4 Best Towable Tubes For Boating [Pontoon & Jet Ski]

You can’t beat the excitement of tubbing out on the open water. It’s a fun-filled activity that’s great for the entire family. However, tubes aren’t cheap, and we know that you want to get the most for your money. You also want something safe and reliable.

We reviewed countable towable tubes and determined that the Airhead Super Mable, 1-3 Rider Towable Tube for Boating is the leading product on the market. This tube can accommodate three riders, features 16 handles, and boats a double-stitched nylon cover.

We also hand-picked three other tubes that we believe are excellent alternatives. Here’s a look at each tube’s key features.

Want to learn more about the best towable tubes? Keep reading and check out our buying guide and the most frequently asked questions.

Top Towable Tubes For Boating

1.Airhead Super Mable, 1-3 Rider Towable Tube for Boating – The Best Overall

The all-time best product is the Airhead Super Mable, 1-3 Rider Towable Tube for Boating. This tube is an excellent pick for those who have a large crowd to entertain. And since the tube has a backing (similar to a couch), it’s relatively comfortable. Moreover, you can often get the tube at a discount during certain times of the year. If you value speed, comfortability, and durability, then this tube is the perfect fit.


This tube features a thoughtful design that makes it stand out from the crowd. Its neon-orange color makes it easily visible, whether you’re tubing in a lake or ocean. Moreover, it has three black seating pads for maximum comfortability (great for when you’re in choppy water). The side cushions are tall and keep both kids and adults from falling out of the tube. We also love that this tube has approximately 16 handles – you’ll never need to fight for hand room! Altogether, you beat this tube’s design.


Airhead takes safety seriously. Firstly, the tube’s color mirrors that of a traffic cone – it’s easy to spot from a distance. Furthermore, it has a speed safety valve that effortlessly inflates and deflates. There’s also ample space, which means the riders won’t slam into one another. Not only that, but the tube features an aluminum quick connect, which is safe and convenient. According to reviewers, the tube doesn’t easily tip (thanks to its design), and it’s “very safe.” Individuals of all ages can enjoy this fun towable tube.


When you shell out a couple of hundred dollars for a tube, you don’t want something easy to puncture. Fortunately, the Airhead Super Mable, 1-3 Rider Towable Tube for Boating has a double-stitched nylon cover that protects it from the elements. In addition, the handles boast various layers of webbing to ensure that they’re safely secured to the tube. With a K80 PVC bladder, you’ll surely get a lot of use out of this tube. As a bonus, the tube comes with a one-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects.

Ease of Use

Airhead says you’ll spend “more time on the water” and less time “worrying about setup” with its 1-3 rider towable tube. We found that statement accurate based on numerous reviews. Many customers claim that the tube is easy to inflate and connect to your boat.

What We Like

  • Comfortably fits three people
  • Comes with a heavy-duty nylon cover
  • Comes with a Kwik-Connect Rope
  • The design features tons of handles
  • Features a bright orange design that’s easy to spot

What We Don’t Like

  • Some reviewers say the tube doesn’t accommodate three adults
  • The color might fade if you don’t store the tube properly

2.Airhead G-Force Towable Tube for Boating – The Cheapest, Great For Jet Ski Towing

The second product to make our list is the Airhead G-Force Towable Tube for Boating. You can purchase this tube in three sizes, 1-2 rider, 1-3 rider, and 1-4 rider. The tube comes in green, blue, and red, depending on the size. With an average rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon, it’s clear that many customers are delighted with the quality and durability of this tube. Although number one on our list is also by Airhead, the critical difference is that this is a tube you lie down on when riding.


Depending on the size you purchase, this tube can accommodate anywhere from one to four riders. However, the tube provides more thrill because it doesn’t have inflated sides to catch you from falling. Nevertheless, reviews say that the tube has “ample” space and that it’s difficult to knock riders off the tube. You probably can’t fit four grown adults on this tube, but we’re confident that two can fit comfortably.


As you saw in our number one product, safety is one of Airhead’s top priorities. This tube has padded handles that help you secure your grip. Not only that, but the soft handles also help you avoid blisters. The tube’s bolster fins do a great job when it comes to keeping riders out of the water. Most parents have no hesitation putting their kids on this tube, thanks to its numerous safety features.

