Best Spinning Reels For The Money in 2018 – Tested & Reviewed

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10 Best Spinning Reels - Reviews

1. Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

The drag on Penn Battle II reel has washers keyed into the spool. It allows the full washer to be used to help with drag from the reel.

The drag washers are carbon fiber to give you excellent durability. You get higher max drags, range, and a smoother reel with the six ball bearings in the reel.

The full-metal body is ideal for fishing in any environment. The anti-reverse bearing works instantly to prevent the line from tangling. The reel also features a heavy-duty aluminum bail wire for maximum durability. It is an excellent reel for catching any stubborn fish.

Highlighted Features

  • Full Metal Body, sideplate, and rotor
  • HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers
  • Instant Anti- Reverse bearing
  • Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire
Shimano Spirex RG Spinning Reel

The Shimano Spirex has higher line capacities for casting out the line to any area you want. It lets off a little bit of drag so your rod won’t snap while you’re reeling in your catch.

The drag system runs off a rear drag, which is good for accessing the line quickly.

The gear ratio is a little more than a medium-size so you can catch some bigger fish. It is great for using it with one hand for casting your line. You can rapidly cast your line out faster with this reel than some other reels.

Highlighted Features

  • Maxium Drag: 6 Pounds
  • Ball Bearings: 5 Ball Bearings
  • Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
  • Weight: 9.9 Ounces
 Okuma Avenger ABF Bait Feeder Reel

The bait feeding system lets the spool disengage without opening the bail. The line can free-run with this reel.

The Okuma Avenger drag system uses a multi-disk drag system with Japanese oiled felt drag washers. It has six ball bearings for smooth motions.

The one quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing won’t let your line tangle. It has corrosion resistant construction and materials so it will last you a long time.

The one-year warranty will replace it if anything breaks on the reel. It is very durable and easy to operate. It has a lot of features any angler will appreciate. And this one got the highest point in our best spinning reel test.

Highlighted Features

  • Baitfeeding System allows for disengagement
  • Multi-disk drag system
  • Japanese oiled felt drag washers
  • Corrosion resistant construction
Pflueger President Spinning Reel

The pflueger president nine ball bearings give this reel a smoother operation compared to other spinning reels. The instant anti-reverse feature uses a one-way clutch bearing to prevent any backlash.

The spool has anodized aluminum with a distinctive hole pattern. It gives it a lighter weight than other spinning reels.

The braid-ready spool is perfect for anglers who want to get out and fish quickly. It is a lightweight and durable reel you can use for catching some of the biggest fish in the water. You will be impressed with this high-quality spinning reel.

Highlighted Features

  • Famous for our innovations and dependability
  • World's leading rod and reel manufacturers
  • Made using the highest quality components
  • Pflueger President Spinning Reel 4lb / 100yd
Shimano Sienna Spinning Reels

If you want a reel that deals out longer casts and reduces backlash, this is the ideal fishing reel for you.

The Super Stopper II gives you instant anti-reverse reeling without any backlash for a larger reel. It is an excellent freshwater reel to catch any larger freshwater fish.

The graphite frame does have some give, but it is durable to last you for a long time. If you want to take it out in salt water, the reel is approved to handle the saltwater. The versatility is ideal for anglers who love to fish in different environments.

Highlighted Features

  • Graphite frame
  • Graphite sideplate
  • Graphite rotor
  • Aluminum spool
Okuma Trio High-Speed Spinning Reel

The okuma trio reel has a hybrid spool design with graphite arbor and an aluminum lip for durability. The combination of conception is a crossover of the graphite and aluminum for an ideal rotor design.

The precise Dual Force Drag System uses both sides of the spool. It maximizes high-end drag pressure. You will fish more efficiently with this reel.

The smoothness of the reel makes it easier to fish. The quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing is perfect for preventing any backlash from the line. The reel is stable and lightweight for putting it on any fishing rod.

Highlighted Features

  • Efficiency and overall smoothness
  • 10 BB + 1 RB stainless steel bearings
  • Quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Hybrid spool design
Daiwa Crossfire Spinning Fishing Reel

The Daiwa crossfire three ball bearings and roller bearing give you a smooth cast and way to reel in any fish.

The gyro-spin balanced rotor won’t wear the line down as you’re using the reel. A twist buster line reduces the chances your line will get tangled as you’re reeling.

The micro-click front drag system is ideal for reeling any big fish you may hook. The spool is ABS aluminum, giving you the maximum amount of durability for the reel. It is a high-performance reel without the price tag of some of the higher-end reels.

