Best Knife for Cutting Meat – Top Models in 2018 Compared

Would you prefer cutting meat with a chef’s knife, bread knife or, God forbid, your hands? Well, that’s about the difference owning professional kitchen knives can make. Finding the best knife for cutting meat will save you not only time, but also money and effort, and this is where we come in. We’ve done the dirty work for you and have compared dozens of options and picked the top 10. The parameters we’ve included here are sharpness, design, practicality, and grip.

10 Best Knife for Cutting Meat Comparisons

Best Knife for Cutting Meat Reviews

1. SPEVORIX Chef’s Knife Professional 8-Inch

SPEVORIX Chef’s Knife Professional 8-Inch

Sprevorix is a manufacturer of knives and scissors for kitchen use, and their online store mainly serves Japan, Germany, and the United States. As for the company’s offerings with knives, they only listed 6.Of these 6 knives, I found that their chef’s knife works best. Most of their knives are butcher knives, and this chef’s knife, while not as heavy as their butcher knives, is just as sharp as them.

What we liked

  • Sharpness—Japanese knives are known for their sharpness and accuracy, and this knife is definitely not an exception. Using it in a slightly slanted angle (around 15 degrees) works really well with slicing pork. It’s also sharp enough to cut through the bones in poultry.
  • Design—8 inches for a blade is neither too long, nor too short; it feels just right. The knife itself though is a bit long, but that was a plus for me since I have big hands. It looks really good too. While the Micarta handle can get slippery sometimes, it is not an issue for me since I always wear gloves.
  • Practicality—the knife is thin enough (2.2 mm) to make cuts accurately. I don’t need to use too much force to cut the meat.
  • Grip—the Micarta handle can get slippery, but only after using it for the whole day. It is also a bit heavier compared to others, but I like it; it gives more force and is manageable.

What we didn't like

  • I think Micarta handles are overrated and I prefer the traditional plastic ones.
  • This knife looks so stylish and professional that sometimes I feel like it’s a waste to use it.

2. Manve 8Inch Chef's Knife

Manve 8Inch Chef's Knife

This is Manve’s only knife offering as most of their products online are, interestingly, toys. However, make no mistake, this is a professional chef’s knife that you definitely don’t want your children to play with! The knife, upon unpacking, looks very minimalistic. It has a wooden handle and its edge, upon closer inspection, is tapered. But there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

What we liked

  • Sharpness—this is another Japanese knife and the tapered edge is actually sharper than I thought it would be; did not cut my fingers, but it does slices through beef and pork as if it were butter.
  • The design is very minimalistic. The packaging is small since it only contains the knife, but it sure is very classy.
  • Practicality—this knife is a lot lighter than I expected (around 85 to 90% the weight of the Sprevorix chef’s knife) and while it does its job really well, you could think that it would conserve energy if it was just a tad bit heavier.
  • Grip—made from Pakka wood, which is smooth and nice to touch.

What we didn't like

  • I find wooden handles to be a bit unhygienic and may feel slimy after much use, but those are the reasons why I wear gloves.
  • I just wish it was a little bit heavier.

3. IDEALCRAFT Chef's Knife 8-inch

IDEALCRAFT Chef's Knife 8-inch

IDEALCRAFT is a Japanese brand and it shows—all the knives that they offer have that durable, yet slim feel of a Japanese knife. Upon further investigation I found that these knives are assembled in China, but were designed by their Japanese design team. 

I preferred this knife over their Santoku 7-inch knife since this is heavier and is considerably sharper; both can cut chicken thighs fast, but this chef’s knife is less effortful and can cut more.

What we liked

  • Sharpness—personally, I think this is the sharpest knife in my drawer. The blade is sharp enough to even cut cartilage nicely and without effort.
  • Design—this knife looks gorgeous! It may look very different to your other knives, but this unique design will grow on you; the “air pockets” on the blade are actually practical too and make cleaning a cinch!
  • The flow with this knife is really good; I can just immediately cut to the next part. Weight is enough and is on the lighter side. I thought I will be using a little more force but is surprisingly easy.
  • The handle is made from African pakka wood. It looks classy and does its job.

What we didn't like

  • All in all, almost perfect. I just don’t really like wooden handles, but you can always cover it.

4. Kitchen Galaxy 8-inch Chef ‘s Knife

Kitchen Galaxy 8-inch Chef ‘s Knife

Kitchen Galaxy is a family-owned factory and this is their only offering; it means that they have laser focus on producing and marketing this knife. The knife itself is great—it looks like something I’d want my kids to have when they will cook. Its blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel, and it is razor sharp. The handle is amazing too, it’s ergonomic and gives you full control.

What we liked

  • Sharpness—I was quite satisfied with the sharpness. The weight of the knife also helped me cut meat fast. The blade is not only sharp and thin, it looks very sleek as well. 
  • Design—the black and white steel theme really works! I could tell this was a professional knife when I opened the package. The packaging is also very sleek, I can say I am going to give some of these as presents to my friends.
  • Practicality—I think this is a great knife for beginner cooks; the handle is good, the blade is sharp, and the weight of the knife is about the same as other knives on the market. 
  • Grip—surprisingly, the metallic handle works great. It is not slippery at all, and it feels like the gravity of the knife is well-balanced due to the strong base.

What we didn't like

  • Not a dislike per se, but I think this is more of a generalist knife, and while some knives may win over some areas, all in all this knife is a good all-rounder.

5. Velesco Chef Knife 8 inches

Velesco Chef Knife 8 inches

Velesco is a Canadian company that deals with kitchenware. They have 4 knives to offer, and this 8-inch chef’s knife is the most versatile among their products. Their knives are more German-inspired than Japanese, which brings a different but still effective feel to them.

