Best Kites For Kids – Top Rated Kites Reviewed!

The best kites for kids aren’t just about their prices but, more importantly, about the laughter that they can elicit from kids and the love that they can encourage among families! Kiting, after all, is a great way to spend a beautiful day with family and friends so that new fun memories can be made.

But that’s not all because kiting promotes physical, mental and social skills among children. Kiting means being out in the warm sunshine, an important source of Vitamin D for strong bones, as well as getting exercise from running around and controlling the kites’ movements.

Children also develop their social skills, such as communicating with their playmates, and their mental skills in terms of judging the wind, line and direction, among others. 

The bottom line: You, the parents, should look at the best kids’ kites and consider buying one or more of these toys. You can look forward to hours of fun time on the beach, park and meadow. 

10 Best Kites For Kids - Comparisons


Product Name




aGreatLife Huge Rainbow

17.3 x 5.1 x 0.8

7 ounces

Hengda Kite-Beautiful

157.5 x 49.2 x 31.5

4.8 ounces

aGreatLife Premium Kite

15 x 10.6 x 1

6.4 ounces

IMAGE 3D Kite Large Blue Dolphin

9.1 x 7.9 x 2.5

7.2 ounces

Hengda Kite Long Tail

59.1 x 39.4 x 11.8

7.2 ounces

Kite Large Flying Kites Kit

15 x 4.1 x 0.8

2.6 ounces

BeMax Pack 3

27.6 x 78.7 x 157.5

2.9 ounces

aGreatLife Diamond Kite Easy Flyer

17 x 4 x 1.5

14.4 ounces


17.5 x 4.5 x 1

5.9 ounces

Replacement Rods

8 x 0.5 x 0.5

0.8 ounces

Individual Reviews of 10 Best Kites For Kids

aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids for Outdoor Games and Activities

The Rainbow Kite immediately grabs the kids’ attention because of its vibrant colors – and that, parents, is half of the battle won, so to speak.

You will have an easy time encouraging your own kids to go kiting, even when they don’t know what it means. You have to assemble the kite since toddlers will obviously have no skills for it.

But when it’s assembled properly, your kids will have a blast flying it on their own after you initially teach them about the basics of flying a kite. As the more experienced kite enthusiast, you will appreciate that it’s such a well-balanced kite that even younger children can control – neither too heavy that it doesn’t lift off the ground nor too light that it can’t be controlled well.

The ease with which it can be launched in both light breeze and stiff wind is a point in its favor, too, as your kids will want to fly it whenever they want, barring rainstorms and thunderstorms. This is a stable kite, too, that will stay aloft with a minimum of control. 


  • Colorful design 
  • Easy to launch and control 
  • Encourages younger kids to take up kiting 


  • Older children may not be as taken with its design
HENGDA KITE-Beautiful Large Easy Flyer Kite for Kids

Most store-bought kites require assembly at home but not the Hengda Red Octopus Kite, a truly impressive kite for kids that can be flown as soon as it’s out of its box.

Your kids can take it with them on their weekend jaunts to the park and let them fly it with little preparation.

You will soon get reports that it’s such a joy to fly because it’s easy to launch into the air and keep it there – and you will know that it’s because of its perfectly balanced design.

 You can even fly it and see for yourself that it’s amazingly lightweight design can hold up to the winds, while it can also withstand more than a few bends and crashes.  The high-quality nylon and frame are responsible for such durability.

But because of its more complicated design – the wide and round octopus reaches nearly 3 feet while its tentacles are 4 meters in length – only children 10 years old and up should be allowed to fly it. The younger kids, nonetheless, will love watching it soar in the air, as if a red octopus is swimming in the blue sky! 


  • Whimsical design 
  • No assembly needed 
  • Balanced look and feel 
  • Ease of launching and controlling by older kids 
  • Allows older children to hone their basic kite-flying skills 


  • Only for older children since more physical and mental skills are required
aGreatLife Premium Kite for Kids - Ice Cream Kite

Summer is about enjoying the cool flavors of ice cream and flying kites to take advantage of the warm sunshine. What better way to combine the two than to let your kids fly this Sweet Ice Cream Kite!

This has such a whimsical design that people who look up to the sky can’t help but smile, perhaps even crave for chocolate and strawberry ice cream.

But it isn’t just the attractive colors and theme that will attract your kids to the kite. The nylon and fiberglass materials are strong and sturdy enough to withstand the wind, as well as the occasional crashes to the ground. The combination of materials also contributes to its perfect balance between heft and lightweight quality.


  • Fun design with vibrant colors
  • Easy to assemble for older kids and comes with an instruction booklet 
  • Flies easily up into the air, stays up for prolonged periods, and soars smoothly 
  • Promotes cooperative play among kids, as well as provides physical and mental benefits 


  • Colors can fade over time but it’s a normal occurrence
IMAGE 3D Kite Large Blue Dolphin Breeze Beach Kites

This is a unique kite from the rest of the kites in our list but it’s worth looking into. For one thing, it doesn’t have the typical frame (i.e., frameless) so it can be flown out of the box.

 For another thing, it is made of soft para-foil material, the kind used on parachutes and rip-stop nylon air devices. It’s also a kite designed used software (i.e., Dolphin Software) to ensure that it has a balanced symmetry, a must for easy and prolonged flying. 

The 5-10 year old recommended age is there for a reason. It’s such a large kite that only older kids will be able to handle it well, from launching to controlling. 


  • No assembly required 
  • Foldable design
  • Durable materials and construction 
  • Can be flown in a light breeze and stiff wind
  • Kids will have a blast flying it in open areas 


  • Frameless design can have a few issues than framed kites
Hengda kite Long Tail Cartoon Fighter Kites The Plane Kite

Children, especially boys, have a strong fascination for airplanes including fighter jets with their sleek shapes and fast speeds.

