In Search of the Best Sharpening Stones

If your home is like most, then it’s very likely that you have utensils such as kitchen knives, scissors, and other tools that need sharpening from time to time. You may even have axes, and if you’re an outdoors man, you probably have several hunting knives. To keep them all in excellent working condition, you will need to get the best sharpening stones to keep your tools sharp and ready for use.

Why not use a motorized sharpener, you may ask?

While they are certainly convenient to use, motorized sharpeners do have some drawbacks. Sharpening a knife isn’t the same as honing an edge. While honing is just reshaping, sharpening actually removes material from the knife. Sharpening a knife is more like sharpening a pencil—when you’re done, you have less material left.

With sharpening stones, you remove less material from the knife compared to what you would remove with a motorized sharpener. In addition, you will also get a sharper edge with a stone. It’s actually easy to use a stone to prepare your kitchen knife for the day’s work or to get your lawn mower blades sharpened for your yard work. With some practice, you can even control the angle of the edge to fit your needs or preferences.

So how do you pick one?

This can be a rather challenging task with so many options available. To make it much easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of affordable sharpening stone options.

9 Best Sharpening Stones - Comparisons







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19.2 ounces

9 Best Sharpening Stones - Reviews

It’s plain to see why this one is called the Puck, since it looks just like a hockey puck. It measures 3.8 inches in diameter and has a thickness of 1.2 inches. It weighs just 7.2 ounces.

With this configuration, this pocket-size sharpener fits nicely into the palm of your hand as you move it along the cutting edge of the tool you’re sharpening. You can use the coarse 120-grit side first for badly worn blades, and then you can touch it up with the medium 280-grit fine side. Just make sure you maintain a consistent angle. This sharpening stone can be used with oil, but you can also use it with just water. 

What we liked

  • Since it’s pocket-size, you can take this sharpening stone with you everywhere. You can bring it to the field to sharpen your hunting knives, put it in your pack for camping trips, keep it in your car, or store it in the kitchen drawer. 
  • Great for many different types of tools. You can use it for large tools such as shovels, axes, and machetes, or have it ready for your knives and scissors. 
  • It’s extremely cheap. As in you may find cups of gourmet coffee more expensive than this! 

What we didn't like

  • Its coarseness means that you’re not able to put a high polish finish on your knives with this one. On the other hand, that’s not what this is for, exactly.

This sharpening stone is 6 inches long and has a basic rectangular configuration that makes it convenient for bench work. It is 2 inches wide and one inch thick. You can start off by using the darker side with the 150-grit for general sharpening and for removing nicks, and then turn it over and use the light side with the 280-grit for touch ups and honing knives.

This aluminum oxide whet stone works with a lubricant—you need to immerse it in oil for about a minute before use. You will also have to apply some oil on the whetstone’s surface every now and then to get rid of the material you’ve removed while sharpening your knives.

What we liked

  • Its size makes it utterly useful just about anywhere, and you won’t have a reason why you can’t keep your knives sharp whether you’re in the field or in your kitchen.
  • Can be used on a wide variety of cutting tools including pocket knives and kitchen knives, as well as for pruning shears and wood chisels. 
  • The results are outstanding. It really works as advertised, and you can get a sharp edge quickly. 
  • Again, it is eminently cheap. It sure won’t put a dent in your wallet. 

What we didn't like

  • Since it doesn’t have a rubber case, you may want to practice keeping it in place before you start using it to sharpen your tools.

Quite a few of people have trouble keeping their whetstones in place when they’re using it. If you’re one of them, fret not, as this sharpening stone by BearMoo comes with a non-slip silicone case for added safety.

This whetstone measures 7.07 inches long, with a width of 2.36 inches, and a thickness of 1.18 inches. Its 3000-grit side gives you a sharp edge, and then you can polish your blade up with the fine 8,000-grit side. The first fine grinding stage takes about 15 minutes, and then you’ll need about another 10 minutes to polish the blade. 