Highlighted Features

  • Gyro spin balanced rotor
  • Twist Buster line twist reduction
  • Micro-click front drag adjustment
  • ABS Aluminum spool
Penn Pursuit II Spinning Reel

If you’re looking for the spinning reel for your fishing desires, Penn Pursuit II is the perfect reel for you.

It uses the highest quality components for extreme durability. It’s lab-tested through rigorous tests to ensure it will handle any fish.

The Penn Pursuit II Spinning Reel is lightweight, and the corrosion-resistant graphite body will last you a long time. The shielded stainless steel bearing system is ideal for maximizing your reels.

The anti-reverse is infinite, which is handy for never dealing with backlash. The capacity line ring tells you when the line is full. The knobs are adjustable to use on your left or right hand.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel bearing system
  • Infinite anti-reverse
  • Machined and anodized aluminum spool
  • Line capacity rings
Sougayilang Metal Spool Saltwater

The Sougayilang Metal Spool is elegant design of the reel uses fourteen ball bearings for an average gear ratio.

The handle collapses for easy interchanging between your left and right hand. The fully adjustable cast control lets out a sound to alert you.

The line lay oscillation system is ideal for preventing the line from tangling. It is the perfect reel for fishing in any water. It is lightweight and durable enough to last you a long time. It is the ideal reel for fishing in saltwater and freshwater alike.

Highlighted Features

  • Left / right interchangeable collapsible handle.
  • Fully adjustable cast control with sound.
  • Excellent line lay oscillation system.
  • Perfect tool for fishing.

While there are plenty of items that you need to have on your fishing trip to ensure a successful catch, one could argue that the most important component will be your spinning reel.

After all, if you have a shoddy reel then you won’t be able to bring your catch in, or worse, it will be the one that got away.

As far as high-quality saltwater reels go, this model from Penn Clash is one of the best. What makes this reel so dependable is the durability of its construction. Not only is the body made of durable aluminum and steel, but all eight ball bearings are as well.

As any fisherman knows, it’s important that you can reel in smoothly without losing your line, and this unit makes it easier than ever. Leveline Oscillation gives you an effortless retrieve, and a wave spring allows you to provide a full drag without bottoming out. Overall, this is one reel that you will love to have. Just make sure to get a pole that matches.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable metal body and aluminum bail wire
  • Fully machined CNC gear train for smoothness
  • Leveline Oscillation results in effortless retrieve
  • Techno-balanced rotor for better results
  • Eight stainless ball bearings
  • Anti-reverse bearing for stability
  • Soft grip handle for comfort
  • HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers
  • Wave spring allows for full drag

How to Choose the Spinning Reel

Here are some ways to determine the best spinning reel for the money in 2018 for you:

The Reel Body

The body or “housing” is important to the fishing rod. It can be aluminum, graphite or a combination, depending on the manufacturer. The aluminum is stronger than graphite, but it doesn’t flex as well as graphite.

Graphite is excellent for saltwater fishing, and aluminum is better for freshwater. The body shouldn’t have any loose or flimsy parts on it. It should be smooth when you use it. The reel body choice should be based on these factors.

The Reel Size

The correct reel size will save you a lot of frustration and time. Size of the rod you plan to use should determine the size of the reel. If you want a lighter rod, a smaller reel is the best choice. A ten-pound test line should be the highest strength and diameter to use on a spinning reel.

You can choose different sizes from 6, 8, or 10 pounds, depending on the type of fish you want to catch. You can find the line capacity information on the spool of the reel.

The Reel Gear Ratio

The spool on a spinning wheel is fixed, and the line wraps onto the spool. The gear ratios refer to the number of times the bail rotates around the spool with a single turn. It determines the speed of the reel, so a higher ratio means it spins faster.

If you want to vary your fishing choices, you can have a combination of high or low-speed saltwater reels. You can use line recovery to determine how many lines you’re getting with each spin.

The Drag System on the Spinning Reel

The drag system applies pressure to a hooked fish and allows some give while you’re reeling them in. You want a smooth, non-constrictive drag where the line pulls out steadily.

The front and rear drag refer to the location of where the drag is controlled. Front drag reels have a lot of moving parts. Rear drag reels are easily accessible. Your personal preference is the biggest factor in deciding which reel is best for you.

Final Verdict

Out of all the best spinning reels available, these ten are some of the best. While all ten are excellent fishing spinning wheels, there is one that stands out against the rest. The Sougayilang 14 bb 5.5:1 Metal Spool Saltwater/ Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reel is the perfect fishing reel. It is easy to use, looks perfect on any rod, and the versatility gives you options.

You can use this best freshwater spinning reel for either hand in both saltwater and freshwater. If you have the choice to use it in different areas, you’ll have a better fishing experience. The best spinning reel is very durable and stable as well. It is a great fishing reel for everyone to use.

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