But since you can’t afford to buy them their own fighter jets or even their own remote-controlled plane toys yet, your next best choice is this kite.

Your kids will have a kite that looks like a fighter jet, especially when it’s flying smoothly up in the air, but without the expensive costs associated with it.

Unlike a real fighter jet, however, this kite has a long tail that helps in its better control while flying. But when kids look up at it, the tail will indeed look like the contrails of a real fighter jet. But like all of the best kites for children in our list, it’s also characterized by a balance in the frame. 


  • Life-like jet design 
  • Balanced frame and tail design 
  • Easy to assemble and fly 
  • Allows children to indulge in their imagination 


  • Only suitable for older children
Kite Large Flying Kites Kit for Kids with String Handle

The classic simplicity of its design is among the reasons for its inclusion in our list of the best kites for children.

 You will get good value for the money because of its sturdy and strong lightweight fiberglass frame, which provides it with a balance of excellent flexibility and rigidity for soaring in the sky.

The polyester materials is also toxin-free and eco-friendly, claims that the manufacturer makes. 

Once assembled, the kite measures 30 x 24 inches in its main frame while its tails measure 7 feet. This means that it has the classic diamond shape with the long tails at the back, as well as the 100-foot kite line, which appeals to adults and children alike.

 The simple design also means even toddlers can contribute in flying it, from launching to letting it soar. 


  • Classic diamond shape
  • Contemporary high-quality materials used 
  • Foldable design for ease of transportation and storage 
  • Provides younger kids with the opportunity to learn basic kiting skills 


  • Just 100 feet of line so added string will likely be necessary
BeMax Pack 3 colors Beautiful Kites Soft Octopus Large Size Kite easy flyer

Why fly just one kite when your kids can fly three kites? This seems to be the rationale behind the BeMax Soft Octopus Easy Flyers set, which contains three octopus-inspired kites in vibrant red, green and blue.

 Each of these kites have rainbow-colored tails that add to their charm, especially when the kites are soaring high up on the big blue sky. 

The recommended age is 10 years old and up because of the large size of the kites – 4 meters in length from top to tail – that can completely cover toddlers.

If toddlers want to help in flying them, you should make sure that there are adults holding the line, too. The sheer joy of seeing make-believe octopuses is part of the appeal. 


  • Comes in 3s with each kite in a different bold color 
  • Easy to carry, launch and fly for taller kids
  • Little assembly needed 
  • Promotes cooperative play in children who may be more into videogames 


  • Too large for toddlers to fly on their own
aGreatLife Diamond Kite Easy Flyer for Boy and Girls

The Easy Flyer kite isn’t exactly the traditional paper-and-wood kite of your childhood but its contemporary materials make it more durable and enjoyable in many ways.

 This has a fiberglass frame, which makes it so much more resistant against impact whenever it crashes down to earth, as well as a 100-feet string for high-flying performance.

The 100-feet thin yet sturdy string is sufficient for younger kids but if your older children want a kite that flies higher, then just add more string.

The kite’s 30-inch classic diamond shape will definitely evoke memories of your own kite-flying childhood days when DIY kites were the norm.

The fuss-free assembly is also a plus since even your teenagers can assemble it for their younger siblings thus making it a shared activity for the family. 


  • Classic shape with contemporary materials 
  • Strong and sturdy fiberglass frame 
  • Comes with 100-feet long string
  • Introduces kids to the joys of kiting 


  • Simple design may discourage kids who want fantastic shapes
NICELY HOME Kite Batman for Kids and Adults

The Batman Superb Flyer has a somewhat deceiving name although it’s a minor issue.

 Instead of the recognizable Batman stylized for a kite, this is actually designed like a bat complete with the bat’s head, black eyes, and bat wings. 

When it’s soaring on the sky, it looks vaguely like a bat because of such details.

This is a sturdy kite, however, that can be used dozens of times over a few summers until nature takes its toll, in a manner of speaking. It also comes with a pouch, which has a carrying handle, to keep it when not in use. 


  • Attractive bat design 
  • Carrying pouch with Velcro straps 
  • Flies easily and soars well in most wind conditions 
  • Great toy for outdoors play 


  • Not the Dark Knight design expected based on its name
Replacement Rods for Rainbow Delta Kite by Impresa Products

The Rainbow Delta is a larger kite than the Huge Rainbow Kite and the Fly Big Easy Kite so it’s more suitable to children 5 years old and up.

This has a design that evokes fighter planes, such as the Eurofighter Typhoon and the Mirage, although kids will see it in another way – a sleek and streamlined black arrowhead slicing through the air while leaving behind a rainbow of colors in its wake. 

The fiberglass flame with its reinforced sections ensures that it’s a durable and reliable kite that can be used dozens of times through the summer, while its premium rip-stop nylon fabric for its flight surface means it’s flexible enough for a stiff wind. The 43 x 80” size is complemented by the three tails, each of which measures 31”, for extra stability in flight.  


  • 200-foot kite line
  • Premium materials used for the frame and flight surface 
  • Durable construction 
  • Withstands up to 16 mph winds 
  • Gives kids the chance to play under the sun with their friends


  • Maximum wind capacity (16 mph) is less than that of other kites in our list

Final Verdict 

Choosing the best type of kites for kids can boil down to a few crucial factors, namely, budget, recommended age, and preferred theme, as well as the desired features.

 In case of the features, be sure to check the best kites for kids’ reviews regarding the ease of assembly and use, the balance in the frame and tails, and the length of the kite line. 

 These features should be considered in relation with the wind conditions where the kite will be flown, such as a high wind area requiring smaller kites or larger kites with vents. 

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