What we liked

  • This whetstone will really give you that razor sharp edge you want, whether it’s for your hunting knives or kitchen knives. It works well on pocket knives too. 
  • No oil needed—you only need to immerse the stone in water for about 5 minutes, which makes it suitable for camping and other outdoor uses. 
  • It’s multi-purpose—its size also makes it easy to bring along on hiking or camping trips, but you can also use it for larger kitchen knives. 
  • The above-mentioned silicone stone holder is certainly another plus!

What we didn't like

  • You will need to use this in conjunction with coarser whetstones if you’re dealing with neglected tools that are truly dull. It would take forever to sharpen your knives with only this one. It’s designed for knives that you maintain regularly, not for rarely used tools that you sharpen just once a year.

Let’s tally what you get, shall we? With this set, you get a whetstone that has two sides, 400-grit on one side and 1000 grit on the other. It is 7.2 inches long, 2.2 inches wide, and an inch thick. The whetstone also comes with a rubber base, so you can keep it in place when you use it. Besides that, the package also includes a flattening stone that you can use to fix the low grit side when it becomes uneven due to repeated use. This will flatten the side so it becomes level again. And finally, Sharp Pebble also gifts you a comprehensive knife sharpening guide so you absolutely know what to do with these things.

With the 400-grit side, you can start sharpening damaged or dull blades, and then you can use the 1000-grit side to really provide a sharp edge to the blade. You won’t need to use sharpening oil with this whetstone, which makes it easier to use in outdoor settings.

What we liked

  • It’s designed to sharpen many types of blades from knives of all kinds to scissors and garden tools. Heck, you can even use it on a sword if you have one. 
  • The grit combination ensures that you won’t need another whetstone to get a fine edge on your knives—you’ll be able to use just this one to fix dull blades and get them really sharp. 
  • It’s handy to use in the field, as it’s not too big and you don’t need oil. 
  • Has a nice rubber base to keep it in place. 
  • Comes with a flattening stone to fix the whetstone when it becomes uneven after multiple uses. 

What we didn't like

  • This whetstone does not offer a quick fix. It’s for meticulous work that will take at least half an hour for just on the 400-grit side.

Have you ever wanted a sharpening stone that really gives you that sharp edge you want both on your kitchen knives and hunting knives? At the same time, do you wish for features that makes it easy to use? If so, this premium sharpening stone from Three Way Cut will help you do all the work!

One side of this whetstone offers a 1000-grit side to smooth out the blade, and then you can turn it over to the 6000-grit side for finishing and honing. These are the kind of grit options that can really result in a sharp blade.

What’s more, this whetstone comes with a silicon hold the stone within a nice bamboo base holder that has an anti-slip surface to keep it in place. The set also includes a sharpening guide so you can make darn sure you’re holding the knife at the right angle when you’re sharpening it. 

What we liked

  • The size of this stone is just right for kitchen work and even for campsite use. It is just 7.25 inches long, 2.25 inches wide, and an inch thick. 
  • You can use this whetstone to sharpen all types of knives. 
  • Its grit options can really put a fine edge on your blades, and you can always use the 6000 grit side to hone your kitchen blades to keep them sharp all the time. 
  • The grit sides are labeled, just in case you’re the forgetful type. 
  • The bamboo base holder combined with the silicon base is fantastic as it really keeps the whetstone in place. It’s also nice to looks at. 
  • You don’t need oil for this whetstone to work. 

What we didn't like

  • The directions for using this whetstone can be a bit cumbersome. You need to follow the directions properly, and they are a bit detailed. You have to immerse it in water for about 10 minutes, use the right angle, alternate each side for each stroke, and keep the surface wet with water. When you’re done, you’ll have to wash the whetstone with soapy water and then let it dry for 24 hours before you can put it away.

A special feature of this Fallkniven sharpening stone is its use of diamond stone on one side and ceramic on the other. You can use the hard diamond surface for initial sharpening and then flip the stone to the ceramic side for a medium smooth finish. Neither sides need any sort of water or oil lubricant, which is a great plus.

This sharpening stone also comes in the perfect size; it is 1.26 inches wide and about 3.9 inches long. It’s quite thin, since the diamond can last for much longer. This sharpening stone is mainly designed for campsite use, which is why it comes in a handy leather pouch. 

