15 Seriously Cool Lighters In 2019 – Best Selling Models Compared!

If you are looking for great lighters to use in 2019, you are in for a real treat. There are a ton of great lighters out on the market in all kinds of varieties. So whether you prefer classic butane lighters, USB charging electric lighters, Tesla arc lighters, or plasma lighters, you can have your pick of the litter.

15 Cool Lighters – Comparisons

ImageProduct NamePower SourcesWeightPrice
Tesla Coil Lighters™Tesla Coil Lighters™Rechargeable

4 ounces

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Zippo Matte LightersZippo Matte LightersFuel

1.5 ounces

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Scorch Torch Triple JetScorch Torch Triple JetFuel

3 ounces

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Zippo Multi PurposeZippo Multi PurposeFuel

3.8 ounces

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SPPARX Flameless DualSPPARX Flameless DualFuel

7.04 ounces

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Blazer 189-9201Blazer 189-9201Fuel

2.4 ounces

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Pack of 5 Single Jet FlamePack of 5 Single Jet FlameFuel

3.8 ounces

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Saberlight SparqSaberlight SparqRechargeable

1.6 ounces

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Wrapper (Light Blue)Wrapper (Light Blue)Fuel

0.3 ounces

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Vertigo CycloneVertigo CycloneFuel

1.6 ounces

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Bic Multipurpose LightersBic Multipurpose LightersFuel16 ouncesCheck Latest Price
Kivors USB RechargeableKivors USB RechargeableRechargeable4 ouncesCheck Latest Price
BOLT Lighter USB RechargeableBOLT Lighter USB RechargeableRechargeable2.4 ouncesCheck Latest Price
6 Original Clipper Lighters6 Original Clipper LightersFuel2 ouncesCheck Latest Price
BIC Lighter Plain 50ctBIC Lighter Plain 50ctFuel1.8 ouncesCheck Latest Price

Reviews of 15 Best Cool Lighters in 2019

1. Tesla Coil Lighters™ USB Arc Lighter

The reason that Tesla coil lighters have become so popular is because they are so easy to use and incredibly environmentally friendly.

With an electric lighter, you aren’t going to have the same emissions that you would with a butane or fuel lighter.

Plus, you can save money with an electric lighter because you don’t need to refill it. All you have to do is plug it in via its USB charger to get it a full charge for use.


  • This unique and powerful lighter is equipped with a powerful Tesla coil that you can use to light your cigars and cigarettes
  • The great thing about Tesla coil lighters is that they are totally rechargeable for ongoing use
  • This Tesla coil lighter can be simple charged via USB, so that you can literally plug it into your computer or USB to AC power source to charge it
  • Since this lighter is runs off of electricity and lights by electricity, it is totally windproof so that you don’t have to worry about the weather stopping you
  • The electric nature of this Tesla coil lighter also makes it incredibly environmentally friendly, since it doesn’t create fuel byproducts that float into our atmosphere
  • This lighter is super economical too because you don’t have to worry about replacing the fuel or butane on it. Just plug it in and in a few hours you will have a fuel charge to light anything you need to.
  • This unique lighter has a safety feature that keeps it from lighting when the lid is closed, so you don’t have to worry about burning or hurting yourself


  • The button can be a little finicky, and may take a stronger press in order to light it
  • The arc of electricity that is produced is pretty small, so we wouldn’t recommend this lighter for more than just cigarettes

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2. Zippo Matte Lighters

This is a really eye-catching and reliable lighter made by one of the highest sellers of American made lighters in the country.

The Zippo matte lighter is a really cool, simple, and sleek looking lighter, that is high-performing as well.

This lighter is entirely made of metal, and all of the parts on it like the wick and flint on it are replaceable so it can last you for life. It is really easy to refill yourself and takes Zippo premium lighter fluid.


