The Ultimate Guide to the Best Spyderco EDC Knives

The best Spyderco EDC knives we’ve included in this list were chosen for their versatility to suit your everyday needs, from opening boxes to preparing foods. They can even be used for possible emergency situations. They are easy to open and close, easy to grip in the palm of your hand, and easy to use on a wide range of materials. And while you can carry them in the back pocket of your jeans or in the inside pocket of your business suit, they’re also discreet enough not to set off warning bells.

Spyderco, the manufacturer, specializes in cutlery including knives and knife sharpeners. Many of the features we see in contemporary folding knives, such as blade serrations, pocket clips, and opening holes, were developed by this company. Many of their designs were also made in collaboration with notable custom knife makers and athletes.

Spyderco knives are used not just by private citizens who want the best EDC knives, but also by self-defense instructors, military and tactical personnel, and rescue teams. The best of these knives are the folding type for which the brand is known worldwide, thanks to their aggressive styling, leaf-style blades, and practical features.

5 Best Spyderco EDC Knives - Comparisons


Product Name

Primary Material

Blade Length


Steel: 8Cr13MoV


Steel: ZDP-189


Stainless Steel


S30V Stainless Steel


CPF-S30V Steel


Best Spyderco EDC Knives - Reviews

Founded by Sal Glesser in 1976 in Golden, Colorado, Spyderco has built a stellar reputation in this industry. Here is a list of the best knives that it has to offer so far.

“Tough” is the best word to describe the Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge folding knife, a working knife that can be discreetly carried in your pocket. Excellent craftsmanship from tip to butt-end, this knife has a hearty feel to it, while also allowing for quick-on-the-draw quality.

Don’t be fooled by its more affordable price, because this one can go head-to-head with the best folding knives. We love the G-10 handle and the 8CR13MOV blade steel, as well as the .76 blade-to-handle ratio. We are even willing to overlook the slight shifting of weight due to the heavier handle because it performs so well as a working man’s EDC knife.

What we liked

  • The leaf-shaped 8Cr13Mov stainless blade is ground flat from its spine to its cutting edge, which makes it excellent for cutting, slicing, and even piercing meat, wood, and paper. The 3 3/8" blade, which comes razor-sharp out of the box, has a sweeping belly and can be re-sharpened quickly using a ceramic rod. Even with heavy use, this blade will not show signs of dulling within a few months.
  • The oversized round hole coupled with the textured spine jimping make for extremely smooth blade deployment. The jimping also allows easy positioning of your thumb on the knife’s spine so you can exert more slip-proof control over it. You may have to tweak the pivot screws, but it’s a minor job.
  • The Walker-designed liner lock has a jimped liner for a tough construction. You can carry the knife either tip-up or tip-down in your left or right hand, a convenient feature complemented by the 4-way pocket clip.
  • The skeletonized liners increase the handle’s strength and rigidity yet they keep the knife lightweight and sleek. You can maintain a firm grip on the black G-10 laminate handle, yet you will not grow prematurely tired from cutting with the knife. You may even use several grip options depending on which ones you’re most comfortable with for a certain task. 

What we didn't like

  • The ergonomics could use some refinement, especially the relatively shallow finger choil.

The Dragonfly2 is your best choice for an urban EDC knife, especially if you’re the friendly handyman in your home or office. You will find that this compact folding knife has the right size for urban warriors who want more handle control and force applied on the knife for various cutting tasks.

What we liked

  • The knife is on the small and thin side, but that’s a good thing because it’s lightweight, too. You can place it in the pocket of your jeans, perhaps along with your smartphone, and forget that it’s even there.
  • The ZDP-189 comes sharp out of the box, too, although this blade may not be suitable for hard surfaces—the steel can snap or chip. You can use a full hand grip thanks to the serrated edges on its top and bottom, which means your fingers are in little danger of sliding towards the sharp blade. You may use it for everyday tasks despite its relatively short 2.25” blade—not to mention that it’s legal to carry in most states.
  • The skeletonized full liner adds to the strength of the knife while still keeping it lightweight. The design also makes it suitable for both left-handed and right-handed use.
  • The fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle makes it easy to maintain a firm grip while using this knife. You can even use it with damp hands because of the bi-directional textured pattern.
  • The color options are a nice addition—my vote goes to the dark forest green, a refreshing change from the usual black handle. 

