Seriously Cool Backpacks To Carry Your Stuff In 2020!

As summer begins to slowly turn to autumn, parents and students alike are shopping for school supplies, electronics, and accessories to make the upcoming school year a success for everyone. The most important back to school accessory that often requires the most deliberation and consideration though is definitely the backpack.

After all, parents of young students want their child’s backpack to securely hold all their belongings to and from school so nothing is misplaced or lost, and older students want a waterproof bag that can stand up to the weather while protecting their personal electronics, textbooks, and notes.

In order to make choosing the right backpack out of the hundreds of designs available, we’ve compiled a list of the best backpacks that are stylish, sturdy, and most importantly won’t strain your budget. Take a look at what we have for you:

20 Cool Backpacks - Comparisons


Product Name

Primary Material

Different Colors






81% Polyester/19% Nylon


100% Polyester

Only Black



PU Leather






High Density Fabric

Only Black

Oxford Fabric




Quality Canvas


Nylon Fabric






High Density Fabric



Only Light Blue

Cotton Canvas


High Density Fabric

Only Black

High Density Fabric


Reviews of 20 Cool Backpacks

This is an air traveller’s ideal backpack for keeping their personal electronics and papers together.

It’s also a good choice if you need fast access to your laptop on a regular basis thanks to it’s TSA friendly design for the laptop compartment.

 It’s also extremely durable with self-repairing zippers and lots of internal compartments for organizing your school supplies, books, and any other daily necessities you may need while travelling by air or attending school.

This backpack is best for college students and high school students only, as it may be overkill for what a middle or elementary student would need.


  • TSA friendly quick laptop access
  • Extra durable design
  • Laptop compartment has extra padding


  • Not very good for carrying a lot of books
  • internal compartments are smaller
  • No water bottle holder

An ideal backpack for students who need to haul a lot of gear around comfortably, this backpack from High Sierra is both durable and well designed.

Internal pockets are spacious and designed to make organizing your school supplies much easier. Shoulder straps are well padded, breathable, and balance the backpack’s weight well. The exterior shells is weather resistant, and the padding for the laptop sleeve is excellent.

Best of all, this backpack comes in a wide array of unique colors and designs, allowing you to personalize your backpack so it stands out from the crowd. This backpack is a great choice for middle school, high school, and college students who need a backpack to go the distance with them.


  • Tons of storage space
  • High quality laptop sleeve
  • Lots of large internal storage pockets


  • Zippers feel a little cheap

An ideal backpack for the athletics-focused student, this weather resistant backpack keeps your gear and school supplies dry with plenty of storage and well designed internal storage.

The Under Armour Storm Hustle II is built from the bottom up to withstand heavy use and abuse inside and out.

The numerous internal pockets make it easy to organize your books and notes, and the generously padded laptop sleeve can accommodate up to a 15” laptop. This is an excellent backpack for middle and high school students, though some college students may find it somewhat lacking in overall capacity for their needs in terms of internal storage space.


  • Weather resistant
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Padded laptop sleeve


  • Smaller capacity
  • Some internal pockets are too small for many school accessories
  • Shoulder strap padding is a bit thin.

From one of the world’s preeminent luggage designers, the Samsonite Xenon 2 is an excellent laptop and air-travel friendly backpack that is a perfect fit for many business travellers and college students.

The quick access laptop sleeve has tons of padding, and the internal pockets are all well designed and organized to help you stay on top of work or classes. It’s also weather resistant and extremely durable.

Shoulder straps are ventilated, as is the backrest itself, making the Xenon 2 comfortable to carry for hours even in the warm weather. Overall, this is an ideal backpack for travelers and college students, but it may not be the best choice for middle and high school students who don’t typically carry a laptop around.


  • Excellent laptop storage compartment
  • Quick access to laptop
  • Well designed interior pockets


  • Smaller internal capacity than typical models
  • Not the best at carrying a lot of books
  • Internal pockets are somewhat smaller than expected

When it comes to rugged, long lasting backpacks, The North Face definitely has a corner on the market. Designed by climbers for climbers, their products can stand up to the harshest conditions.

By the same token, their student backpacks are every bit as rugged and well made as their climbing gear, and The North Face Jester is no exception to their high standard of quality.

This backpack has tons of interior room, a virtually weatherproof exterior shell, a thickly padded laptop sleeve, and lots of internal pockets to help you stay organized. This backpack is probably best for college age students or high schoolers that need a very sturdy backpack.


  • Extremely durable ruggedized design
  • Lots of internal storage spaces
  • Weatherproof


  • Bungee storage isn’t particularly versatile

If you prefer a crossbody carry for your belongings and class materials, this stylish Leaper messenger bag is for you.

With vintage looks and conveniently designed pockets, this pack is sure to be a hit with students who like to travel light and in style.

Conveniently placed pockets on the back and sides make staying organized while providing quick access to your mobile devices and wallet or pocket book.. This is a good choice for high school or college students who have the ability to travel light with their daily book and school supply needs.


