Best Towable Tubes in 2020 – Top Selections For Your Water Sport!

One of the greatest parts about summer time is being out on the water. There are few things more relaxing and liberating than being out on the boat with your friends and family. All you have are clear waters, and beautiful skies to enjoy, with the perfect weather for swimming and water sports.

Owning a boat or being out on a boat probably means that you have been tubing at some point. Tubing is a fun and relaxing way to enjoy the lake or the river during the summer. What makes tubing the best is having the right people on your tube, a good driver, and having a high-quality tube to ride on.

That being said, today we are going to look at some of the top-performing and best quality towable tubes that you can use on your boat in 2020.

5 Best Towable Tubes - Comparisons


Product Name

Primary Material




1 - 4 Riders


1 Rider

Heavy-Gauge PVC

3 Riders

30 Gauge PVC

2 Riders


1 - 4 Riders

Reviews of Best Towable Tubes

This uniquely designed tube has a lot to offer from it’s backrest and front riser construction to durable design.

 We really like that this tube has the ability to attach the tow to either the front or back for totally different riding experiences.

 It is equipped with tons of handles that won’t beat up your hands and knuckles and plenty of foam padding so that you are comfortable and protected.


  • This unique tube can be quickly inflated and deflated with its patented speed safety valves, making it incredibly easy to get this tube on our off the water. 
  • Another cool aspect about this tube is that it has towing attachment points on the front and back of the tube. That gives you the option for two totally different riding experiences. 
  • This tube is equipped with a thick and durable nylon cover to make your tube last for years of summers to come 
  • This tube also features a zipper and EVA foam padding to give you the most comfortable tube ride possible
  • What’s different about this tube from traditional tubes is that it is made with a unique backrest and front riser construction, which makes you feel like you are sitting back in a roller coaster. 
  • You also have tons of options for grab handles with knuckle guards, so that you can hang on tight without hurting your hands. 


  • The seals inside the valves can blow out and make it difficult to fill your tube
  • Since it is prone to leaking, you really need to make sure that you fill it full with each use

This tube has a really cool double cockpit design that is perfect for two riders.

The bladder of this tube is made from heavy gauge PVC and the cover is made of double stitched neoprene, so you know that this tube is built to last.

It provides comfortable, nestled, inflated seat cockpits for both riders for a totally different riding experience, and features for grips so you can hang on tight. The grips feature knuckle guards so that you don’t bang up your hands while tubing.


  • This tube is made of the highest quality materials and is tested for durability, so that you know you are getting a tough and long-lasting tube
  • This tube is great for people of all age, from kids to adults
  • This tube features a cool double cockpit design so that both riders are comfortably nestled in their seats, which provides for a totally different riding experience
  • Instead of having a flat material or nylon bottom, which can get uncomfortable for the rider, this tube is fitted with an inflatable bottom to make the rider or riders as comfortable as possible
  • The bladder of this tube is made from heavy gauge PVC for ultimate durability, and a double stitched nylon cover that can take a beating while you are tubing
  • This tube is also fitted with four thick handles, all covered with neoprene knuckle guards, to make sure that you don’t wreck your hands while holding on. 


  • It is almost inevitable that water will get caught in the seating area, and may give the tube the appearance that it has a leak
  • With a lot of use, you may begin to notice that the stitching starts to come out of the cover

The G-force 3 tube is built for speed and the company of three riders. It is super durable and tested for durability so that you know it will last.

 This tube was designed for speed and performance, and has the grips and layout that 3 riders can comfortably ride at one time.


  • The airhead G-force 3 is what you would imagine a multiple person extreme tube to look like
  • This tube is made with high quality materials and tested for durability so that you can enjoy this fun tube this summer, and years of summers on the water
  • This design is perfect for both adults and kids
  • The other aspect of this tube that we really like is that it is designed to accommodate three riders, not just two
  • It has six neoprene knuckle guards for the riders to grip on to
  • It has a speed safety Boston valve for quick inflating and deflating, so it is easy to get on and off the water


  • Unfortunately, this tube is too small to fit three full grown teens or adults
  • You may have to only use two riders if you are towing older riders

This is yet another classic performing, durable, two person tube. It has plenty of knuckle guarded grips so that you can always find a comfortable position.

