Best Tackle Boxes For 2020 – Fisherman’s Top Choices Compared

Imagine going on a fishing expedition without a tackle box? Carrying fishing rods, hooks and line can be easy but when it comes to lures, baits and other tools, it can be difficult if you don't have the best tackle box.

Tackle boxes are very versatile. Not only can you use them when you go fishing but also for other purposes like storing first aid kit. There are some tackle bags you can use when you go camping, hiking, cycling or mountaineering.

To make your fishing trip more organized, here are top tackle boxes and bags that any passionate angler will appreciate.

Comparison of 8 Best Tackle Boxes 


Box Name

Weight (pounds)

Dimensions (inches)



24 x 12 x 12


13.39 x 14.57 x 4.72


18.5 x 17 x 8.5


15.2 x 9.5 x 17.5


8 x 13 x 6


10 x 7 x 4.8

2 pounds

15.5 x 8.8 x 8.2

1.1 pounds

9 x 4.8 x 1.2

Reviews of 8 Best Tackle Boxes 

1. Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box

If you're a fishing enthusiast, you need a high-quality tackle box before you hit the water.

The Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box will be the best choice for you. Don't step foot into your boat without it.

Nothing beats a good fishing day like a tackle box that fulfills all of your needs on cue. This Ready 2Fish tackle box is all that.

It comes with two trays. They have 136pieces of assorted tackle. Not only is this convenient, but highly efficient

This is a traditional Read 2 Fish tackle. It has all you need to carry your tackle like disgorgers, weights, swivels, and floats.

This tackle box is made by Plano that features one or more trays. They come with jigs, hooks, and sinkers. This makes the tackle box a must have for fishing excursions.

If you're a newbie, a fishing guide is included with the tackle box. It has handy tips for you or for those fishermen who are pros.


  • Made for every fishing enthusiast
  • Comes with two trays
  • Comes complete with 136pieces of assorted tackle
  • Has all you need for your fishing excursion
  • Fishing guide with all the tricks


  • Made from plastic
  • Complaints of the assorted tackle being low quality

When you're outdoors fishing, hiking, camping, cycling or mountaineering, you need a tackle bag that's lightweight enough that won't slow you down. This Piscifun Sports Shoulder Bag is as efficient as you will want it to be.

This tackle bag has a lot of compartments you can use to organize your stuff. It has a super convenient sized main bag for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Its smaller front bag can carry your phone, MP3 player, keys, money or makeup.

The Piscifun Sports tackle bag is made from 1000D waterproof Nylon material. This makes it a perfect companion for use in any activity. It also has an adjustable padded ergonomic single strap for extra comfort.

There are three plastic attachment loops you can hook to a carbineer when all the pockets aren't enough. The safety of your gear is guaranteed with this bag. This is because all the sides of the main pocket are padded for extra protection.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Has a lot of compartments for storage or men's and women's stuff
  • Made from 1000D waterproof Nylon material
  • 3 plastic attachment loops
  • Adjustable padded strap for extra comfort


  • Small for carrying a lot of tackle
  • It has an off putting smell

If you're planning on taking a long weekend out in the water or the shores fishing or camping, you need this Wild River WT3604 Tackle bag. It's made to last you through those camping days whether it's sunny, rainy or foggy.

If you like fishing in low light conditions, this bag has got you covered. With its integrated LED light system, you can fish from dusk to dawn.

This tackle bag comes with a lower tray compartment storage. It can hold up to 4medium #3600 style trays. The front pocket cover folds down to provide a handy work surface. This provides for loads of storage space.

The tackle bag comes with a protective rain cover. It can be quickly deployed to keep the contents of your bag safe. It has permanently mounted molded sunglass holder keeps your glasses safe. While the removable plier holder goes from bag to belt so that your pliers are easy to find. It large adjustable padded shoulder straps offer comfort.


