Best Outdoor Thermometers in 2020

Even though most of our time is spent indoors these days, the weather can still have a significant impact on our lives. Rain can cause massive traffic delays, and the ambient temperature will dictate what kind of attire is appropriate so that we stay comfortable throughout the day.

Fortunately, with technology being so advanced these days, it’s never been easier to get real-time weather updates with modern outdoor thermometers. We’ve come a long way from watching red mercury rise in a small glass tube. Current thermometer models can tell you everything from the barometric pressure to the chance of rain.

Best Outdoor Thermometers - Comparisons

Best Outdoor Thermometers - Reviews

La Crosse Technology WS-9160U-IT Thermometer

Depending on where you live, there can be a significant difference between the temperature inside and outside your home.

As such, you may think that the day is going to be warm, only to be hit with a stiff breeze as soon as you open the door. With this system from La Crosse, you don’t have to worry about that issue ever again since it will display both temperatures simultaneously for your convenience.

Best of all, it’s more accurate than a generic weather forecast because it uses its own sensor to get a reading. This way you can get a more precise understanding of what’s happening in your neck of the woods. As far as functionality goes, the sensor can be read up to 330 feet away, and you can display it in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

It will also record the high and the low temperature of the day for your convenience. The display is extra large so that you can read it from a distance, and it will also show you the time in either a 12 or 24-hour format.

What we liked

  • Durable construction
  • Remote sensors track up to 330 feet
  • Shows the actual high and low temperatures
  • Receives data from three sensors
  • Choose F or C degrees
  • Clock built in
  • Uses two AA batteries
  • Displays both indoor and outdoor results
  • Large font for easier reading
  • Low battery indicator

What we didn't like

  • In rare cases, the sensor may not sync with the reader correctly
  • Signal strength may be affected by local variables, which can skew accuracy
AcuRite 00611A3 Wireless Thermometer

So, if it’s 55 degrees right now, what will it be like in an hour or so? One of the issues with most thermometers is that they only display what is happening in that moment without showing you what is projected to happen later on throughout the day.

Fortunately, this Sensor from AcuRite gives you some indication of whether it’s going to get cooler or warmer so that you can plan accordingly.

Although we would prefer for this sensor to also display things like the time and date, it does a great job of showcasing both your indoor and outdoor temperatures with humidity. There is an arrow next to each number, which can either go up, down or stay flat, depending on the conditions. This is where the sensor really shines, as that arrow can be a huge factor for your day.

Otherwise, this sensor comes with standard features, such as Fahrenheit and Celsius options, a large font for easier reading, and a plastic stand so that you can set it wherever is the most convenient for you. 

What we liked

  • Large, easy to read display
  • Shows temperature and humidity
  • Displays indoor and outdoor readings
  • Remote sensor ensures accurate results
  • Shows whether temp is trending up or down
  • Compact device can be set up anywhere
  • Range of 165 feet
  • Plastic stand for stability
  • Strong signal allows for optimal sensor placement
  • Shows F or C degrees
  • Sensor updates every 30 seconds for accuracy

What we didn't like

  • In rare cases, the humidity sensor may not be accurate
  • Does not display time or date
  • Signal strength can be affected by local variables (i.e., obstructions)
La Crosse Technology 308-1414B Wireless Station

If you’re looking for an outdoor thermometer that combines the best features, then you will love this model from La Crosse Technology. It is a full-service weather station, offering temperatures, humidity, date, time, and even forecasting.

What makes this unit so incredible, however, is that it will base its forecast models on the weather that it’s recorded over time.

So, instead of relying on a weather report for your region, you will get something that is tailored to your particular neighborhood. Along with that ability, this thermometer also shows whether the temperature and humidity are trending up or down so that you can plan ahead for the day.

Other features include an alarm clock, indoor/outdoor temperature, and an alert system for when the weather reaches certain parameters that you set ahead of time. Best of all, because it’s backlit and has a large screen, you can scan all of the data.

What we liked

  • Extra large LCD screen
  • Self-regulating atomic clock
  • Full-color display w/icons
  • Shows indoor/outdoor temperatures
  • Alert system built in
  • Displays date and time
  • Alarm clock included
  • Humidity range
  • Reception and battery indicators
  • Backlit screen is easier to read
  • Large font sizes
  • Forecasts your particular location
  • Displays F and C degrees
  • Shows arrow trends
  • Base stand or wall hanging

What we didn't like

  • Limited instruction and troubleshooting options
  • Sensor may use up batteries quickly
AcuRite 02007 Digital Weather Center

If you love the idea of having a complete weather station in your home, then this unit from AcuRite will provide all of the information you could possibly need. From indoor and outdoor temperatures to humidity and barometric pressure, you won’t have any problem determining the weather regardless of your location or time of day.

As with any localized weather station, the remarkable thing about it is that it develops forecasts based on its own readings as well as local weather reports. It does take about a month or so for this to take effect, so you do have to be patient in that regard. However, once it kicks in, then you will appreciate the accuracy of it.

