Best Selfie Sticks for GoPro – Hold Your Adventure Moments!

Ever since it came out, the GoPro camera has become a cultural phenomenon, allowing people from all walks of life document their adventures in a way that was not feasible before. With its minute size and robust durability, it changed the game in how you could shoot video, making it viable to do things that were otherwise impossible.

While the fervor surrounding the camera has since died down somewhat, there is still a market for those who want to share their experiences with the world. Whether it’s a video about surfing, BASE jumping, or some other extreme sport, having a GoPro by your side is the best way to showcase your skills.

However, when it comes to finding the right shot, you need to make sure that you have the proper equipment. Without a way to mount and hold the camera, you can only do so much as far as capturing the moment.

8 Best Selfie Sticks for GoPro - Comparisons


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8 Best Selfie Sticks for GoPro

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best selfie sticks for GoPro cameras. No matter what kind of adventures you are going to have, these products will ensure that you can broadcast them with clarity and precision.

When it comes to finding the right equipment for your camera, you want something that is as versatile and reliable as it is.

In this case, the GoPro 3-Way Mount is perfect for capturing a wide variety of shots as you can change it however you see fit to create custom visuals for your footage.

First, this mount acts as a standard selfie stick, providing a perfect level of extension so you can see everything.

The great thing about this feature is that you can position the arm in a multitude of different ways, using the thumb screws to tighten the joints.

Second, the base can be unscrewed and attach to the camera directly, making it a perfect grip so you can take it surfing or into other extreme scenarios. The whole thing is waterproof, and the grip section floats, so you don’t have to worry about water damage.

Finally, there is a mini tripod stored in the handle. Although this part is not as durable as the rest of the mount, it allows you to set up static shots relatively quickly, as long as they are on a mostly flat surface. Overall, the tripod is more of a nice bonus rather than a core function.


  • Remarkable 3-in-1 design
  • Extension arm, camera grip, and mini tripod
  • Easy to take apart and switch between modes
  • Completely waterproof design
  • Works will all GoPro cameras
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Hole at the bottom for lanyards
  • Thumb screws stay tight, even with hard landings
  • Floats in the water


  • May be hard to get smooth shots that don’t shake
  • Mini tripod is not as sturdy as other models

Next, we have another monopod from Sandmarc. This version is a lighter and more versatile unit than the one above, weighing even less at just nine ounces.

However, don’t let the weight fool you; it is still made of high-quality waterproof aluminum, and it comes with a sturdy tripod mount for better stability.

Nevertheless, like its predecessor, this particular model is not designed for underwater use. It can take a dunking without getting damaged but don’t expect it to hold up for a long time, particularly in salt water.

One cool feature of these sticks is that they come with a remote control holder. This makes it much easier to capture your footage without wasting memory space as you can start and stop recording without having to bring the camera back in.

As far as telescoping goes, this stick goes from 17 to 40 inches, and it comes with a thick rubber grip so that you get better stability. It also has a lanyard attached so that you don’t risk losing the whole thing during your outing. Overall, this model is great for most outdoor activities, unless you bite the dust.


  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Made of heavy duty waterproof aluminum
  • Rubber grip for better handling
  • Remote control clip
  • Fits all GoPro cameras
  • Lanyard on the bottom for stability
  • Telescopes from 17 to 40 inches
  • Robust tripod mount for durability
  • Weighs just nine ounces


  • Some components may not be as durable as others
  • Not meant for underwater activities

For the most part, selfie sticks are not designed with a particular camera model in mind. So far, we’ve seen ones that are built for GoPros exclusively, but this next unit is compatible with almost any kind of digital or action camera.

That makes it a much more versatile option, so if you want a stick that you can use in any situation, this might be an excellent choice.

What we like most about this product is the telescoping feature. While twisting monopods are easier to operate, they can come loose if you aren’t careful. With this model, however, it has three locking mechanisms that ensure that you won’t have that problem.

Also, it’s much easier to customize the length, all the way up to 47 inches. When fully collapsed, it’s only 15 inches. Another cool feature of this stick is that it comes with a Bluetooth remote control.

