Best Marine Stereo in 2020 – Experts Guideline & Comparison

Nothing comes handy than having a stereo be it on your car, van, pickup or even marine travel. Stereos come handy especially when it is all about communication and entertainment. Best marine stereos ensure that you experience the best comfort depending on the stereo that you choose.

There are a wide variety of marine stereos that are of great quality and are among the top rated performance; however, getting the desired stereo might be a challenge especially if you are not sure of what you want to buy.

I have taken upon my initiative to have this review done to help those out there that are shopping for marine stereos. The following are some of the top rated marine stereos that I have chosen for this review.

Comparisons of 9 Best Marine Stereo Systems


Stereo Name


Dimensions (inches)



2.4 x 4.9 x 7.4


13 x 12 x 3


10 x 10 x 10


7 x 6 x 6


7.2 x 9 x 4


7 x 7 x 2


11.5 x 9.6 x 4.5


4.8 x 7.4 x 2.2

208 w

13 x 10 x 5

Reviews on 9 Best Marine Stereo Systems

1. Fusion Entertainment MS-RA70 Marine Entertainment System

Arguably one of the top rated stereo in terms of performance, the Fusion entertainment is credited for its quality end results and hi-tech features that include the Bluetooth feature.

This ensures that you have a wide range of Bluetooth connectivity and it provides room for you to use it within any range of your marine vessel.

With an interface that supports both the AM and FM frequencies as well as the iPhone, Android, and iPod interface, this device is a sleek packaged entertainment device with a rear USB port. This stereo also offers you the option of streaming your favorite tracks from your Smartphone just via the fusion Bluetooth linked application

This marine stereo is strictly engineered to handle the marine environment, with its design it also has a crystal LCD that is optically bonded and offers clear displays even on the high and roughest seas. The Fusion marine stereo comes with a 200w amplifier plus two zones that are discrete for the sub out and pre-out functions plus an aux-in feature.

The clever styling of the stereo design, you are allowed either to mount your stereo on a conventional dash, or you can also integrate the stereo into a glass helm that has a flush surface mount thus ensuring your high-end installation of this device.

The stereo is also a perfect match for the traditional stereo holes that are cut out on your marine vessels, and this ensures that the face of your stereo fits effectively and you would not be worried about the procedure of installing and operating it. If you are looking for that system that delivers in terms of quality entertainment, then you should let the fusion entertainment MS-RA70 Entertain you on the waterways.


  • Has simple interface
  • It is easy to use
  • It comes with a Bluetooth feature
  • It requires a small footprint
  • Has a USB port that can be used for charging phones


  • It lacks an accessory wire

Rated for use in any environment whether it is dry, wet, muddy and damp weather conditions the Aquatic AV Bluetooth Stereo is built for any environment.

It provides that security whenever you are using it because of its compact design and the features installed in it. This stereo supports Mp3 devices, and it also has the Bluetooth feature that is fantastic.

It also has a USB port that is universal and standard for every smartphone developed under the sun, and it handles a wide range of media devices ensuring that you are entertained at any given time. It also offers 30 presents range with FM/AM frequencies and with this your voyage can never be a boring one.

The wired connections can also be made using the 3.5mm Stereo Jack or even the RCA inputs, and it also features a knob control rotary that controls the removable faceplate. The faceplate has a built-in 288W amplifier which can be connected to up to 8 speakers.


  • It has a large LCD display
  • USB device charging
  • It requires a small footprint
  • It comes with a warranty
  • It has a Bluetooth Feature
  • It is water resistant 100%


  • It lacks a wireless remote support

One fascinating thing I like about this stereo device is that Kenwood has upgraded the game when it comes to marine CD receiver stereos.

This system unit comes equipped with an LCD display that has already been defaulted to white while enclosing a 13 band equalizer that gives you the opportunity to use the band selection that you want.

The USB port also ensures that you have a rapid charge port for your Android, iPhone, or even Windows phones. The Bluetooth feature is amazing because it has been technologically upgraded so that it can have a dual phone pairing when you and your mate want to use it. The Kenwood KMR-D765BT stereo has so many upgraded features that just make this an absolute beast in the market.