  • The Zippo matte lighters offer an awesome look to them, and a simple, yet eye-catching design that makes it stand out from the rest of the pack of other lighters
  • This durable lighter is made of all metal construction, so that you don’t have to worry about fragile plastic pieces that could cause your lighter to break
  • These unique lighters are made with a windproof design, so it doesn’t matter if you are trying to light it in snowy weather or gale force winds, it will still light
  • This lighter is totally refillable so that you can use it and keep refilling it for your entire life it you want to.
  • Also, the wicks and flints on this lighter are totally replaceable, so as soon as they wear out, you don’t have to buy a new one. Just get them replaced and your lighter will work like its new.
  • This lighter is made entirely in the USA, and if it does not work the company guarantees that they will replace it or fix it
  • This runs off of Zippo premium lighter fluid, which you have to buy separately
  • Comes in a variety of different colors


  • The flame actually doesn’t hold very well, depending on your environmental conditions
  • The lid comes loose pretty quickly

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3. Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Lighter

This is an incredibly powerful and safe butane lighter by Scorch Torch. You will really enjoy that this particular lighter has an adjustable flame on it, so it is great for a variety of different lighting or smoking situations, and it makes it a valuable tool as well.

It has a compact and sleek design that fits easily into your pocket. This lighter is 100% butane refillable, and is really easy to refill yourself. It has an automatic opening door whenever you activate the slide switch, which keeps the lighter itself protected.


  • The Scorch torch triple jet flame cigarette torch lighter is an impressive and powerful lighter that you can miss looking at if you are looking to get a great lighter in 2017
  • It is incredibly compact and has a sleek design that can easily slide into your pocket, purse, glove box, or wherever you need to store it or take it
  • This lighter is refillable and reusable, all you need to do is refill the butane whenever you run out of fuel for your lighter
  • It is also really easy to refill this lighter on your own, so whenever you run out of butane, you don’t have to take it to a professional smokeshop to get it refilled
  • We really like that the flame on this lighter is adjustable. You will find with so many standard lighters that the flame only works at one level, but having the ability to adjust the flame on this lighter makes it great for a variety of lighting situations and needs
  • The cap of the lighter opens automatically when the slide switch is activated, which is a really nice safety feature to make sure that your lighter isn’t perpetually open to the elements


  • You definitely need an adapter to refill this lighter

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4. Zippo Multi Purpose Candle Lighter

This compact zippo lighter is made of high-quality durable metal and great for lighting candles.

It has an adjustable flame dial so that you can get the perfect flame, and a soft-touch ignition button which makes it easier to press than other lighters.

It even has a child-resistant mechanism for safety.


  • The Zippo multi-purpose candle lighter is made from durable metal
  • It has a soft-touch ignition system which makes it really easy to push down and kickstart
  • This lighter has a handy adjustable flame dial that makes it each to adjust the level of the flame
  • It even has a child-resistant safety button so that your kids don’t get hurt
  • This lighter is totally refillable and uses Zippo premium butane


  • This lighter is solely made for candles, and isn’t good for much else

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5. USB Lighter – SPPARX Arc Lighter

This is another powerful double arc electric lighter that will not disappoint you. Instead of using a single electric plasma arc, this SPPARX lighter uses a double arc.

The double arc gives it the power to light bigger objects more quickly than single arc lighters. You can charge this device by simply plugging it in via its USB connector.


  • This is another cool model of arc lighter that is totally electric
  • This lighter eliminates the need for butane refills and can be totally recharged by a simple USB connection
  • Instead of just one arc, this lighter generates two so that you can light bigger objects and smoking utensils. The double arc has more power and coverage to light things faster.
  • Perfectly safe, and eliminates the emission of toxic fumes that are byproduct of your typical butane lighter
  • This double arc plasma lighter is both windproof and splash-proof, so you never have to worry about the weather stopping you from using your lighter
  • One of the greatest things about electric lighters like this one is that they prevent you from burning or scorching your thumbs, while using it


  • The USB connecter may provide for a really loose connection, so you will have to make sure that your lighter is plugged in completely

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6. Blazer 189-9201 Top-Z Dual Torch Lighter

If you already have a lighter case that you love, the Top-Z dual torch might be the perfect lighter insert for it.

Loaded up with a high-powered dual torch system, this insert propels out two high powered flames to light up your cigarette or cigar quickly and efficiently.

This lighter is incredibly versatile, and whether you want to switch back or forth between traditional flames or torch flames. That transition is as easy as swapping out the insert.