Although it’s not usually compatible with GoPro cameras, it will work with any Bluetooth device, which makes it even more convenient and versatile. Finally, this stick is fully waterproof (although we don’t recommend taking it into the ocean), and it has an adjustable lanyard for keeping it on your wrist.


  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Fully waterproof and submersible
  • Versatile tripod works for many different cameras
  • Compatible with all GoPro units
  • Quick and easy locking mechanisms
  • Telescopes between 15 and 47 inches
  • Adjustable lanyard on the bottom
  • Bluetooth shutter control
  • Weatherproof design holds up in any environment
  • Weighs only ten ounces


  • Not ideal for salt water conditions
  • Shutter remote does not work with most GoPro models

For those looking for a super versatile selfie stick, this is an excellent option from HSU. Much like the Selfie World model above, this particular unit is compatible not only with GoPro cameras but cell phones and digital cameras as well.

The adjustable tripod mount makes it easy to switch back and forth, and it will keep the lens locked in place during all activities.

The other thing that we like about this stick is that it is made for all environments. The whole thing is constructed of a durable aluminum alloy, which means that it is waterproof and can even handle the ocean.

One exciting extra that comes with this model is a mini tripod, which is perfect for setting up static shots. You can even mount the tripod to the bottom of the stick so that you can get an even more dynamic range. With that, however, you do have to worry about the whole thing tipping over, so be careful.

Other features of this stick include the ability to telescope up to 44 inches, a twist locking mechanism for convenience, and a rubber grip for better handling. Overall, this is a fantastic option for anyone who loves to document their travels, regardless of the camera they use.


  • Multifunctional selfie stick
  • Durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Works with GoPro, smartphones, and digital cameras
  • Robust tripod mount for extra stability
  • Telescopes from 15 to 44 inches
  • Uses simple twist locking mechanisms
  • Rubber grip for better handling
  • Adjustable lanyard for stability
  • Mini tripod included for more versatility
  • Tripod mounts to the bottom of the stick for improved function
  • Fully waterproof and submersible


  • Tripod is separate, meaning it can get lost easily
  • Tripod doesn’t work as well when mounted to the stick
  • Heavier than other models

So far, we’ve seen what Sandmarc Poles can do at 50 and 40 inches, but if you want something more compact and easy to carry we have the super small edition.

Weighing just seven ounces, this is probably the smallest and lightest selfie stick you can find. It telescopes between ten and 25 inches, making it a perfect addition to any trip where size matters.

What’s also interesting about this monopod is that it actually holds up better in water than the others. Perhaps it’s because the shaft isn’t as long, but it can be submerged without coming apart or rusting. Overall, if you want to take a Sandmarc surfing or scuba diving, this is your best option.

Otherwise, this unit comes with all of the standard features, including a thick rubber grip, adjustable wristband, and twisting lock mechanism for simplicity and convenience.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Weighs just seven ounces
  • Works with all GoPro cameras
  • Telescopes from 10 to 25 inches
  • Durable waterproof aluminum construction
  • Thick rubber grip for better handling
  • Adjustable wrist strap for stability
  • Robust tripod mount on top
  • Simple twisting lock mechanism


  • In rare cases, the tripod mount may start to wobble
  • On rare occasions, the twisting mechanism may not work properly

If you’re not a hardcore adventurer, but you still want a selfie stick that can capture your travels and document your exploits, then this model from Fotopro may be a good option for you.

It’s not as robust as the other ones that we’ve seen, but it is multifunctional as it can fit most digital cameras as well as smartphones.

The tripod mount is adjustable for a wider range of devices, making it rather versatile.

The other cool thing that we like about this stick is that it comes with a sturdy tripod. Unlike the mini tripods that we’ve seen so far, this is built to stay put and won’t topple over that easily. While it’s not quite as awesome as a full-size model, it will provide some extra stability to your shots. It even comes with a built-in level so that you know if you’re on flat terrain.

Overall, this selfie stick is perfect for most adventures, as long as you aren’t too hardcore. It also has a Bluetooth shutter control that works with all compatible devices, making it even easier to capture the moment.