These features include; Near Field Control is commonly known as NFC that allows the control of the stereo by use of the infrared, apart from that there is the Android Open Accessory, Front and Rear USB control, Aux Inputs, Drive Equalizers' RCA pre-outs that are 4V and the final is the black finish.

These are some of the new integrated features that make this a fun and enjoyable stereo to have in your marine vessel


  • It has a Theft Deterrent Faceplate
  • It offers the Kenwood sound reconstruction
  • The device is multi-language
  • It has a conformal coating
  • You are entitled to wireless music browsing


  • The LCD display is preset to one color

The JBL PRV has one of the best designs when it comes to marine stereos with its cylindrical design it stands out from the rest.

With its large LCD display that allows you to have that clear and crystal view on your stereo with a white illuminated lighting on the button. During night travel you can be able to use your stereo comfortably because the buttons are illuminated hence giving you that view at night.

I also enjoyed that this stereo has a power output peak capacity of 45W x 4 channels; the stereo is also compatible with your iPhone or even Android. It gives you the comfort of knowing the title, artist name and album because of its music recognition software. This stereo has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment, and I am damn sure that you will be served.

The two-way iPod control allows you to control your stereo from your iPod hence making work easier if you don't want to use the Am or FM Frequencies. The USB port allows you to charge your phone as well as use a USB thumb drive to listen to your favorite saved tracks.


  • Comes with a built-in Bluetooth
  • It has a large LCD display for clear view
  • Encloses a two-way iPod Control
  • Has a converter that enhances your MP3 sound output


  • It lacks a protection cap
  • The Bluetooth feature is spotty after some time

If you are looking for that stereo that offers a wide range of graphic band equalizer, then the JVC stereo has up to 13 options. This stereo will make you feel like you are in your car driving around not knowing that you are in the sea.

It just blows away your mind with is FLAC Playback support this stereo gives you that option of a feel free entertainment.

The stereo is also designed with 3 sets of 4V of the preamplifier output; it also comes with a 50W x 4 channel max ensuring a wide range of selection of options to choose from. The JVC KD-X33MBS also has a built-in Bluetooth feature that ensures that you have the Bluetooth connectivity.

With this feature, it ensures that you are set, and you can stream your favorite tracks just from your Smartphone to the stereo. Another outstanding feature is that this device enables you to use a thumb drive to entertain yourself. It is customized built with a USB port that you can use your thumb drive or even charge your phone from your stereo.


  • Offers one of the best sound adjustments
  • It is compatible with phones via the Bluetooth feature
  • Also, comes with an inbuilt USB port


  • It is not water resistant hence affected by weather at high seas

One thing I love about this stereo is that you can enjoy the Bluetooth hands-free feature that allows you to receive and make calls without engaging your hands.

With this feature, you can also use the Bluetooth Audio streaming that allows you to operate, control and your music selection from the wide variety.

And be sure that this device will play your music from your CD, USB thumb drive, SD card, Bluetooth, WMA and also get the frequencies of the AM and FM. You can also have the Digital media playing right from your Smartphone.

This stereo is also compatible with your Smartphone ensuring that you can enjoy your music from at the comfort of your phone. The audio output ensures you keep the connectivity between the stereo and Smartphone. Inputs include the USB port the Aux in and the SD. I can personally guarantee that with these stereo all your entertainment problems will be solved


  • It has a Bluetooth hand's free feature
  • Has a wide range of playing selection
  • The LCD screen gives you information about the tracks played
  • It has a wireless remote for easier operation
  • Comes with a three-year warranty


  • It is not water resistant
  • The faceplate is not detachable

The Boss Audio MRH7 marine radio is a polycarbonate with a tinted front panel type of marine radio.

This device is designed to give you that desired entertainment output when it comes to marine radios; it offers a wide range of detailed options regarding selection and choices that you want.

The design and housing look so good and reliable thus giving you that sturdy feel and impression of how your marine life would be transformed.

The design of the unit is so compact that it has been tested and proven to be water resistant 100% ensuring that the wires and your stereo are protected even in high seas. It is also equipped with an impact resistant ABS while the whole stereo is housed in a UV stabilizer ABS plastic housing. This housing protects the entire unit from any damage at the sea or ocean.