Speed and Thrill

Airhead doesn’t call this tube “G-Force” for nothing. Even though it’s safe, you still have to make an effort to stay on the tube. Furthermore, the cockpit-style tube has a topside fin that stabilizes the tube, helping riders avoid flipping when they hit large waves. Nevertheless, reviewers say the “best” part about this tube is the thrill when you hit higher speeds. You can keep your mind at ease knowing that Airhead designed this tube with safety as a priority.


The tube boats an 840-denier nylon cover that helps it withstand the forces of nature. Also, the handles feature neoprene – you’ll never have to worry about them detaching. The tube weighs 32 pounds and is easy to haul inside and store during the winter. And like other Airhead products, this tube comes with a one-year warranty that protects from manufacturer defects. You can expect this tube to last for many years provided you care for it properly.

What We Like

  • Can hold up to four people
  • Comes in three colors
  • Features long-lasting nylon and padded handles
  • Has a bolster fin that helps keep passengers out of the water
  • Provides maximum entertainment without sacrificing safety

What We Don’t Like

  • Some reviewers say that the tube doesn’t work well at slow speeds
  • The tube’s weight limit might only be able to accommodate two adults

3.Wow World of Watersports 13-1010, Big Bazooka – The Best for Tricks

At first glance, the Wow World of Watersports 13-1010, Big Bazooka looks like a hot dog with wings. As a “deck tube,” you can do various tricks if you’re the daring type. Although the tube can accommodate three riders, you’ll want to go solo if you plan on testing your skills. We decided to rank this tube as number three because of its 4.5-star rating. Although it has heaps of positive reviews, the tubes by Airhead have a slightly higher rating. Nevertheless, this product is an excellent choice, especially if you’re a daredevil.

Versatile Design

We love that this tube gives you the ability to ride in multiple positions – lying down, kneeling, or even standing. With a standard tube, it’s not easy to stand or attempt tricks without falling into the water. What’s even better is that this tube has ten durable handles that boast wedding foam; you won’t get sore hands while maintaining a firm grip.


Most tubes simply move in the same direction as the boat. However, the Big Bazooka has a patented Flex-Wing system that lets you steer the tube. Mind you, steering is a bit challenging if multiple people are on the tube. However, if you’re riding solo, you can easily position yourself in the middle and use the wings to navigate the tube.


You won’t have to worry about this tube deflating mid-ride. The tube features a durable PVC bladder paired with strong valve covers. WOW Sports has sold this product for over twenty years and has continued to make improvements to enhance the tube’s longevity. And like most competing products on Amazon, you’ll get a one-year warranty in case there are any defects. According to customers, the tube is “tough,” and they expect to use it for “several seasons.” If you use the tube as instructed, you can enjoy it for years.


You can do tricks while riding this tube, but that doesn’t make it any less safe. In fact, the tube has a proprietary design that prohibits two-way inflation. Furthermore, there are valve locks that keep the tube from deflating. The Big Bazooka’s EVA foam padding helps keep riders comfortable and avoid injuries caused by large waves. Overall, the tube boasts a design that can handle high speeds safely.

What We Like

  • Comes with a proprietary Flex-Wing system
  • Includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Has ten webbing-foam handles
  • Built with extra padding for maximum comfortability
  • Easy to set up and inflate

What We Don’t Like

  • Some reviewers say the tube is smaller in-person
  • The tube becomes less stable with more riders

4.Sportsstuff Charriot Warbird Towable Tube for Boating– The Most Durable

The last tube to make our list is the Sportsstuff Charriot Warbird Towable Tube for Boating. You can purchase this product in various styles: 1-2 rider, 1-2 rider Chariot Warbird/Booster Ball Bundle, and 1-3 rider. Although this tube isn’t as popular as others, it’s still a great choice if you’re looking for a heavy-duty tube that’s both safe and fun. The tube currently has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon, with the most customers saying it’s a “great tube.” If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll receive free delivery.