  • Multi-use selfie stick
  • Adjustable mount fits GoPros, digital cameras, and cell phones
  • Telescopes up to 28 inches
  • Tripod included and attaches to the base
  • Bluetooth remote shutter
  • Adjustable wrist straps for stick and shutter
  • Tripod comes with level for the perfect shot


  • Not as durable as other models
  • Not designed for underwater activities
  • When fully extended, the stick may bend easily

Our final model is yet another multi purpose selfie stick, which is designed to fit GoPros, smartphones, and digital cameras. This is similar to the Fotopro model above, meaning that it comes with some pretty remarkable extras.

First of all, it has a screw-on tripod that fits on the bottom of the stick. It is more stable than most mini tripods and allows for static shots.

Second, it comes with a universal Bluetooth remote, allowing you to adjust the shot on the fly. Finally, it comes with a fisheye lens so that you can get an even wider shot than normal.

Standard features of this stick include a soft rubber grip, a twist locking mechanism for extending the wand, and an adjustable wrist strap so that you don’t lose it on your adventures. Overall, this is a perfect casual selfie stick for documenting your non-hardcore adventures.


  • Multi-purpose selfie stick
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Works with GoPros, smartphones, and digital cameras
  • Knock out mirror allows for front and rear selfies
  • Fish eye lens included for wider angle shots
  • Mini tripod screws on the bottom for versatility
  • Adjustable wrist strap for stability
  • Thick rubber grip for better handling
  • Twist locking mechanism
  • Universal Bluetooth remote shutter


  • Not as durable as other models
  • Not meant for heavy duty activities

If you are looking for something a bit simpler and easier to handle, then this selfie stick from Sandmarc may be just the ticket.

This is a lightweight monopod that weighs just ten ounces and shrinks to just 15 inches, making it an ideal companion on any trip. This product is made of waterproof aluminum for durability, although it’s not built for underwater activities.

Overall, it can take being dunked, but don’t plan on shooting surfing videos with it. Nonetheless, it works well outside of the water, so it’s perfect for biking, skiing, and other sports.

As far as telescoping action, this is one of the longest sticks you can find as it can extend all the way to fifty inches. It still maintains its strength and integrity at that length, so you won’t have to worry about it bending or breaking unless you wipe out.

It also has a lanyard strap on the bottom so that it doesn’t slip out of your hand while you’re doing your twists and flips. This stick works with all GoPro cameras, and it’s super easy to use.


  • Sturdy and lightweight construction
  • Weighs just ten ounces
  • Telescopes from 15 to 50 inches
  • Made from waterproof aluminum
  • Comes with lanyard to keep it on your wrist
  • Rubber grip for better handling
  • Remote holder grip
  • Works with all GoPro cameras
  • Quick and easy mounting


  • In rare cases, the components may come apart unexpectedly
  • Not ideal for water activities

How to Choose the Best Selfie Sticks for GoPro


When trying to pick out the perfect selfie stick for your GoPro, the first thing you have to determine is what kind of activities you’ll be doing when using it. For example, if you want to go biking, then you’ll need something that can withstand jostling and bouncing and won’t snap immediately. If you are planning on taking it hiking in the dead of winter, then you’ll need a stick that won’t freeze up and shatter upon impact.

Overall, most sticks are made of aluminum but check to see what grade it is. If it’s aircraft or anodized, then it will hold up to most environments. If not, then you might have trouble when you’re out in the field.

Waterproof vs. Submersible

In many cases, selfie sticks that are designed for GoPro cameras will say that they are waterproof, but they aren’t built to stay underwater for any length of time. As such, it’s important that you check to make sure that it’s rated for submersion so that if you take it surfing or scuba diving, you won’t wind up with a broken piece of equipment.

The other thing to consider is how well it holds up in salt water. Unfortunately, most manufacturers don’t list this feature on their specs, so you will have to check reviews from other users to make sure that it won’t rust and corrode when exposed to such conditions.

Final Verdict

After looking through each of these sticks, we have to say that our top choice is HSU Mini Tripod Stand. When compared with the others, this model seems to have the strongest material and the most versatility out of all of them. Simply put, no matter what kind of adventures you may have, this is the stick to get.

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