Other features included with this system include notifying you if the temp or humidity is trending up or down, a time and date clock, and full-color weather icons so you can read everything much more easily. Also, the forecast models show different blocks of time, from four hours to 8-12 hours to 12-24 hours so that you can plan up to a day in advance. 

What we liked

  • Extra large LCD screen
  • Full-color display for easier reading
  • Shows indoor/outdoor temperatures
  • Trending arrows for temp and humidity
  • Shows daily forecast
  • Sensor range of 330 feet
  • Weather icons for readability
  • Displays barometric pressure as well
  • Durable sensor array
  • Time and date options

What we didn't like

  • In rare cases, the weather forecasting may not be very accurate
  • Temperature sensor can be affected by local variables (i.e., direct sunlight)
Ambient Weather WS-1171B  Weather Station

If you like the idea of having a full weather station at your fingertips but don’t want something as large or flashy as the AcuRite model above, then you may prefer the quiet dignity of this model from Ambient Weather. It still displays most of the same information, but it does not offer forecasting for your location.

In addition to the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the WS-1171B also shows you the barometric pressure, dew point, and humidity. It also shows you trends in your area so that you can see how things have changed over time.

Other features include a base stand for easy monitoring, a backlit screen so you can read everything in low light, and an alarm clock built in. The sensor for this device is also easy to mount, although it works best with minimal obstructions between it and the reader.

What we liked

  • Large monochrome LCD screen
  • Displays indoor/outdoor temp
  • Either F or C degrees available
  • Showcases humidity, pressure, and dew point
  • Tracks results over time to show trends
  • Sensor range of up to 300 feet
  • Weather icons for faster readability
  • Self-regulating atomic clock
  • Alarm system built in
  • Base stand for stability
  • Uses three AA batteries

What we didn't like

  • In some cases, it may be difficult to sync the sensor with the rest of the machine
  • Sensor range can be impacted by obstructions, reducing effectiveness
Taylor Precision Products Wireless Thermometer

While it can be nice to have a full weather station in your living room, sometimes you just want something simple and unobtrusive. If you don’t really care about things like barometric pressure and dew points, then you will appreciate this simplistic model from Taylor Precision Products.

It uses the same kind of display as the first models we looked at, meaning that it uses a wireless sensor to show you both the indoor and outdoor temperatures at any given time.

This unit also has the time on it so that you can use it as a clock as well. While we would prefer for the device to be backlit for easier viewing, you shouldn’t have any problems during the day.

Overall, this comes with all of the standard features you would expect, including a base stand so it can be placed anywhere, the ability to display Fahrenheit or Celsius, and a sensor range of about 200 feet.

What we liked

  • Extra large fonts
  • Monitors indoor/outdoor temps
  • Displays F and C degrees
  • Shows time in 12 or 24-hour format
  • Wireless remote sensor
  • Broadcasts up to 200 feet
    Recalls daily max and min temp
  • Base stand for stability
  • Uses two AA batteries

What we didn't like

  • Sensor strength is not as robust as other models
  • Limited data on the screen
X-Sense AG-4H Wireless Weather Station

Next, we have a thermometer that is a bit of a cross between a weather station and a simple temperature reader. The AG-4H model from X-Sense displays both indoor and outdoor conditions, but it also has a weather icon on top to show you what is trending for the next 12 to 24 hours.

Not only that, but it comes with an alarm clock and a cold weather indicator as well. So, if you want a thermometer that provides a bit more data, this could be a good option for you.

Standard features that come with this device include a backlit LCD screen (temporary), a signal strength indicator for the sensor, a sturdy base stand so you can place it anywhere, and the ability to display Fahrenheit or Celsius.

For the most part, this sensor is also highly accurate, showing you the local temperature to within one degree. However, if you place it in direct sunlight or where it can be affected by other variables (i.e., wind or rain), then it can adjust the readings.

What we liked

  • Large backlit LCD screen
  • Weather icons for easier readability
  • Displays indoor/outdoor temperatures
  • Signal strength indicator
  • Base stand for stability
  • Accurate to within one degree
  • Uses two AA batteries
  • Time display
  • Forecasts up to 24 hours ahead
  • Alarm clock built in
  • Shows F or C degrees
  • 12 or 24-hour time format
  • Weather-resistant sensor
  • Cold weather alert system

What we didn't like

  • In rare cases, the sensor may have trouble connecting
  • Backlighting is temporary
FanJu FJ3352 Digital Weather Station

While this particular unit is not as detailed as some of the other ones we’ve seen, you still get quite a lot of different weather information with this device from FanJu. Overall, it works as a clock, a weather station, and a USB charger for your phone.

When it comes to sensing and tracking the weather, this unit shows everything from the air pressure to both indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity.

The sensor itself is well-built and has a range of up to 200 feet, depending on obstacles and placement. Weather icons show the forecast for the next eight hours, and each display unit is color-coded for convenience. Other features of this device include a self-regulating atomic clock that never has to be reset, an alarm setting, and a USB charging dock on the side.