  • LED integrated light system
  • Lower tray compartment and other pockets for a lot of storage space
  • Comes with a protective rain cover
  • Its permanently mounted molded sunglass protects your glasses
  • Adjustable padded shoulder offers comfort


  • Complaints of the tackle bag being heavy
  • Complaints of the zippers being flimsy

If you're experienced in fishing, quick access to bait or lure is an important necessity.

Having a tackle bag like the Wild River 3606 Multi-tackle large backpack is a must. It features innovation and quick access a fisherman requires.

If you're looking for a tackle bag with loads of storage space, this is the bag for you.

The large upper storage area has a removable divider. It converts the backpack for the storage of larger items. The lower tray also fits 4 trays of #3600style trays.

With its large adjustable shoulder straps, you can resize it to fit the length you want. An added sternum strap allows for better comfort and fit.

The front pocket cover folds down to provide you with a handy work surface. For easy visibility of your lure and other essentials, this bag has a clear internal pocket to store maps and licenses visible and cell phone dry.


  • Has plenty of storage
  • Fits 4 #3600style trays
  • Large adjustable shoulder straps for versatility and comfort
  • Front pocket folds down
  • Clear internal pocket to keep maps and essential visible and dry


  • Not sturdy enough for a lot of tackle
  • Complaints of the zippers being flimsy

If you're looking for a tackle bag that will be able to carry all of your tackle while at the same time being lightweight, you're in the right place. This Wild River WT3505 Convertible Tackle is all you need.

It comes with a removable LED light with a flexible neck. This allows for fishing in low-light conditions. This offers a lot of convenience.

With its tray compartment, you can store up to 5large #3700 style trays. The additional storage pockets are able to hold a variety of tools and parts. Its removable self-retracting steel cable lanyard can hold clippers or small tools. The removable plier holder makes it easy to find your pliers

The mesh pockets of this Wild River WT3505 bag allow for easy viewing. The clear internal pocket keeps your maps and licenses visible but dry.

You'll be able to carry the bag with its adjustable shoulder strap that easily converts to a waist belt. It fits 29 inch to 46 inch waists.


  • Removable LED light with flexible neck
  • Tray compartment for loads of storage space
  • Removable self-retracting steel cable and plier holder
  • Clear internal pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder strap


  • Only useful for small tackle
  • Complaints of the plier holder falling off

When aboard a boat, there are risks involved like high waves and tides. They may interfere with your lure and baits. This is the reason you need the MTM Survivor Dry Box tackle box. Just as its name suggests it's a survivor.

This is the first tackle box with this interesting feature. It has a rugged construction. This means that it has been designed for extreme conditions making it an ideal geocaching container

This MTM Survivor is a dry storage tackle box. It's perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts sized for backpacks and gear bags

For it to be a ‘survivor' tackle box, it's water resistant with a triple latch with O-ring seal. It comes in two colors for you to choose from.

The box is a lanyard and shoulder strap capable and a padlock tabbed. With its built-in compass and signaling mirror, you can easily navigate the waters


  • Rugged construction for extreme conditions
  • Dry storage tackle box
  • Water resistant
  • Triple latch with O-ring seal
  • Has a built-in compass and signaling mirror


  • It doesn't have a handleIt's too big for smaller tackle

If you're looking for efficiency in a tackle box, this Flambeau Tackle is a classic one. It features a Drawtite latch with a tip-guard that provides support.

With up to 37 compartments, you can easily store or transport your items in their best condition. This makes it one of the best tackle boxes in the market.

Tools are best kept in their original states for them to work properly. This Flambeau Tackle box has a tongue and groove construction between the lid and the base that makes the box water resistant and fits precisely.

To get a tackle box that can fit so many tools and materials at once is good news. With this Flambeau Tackle Box, you'll get three folding trays. This allows you to store a variety of tools and materials at the same time for your convenience.

With the folding handle of this Flambeau Tackle Box, it will make storage easier and quicker. The oversize latch of the box allows for more support and convenience.