The Boss Audio MRH7 is sealed with a heavy duty gasket, and it also comes with a universal mounting bracket that ensures it can be fitted anywhere and remain stable and firm. There is also an external wiring protection for the power, preamp, and speakers providing that safety and comfort


  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Designed to be waterproof
  • It gives you that sturdy feeling
  • It covers stereos perfectly


  • It does not have a wire for remote connection of the amplifier
  • The back plate of the housing comes out at times

If you are a die hard for the using your micro SD card, then you should ensure that you equip yourself with the new XO Vision XD103 Stereo receiver.

This stereo comes with a digital tuner of the FM that has 18 presets with an Aux-in front panel that will give you that feel of operation of your stereo.

You can play your tracks from removable storage devices ranging from the SD card and the USB port. But thanks to the Aux in you can also use an MP3 player to play your favorite tracks.

The stereo also has electronic audio controls that enable you to control your stereo electronically this is an absolute feature. Then there is the half size DIN depth that engages in a 4 channel audio output that gives you that resounding sound that you are striving to get.


  • It has an SD slot making it unique
  • It also has a USB port also for phone connectivity
  • It can be electronically controlled


  • It has issues with its Bluetooth feature

This is a new upgrade in design in the Sony DSX-MS60 receiver; this new device features a brilliant and uniquely looking USB wire tune tray that allows you the user to store your iPod behind the face of the receiver.

There are so many benefits that you can reap from these new features that include guarding, connecting, charging and controlling your iPod while on your voyage.

The design of this stereo also comprises of moisture-resistant coating that will shield the receiver's internal electronic connections from the harsh water environment experienced on transit. The unit also has a radio system that enables you to view radio broadcasting information such as the artists' name, title, and the album containing the song that you are enjoying.

You can also use your USB thumb drive that is preloaded with MP3 format songs to entertain yourself because the unit comes with a USB port that allows for that functionality. With a 3 band equalizer, you can set the range of the sound system to how you want it to be, preferably how you the user like it.


  • It comes with a push tune tray for iPod
  • It has a wireless remote control selection
  • Designed with a USB port System
  • Contains a built-in preset equalizer for sound enhancement
  • It is designed for marine life


  • You have to buy a Bluetooth adapter for this unit

How to Select the Best Marine Stereo 

When you are in the market shopping for the marine stereo, it is always important that you consider some of the considerations that go hand in hand with marine life. Marine stereos are exposed to all kinds of weather as compared to the car stereos.

The following are some of the points that you should put in mind before purchasing a marine stereo. There is a wide range of marine stereos that are in the market, so it is important that you take note of the considerations.

Anti-Corrosion Protection

Due to salt water your stereos might be affected, the marine gear should be designed in a way that they are resistant to rust and corrosion. The design should be coated with circuit boards, some plated connections and even the chassis components should be rust resistant. An anti-corrosion protection is very important for these stereos.

Water Resistance

By water resistance this means that the stereo can handle splashes and light rain, it is important that you ensure you get the best stereo that is waterproof. Some of the stereos are built to handle submersion levels, and these levels vary from the different manufacturers. This means they can be submerged in water and still be fully functional.

UV Resistance

It is important that you look for a stereo that is designed and built for marine life. The quality marine stereos should be designed in such a way that they should withstand the sun without any damage. The key features that you can check if they are resistance are the faceplates, controls or speaker cones.

High Power

You should also consider a high power system because you will be listening to your music out in the open sun. For high power stereos, they ensure you get that clean and clear sound that you deserve, and one thing you should know is that these stereos are always built to house 4-way amplifiers, but I guarantee you will love and enjoy the sound.


Expandability ensures that they make it easier to connect and control to external amplifiers and subwoofers built to your marine system. The preamp outputs ensure that the marine receiver that is waterproof and they give you a control of what you are playing. This ensures that you and the passengers enjoy.

Final Words

Now that your mind has been set on getting the best marine stereo it is important that you follow the above considerations to get the best performing. It is important that you get what you value as the best stereo and following this review to the latter I know you will get the best top rated performing marine stereo.

I wish you all the best when choosing the best stereo, and I hope that you keep in mind that you are the buyer and you should get what you want concerning stereos.

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