  • This lighter has dual torch flame inserts for twice the power and assurance when you are lighting. Having two flames come out of the lighter makes it go to work even faster and more efficiently.
  • The two blue flames are incredibly wind resistant and hot, so it gets your cigar or cigarette lit quickly and without too much resistance.
  • This lighter is 100% butane refillable, so whenever you run out of butane, all you have to do is refill your lighter and it is ready to go again
  • All you need to do is slide the Top-Z insert into your existing lighter case to get started, and this insert will fit most lighter cases. Then you are ready to start using it!
  • It has a Piezo quartz crystal instant ignition, so that you don’t have to press your button down hard or often for your lighter to start working
  • If you need to use this lighter insert to switch back and forth between traditional flame and torch flames, all you have to do is swap the insert.


  • The only visible downside to this lighter insert is that there is no open window or indicator to show how low or high the butane level is. So you have to kind of guess or just run the lighter until it runs out.

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7. Pack of 5 Single Jet Flame Torch Lighter

If you like having a simple, windproof lighter that you can take anywhere with you, this Jet Flame torch lighter can easily fulfill all of your lighting needs.

With a powerful jet flame and a simple design, this lighter is really easy to use, and totally refillable.

It has a removable cap that is attached to the lighter, so that you can keep it on for protection when you aren’t using it. The great thing about this particular lighter is that it comes in packs of five, so that you always have a backup.


  • These single flame torch lighters are incredibly efficient and effective, especially for lighting cigarettes
  • The awesome aspect of these particular lighters is that they are sold in packs of five, so in case one of yours runs out, you can just start using another one of the five.
  • When you get to the point where you run all of your lighters butane levels down, there is no need to buy another 5 pack. You can simply refill the butane in the five lighters that you have for continued use.
  • These lighters use a powerful jet flame that is totally wind proof, so no matter what kind of whether you are in, you will still be able to light your smoking device.
  • They have a nice convenient miniature chain on the lighter that is attached to a removable cap so that your lighter is always covered and protected. The chain will keep your cap from getting lost.
  • The flame on this lighter is adjustable too, so whether you need a bigger more powerful flame or a smaller one, you can get it with the flick of a switch.


  • These lighters get the job done well, but they don’t have any kind of special features or components
  • They are all made of kind of cheap plastic materials.

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8. Saberlight Sparq Plasma Beam Lighter

The Saberlight Sparq is another electric lighter with a unique and cool plasma beam design.

It is totally windproof and incredibly powerful, using two plasma arcs to light your cigarette.


  • This is another great electric lighter that uses a plasma beam to light your cigarettes
  • It uses a powerful lithium ion battery instead of fuel to create its plasma beams and to make fire
  • This lighter is windproof and splash-proof so that you can use it effectively, anywhere
  • It is also TSA approved so that you can travel with it


  • Be careful if you use a metal pipe with this lighter because you can get shocked
  • You can’t just have something close to the plasma to have it light. It needs to be right on top of it.

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9. Wrapper (Light Blue)

This product is a little different in this review because it is not your traditional butane lighter, or even your high-tech electric lighter.

This device can personally hold your traditional Bic lighter and holds plenty of hemp wick for lighting cigarettes, cigars, and the like.

What this case does it allows you to protect your thumb from getting burnt or getting that black sooty residue on your thumb after using your lighter. This case has plenty of space to carry around additional hemp for using to light whatever you may be smoking.

The reason that these hemp lighter cases are so valuable is because they actually help protect you from inhaling butane and gaseous fumes. Instead of lighting your cigarette or cigar off of the butane flame, you use the butane and the flame to light the hemp wick first. Then you use the lit hemp wick to light your cigarette, after the butane switch is off.


  • Super compact and handy hemp lighter case that allows you to carry around your hemp on your lighter
  • This case is perfect for holding your standard Bic lighters, and any other lighter that is the same size
  • The main benefit of using this apparatus is so that you aren’t inhaling butane when you are lighting your smoking device.
  • This wrapper allows you to light a hemp wick from your lighter, which you can then use to light your cigar, cigarette, or other smoking utensil. This let’s you light your cigarette from the hemp, which is a cleaner burn and doesn’t emit the harmful fumes that butane can.