  • Comes with up to 37compartments
  • Comes with three folding trays
  • Tongue and groove rim construction for ultimate precision
  • Has a folding handle for easy storage
  • It's oversize latch provides additional support


  • It's made from plastic
  • When the trays are filled the box tips over

If you like fishing, whether as a sport or source of income, you need this Tackle Bag – Berkley tackle box. It allows you to organize your lures, baits or other fishing accessories.

It comes with two trays that fit in the padded interior which also acts as a buffer for your equipment and materials.

With its zippered front and side pockets, the bag has a lot of storage space.

Complete with the easy-access side mesh compartments, loads of storage options are guaranteed.

To ensure that your fishing equipment are securely locked in the bag, this Berkley tackle bag comes with an interesting feature. Its front pouch has a hook-and-loop closure. This allows for tools and equipment to securely fit in the bag

For even more convenience, the bag has a removable padded shoulder strap. This allows for versatility and comfort when in use. You can also choose to use it briefcase style or carry it on your shoulder. The strap can also be adjusted for even more convenience.


  • Comes with two trays
  • Has a padded interior that acts as a buffer
  • Its zippered front and side pockets allow loads of storage options
  • Front pouch has a hook-and-loop closure
  • Removable padded shoulder strap


  • It's a small tackle bag useful for beginners
  • The trays are made from plastic

How to Choose the Best Tackle Box

Tackle boxes are necessities to everyone out there. You, therefore, need to think about a few issues before you settle on one tackle box.


This is the basis of every tackle box. The best tackle boxes/bags have dimensions that are meant to guide your purchase. If you're an experienced fisherman who uses large lures and baits, you'll need a bigger tackle box. If you use small/minimal lure and bait, you'll need a smaller tackle box.

If you use your tackle box for sporting activities, you'll need a tackle bag. They are lightweight, easy to carry and also very convenient as they keep all your necessities at arm's length.

You also need to consider the method of transportation. If you will be in motion, you will need a lighter and smaller tackle box compared to if you'll be stationary.

Materials Used

Tackle boxes and bags are made from different materials each with their advantages and disadvantages. The best tackle boxes are supposed to be water resistant especially when in use in the open water. This protects your lure, bait, and other tools from damage.

The best tackle bags are also supposed to be water resistant. This helps to keep your necessities like keys, maps, licenses or phones dry.

The tackle boxes/bags should be made from high-grade plastic so that they last for a while. Before you buy any tackle box, ensure that it will give you value for your money.

What Are Your Fishing Needs?

This is also a determinant for choosing the best tackle box. If you're relatively new to fishing, you may need to buy a smaller and cheaper tackle box. This is because you'd still be finding your ground. If you're experienced, you can go for the bigger more sophisticated ones that will be convenient for you.

If you do fishing as a sport, you may need a tackle box with soft material. They come in backpacks or sling bags. You can then use them for other outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, mountaineering, rock climbing and camping.

Amount of Space

This factor is directly intertwined with all the above factors. The bigger the tackle box, the more the space. If you're experienced in fishing, you will need a spacious tackle box. Not only will this be convenient but will also save you a lot of time and money.

If you use your tackle box/bag for other activities like hiking, you may need one with minimal space. This is because space will dictate how big or small a tackle box/bag is. And for activities like hiking and mountaineering, you will need a lightweight tackle box/bag.

Type of Tackle Box

Tackle boxes are different in shapes and weights. Each of them with its own advantages and disadvantages. The trunk type tackle boxes are most common among fishermen as they are spacious and versatile.

Another type is the tackle bag. They are smaller and more lightweight. They also take little space during storage.

There are also tackle boxes with trays and there are those with pockets. This is a personal preference. Depending on what you use it for, choose one that will make your work easier.

Final Verdict

Fishing is an interesting sport, you, however, need a tackle box. Otherwise, how will you carry your tackle around? If you're in the market for a tackle box, I'd recommend any of the above discussed.

They are as functional as described. You should, however, put a few things into consideration before you settle on one.

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