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Sledding is among the most popular outdoor activities for kids and even parents get in on the fun, too! The best sleds for kids are essential tools in ensuring that your children have fun in the snow yet stay as safe as possible. These sleds may be the smaller versions of their for-adults counterparts but these are also as strong and sturdy, which are must-have qualities considering the physical rigors these toys are subjected to. 

But why let your kids go on sleds in the winter when it has its share of risks, too? Sledding has several physical and mental benefits that come from the fact that it’s considered as play – enjoyable and educational play, for that matter. Children who enjoy sledding for an hour on relatively fair winter days enjoy several benefits including:

  • Reduced risks of being infected by indoor bacteria, viruses and even fungi
  • Get fresh air for a more refreshed feeling after being cooped up indoors for several days
  • Enjoy opportunities for physical exercise that, in turn, can promote better gross motor skills development, stronger muscles, and better sleep patterns as well as more opportunities for socialization
  • Develop their creative imagination (i.e., pretending to be on trains) and problem-solving skills (i.e., who will take a turn)

The next time you, the parent of young children, hesitate about sending your kids with their sleds outside to play during a fine winter day, you have to think about these benefits. You have to balance the need to keep them safe – and you can reduce their risks of injuries and illnesses, as discussed in the conclusion – and the need to let them enjoy their childhood. 


Product Name




Flexible Flyer Metal

7 x 24 x 48

5 pounds

EMSCO Group Infant

27 x 20 x 10.5

3.8 pounds

Lucky Bums Toddler Kids

12.01 x 22.01 x 25.98

3.8 pounds

Lucky Bums Snow Toboggan Sled

47.5 x 18 x 5.8

3.8 pounds

Pipeline SNO Snow-Pal

10 x 5.8 x 3.5

0.06 pounds

TSL Sleds Kid's Pull Sled​

29 x 19.7 x 12.6

3.5 pounds

Zipfy, Snow Sled

16 x 13 x 21

3.5 pounds

Best Sleds For Kids In 2018 - Reviews

Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled. Steel & Wood Steering Snow Slider

​In many sleds for kids, the absence of a basic steering mechanism increases the risk of wipeouts. This isn’t the case, fortunately, for the Flexible Flyer Sled because it has a basic steering mechanism, particularly a durable steering bar, which provides better directional flexibility for the rider.

Basically, your child has a certain degree of control over where the sled will be headed, a convenient feature when there are obstacles (e.g., large boulders and trees) and people along the route.

But it isn’t just the steering bar that makes the Flexible Flyer Sled the best in our list. The high-grade solid steel frame and runners provide structural rigidity while the powder coating on their surfaces add both shine and smooth gliding motion over snow. The planks of birch wood forming the platform provide sufficient room and strong support for its rider.


  • Strong and sturdy frame and runners
  • Ample room for riding at 4’ x 2’
  • Sufficient clearance (7” from platform to snow surface)
  • Gives more directional control
  • Gives a stable performance on powder
  • Classic design


  • Steering bar doesn’t sometimes respond
EMSCO Group Infant Boggan Ergonomic and Child Safe Design

Parents are understandably concerned about letting toddlers ride sleds on their own so they choose instead to let their kids ride with them on adult-sized sleds.

With the Toddler Sled, thankfully, you can let your toddler enjoy a sled ride on his own while you can release your breath, thanks to the numerous safety features on it.

Of course, you still have to supervise your kid’s run for safety reasons but he now has his own sled and that can make a world of difference in his enjoyment.

The safety features are aplenty, indeed. First, it has an ultra-wide base with a low center of gravity that keeps the sled in an upright position and distributes the weight of its rider evenly. Second, it has a 10-inch molded seat with extra-soft yet extra-thick padding that molds to your child’s posterior while keeping him comfortable throughout the ride.

Third, it features a snap-lock seat belt that keeps him seated akin to being in a safety harness. Fourth, it has a raised support rail where your kid can rest his feet on so he’s less likely to be tempted to place his feet outside of the sled. Fifth, it has straight grooves underneath the base that keeps the sled in a straight line when it’s running. There’s even a long towing rope that you can use to rein in your precious child back.


  • Plenty of safety features
  • Classic design for a contemporary sled
  • Allows toddlers to enjoy sledding on their own


  • Seat belt feels flimsier than expected
Toddler Pull Sled by Lucky Bums

The Toddler Pull Sled has an ingenious design that makes it look a different thing when viewed from several perspectives – a snowmobile without the runners and tracked wheels from its side and a spaceship when viewed from above.

No wonder toddlers take to it like duck to water because it’s just so attractive in their eyes! Parents obviously buy it not only because of its numerous safety features that they look for in any sled for kids.

The large platform (26.5 x 21.5”) provides a stable and comfortable place for children to sit on, a must when the sled may run over bumpy parts of the route. Your kids can rest comfortably against the high backrest while their bodies can be kept within the sled, thanks to the extended sidewalls with a sloping design and the safety straps. Even the foot rest has anti-slip panels that provide a more secure foothold for your child so he is more likely to stay in the sled.


