10 Best Marine Coolers in 2020 – Selected By Professionals!

Marine coolers are great for several occasions like, camping, picnics, barbecues and many more events. It doesn't matter if you are not a fishing enthusiast, you must probably need a marine cooler. Think of a refreshing cold drink right from the marine cooler when out for a picnic with a loved one. It will be a moment worth a repeat.

Getting ready for a fishing trip involves arming yourself with the best marine cooler. To get the perfect marine cooler, you need to do some research. I can bet that you do not have the time, or the resources to do some extensive research. We figured out we could save you from the hustle by making a review of the top marine coolers.

Mostly, fishing is done in the summer and spring. Owning a cooler helps you keep your catch fresh for some days. Well, fishing vessels come in many types, so does the marine coolers. Also, we have got personal preferences. So, we have done an in depth research of the different marine coolers and here is a review of the best. I am sure that among the ones in this review at least one will suit your preference.

Comparison of 10 Best Marine Coolers

Cooler Image

Cooler Name

Weight (Pounds)

Dimensions (Inches)



18 x 18.75 x 43.03


16 x 17.5 x 30.5


12.6 x 10 x 11.5


13.8 x 14.3 x 20.8


17.25 x 17.13 x 25.25


11.25 x 13.13 x 20


16.14 x 13.39 x 18.5


12 x 7 x 14


19.75 x 20 x 37.16


20 x 19 x 46

10 Best Marine Coolers Review in 2020

We have done a close examination of a variety of marine coolers. Here is a list of the top ten marine coolers.

A polyethylene material makes the cooler corrosion resistant. The stainless steel screws holding the hinges in place are also corrosion resistant. This cooler has wheels that make for easy movement. To facilitate moving the cooler, it has wheels. The wheels roll excellently even on gravel. It also has metal handles on a firmly- mounted bracket.

I use my coolers for storing fish, that does not mean that I would not clean the cooler and carry some beverages to a picnic. For such versatility, it is to my advantage that the igloo marine cooler is stain and odor resistant. The drain plug has threads so you can connect it to a pipe.


  • Odor and stain resistant
  • Threaded drain plug
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fish measuring tool
  • Metal handles
  • Ultratherm insulation


  • The capacity is not quite as big

Having a rotomold construction, the YETI Tundra is virtually indestructible. The latches are of heavy duty rubber with a patented keeper technology. It also has an extra thick fat wall design. It also utilizes a never fail hinge system that prevents the hinge from ever failing. The combination of all the four features mentioned above makes this cooler, bear resistant, suitable for rigorous journeys, and durable.

Polyester double haul handles make for ease of carrying your catch. The military grade polyester rope makes for extra durability. Your yeti stays in place even on a bumpy sail thanks to the non-slip feet. Mounting the cooler onto the boat or trailer is easy using the molded tie down slots. A vortex drain system offers for quick and easy draining.


  • Tie down slots
  • Double haul handles
  • Cold-lock gasket
  • Non-slip feet
  • Heavy duty rubber latches
  • Vortex drain system
  • Roto-mold construction
  • Fat wall design


  • Premium cooler

You will be getting superior insulation from the cold cell insulation that comprises closed cell foam. The hydrolok zipper provides for airtight closure and makes a waterproof seal. The liner of the hopper passes FDA's food grade material certification.

The YETI Hopper offers multiple points for securing to the boat. It has multiple D-ring tie -down points. With a hitch point grid, it gives you the flexibility to accessorize your Yeti with bottle openers, carabiners, or side kick gear case. You get reliable carry options to choose from. You can either use the detachable shoulder strap or the reinforced handles.


  • Cold cell insulation
  • Leak proof hydro lock zip
  • Dry hide shell
  • Hitch point grid
  • Reinforced handles
  • Detachable shoulder straps


  • The manufacturer should provide for an extra compartment for keys and other stuff

It has a seamless, single form, hard shell construction. Seam less construction eliminates weak points that seams create. For the perfect ice retention, the manufacturer uses two-inch insulation, which he ensures remains airtight, using an airtight arctic vault gasket.

A Quadra grip tie down helps you secure this cooler to the boat. To facilitate emptying excess water and cleaning the cooler has a one-twist flick drain plug. The cornerstone feet maintain a firm grip on the boat's surface. These feet are non-marking.


