

Your kids will also love that there are two pools in the set, one with a sprayer on the overhead rainbow and one with a small slide and the side slides for the balls.

You, the parents, will have peace of mind while they are in the pool because its water is only 4 inches deep although parental supervision is still advised. Toddlers, unfortunately, can still drown even in such a small amount of water.


  • Plenty of activities to keep children actively engaged 
  • Colorful design from the rainbow arch to the water slides 
  • Can be turned into a ball pit during winter season 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Two pools for children as young as 1 year old 
  • Durable materials and build 


  • Shallow pool of water that older kids may not appreciate

This Play Center Ocean 2 kiddie swimming pool actually consists of two pools – a smaller pool behind the slide and a larger wading pool with the water slide facing it – so your children can pretend to be in two oceans.

Your kids will also love the vertical details on the pool, namely, the small palm tree in the smaller pool and the ring toss tree trunk with several ring toss circles in various colors. 

The yellow slide with red sides is such a fun attraction, too, especially when kids love sliding down on their bottoms. You don’t have to worry about your kids’ bottoms hitting the ground too hard because there’s an extra padding at the end. You can also control the amount of water with the control valve. 


  • Easy set-up from inflating the pool to filling it with water 
  • With enough room for kids to bring their small pool toys 
  • Water slide has fun and safety aspects 
  • Thick vinyl material 
  • Allows kids to indulge their imagination (i.e., being in the ocean) 


  • Suitable only for toddlers due to its small size and shallow water capacity

The Intex brand is among the most trusted in the inflatable toys category and its Sun Shade Inflatable Pool is definitely among its winning designs!

 The blue-and-white pool has a relatively simple design but its sun canopy, which covers the kiddie pool on all sides, is the main reason parents buy it for their kids.  

The fish motif on the sides, which depicts several colorful fishes, adds to its appeal among kids, as is the tent-like design.

You can let your kids play in it even when the sun is high in the sky because they have a tent-like protection although we still recommend adopting other sun safety measures, such as sunscreen application.

You can also remove the shade – it’s attached to the pool with Velcro straps – when your kids don’t need it anymore, while you can connect the sprayer to a standard garden hose. 


  • Gives kids a shady pool to spend hot summer days in 
  • Sprayer adds to the cooling effect and fun experience 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Comes with a repair path, a standard feature in all inflatable Intex pools 


  • Relatively deeper pool requires adult supervision when toddlers are playing in it

Suffice it to say that the Intex Easy Set Pool is the largest in our list of the best kids’ swimming pools!

 Even your teenager can get in on the fun with his two younger siblings, aside from the usual pool toys like two large floats. 

Your kids can even make swimming motions so their experience will nearly be similar to that in a full-sized pool. You and your family can use it for a few years, too, thanks to the highly durable 30-gauge sidewalls. 

The sidewalls, by the way, are made with several layers of materials including heavy-gauge PVC and polyester mesh so the pool can withstand the pressure of water bearing on it on all sides.  Since it’s a round pool, water pressure is evenly distributed.


  • Strong and sturdy pool 
  • Comes with all the tools needed for setup including filtration pump, ground cloth, and water filter cartridge 
  • With DVD for detailed instructions on its setup 
  • Comes with a ladder 
  • Large enough for three older kids to climb in 
  • Provides opportunity to family fun in the backyard 


  • Setup can be challenging because of the size so two adults must chip in to help

Giraffes aren’t typically associated with water because these are land creatures. But what does it matter where kids are concerned, especially with such a charming use of the land animal’s shape in a kiddie pool?

The Banzai Spray and Splash Giraffe Pool looks like a giraffe is lounging by a pool, perhaps cooling off, by squirting water from its mouth. 

Your kids will love splashing around on the wading basin and sliding on the water slide, too. The continuous sprinkler action makes for a great refreshing way to cool off.


  • Holds water and air well 
  • Clever design 
  • Large enough for two toddlers to play in 
  • Durable material and construction 


  • Can take several minutes to setup

The ocean-themed graphics immediately attract your kids’ attention to the Manley Banzai Kids Splash Lagoon Pool while you can point out to them the different sea creatures. 

You may think that it’s such a simple wading pool in comparison with the others on our list but therein also lies its beauty – your kids can harness their imagination to turn the kiddie pool into whatever they want!

The pool has a three-ring design but each ring has each own air chamber. Your kids can still use the pool even when one of its rings is punctured since the other rings will hold it up, so to speak. 