Comfortable Design

This tube features a “couch-like” design that’s somewhat similar to the Airhead Super Mable. You might not get as much thrill as the Big Bazooka, but you won’t have to worry about falling off (if you hold on, that is). We love that this tube has durable neoprene handles as well generous space for a few riders. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of added protection to soften the impact of large waves.


There’s a speedy safety valve that makes it simple to inflate and deflate the tube. Furthermore, there’s an extremely low risk of the tube deflating while you’re using it since it has a safety lock. The tube’s inflatable sides help secure riders, enabling them to enjoy a smooth yet safe experience on the water.

Unique Riding Experience

This Warbird Towable tube stands out because it has dual tow points, meaning you can pull the tube from different angles. It’s also essential to note that Airhead manufactures this tube; however, Sportsstuff is the principal online retailer. Therefore, you can enjoy Airhead’s propriety features, including the Kwik-Connect rope connection system. On the same token, you get a product from a longstanding brand that makes some of the best tubes on the market.


Like the other tubes on our list, this product comes with a one-year limited warranty. According to the reviews on Amazon, the tube features “heavy-duty” construction with “high-quality” bladders. The tube boasts a 100% nylon cover that can withstand even the roughest waters. And at a weight of 56 pounds, it’s one of the larger tubes on our list. Even though this tube isn’t the best choice if you’re looking to do extravagant tricks, you can enjoy a smooth ride without worrying about rips and holes.

What We Like

  • The tube can hold up to three riders, depending on the size
  • There’s a patented Kwik-Connect system
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Features durable nylon covering
  • You can tow the tube from multiple angles

What We Don’t Like

  • Some reviewers reported damage upon receiving the tub
  • There’s no extra padding to protect you from waves


What to Look For in a Towable Tube

Are you looking to buy a tube to take out on the water? Here’s a list of the most critical factors you should look for before you purchase a tube.

Safety Features

Because of the tubing’s nature, the tube must have key safety components. For example, you should look for a tub with ample cushioning to prevent injury. Moreover, the tube should have mechanisms that keep it from deflating while it’s out on the water. Always read the product reviews; don’t just rely on what the retailer says about the tube.

Durable Material

Since tubes cost a couple of hundred dollars, it’s a no-brainer to buy one with durable and long-lasting materials.  Most tubes feature nylon because it’s an ultra-durable and robust material. It’s also waterproof, making it the go-to for tube manufacturers. However, you might want to consider buying a tube with multiple layers of nylon for extra peace of mind.


Unfortunately, tubes won’t last forever, but you should be able to use them for a couple of years at least. Since a tub isn’t cheap, it’s in your best interest to buy one that comes with a warranty. All the products we included in our list come with a one-year warranty, and we noticed that’s the common trend.

Adequate Size

If you have a family, you’ll want to buy a tube that can hold at least three to four people. Always be mindful of what the product listing says versus the reviews. Although a retailer might say a tube can hold four people, in reality, it might only accommodate four children (not adults).  You should also consider the number of handles it has – each person needs two!

Performance on the Water

All said and done, you want a tub that’s not only safe but also fun. You can generally decipher a tube’s performance on the water by reading the reviews. Some tubes are best for little kids that don’t want to run the risk of falling into the water. On the other hand, other tubes suit daredevils who wish to attempt tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about towable tubes? Take a look at the most frequently asked questions.

How Much Does a Towable Tube Cost?

The price of a towable tube depends on the brand and size. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $600+ for a towable tube.

Are Towable Tubes Safe?

Yes, towable tubes are generally safe. However, the boat driver must be mindful of the riders and drive safely.

Can You Use a Towable Tube in the Ocean?

Yes, you can use a towable tube in the ocean, lakes, and rivers.

What Type of Boat Do You Need for a Towable Tube?

Most people use a speed boat or pontoon to pull a tube.


There’s a lot to consider when buying a towable tube, especially since you want the perfect blend of safety and entertainment. Ultimately, we believe that the Airhead Super Mable, 1-3 Rider Towable Tube for Boating is the best product on the market. The tub is highly affordable, super comfortable, and features high-quality, durable materials.

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