  • Holds ice for up to 10 days
  • 2 inches of polyurethane insulation
  • Seamless single form construction
  • Silicone airtight gaskets
  • Marine grade compression latches
  • UV resistant construction


  • I would prefer steel rubber coated buckles

The design meets comfort and security requirements. Comfort steel handles ensure for comfortable and secure carrying of the cooler. A stainless steel lid latch keeps the lid tight and secures while on the move, or at rest. The drain is rust proof.

A leak resistant channel drain facilitates emptying any excess water. Metal hinges ensure that the unit does not give in to the weight. The cooler is sturdy enough hence couples as a deck while enjoying your drink. The Coleman 54 Quart has a steel construction, a guarantee for durability.


  • Steel construction
  • Comfortable carrying (stainless steel handles with rubber grip)
  • Solid steel latch for security
  • Rust proof drain channel
  • 85 can capacity


  • It misses the bottle opener on handle feature

Polyethylene material makes the igloo marine cooler. The material offers for a durable marine cooler. The manufacturer uses a cool riser technology that promotes airflow underneath, which results in improved cooling performance.

Igloo Marine Ultra -cooler withstands the sun thanks to the UV resistant exterior. The interior is odor resistant ensuring that no single drink gets contaminated with the scent of the other. It also ensures that the cooler stays fresh.

Using an ultra therm insulation the cooler gives maximum cold retention. At a temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit the cooler manages to hold ice for three days. Swing-up carry handles make for easy portability.

The construction uses very thick walls to give for a strong and sturdy cooler. The hinges are plastic, well they might not last as long as the stainless steel hinges, but ten years is a long time to me. For those who believe in USA products, the igloo marine ultra-cooler is proudly a USA product.


  • Ultratherm insulation
  • Odor resistant interior
  • UV resistant exterior
  • Thick walls for strong and sturdy construction
  • Swing carry handles
  • Cool Riser technology


  • It has plastic hinges

Igloo uses an excellent design concept in making the igloo marine breeze, roller cooler. It has two drink cup holders, which offer you a nice place to leave your drink when you need to tend to some stuff.

The lid gas a compartment where you get to store your items, the non-perishable ones. The molded-in side handles offers for easy lifting in/out of the boat/car. It has wheels and telescoping handles, you can either pull or push the cooler to move it.

The manufacturer constructs the cooler using high-density plastic. The plastic is capable of withstanding the nastiest of sailing conditions. Also, the high-density plastic is ultraviolet resistant. More to it, the cooler has some detachable fish rod holders that make it ideal cooler for marine use.

The white color of the igloo marine breeze, roller cooler is not only attractive, but it also helps in reflecting away as much sun as possible. The depth of the cooler is a compromise between great capacity and ease of accessing the contents.


  • White color reflects away light
  • Durable high-density plastic
  • UV resistant
  • Molded on the lid cup holders
  • Fish rod holders
  • Drip resistant drain plug


  • Does not couple as a deck

Take pride in using a cooler that meets airplane carry on standards. Apart from keeping your drinks cool, you can also use this cooler to keep contents warm. The versatility makes it perfect for a variety of occasions, picnics, fishing, hunting, boating, and much more.

It has excellent insulation, two times better than the competitors. The insulation has a three-inch thickness that comprises of high-density cell foam.

It is a soft sided cooler making for a portable marine cooler. Other features that enhance the portability include the canvas and the removable shoulder straps. It has a twelve can capacity and stores ice for 24 hours at temperatures of 120 degrees. On the side is a side pocket that you can use for your dry items.

The manufacturer uses TPU liner to ensure that the cooler does not leak. TPU is the same material that makes pools and waterbeds.

The canvas material is durable, at the same time it does not scratch the boat. The cooler comes in a variety of sizes to meet different packaging needs.


  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • TPU liner makes it leak proof
  • Keeps content either cold or warm
  • Twice the insulation of competitor coolers
  • Removable shoulder straps
  • Durable canvas


  • When clipped to keep content cool, finding stuff you want is a little bit of a hustle

The press and pull mechanism allows for easy opening even when wearing gloves. These latches are aluminum mechanical latches hence sturdy and durable latches. The Progear elite cooler also allows for easy portability using the dual molded in and hinged handles.