  • Fuss-free setup 
  • Sufficient space for two toddlers 
  • Can still be used even with a puncture in one of the chambers 
  • Gets kids to play in water 


  • Simplistic design but it’s part of the appeal for many parents, too

Getting your kids to a neighborhood water park can be an exercise in frustration for many reasons, such as monitoring your kids in a larger crowd of equally active children.

This Banzai Baby Sprinkles Water Park may be your best option – affordable, reusable, and definitely enjoyable for the kids so you get your money’s worth!  

This is actually two toys in one – a kiddie wading pool and a sprinkler – so your kids will get the best of both worlds. Your kids will love that it’s like a miniature water park in their own backyard, thanks to the clamshell with its spraying action, a dolphin ride, a whale slide, and a starfish stacker.

When it becomes too hot, your kids can take shelter in the inflatable rainbow arch and palm tree, sort of since these are too small to offer sufficient protection, although we still suggest placing the pool in a shady area instead.


  • Plenty of imaginative water play from the clamshell sprayer to the whale slide 
  • Colorful ocean-themed design 
  • Ideal for introducing toddler to water play 
  • Quick setup within 5 minutes 
  • Extremely durable PVC material 


  • Suitable only for toddlers due to shallow depth of pool

Yet another excellent inflatable pool for kids from Intex is the Sea Turtle Baby Pool, obviously a turtle-inspired kiddie pool with green and white as the dominant color.

Your precious baby will have a built-in sunshade that provides partial protection from the sun’s rays, as well as an inflatable floor that cushions his rear end. 

The pool has a 12-gallon water capacity and measures 40 x 42 inches, a suitable pool for a toddler, perhaps with a few of his favorite bath toys. The sides are high enough to keep a shallow water level yet low enough for a toddler to get in and out easily. 


  • Whimsical turtle-inspired design 
  • Easy to set up
  • With built-in sunshade and inflatable floor and sides for comfort and safety 
  • Introduces toddlers to the joys of playing in a pool 


  • Sun shade obviously offers only partial protection

Sometimes, simple is best and this Intext Pinwheel Inflatable Wading Pool is a good example.

While it doesn’t have added features like slides, sprayers, and ring toss trunks, it’s a great place for your younger and older kids to cool off during the hot summer days.

You can even get into the pool with them, thanks to its 90-inch diameter and 204- gallon capacity, so you can join in on their fun. 

The inflatable floor makes it comfortable to sit, wade and even swim inside the pool, a must when you want to protect your kids’ skin from possible injuries from the hard ground.

There’s a drain plug for draining the water when you want to change it, too. The clear edges coupled with the colorful pinwheel patterns on the side makes it an attractive addition to your backyard. 


  • Simple yet stylish design
  • Large water capacity so kids and adults can get in 
  • Easy to set up since there are no added features to consider 
  • Easy to drain 
  • Thick vinyl material used 
  • Comfortable inflatable floor
  • Provides a venue for family quality time 


  • No added features like slides

Children consider water and whales as inseparable – and, in fact, it may be one of their lessons in basic education.

With the Banzai Slide N’ Splash Whale Pool, your kids can take the whale out of the water, so to speak, and fill it with water!

The blue kids’ swimming pool not only stays true to the popular depiction of the color of whales’ skin but it can also be a way for them to chase the blues and heat away.  

Aside from the wading pool itself where they can pretend to swim, your kids will also love the inflatable slide inspired by a whale’s shape; the slide can be detached from the wading basin.

The slide also has a large sprinkler, which mimics a whale’s spout, which add more fun to their water play. Be sure to attach a standard garden hose to the nozzle for the sprinkler to work.


  • Clever whale design 
  • With detachable slide and sprinkler for added fun 
  • Large enough for two or more toddlers to fit in 
  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy vinyl material with tight seams in the right places 


  • Wading basin is too shallow to allow swimming, even for toddlers

Final Verdict

Even when you have chosen one from among a list of the best kids’ swimming pools for the money, you have the responsibility that your kids will be safe and secure while playing in it.

 Keep in mind that toddlers and even older kids can drown in as little as a bucket of water so much so that there are also safety risks involved in leaving them to play in their kiddie swimming pools.

Your presence beside or near the kiddie swimming pool is still a must so that you can take prompt and proper action in case of an untoward incident.

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