What we liked

  • The diamond and ceramic combination works quickly in providing your bushcraft knives just the sharpness you need in the wilderness.
  • You won’t need to lubricate this stone, so you can save your water supply for drinking. 
  • Though the use of diamonds supposedly make whetstones a lot more expensive, that’s not the case here. It’s not even the most expensive product on this list. 
  • It’s actually easy to use with practice as you will actually hear when to stop. 
  • Comes in an elegant leather case which makes it suitable for camping trips and such.

What we didn't like

  • This whetstone would be easier to use if it was just a bit bigger, especially for people with larger hands.

The next whetstone is made from prime white corundum, and its two sides offer 3000 grit for coarse grinding, and 8000 grit to polish the edge. It also comes with a stylish bamboo base to hold it steady on your counter top.

Just like with other whetstones from BearMoo, you will need to soak it in water first for 5 minutes, and then start with the coarse side gently for about 15 minutes. Then you can use the 8000 grit for fine grinding for about 10 minutes. When you’re finished, you can simply clean the stone with wet cloth or soft brush before letting it air dry in a ventilated area. 

What we liked

  • The whetstone’s fine grit will really provide a sharp edge to your knives—this one is especially suitable for fine kitchen knives that sushi chefs use. 
  • You can also use it for gardening implements and tools such as scythes and chisels. 
  • The rubber holder makes the grinding operation a lot easier. 
  • The angle guide booklet makes sure that you’re doing the job correctly
  • It comes with a knife guide.

What we didn't like

  • This one doesn’t work for ceramic knives at all. You’re also better off with a wheel if you want to sharpen curved chisels.

This whetstone is thick and large, so it’s mostly suited for larger knives such as chef’s knives and meat cleavers. The whetstone itself is 7.09 inches long, 2.36 inches wide, and 1.18 inches thick. It is quite solid at its 19.75 ounces, and it comes with a silicon base to avoid slipping.

The coarse side uses 400-grit, which removes metal at a nice rate. Then you can switch to the 1000-grit side to polish your blade until you get a sharpness equal to the factory edges on knives. 

What we liked

  • The gritstone combination of this whetstone make it suitable for different types of knives. It will fix dulled blades quickly before you work on it with much finer grit options. 
  • If you’re forgetful, the two sides are labeled with the grid options to remind you. 
  • The non-slip silicon grip helps to keep the whetstone in place.
  • You won’t need to use oil with this stone, water will do just fine. 
  • If you have BearMoo bamboo holder already, you’ll find that this one will fit inside too. 

What we didn't like

  • If you’re a beginner at this sort of thing, you’re better off watching videos on YouTube first and learn how to use this whetstone properly. The instructions that come with your purchase aren’t exactly helpful.

This is another whetstone that is made from corundrum, which offers 1000 grit on the coarse side and 3000 grit on the other for fine grinding. The corundum is has been specially treated to ensure the high quality you need to sharpen your blades.

This whetstone is also quite easy to use as you only need to soak it in water before use. It comes with a non-slip rubber base to make sure it stays in place as you’re moving the blade across it. It measures 7.1 inches long and 2.4 inches wide, with a thickness of 1.2 inches. The whetstone also comes with an eBook, so you can be sure you know what you’re doing.

What we liked

  • The grit options offer a nice combination to get dull edges sharpened and honed. 
  • The quality of the corundum is excellent. 
  • It works for knives and straight razors with no problem. 
  • Has a silicon base to keep the stone stationary. 
  • In case you’re not satisfied with the quality, this one comes with a money back guarantee that doesn’t require you to send the whetstone back. 

What we didn't like

  • This one may not be your best option to sharpen larger gardening tools.

Final Verdict

It seems apparent that you need several types of the best sharpening stones to maintain razor sharp blades all your tools. Just one whetstone probably won’t suffice.

My advice is that you get a small portable whetstone for onsite sharpening of camping knives, and a coarser one for gardening tools.

You will probably also need a couple of whetstones for your kitchen knife so you can sharpen a dull edge quickly and get the fine edge you need for those thin cuts of kitchen. 

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