It has molded in tie downs and molded in hasp that facilitates for securing the cooler to the boat. A sloped drain allows for easy and convenient draining. Also, the drain is threaded to allow for connection to a garden hose.


  • Aluminum mechanical latches
  • Press and pull latch opening mechanism
  • 2" polyurethane insulation
  • Freezer grade gaskets
  • Dual molded in hinged handles
  • Sloped, threaded drain
  • Molded in tie downs


  • The cooler is heavy

The interior allows for easy cleaning. It is stain and odor resistant so that the fish odor doesn't linger when you want to store some ready food. A threaded drain plug and an easy to clean liner further facilitate for ease of cleaning. The drain plug also facilitates getting rid of extra water in the cooler.

This Rubbermaid cooler has some built in slots for freezer packs. The iceolator and freezer packs keep the contents of a cooler colder for longer. The wide built in handles allow for two hands handling of the cooler. Latches help secure the lid tightly.


  • Have slots for freezer packs
  • Wide built in handles
  • Latches hold the lid securely
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Easy to clean liner
  • Threaded drain plug


  • You must buy the freezer packs separately

How To Choose The Top Rated Marine Coolers

Ice retention is just but one of the many factors that make for the marine coolers. Below is a list of the deciding factors for the best marine coolers.


Some brands have been in existence for close to a century. These brands have learned from their mistakes and mistakes of other brands as well. That implies that currently they have no room for mistakes but delivering the perfect marine coolers. These brands include Engel, Coleman, and YETI among others.


The strength of the marine cooler is a major factor to consider. You require a cooler that can stand tides and tough waters. Even when transporting the cooler in your car, only the strong coolers can stand a bumpy terrain. Also, it comes a time when you need to use the cooler as a deck. At such a time only the strong coolers can couple as a deck.

Ice Retention

Ice retention is a determinant of how long the cooler can keep its contents cold. You will need a marine cooler that has the highest ice retention. The insulation of a cooler determine the ice retention times, the better the insulation, the higher the ice retention times.

2- 3 inches of insulation is good enough to offer for perfect insulation. Also, on insulation consider features such as permafrost and ultra therm insulations. Check also to see that the lid of the cooler is insulated.

Ability to Withstand Harsh Conditions

UV is one environmental condition that threatens the durability of marine coolers. To resist fast deterioration, the marine cooler should be UV resistant. Some of the marine coolers are also abrasion resistant. For the wet days, it is important that the marine cooler is rust resistant. Else, the quality of the marine cooler will deteriorate rapidly.

Slip Resistant Feet

Tides are a common phenomenon for the stormy days. As such, the marine cooler would slip on the floor of the boat leading to possible damage. The marine coolers have sleep resistant feet. To restrict movement, the coolers further have built in molded tie down points. These points allow you to secure the cooler to the boat.

Measuring Area

Knowing the size of your catch is a measure of your accomplishment in fishing. A good marine cooler comes with a scale that allows you to determine the size of your catch. It also helps settle disagreements when you friend what to exaggerate the size of a catch.


The size of the marine cooler should be relative to the amount of content that you want to keep cool. When going out for a picnic, you don't require too much space. On the other hand, when going camping with your buddies, you need enough drinks for everyone. Also, the size depends on how long you will be out fishing.


At some point, you will require moving your cooler. To do so, you need the cooler to have strong shoulder straps. Another carry option is the handles. Most of the marine coolers have in-built handles. Wheels are a great feature in ensuring for excellent portability. The wheels should roll just fine in all types of terrain.

Latches and Hinges

Latches make for securing the lid to the cooler. Stainless steel latches are of superior quality in comparison to plastic latches. Also, the hinges determine how long the cooler will stay in tip top condition. Stainless steel hinges that are rust resistant offer for better durability.


There are two types of coolers, soft and hard shell coolers. They both have their most suitable applications. For a cooler that is prone to facing some rough times, you need to get the hard shell coolers. They will offer for better durability.

Final Verdict

The most important thing when fishing is to make the catch, but atmospheric conditions could render your efforts futile when the fish gets stale within hours. To avoid that, your best resort one of the above-listed marine coolers.

The above listed marine coolers offer a variety of innovative and high-end marine coolers. They have high-end quality with a guarantee for durability. These best marine coolers leave you with little or nothing to research. We have done all the research for you. All that remains to do is for you to make a purchase.

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