What we didn't like

  • One-handed closing can be slightly awkward due to its back lock design, but the one-handed opening makes up for it.

First introduced in 1990, the Delica series combined one-handed opening and closing with exceptional performance and lightweight quality, at an affordable price. Over the years, Spyderco made many improvements to the original design to give us one of the best EDC knives.

The Delica4 is obviously the fourth iteration in the series. We love that it has a razor-sharp refined steel blade coupled with an easy-to-clean screw-together construction. 

What we liked

  • The fiberglass reinforced nylon handle features the company’s bi-directional non-slip texturing design. You can choose from several colors in the handle. Your fingers can rest comfortably on the jimping on top of the blade, especially as it ensures easy handling and a secure grip.
  • The razor-sharp VG-10 blade is perfectly centered, and it’s also under three inches for legal carry in most areas. The flat grind on the blade makes it suitable for various cutting tasks in the home and office, while its crosshatched jimping along its spine adds to the firm grip. We love that it has no blade play in any direction.
  • Its blade deployment is one of the fastest among fixed blade Spyderco knives! You will like the one-handed operation, although more force may be required than with the other EDC knives on our list. 

What we didn't like

  • The finish on the thumb hole isn’t up to par. You may want to smooth it out using a 1000-grit sandpaper so it will not cause injuries to your skin or nails.

The Manix 2 and Tenacious have the same dimensions, especially in length, but the latter is heavier by nearly an ounce. The lighter weight of the Manix 2 comes from the full liners, hollow saber grind, and the CPM S30V steel blade, arguably the best blade material used in Spyderco EDC knives.

What we liked

  • The knife has a solid build, sharp blade, and full metal liners. We like the Torx screw located at the pivot, which allows for adjustments.
  • The caged ball bearing lock requires greater force in engaging and disengaging, but we like it nonetheless, because a stronger spring also means stronger build—you won’t have to worry about the blade accidentally opening in your pocket. Also, the stiff feel when opening the blade eventually becomes smoother after a few uses.
  • The knife has a deep carry pocket clip so you can discreetly carry it in your pocket. However, it’s also wider than most, so you may have an issue with it.
  • The Carpenter DB1 steel blade has a solid and sturdy feel about it, and it’s also rigid enough that there’s little play when it’s in use. 

What we didn't like

  • The wider blade and pin construction could be an issue for some people.

We like to call the Sage Carbon a “sharp knife” in both the literal and figurative sense. The exceptional fit and finish coupled with its excellent craftsmanship belies its functionality! I like to use this knife for small and large jobs in and around the house, but it’s also useful in the office due to its folding knife design.

This is a true-blue working man’s folding knife that can be concealed in a pocket. The 4” length when closed is large enough for most people, while its 3.2 ounce weight makes it perfect for gentlemen. 

What we liked

  • The knife has an understated yet elegant look. You will not hesitate to show it to your friends when you’re cutting through paper, rope, and food because it’s just so stylish.
  • The CPF-S30V steel blade, the focus of the knife, has a spear-point shape with fully flat ground style for precision cutting. You can even use this knife to shave your hair in case a razor isn’t available, while its open back design means easy cleaning afterwards. Your ceramic sharpening stone will not see much use considering that the blade holds its edge far longer.
  • The liner lock ensures that there’s little to no play from the blade even after years of use. The handle is made from G-10 with carbon fiber,making it strong and sturdy, and it’s alsodesigned with a textured surface for firm handling.
  • We appreciate Spyderco’s attention to detail with the incredibly smooth locking mechanism, which will also keep the knife safely sealed away in your pocket.
  • The jimping on the blade’s top is also excellent. The 50/50 finger choil on the blade position contributes to the sturdier grip.

What we didn't like

  • There’s only tip-up carry.

Final Verdict

The best Spyderco EDC knives all have the same qualities that we look for in a working man’s knife—they are functional, durable, and beautiful! These are knives that are as sharp as you need them to be, yet they also have features that allow for easy re-sharpening and cleaning, when necessary.

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