However, since this model can either be plugged into an outlet or battery-powered, we highly recommend that you don’t use it as a charger without plugging it in first. Overall, this is an excellent weather station that provides you with an in-depth look at your local environment. 

What we liked

  • Extra large LCD screen
  • Full-color display for easier readability
  • Time and date shown
  • Barometer and hygrometer included
  • Use as a charging station for your phone
  • Alarm clock built in
  • Lunar phase indicator
  • Weather icons for quick reference
  • Displays F and C degrees
  • Sensor range up to 200 feet
  • Self-regulating atomic clock
  • Plug in or use AA batteries
  • Backlit to see at all hours
  • Forecasts up to eight hours ahead

What we didn't like

  • Some of the buttons may be difficult to use
  • In rare cases, the display may start to dim over time
Ambient Weather WS-04-3 Tri Zone Thermometer

While having a weather station or thermometer in your home can be a great thing, the one downside is that you have to be in the same room to monitor the temperature outside.

Fortunately, this model from Ambient Weather corrects that problem by giving you three different displays for the price of one. While each screen is limited to just the indoor and outdoor temperature, the convenience of placing them in different areas is high.

Also, they all coordinate to the same sensor, meaning that they will each show identical readings so that there is no confusion.

Overall, if you are just interested in having a thermometer, then you will appreciate this setup. It’s easy to get started, and each display (and the sensor) last up to two years with batteries, so you won’t have to do much as far as maintenance.

What we liked

  • One sensor, three display units
  • Each unit shows indoor/outdoor temps
  • Screen uses large fonts for readability
  • Mount the displays practically anywhere
  • Sensor syncs to each one automatically
  • Water-resistant sensor
  • Screens last up to two years on battery life
  • Use the stand or wall mount
  • Sensor range of up to 120 feet

What we didn't like

  • Limited display information
  • No Celsius temperatures
  • Screens are not backlit
ThermoPro TP60  Thermometer Humidity Monitor

Our final stop is with this ThermoPro Thermometer. Like some of the other models, we’ve seen the defining characteristic of this device is that it will show you upcoming trends so that you can better plan for your day.

While it’s not a detailed forecast like a weather station, you do get arrows showing if the numbers will go up or down. The sensor has a range of up to 200 feet, and it displays both temperature and humidity.

You can also check the highs and lows of the day (as well as all-time) so that you can compare how it has changed. Overall, this thermometer is quite basic, but it still provides useful and accurate data. 

What we liked

  • Durable construction
  • Large font for readability
  • Displays indoor/outdoor temp and humidity
  • Arrows indicate if numbers are trending up or down
  • Batteries are included
  • Sensor range of up to 200 feet
  • Shows high and low temperatures for the day
  • Sturdy base stand

What we didn't like

  • Monitor is smaller than other units
  • Display is not backlit
  • In rare cases, the sensor may not connect properly

How To Choose Outdoor Thermometers

Display Information

With a standard mercury thermometer, there is only one thing that you can measure; the temperature. However, by going digital and using wireless sensors, you can opt to include a lot more than just the current Fahrenheit or Celsius reading. Modern thermometers can be a complete weather station, including things like barometric pressure, dew points, humidity, and even weather icons like wind, rain, and snow.

As such, you want to determine how detailed and complex you want your thermometer to be. If humidity and pressure are important to you and you know how to read them, then you might want something more comprehensive. However, there are also plenty of options that just display the indoor and outdoor temperatures, if that’s all you want to see.

Another thing to consider is if you want a clock to be included as well. This way you get even more information, and some models also provide an alarm system for your convenience.


While seeing how things are right now can be helpful, you also may want to know whether it’s going to get hotter or cooler later on, or whether there is rain coming. Weather station models will usually provide this kind of data for you, but basic thermometers won’t. Best of all, when you get a unit that can forecast, it uses the sensor information to generate more accurate results, rather than relying on a third-party app.


This can be a big deal when picking out a thermometer as you want something that is easy to understand from a distance. For the most part, digital models will use large fonts to make it easier to read, but some other features can improve it even further.

● Backlighting: if you want to be able to read the data at any time, day or night, then you need it to be backlit.

● Larger Screen: if the display is too small, then it can be difficult to pick out the right numbers from a distance.

● Color-Coding: this way you won’t get confused about which number is which, and you can glean all of the pertinent data much faster.

● Icons: when it comes to forecasting, you want to see graphics, not text. This will make it easy to understand what to expect in the coming hours and days.

Final Verdict

With so many excellent models on this list, it’s hard to pick out ones that stand above the rest. However, when it comes to standard thermometers, we like the AcuRite 00611A3. The fact that it shows arrows for trending purposes makes it more valuable than units that just show what’s going on right now.

As far as weather centers go, the La Crosse has the most detailed information and the best sensor system of anything we’ve seen, so that would have to be our top choice. 

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