  • Vintage looks
  • Convenient pockets
  • Weather resistant


  • Smaller storage space
  • Crossbody carry isn’t for everyone
  • No padded laptop compartment

When you want classic looks with modern convenience, Kaukko’s laptop outdoor backpack is a great choice for any student.

Available in a wide variety of colors, this nylon lined bag has a well-padded laptop sleeve that can hold laptops up to 15 inches, most school books, supplies and other daily necessities.

 Magnetic closures make the classic buckle straps the decorative element they should be, eliminating the struggle to quickly open and access your backpack’s main compartment.

Despite the vintage canvas look, this bag is water resistant, and makes an excellent daily carry bag for middle schoolers, high school students, and college students alike. 


  • Rugged vintage design
  • Weather resistant
  • Padded laptop compartment


  • Shoulder straps not well-padded
  • Bag may be bulky for some
  • Main compartment not particularly well organized

Classic looks and style are the watchwords of this larger school rucksack.

With its conveniently designed interior and padded laptop compartment, this backpack offers years of convenient and stylish service in and around school.

External pockets make accessing your wallet or pocketbook fast and easy, and mobile electronics can also be kept in easy reach thanks to the easy-opening rucksack top with drawstring closure.

The overall aesthetic makes it look like an old-school hikers day bag with a more modern interior. This is definitely a college student oriented backpack, but high school and middle school students may find it convenient as well.


  • Vintage rucksack looks
  • Well-padded laptop pocket
  • Well-organized interior


  • Not weather resistant
  • Strap padding is thin
  • Buckle closures are not very convenient

For those in search of a durable backpack that offers multiple convenient storage pockets and compartments, this is a well-designed pack that can go the distance.

Any student can easily store multiple heavy books, all the school supplies they need, a laptop, tablet, and any other personal electronics they want to carry with them.

The ultra-rugged exterior is also weather resistant, and all zippers are tough and weather flapped to keep water and moisture out. This backpack is primarily for older students, but middle school students may find it a good choice if they need to carry extra clothes or books to and from school.


  • Rugged tactical design
  • Tons of internal storage
  • Lots of organizer pockets


  • Bulky
  • MOLLE straps not particularly useful for many
  • May be more storage than many students need

This classy bag is perfect for college students looking to streamline their daily carry.

Quick access to everything you need is easily accomplished thanks to the magnetic closures on the front flap of the bag, maintaining the retro classic look without compromising convenience.

This bag is perfect for a tablet or similar mobile device, smaller books, a notebook and school supplies to get through a busy day of classes. It’s a bit small for high school or middle school students, but it is ideal for busy college students looking to travel lighter between classes who also want a classic look for their backpack.


  • Classic looks
  • Magnetic closures
  • Well-organized interior


  • Small capacity
  • Cannot carry a laptop
  • Straps are not well-padded

A fashionable little backpack for busy students on the go, this stylish Bagerly canvas model carries your laptop, books, and personal electronics to and from class with ease.

If a backpack could wear formal dress, this is what it would look like. The interior is well organized with a laptop sleeve, pockets for supplies and accessories, and a good amount of room for notebooks and other supplies.

While this bag may be primarily targeted to the college crowd, many high school and middle school students may find this bag to be an attractive and stylish option, too.


  • Elegant looks
  • Smart interior design
  • Laptop sleeve


  • Not weather resistant
  • Straps are not well-padded
  • Laptop sleeve padding is somewhat thin

A color coordinated three bag combo for the fashion forward, this attractive set comes with everything you need to show your fashion sense in class or around campus.

There are numerous internal pockets for keeping your organized, and the included wallet and lunch bag make transporting a meal and your cash and credit cards convenient.

If you are a student that loves to accessorize based on a color or theme, this is the backpack for you. Ideally, this bag would be perfect for high school or college students, but middle school students may also find it an attractive option due to the color coordination and stylish looks.


  • Beautiful classic design
  • Includes matching lunchbox and wallet
  • Rugged construction


  • Not weather resistant
  • Few interior pockets
  • No padded laptop sleeve

This elegant solar charging solution is both ultra-durable and weather resistant and comes with an integrated 7-watt solar panel and 5V USB 10k mAh battery pack for charging your personal electronics without the need for an electrical outlet.

Convenient cord channels make it easy to plug in and charge on the go without needing to set your bag down and hook up.

Best of all, the internal design of this backpack has numerous convenient padded pockets and storage compartments for your laptop, tablet, notebooks and supplies. 

This is an ideal backpack for high school age or college students looking to stay connected and powered up on the go.


  • Solar panel battery pack
  • Conveniently located charging ports
  • Well designed pockets and storage


  • Slightly heavier base weight
  • Smaller volume
  • Zippers don’t have weather flaps

Students in search of a fresh tropical look will love this floral design backpack from Vaschy. With room for your books, laptop, and supplies, this is an excellent choice for any student enrolled in high school or college. 

