Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Review

A household name among hunters, firearms enthusiasts, and outdoorsmen everywhere, Browning has an exceptional reputation for both quality and reliability. This also extends to their line of high-end trail cameras.

They are quite popular among wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, and those in need of concealed or covert security surveillance for their residence or vacation home. The pick of the litter is definitely the Strikeforce HD model.

The Strikeforce is not just built for excellence as far as Browning is concerned, but also by the majority of the trail camera user community and manufacturers. Honestly, many consider this trail came to be the standard by which other trail cams are judged in terms of quality and performance.

Let’s take a look at why this trail cam is not only popular but one of the best trail cameras for the money on the market today.


Detection and Trigger Speed


 When it comes to sensitivity and camera triggers peed, the Strikeforce definitely lives up to its name. There is only a 0.67-second delay between motion detection and image capture. Furthermore, the delay between images or image bursts is a mere 2.3 seconds, which is significantly faster than many other trail cams in its class.

Although the shutter is fast it is also noiseless, making this one of the best trail cameras for covert detection and observation. It also has an overall range of 70 feet at a very wide-ranging angle, allowing it to cover more ground in any lighting condition.

Additionally, when taking photos in night mode, the camera’s capture range increases to as much as 100 feet thanks to its black LEDs that eliminate red light emissions that can spook game animals when the camera activates.


10 Megapixel Resolution

The pictures produced by the Strikeforce’ 10-megapixel camera are consistently bright, vivid, and in focus every time. Even a fast-moving game is captured in sharp, blur-free images, regardless of whether or not it is shooting photos in daylight or low light conditions.

Nighttime photos are illuminated via infrared flash LEDs that produce zero red light to prevent game animals from beings spooked each time the camera activates. Browning also recommends that you mount your camera in well-lit areas to avoid blurry daytime shots, as placement in the shade.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the way that the Strikeforce records night time photo and video; all media will show up in black and white as opposed to color images. Night photos and videos are still crisp as can be, but many new users aren’t aware of this particular quirk for most trail cams.


Video Recording with Sound

A feature that is fantastic for those that enjoy observing wildlife in their natural habitat or who plan to use this camera for covert surveillance where they live or at a vacation home, the ability to record short video clips makes this an exceptionally versatile trail cam.

Videos can be as short as 5 seconds to as long as 2 minutes. You can also record sound via the omnidirectional microphone built into the trail cameras front panel, so you can listen as well as observe what’s going on in the hunting spots you are scouting for opening day or on days you are away from home.

The sound recording also helps you determine if there are more game animals nearby when only one is within the camera’s trigger zone. Keep in mind that videos are high resolution, so make sure you have a sufficient SD memory card to record longer videos if that’s your intended purpose for your Browning Strikeforce trail cam.


Easy to Use Interface/Battery Life

If there’s one thing people love about Browning trail cams, it is how easy they are to use. Setup with the included locking Python security cable ensures that your trail cam stays where you put it and prevents tampering or vandalism.

Strap it in place, wrap the cable, and lock it down. In addition to being easy to set up virtually anywhere. You won’t need to change out the batteries as often either. Pop in a fresh set of 6 AA batteries, and your trail cam will be good to go for pretty much a whole hunting season, or 10,000 images depending on how active your scouting location of choice is during that time of year.

Lithium batteries are highly recommended by the manufacturer and most hunting experts, as they tend to last much longer than standard alkaline batteries, and they are less affected by cold weather, too.

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Multiple Custom Programmable Camera Functions



Being able to program your trail camera the way you want is critical to getting the most out of your trail cam no matter who manufactures it or how much it costs. Fortunately, the Browning Strike Force is very easy to program and can be set up for multiple photos and video capture modes.

It has a burst mode for snapping up to 8 images per trigger within its activation zone, as well as what Browning calls Fire images, which is a much faster 6 shot burst. You can also set the capture to delay between 5 seconds and 2 minutes instead of triggering photos immediately, which works well for slow-moving and the skittish game that wanders by your trail cam.

Best of all though, you can program the Strikeforce for a time-lapse mode that allows you to capture images at regular intervals via timer instead of using motion triggering. Time-lapse makes it easier to snap photos of the game that would be too small or too far away to trigger the motion and heat sensor on their own.

Things We Liked

  • Fast trigger speed and fast recovery time (0.67 seconds/ 2.3 seconds)
  • Includes Python cable lock for security
  • Support for up to 32 GB SD cards

Things We Didn’t Like

  • SD card not included
  • No internal viewer
  • No built-in password protection on the camera itself



  • Q: Does the motion trigger detect small animals?
  • A: Yes, the motion trigger is sensitive enough to trigger on any movement, including blowing trees and branches, birds, raccoons, and even squirrels.

  • Q: Can this camera take photos and video at the same time?
  • A: No, the camera can be set to take short video clips or photos, but not both at the same time.

  • Q: Does this camera work with Mac/Apple computers?
  • A: Yes, all photos/videos are in universal JPEG/MPEG format, and can be read by any brand printer or computer.


Final Verdict

Hunters and outdoorsmen looking for a trail cam that does it all with dependability and high-quality photos need to look no further than Browning’s Strikeforce.

Between its wide range detection zone, high-quality images and video, and multiple customization options, this is a trail cam that delivers the goods without requiring a second mortgage.

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