What we liked

  • Sharpness—this thing is incredibly sharp. The stainless steel blade is thin,making the blade practical for cutting the thicker parts of meat.
  • Design—it looks beautiful. The blade has a dull metallic shine that I love, and the knife is long and thin enough for me just to do pretty much anything meat-related.
  • Practicality—it is not as heavy nor as light as most,so it takes some time adjusting my strength, but all in all really good.
  • Grip—I love the plastic handle! Itstextured design ensures that it never gets slippery and the handle has enough thickness to it. It looks really good as well.

What we didn't like

  • Just a personal opinion, but I like the Japanese knives over the German ones.

6. Brandobay 12-inch Straight Butcher Knife

Brandobay 12-inch Straight Butcher Knife

Brandobayhave quite a number of knives offered and two knives come to mind, this butcher knife and their cheaper chef’s knife.

The butcher knife has an 8-inch stainless steel blade and 4-inch plastic handle. It is heavier than their chef’s knives, but I am adding this on the list since it also does its work really well.

What we liked

  • The blade is very versatile. It can cut a big chunk of beef cleanly into two, but it can also be used in a more dicing manner. It goes to say that this knife is both strong and accurate, unlike some other butcher knives.
  • Design—looks decent. It actually does not look like a butcher knife and is more of a longer chef’s knife, which is great. 
  • Practicality—this knife is immensely practical! It can be used to cut the thicker parts of meat and some pesky bones, unlike other chef’s knives.
  • Grip—the knife comes with a slip-resistant handle. I love knives with plastic handles, and this one deepens my love for them.

What we didn't like

  • A tad bit too heavy, but that is what you get with butcher knives.

7. Blue Key World Chef Knife 8 inch

Blue Key World Chef Knife 8 inch

This multi-purpose knife from Blue Key World is a great choice if you’re looking for a durable, reliable, yet affordable all-purpose knife for your household.

What we liked

  • Sharpness—I actually started using this without sharpening it, and it works!It sliced through my poultry perfectly and works good when I used it to slice beef.
  • Design—it is a no-frills knife. It has this practical minimalistic air to it (very characteristic of German knives).
  • Practicality—this onescores big with practicality; ready to use upon receipt, easy to clean, and razor sharp.
  • Grip—handle fits my hands perfectly. I like the weight of it; feels heavy enough to cut properly yet light enough to not do it with too much effort.

What we didn't like

  • It’s not necessarily the sharpest of knives, but for its weight, it is definitely sharper than others in its class.

8. 8" Chef Knife by APG Kitchen

8 Chef Knife by APG Kitchen

APG kitchen is a Russian company that offers only one product, which is this knife. They just started on 2018 and are pretty brand new, but don’t let this fool you, this knife is actually very good.

What we liked

  • Sharpness—this knife is really sharp; cutting through the fat in pork was very easy with this knife! It is on the heavier and larger side compared to other chef’s knives, but it does its job well.
  • Design—while it may look a little too simple, this knife is so great with cutting through fat so I can forgive it.
  • Practicality—this is a larger chef’s knife due to its handle, but it works perfectly fine. Cleaning is easy and cutting meat is convenient with this knife.
  • Grip—the handle on this knife is made of plastic and does not get slippery, even without my gloves.

What we didn't like

  • Its appearance does not stand out too much, and some knives are sharper, but for its price it does its job well above its paygrade.

9. Platinum Professional Gyutou 8-Inch Chef's Knife

Platinum Professional Gyutou 8-Inch Chef's Knife

Platinum Products UMD primarily offers household items. They do have a knife set, but this knife is not included. I find this knife to be very practical and would prefer this one over their set.

Although this is a German chef’s knife, it definitely has a Japanese feel to it. It is a bit on the heavier side but, surprisingly, it’s shorter than I expected. It still has an 8’ inch high-carbon stainless steel blade,and its handle is around 5 inches.

What we liked

  • Sharpness—this is an all-purpose knife thatcuts through both meat and vegetables easily. It is also great at removing bones and taking off flesh and even skin for poultry.
  • Design—this is one gorgeous knife, it is very nice to look at, and the handle, while made of wood, complements the greyish color scheme.
  • Practicality—this is my go-to knife for taking out the flesh from bones! Very accurate and the blade is thin enough to just slide through meat.
  • Grip—thepakka wooden handle provides a good enough grip.

What we didn't like

  • A great knife, although I would prefer the handle to be made of plastic.

10. Betel WareProfessional Chef Knife, 8 Inches

Betel WareProfessional Chef Knife, 8 Inches

This knife from Betel Ware looks really professional; upon opening it, one can see good craftsmanship already. This knife has a full tang blade made from 100% food-safe steel, making this knife both strong and durable.

What we liked

  • Sharpness—I sharpened it first before trying, since I didn’t want to make this beautiful knife get dull. I have to say it works really well, I just loved how it slices through beef without any effort.
  • Design—the design is definitely an A+, this knife is well-crafted and elegant. At first, I thought the handle was plastic but it turned out to be wood, but it still feels good and not slippery at all.
  • Practicality—it is on the heavier side, but it does not tire me easily. I only need to exert a little strength and that will take care of cutting meat for me.
  • Grip—the center of gravity is on the ergonomic pakka wood handle, which makes it easier to slice and cut.

What we didn't like

  • A bit on the heavy side, and I think this is suited for cooks with experience rather than for beginners.

Final Verdict

As we could see, not all knives are created equal, and purchasing the best knife for cutting meat is very important for preparing great meals. We hope the knives listed above will be a good starting point to help you find the one that best suits your needs. 

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