  • Large platform with sturdy construction
  • Stable runs
  • Numerous safety features
  • Clever design
  • Provides pride of ownership for the toddler while also introducing him to the joys of sledding


  • Parental supervision is required but it’s the same for all of these sleds anyway
Lucky Bums Snow Kids Toboggan Sled

The Winter Toboggan Sled has a wider and longer base that allows older children aged 3-5 years to enjoy sled rides. Children younger than 3 years shouldn’t be allowed to ride it, either on their own or with another child, because it isn’t designed for their age group and for two riders.

Your older child will love riding it because it offers a more spacious area to park his rear on, so to speak, with the nearly 3-foot seating area.

You don’t have to worry about your child falling so easily out of the sled because of the molded section for his bottom and legs. Your child can sit squarely on the base while also maintaining his balance, a must for staying on the sled while it’s running.

There are also built-in side handles that your child can hold on to while the sled picks up speed or goes into a soft dive. You can also instruct him to hold on to the rope during slower speeds, said rope of which can also be used for pulling it between Point A and Point B.


  • Sturdy build and stable performance
  • Molded design
  • With side handles and rope
  • Provides older children a step up from their old toddler sleds


  • Designed for only a single rider
Pipeline SNO Snow-Pal Inflatable 1 Person Snow Tube with 2 Grip Handles and Repair Kit

Most of the sleds for kids on our list are made of molded plastic, wood and stainless steel, which are excellent materials considering the physical rigors of sledding.

But the Kiddie Snow sled is unique in the sense that it’s an inflatable sled for toddlers that can withstand use on powdery snow.

You may think that it can only be used for a couple of times before becoming useless due to punctures and tears, among other damage.

But you will be surprised since its premium-grade materials have been chosen for their high resistance against sources of punctures although it will obviously not withstand sharp rocks and the like. Then again, you will not want your child to go sledding in a possibly dangerous area since thick and deep powdery snow is the best place to be for it.

Your child will be comfortable while on the sled because it’s filled with air so the seat is significantly softer than wood and plastic, not to mention that its shock absorption quality is greater. The sled also have extra-high side walls for keeping him inside the sled and a high backrest for back support and comfort.


  • Extra comfort for the rear and back
  • Saves on space due to its inflatable quality
  • Can be pulled by an older sibling or an adult
  • With a few important safety features
  • Encourages toddlers to enjoy sledding


  • No seat belt
TSL Sleds Kid's Pull Sled

The TSL Sled may look more like a potty trainer than a toddler’s pull sled but therein lies its simple genius. The higher-than-usual backrest cushions the rider from the not-so-smooth motions that can come from pulling the sled forward.

You don’t have to worry that your precious toddler will fall out of the sled when you accidentally tugged too hard on his pull sled.

There are also other safety features, such as the 3-point seat belt that should be looped over your child’s shoulder and legs; its snaps between the legs. The outrigger-type extensions add to the superior stability of the pull sled while you pull it; these extensions also have storage slots for keeping your child’s food and drink.


  • Safety features are included
  • Durable and stable platform for the rider
  • Pull-along sled that allows parents and their child to spend time outside during winter
    Things We Didn’t Like


  • Potty trainer design may not be as stylish as the other sleds here
Zipfy, Snow Sled, Classic Freestyle Luge

Older children will definitely appreciate the Freestyle Luge Snow Sled because it provides them with more opportunities to develop their physical prowess on the powdery snow.

Your child in particular will love that he can steer the sled with his own body, from shifting his weight to whichever side he wants to steer to braking with his feet. You have to teach your kid about the safe and effective ways of doing these things on his sled, perhaps even showing him the proper way to do so.

The sled has a rather narrow profile with the seating area just enough for the buttocks and thighs of an average 6-year old child but it has its merits, too. Your child can hold on to a grab handle to keep his balance while the sled is running downhill. You must remember, nonetheless, that it’s a sled designed for older children who already have a good handle on their balance.


  • Classic design with updated features suitable for current safety regulations
  • Stable and balanced feel according to children
  • Looks like a grown-up luge snow sled
  • Promotes the development of more advanced sledding skills


  • Narrow profile
  • No safety features

We also want to mention three more of the best sleds for kids, namely, the Snow Screamer by Flexible Flyer, the Original Sledsterz Spoon Sled by GeoSpace, and the Steel Saucer by Flexible Flyer. Like all the sleds for kids mentioned above, these three sleds are characterized by their safety features, durable build and stable performance, and kid-friendly design. 


But even with the best sleds for kids being used by your own kids, you still have the responsibility as a parent to ensure that your kids are safe while riding these toys. Your vigilance in this regard is a must not only because you will be paying the medical costs, if your child gets into an accident while sledding, but also because untoward accidents can have adverse effects on your child’s well-being. 

A few important guidelines to keep in mind when taking your children on sledding hour.

  • Always supervise your children when they are sledding, especially for toddlers on a pull-along sled.
  • Let your kids wear the right safety gear including a helmet, knee and shoulder pads, and thick shoes although the last two can be substituted with thick winter clothes and boots.
  • Use the right type of sled, which can be chosen based on the recommended age of users. Never use substitutes like plastic sheets, inflatable pool toys, and the like. 
  • Stick to the one child per sled policy, unless the manufacturer made the sled suitable for two persons but that’s the limit for most sleds for kids. 
  • Always ensure that the child is in the ideal position – facing forward with the feet first.

Sledding is such a fun activity that every child and adult in your family should be allowed to engage in it! 

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