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Best Wood Stove On The Market in 2020 – Buying Guide With Reviews

Wood stoves allow us to stay green. You will be using readily available fuel for the stove. By doing so, we will be saving the world from chemical emissions that come from chemical fuels. Plus, the synthetic fuels require purchasing. Ideally, you will also be making savings that would otherwise cater for the chemical fuels. Carrying the fuel canisters do not offer any convenience. There always lies a risk that the fuel will spill.

With wood stoves, you get to have a care free experience. You can start looking for fuel right at the moment when you get the need to light a fire. Also during cold weather, you can use a wood stove as a fire place. You can then sit around the fire and tell stories. It is such fun.

Survivalist and backpackers will tell you that wood stoves are by far the best means to get warm. They are trendy and universal, so you will be using the stove while out for camping, fishing, or any adventure that you wish to undertake.

9 Best Wood Stoves - Comparisons


Product Name




356 pound

26 x 26.5 x 33

47 pound

17.75 x 11.75 x 16.25

2.07 pound

8.27 x 5 x 5

12 pound

10.5 x 10.5 x 10.5

0.56 pound

4.25 x 3.8 x 3.8

0.49 pound

4.1 x 4.4 x 4.4

0.06 pound

0.4 x 0.8 x 0.8

0.06 pound

5.2 x 5.2 x 3

400 pound

34 x 24 x 33

9 Best Wood Stoves in 2020 - Reviews

You will get the best qualities in this list of the top ten best wood stoves. They surpass all other models in close to every aspect. As a professional reviewer, I base my sentiments on research and facts.

1. Vogelzang TR009 Performer EPA Wood Stove

The Vogelzang TR009 Performer EPA Wood Stove introduces some elegance to your house. The design has pewter accents, a chrome trim, and a big viewing window. The big viewing window offers you a magnificent view of the fire.

This Vogelzang will efficiently heat up 2,200 square feet of your house. A one-time fuel is enough to last for 12 hours of burning.

It is made of heavy gauge, 3/16 inch, reinforced steel plates. Fire brick lining provides efficient heating. The door is of cast iron.

The pedestal base is sturdy and has ash drawer. The ash drawer enables for easy ash removal. At the front, there is a primary inlet that enables for lighting the stove. Once lit the secondary inlet continuously ignites the fuel from the top. The secondary inlet has three ignition tubes. The Vogelzang meets EPA requirements. Having emissions of 3.8g/hr, it meets the Washington State regulations for low emissions.


  • Meets State of Washington regulation for low emissions
  • Heats up an area of 2,200 square feet
  • Made from heavy gauge reinforced steel plates
  • Has firebrick lining
  • Meets EPA requirements
  • One fuel refill lasts for 12 hours


  • The glass gets dirty despite the self-cleaning feature (you can do it yourself)

The HQ ISSUE outdoor wood stove is a strong outdoor cooker. Guide gear uses strong galvanized steel with a high-temperature finish to construct this stove. The door is of tough cast iron.

It has easy to control vent holes. The vent holes help in temperature control. The galvanized steel and cast iron give the stove incredible ruggedness.

The HQ ISSUE stove is capable of both heating and cooking, which makes it perfect for camping, and other outdoor events. The manufacturer sees to it that the components of the stove detach. As such, the stove fits in itself and assumes a compact size. Compactness allows for easy and smooth transportation.

Proper ventilation makes for efficient fuel burning. I use the top platform to keep sauce and coffee hot. It has a well-built chimney to get rid of the smoke. Some people hack the chimney and extend it facilitating for use in a cabin while letting the smoke out.


  • Well-built chimney
  • Vent holes help with temperature control
  • Durable galvanized steel body
  • Capable of both heating and cooking
  • Fits in itself (assuming compactness for ease of transportation)


  • It is a bit heavy

Camping wood burning survival stove is an incredible innovative invention. It offers you survival tactics while out for camping. It burns vigorously, and capable of boiling a liter of oil in approximately four minutes.

After burning, it leaves little ash that offers for easy cleaning. The most innovative part of the camping wood burning survival stove is the USB charging system.

Powers smartphones and a whole range of USB rechargeable devices. A charging period of 20 minutes using the strong fire will last an hour of smart phone's talk time. It is an excellent power backup while you are in the woods.

This stove allows for smart lighting. To light the stove, you use an internal starter battery that helps kick start the fire. The design and choice of materials during construction gives durability. As long as you use dry wood, the stove will offer for a smokeless fire.


  • Internal battery starter
  • Offers for USB charging
  • Strong flame
  • Smokeless
  • Impressive design and manufacturing


  • Packs in some weight

Ecozoom uses light weight ceramic for the construction of the Ecozoom rocket stove. The ceramic acts an insulation, which makes for fuel efficiency and fast cook time.