This tube has a Boston valve for the quickest and easiest in inflating and deflating your tube.

This model also has an incredibly durable PVC interior and nylon exterior to hold onto air and prevent damage to your tube.


  • The Super Screamer tube is another classic, durable tube design that is fun for the whole family
  • It has a quick connect tow hook so that you can be tubing in a matter of minutes
  • It is equipped with a high quality Boston valve for quick and easy inflating and deflating
  • This tube is built to last with a 26 gauge PVC interior and a 420 D nylon cover for hundreds of tubing adventures to come
  • This tube even comes with a one year limited warranty, so if anything would happen to it you can cash in on that
  • It also has 6 handles with knuckle guards to make it easy and comfortable for the rider to hold on. 


  • This tube can be prone to developing strange air pockets that can make it oddly shaped and uncomfortable

This tube is built for extreme tubing and performance. Though it bears striking resemblance to the SportsStuff 53-2223, there are definitely some features on this tube that make it different.

This tube features a large sunken cockpit for multiple riders, and offers plenty of knuckle guard grips. That way, you and the tubing passengers have a lot of options for hanging on, without having to worry about banging up your hands.

What any boat owner would love about this tube is that it is designed to have less drag, which gives your boat and tube both a smoother ride, while helping the fuel economy of the boat.


  • This is yet another stellar tube design that has both front and back tow points so that you can have two totally different riding experiences
  • This design features a deep cockpit with a high back rest riser for the most extreme and high-performance riding experience on the water
  • This model has a durable full nylon cover with heavy zippers so you can get years of use out of this high-performance tube
  • This tube is also fitted with a ton of double webbing foam handles with knuckle guards, so that you always have a place to hang on tight while you are tubing. 
  • The knuckle guards give you the ability to hang onto your tube tight without banging up your hands
  • The drop speed bottom that this tube is designed with helps your boat by giving you more fuel efficient towing with less drag
  • What’s even sweeter is that it comes with a 4k 11 inch aluminum tow connector, so that you don’t have to worry about getting one separate from your tube


  • This tube is not equipped with Boston valves, but it still holds air pretty well
  • Great for kids, but keep in mind that you will have less space and potentially more drag when towing adults

How to Choose the Best Towable Tube

So now that we have looked at a variety of the best tubes in 2020, how do you go about choosing the best tube for you?

1) How Many Riders?

How many riders are you typically going to be having on your tube at once? If you are used to having large parties on your boat and on the tube, you may want to opt for one of the bigger designs with the high rise backrests. If you are used to less people, you have your choice of the gamut of tubes.

2) Kids, Adults, or Both?

Are most of your passengers kids or adults? Maybe you have a combination of both riders on the tube at once. This will also dictate how large of a tube that you need to get.

3) What Kind of Riding Experience Do You Want?

As you can see from this review, there are several different tube designs that you can choose from. The choice of tube that you want all depends on the kind of riding experience that you like best. Most of that decision is answered in if you would rather lay on your stomach or sit.

4) Quality Design

Make sure that your tube is made with a quality interior and exterior and that the materials are tested. That will help make sure that you get a durable tube that will hold air, resist leaks, and last for more than a couple of summers.

5) Accessories and Features

What kind of accessories and features do you want with your tube? Take a look at the aspects of it like

  • Zippers
  • Valve design
  • Handles
  • Knuckle guards
  • and towing accessories.

Final Verdict

So at the end of this tube review, which did we think deserve the title of the best tube on the water? In our expertise, the SportStuff Super Mable Towable is the model that takes the cake.

It has an awesome design with an elevated backrest, high durability, and plenty enough room and grip options for a variety of riders.

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