The attractive tropical flower print gives it a designer look with a retro feel to it, and the conveniently designed pockets make it easy to stay organized.

Two things to keep in mind:

  • 1) there is no padded laptop compartment included, and 
  • 2) it is a little smaller in size than comparable models, but the elegant interior design more than makes up for the reduced storage space.


  • Attractive tropical floral design
  • Compact size
  • Plenty of storage and organization


  • Smaller storage volume
  • Not weather resistant
  • No padded laptop compartment

For the student athlete, there are few better designed backpacks than DeMarini’s Voodoo Rebirth model.

With a large internal compartment for books, clothes, and school supplies, this pack also offers vented storage for cleats, dual neoprene barrel lock bat storage, and a waterproof base so it can be safely set down on the grass at practice or around school.

This is an ideal game-day school bag for middle or high school students, though college students may find it offers less utility due to the fact that it lacks a padded laptop compartment.


  • Perfect for baseball or softball players
  • Ultra-rugged design
  • Loads of storage room


  • Specialized for baseball or softball players
  • Not ideal for a daily bag
  • Larger, more cumbersome backpack

For the comfort-minded student with a love of eclectic design, Kinmac offers this Bohemian style water-resistant laptop backpack the definitely leaves a lasting impression.

The exterior resembles hand woven textiles, while the interior is perfectly designed to keep your school supplies, personal mobile electronics and books safe and secure from wet weather.

Additionally, the innovative shoulder strap design actually provides a soothing massage for your shoulders while you walk.The laptop sleeve and ruggedized structure make it more of a college backpack, high school and middle school students may find it an excellent fit for their needs as well.


  • Thickly-padded laptop sleeve
  • Attractive hand-woven look
  • Rugged leather base


  • Zippers feel flimsy
  • Massaging straps aren’t for everyone
  • Exterior surfaces tend to attract and retain grime and dirt

Minimalist in design, this canvas bag is weather resistant with a polyester interior lining.

Simply load up your bag and head out for the day without having to worry about complex outer pockets or leaky zippers.

SImplified internal design also makes it easy to keep track of important belongings without having to search through multiple pockets.

Magnetic closure makes fast access to your belongings convenient, and the included padded laptop pocket makes this a great choice for middle school, high school, or college students.


  • Elegant and simple
  • Tough construction materials
  • Simplified interior


  • Very little interior organization
  • Padding for laptop sleeve is somewhat thin
  • Not weather resistant

A grab and go back for the college student looking to streamline their daily carry or combine the functions of a purse and backpack in one, this stylish little retro crossover bag is a great way to cut down on how much weight you carry to classes.

With plenty of internal organization for all your mobile electronics and accessories, this bag makes travelling light all day long fast and convenient. This bag is great for busy college students, but probably less than idea for younger students due to its limited storage.


  • Stylish retro look
  • Attractive canvas design
  • Well-organized interior


  • Cannot carry a laptop
  • Very little room for books
  • Only fits small tablets

Need to share your music with the world wherever you go? Like to turn up your tunes when you are at the skatepark or the beach?

The Rager is definitely the first backpack you want to look into. This high quality backpack comes with a rechargeable bluetooth speaker box that cranks out 15 watts RMS of musical power.

Carry your books, your laptop, and your speaker everywhere you go easily. Not only is the audio quality of the Bluetooth speaker exceptional, but the backpack should see you through a good long while in school.

This is definitely a better purchase for high school and college students though, as younger students may find it a bit overkill for their needs.


  • Integrated Bluetooth speaker
  • Large storage capacity
  • Speaker is rechargeable


  • No built in mobile device charger
  • No security locking zipper on speaker pocket
  • Shoulder straps are a little thin

20. JanSport Superbreak Backpack
A student classic known for its durability and dependability, the JanSport Superbreak Backpack is both aesthetically pleasing to look at and rugged enough to stand up to several school year’s worth of use and abuse.

The Superbreak has 1550 cubic inches storage space, weighs just over a pound, and is made of an extremely durable cotton/nylon/polyester blend with a weather resistant coating.

The Superbreak may be a more basic backpack, but it definitely gets the job done for holding books and school supplies. This is an excellent choice for elementary and middle school students.


  • Tough and Rugged
  • Weather Resistant
  • Classic backpack look


  • No padded laptop compartment
  • Few internal pockets
  • Zippers aren’t as rugged as the rest of the backpack

Final Verdict 

All in all, the best of the bunch when it comes to value versus cost is definitely the High Sierra Loop Backpack. It has the best durability, most storage, best organization, and most comfortable fit of any backpack on the list.

Sure, there may be a few better options available, but very few of them fall into the same price point as the High Sierra Loop. It also has one of the best ergonomic designs out of all the backpacks reviewed, too.

Ultimately, the High Sierra Loop is dependable, weather resistant, holds a ton of gear, books, and supplies, and can be carried comfortably for hours at a time. When you start shopping for your next backpack to get you from class to class, definitely give the High Sierra Loop backpack a good first look.

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