The ceramic insulation is light weight and also abrasion resistant. The design is user-friendly easy to use, and clean up. It has three strong cast iron supports at the top.

These supports offset the pot to avoid extinguishing the flame. Assembly requires the installation of the base supports. The manufacturer provides for installation sockets making the installation process a snap.

It has painted sheet metal body that looks amazing and offers for durability. Also, you get the option to use the removable kiln bottom tile. You will get no trouble handling the Ecozoom rocket stove since the ceramic insulation keeps the body cool. The manufacturer provides for steel handles that plastic holding regions, you do not have to touch the body.


  • Ceramic insulation
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Painted sheets give a beautiful finish
  • Easy bottom support installation
  • Has handles
  • Easy to use and clean up


  • The only set back is that it smokes a little

Backpacker magazine and survivalists recommend this solo stove lite. They recommend it as the number one best wood stove. It is also an award winning stove for the gear of the year award, 2014. Let's see why all the praise and glory.

A patented design ensures for minimum smoke. The design features a double wall that facilitates for secondary combustion and ultra- clean gasification.

Complete combustion results in less smoke. No longer do you need the expensive fuel canisters that only contribute to environmental pollution. I would recommend that you also get the solo pot.

While carrying the stove along, the stove slides right into the 900 ml pot. The pot serves as a carrier and a cooking pot. Lightweight, the stove weighs only 9 oz. The lightweight design is all thanks to the premium stainless steel and nichrome wire. These materials offer for a strong and light weight stove unit.


  • Fast boil time
  • Compact design
  • Double wall construction offers for clean gasification and secondary combustion
  • Built to last (premium stainless steel)Fast boil time
  • An award winning wood stove


  • The manufacturer does not include the 900 ml pot

TOAKS titanium backpacking stove is another award winning stove, winning the industry outdoor award, 2015. The manufacturer makes it from an extra durable titanium material.

The titanium is sturdier than other materials and still maintains a lightweight construction. The TOAKS titanium stove fits into the TOAKS cook set ensuring for small storage print during travel.

This stove is very easy to use, which in itself is the making of an excellent wood stove. Also, this stove has a larger capacity than most of the other stove, allowing for better cooking without the frequent addition of fuel.

Assembling the stove is an exercise that takes not more than ten minutes. The titanium material is anti- rust. Rust tends to eat away structures thus weakening them, and reducing their ability to hold heavy weights. The 650 ml pot packs into the stove. The components pack in each other making for a sleek and easy fit into the provided orange nylon sack bag.


  • Orange nylon sack bag
  • Assembles easily
  • Fits into the TOAKS cook set for portability
  • Large fuel capacity
  • Rust proof
  • Thick, durable titanium
  • Lightweight


  • Requires cross bars when using smaller pots

You get a solid wood stove from Ohuhu. The stainless construction withstands heavy weight and high heat. The selection of construction materials makes the Ohuhu portable stove lightweight.

The manufacturer uses a compact design that is easily collapsible. A mesh carry bag comes in handy for moving the stove with you during the camping trips.

Nature offers an abundance of dried twigs, leaves, and pinecones; these are the products that the Ohuhu portable stoves use. This stove does not use chemical fuels, hence has no chemical emissions. As such it is true to say that the Ohuhu portable stainless steel stove is eco- friendly. It is also an economical stove as it is fueled by nature.

It has a three geared arm support base. So, however bad, the surface is, you will be able to able to establish stability that matches a countertop. At the bottom, the design has ventilation for air supply to the fuel. The design of this stove allows for even heat distribution. The Ohuhu stays cool, which facilitates moving the stove around when in use.


  • Design allows for even heat distribution
  • Three geared arm support system
  • Compact
  • It is collapsible
  • Eco-friendly
  • Mesh carry bag


  • The three support requires careful handling (being movable parts)

The camping wood burning survival stove is perfect for outdoor excursions. It weighs only 0.06 pounds hence extra light weight.

Also, it is easy to dismantle the stove allowing for easy packaging into a mesh carry bag, which offers for sleek, easy carriage. Do not get it wrong. Lightweight doesn't imply it is weak. It has great strength thanks to the high-density stainless material.

An ergonomic design gives for convenience and efficiency. The design withstands the extreme temperatures it generates. The pot supports are engraved with radians that glue the stove and the pot together for excellent stability.

The build of the camping wood burning survival stove is suitable for all terrains. It is a trendy stove that you can use for various outdoor excursions camping, fishing, mountaineering, and the whole range of outdoor activities. The built offer for excellent ventilation, and also shields the flame from wind.

After every use, all that remains is ash, no chemical residues. Mind you ash is a base hence enhances soils pH.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to dismantle
  • High-density stainless steel
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • No chemicals residues
  • Trendy


  • Needs you ensure that the fuel is dry

The Vogelzang TR007 Ponderosa will wow you with its large capacity and long burn time. It can hold up to 30 pounds of wood at a go. It has a burn time of 14 hours after one fuel refill.

At the bottom of the pedestal, it has a large ash drawer, which facilitates for easy ash removal.

It has a cat iron feed door, which features a large ceramic window that offers you a pleasant view of the fire. The glow of the fire also lights up the surroundings. This stove includes a variable, high-speed blower that helps keep the stove lite.

Reliability is a guarantee as the manufacturer uses heavy gauge, reinforced steel plates. It has low emissions and passes the safety tests. It is also EPA certified for being airtight. To improve on fuel efficiency and proper heat dissemination, it has a firebrick lining. It has a fuel efficiency of 82 %.


  • 82 % fuel efficiency
  • Firebrick lining
  • Large ash drawer
  • Large capacity that can accommodate up to 30 pounds of fuel
  • 14 hours burn time
  • EPA certified


  • It has no grate

How To Choose The Best Wood Stove

I use the following guidelines to make my choices. Use these factors to get the best of the wood stoves.

Fuel Capacity

Burn time also depends on the fuel capacity. The more the things you need to cook with the stove the larger the stove capacity should be. You can neglect the capacity but do not get bored to keep on refueling the stove.


Can the wood stove withstand some rough handling? The materials that the manufacturers use for construction will determine the answer to that question. The use of heavy duty materials makes for durability. With such a stove, you can afford accidentally stumbling upon it, and not lose your investment. These materials include stainless steel, titanium, and cast iron.


The main reason I choose wood stove over other stoves is that of going green. You might think you are going green while in the real sense you are not. Especially for stoves that we use for heating the house, the emission should be EPA allowable. Stoves that have high emissions might even trigger your fire alarm.


Wood stoves in general offer for excellent stability. You do not need to worry about an oil spillage. Still, some things facilitate portability further. Lightweight is the first of these things. A stove that you will often be taking out with you needs to be light weight. Also, the manufacturer should provide you with a carry bag.

A compact size also facilitates possibility. While the full assembly may not be compact, the stove should allow for easy dismantling to assume a compact size. Often manufacturers make stoves that fit together with their cook set.

Ease To Use

Ease of use will allow for hustle free lighting and cooking. Let us start with the lighting. The stove should not give you much trouble while lighting. Some stoves require you give yourself some time to learn the lighting craft.

Stoves for use in the house should have a blower that gives for easy lighting the wood. The other consideration is the supports. How well will the supports hold the pot? Some stoves have support with engraves to glue to the pot. The best wood stove also allows for temperature adjustments.

Fuel Efficiency

Despite the fact that sticks and twigs are readily available, do not settle on a stove that is not fuel efficient. Fuel efficiency determines the heat intensity. A fuel efficient stove will bring water to boil in a short time.

Burn time is also relative to fuel efficiency. Poor fuel efficiency is like squandering the fuel. On the other hand, fuel efficiency is the optimal use of the fuel that results in longer burn time. Fuel efficiency depends on the combustion system. A combustion system that has ventilations allows for complete combustion hence fuel efficiency.


Versatility here takes several dimensions. The first dimension is the suitability to a range of events fishing, camping, hiking, etc. The other dimension is the different applications that the stove is capable of. Wood stoves are the most versatile of the stoves.

Unless you are specific to a particular task, the wood stove should be capable of heating and cooking. Remember you can also use a wood stove as a miniature fire place. Wood stoves that are for heating the house should as well allow for versatility.

Look for a wood stove that on top of heating the house is capable of some heating and cooking. From above you will see models that incorporate a baking oven. These models make the most efficient use of the heat.


I cannot picture myself being an ambassador of a design that does not offer great aesthetics and functionality. Especially a stove that I will be using to keep the house warm, it has to complement the house décor. Well, do not overlook functionality in the name of looking for great aesthetics. Above you will see that all indoor models have a ceramic screen that offers a magnificent scene of the flames.

Final Verdict

Wood stoves are the best choice to keep warm, both when indoors and outdoors. They are the most convenient when away from home. Also, they are economical. Give me a reason that would make you disregard wood stoves, is it the soot? Well, then you have the wrong type of wood stove. The wood stove once properly lite will produce little to no soot. It could be you are using wet wood, in which case the smoking cannot stop.

The above-listed wood stoves have their uniqueness, but they share a bottom line. They are the top ten best wood stoves, a claim that I base on experimenting with different stoves and putting them on a scale. This list comprises of only the best. Determine what you require in a wood stove. I guarantee you that one of these stoves will perfectly match what you want.

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