  • Doesn’t hold a lot of hemp, so you may want to take some extra with you depending no how often you use it

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10. Vertigo Cyclone Torch Lighter

This is yet another great torch lighter that provides intense power and tons of value.

This lighter is triple windproof so that you can use it in any kind of windy or wet weather conditions, and still be able to get it to light.

We really like that this lighter has as transparent butane tank so that you always know when your fuel is low.


  • The Vertigo Cyclone is another great tactical torch lighter that provides a lot of power and promise
  • This lighter is triple windproof, so that you never have to worry about it working in inclement weather or the outdoors
  • One of the nicest aspects of this lighter is that it has a clear fuel tank so that you always know when your butane is getting low
  • This lighter is totally refillable and reusable. It is really easy to add butane to it, on your own.
  • It shoots out powerful jet flames that can effectively light a cigarette or a cigar


  • No real added features or anything special that separates the design from other lighters in the same caliber or category

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11. Bic Multipurpose Lighters

These Bic lighters are great when it comes to lighting the grill of lighting some candles.

They have an extended handle wand so that you don’t get your hand too close to the fire, and have a massive capacity.

They can also hold a flame much longer than traditional lighters.


  • These Bic multipurpose lighters are probably what you think of when you imagine a grill lighter, and are great for lighting up your grill or BBQ
  • The biggest benefit of these lighters is that they have a long wand hand to keep your hand safe from the fire
  • Great for lighting candles too
  • They have a long lasting flame with a lot of butane in them, so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon
  • They even have retractable hook for handy storage


  • Not a compact lighter to take with you for smoking

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12. Kivors USB Flameless Electronic Lighter

This is one of the most stylish electric lighters that we are going to look at in this review. It has a colorful dragon design on the outside of the lighter that makes it stand out.

The double arc of this lighter makes it incredibly powerful, and because it is electric it charges through a USB cable. That means it does not require butane like your standard flame lighters.


  • This stylish lighter has a really cool outer design of a dragon, and makes it really stand out from most of the basic lighters in its price range
  • This is a totally flameless, double arc electric lighter that can light cigarettes twice as fast as single arc lighter models
  • You can easily light up the lighter by clicking the button on the side
  • This lighter has a built in safety feature so even if you press the button while the lid is closed, it will not light up
  • You can get a full charge via USB in just 2 hours, and that charge is enough to light 3-4 packs of cigarettes before you need to charge it again
  • This model is totally flameless, does not require butane, and won’t scorch your thumb like traditional lighters will


  • The arc sources are too close together, so it is even hard to sneak a cigarette in between them

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13. BOLT Lighter USB Coil Slim Lighter Set

This awesome lighter has a totally unique design, and so far in this review is the most compact lighter that we have looked at yet.

What’s great about this particular lighter is that it is totally electric and charges via USB, so you don’t have to worry about changing or replacing butane.

It uses a concealed electric coil on the inside of the lighter to light cigarettes. The only drawback to this model is that you can’t light anything bigger than cigarettes.


  • The BOLT lighter has a totally different design than anything that we have looked at, thus far in the review
  • It is super-slim, and uses a concealed heating coil to light your cigarette
  • The lighter is so tiny that you need a carrying case for it, which thankfully, this lighter comes with
  • This model even comes with its own USB charging cable that also fits in the travel case
  • The fact that this doesn’t use any butane or create any kind of electric arc makes this lighter really safe
  • It is really quick and easy to charge up, and is perfect for cigarettes


  • The only real drawback to this model is that it is only designed for cigarettes. The opening to the coil on this lighter is too small to light anything else.

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14. Bundle of 6 Original Clipper Lighters

These cool, tube-shaped, compact lighters come in bundles of six, and have some pretty cool features that make them different than normal butane lighters.

These lighters are totally refillable, and also have replaceable flints so that you can keep using them even when the flint wears out. They have a nice little poker tool that you can use for rolling your own papers.


  • These clipper lighters are compact and tubular shaped lighters that are really easy to slip in your pocket, purse, hand bag, or backpack and take anywhere
  • What’s great about these lighters is that the butane is totally refillable, so you don’t have to throw away these lighters after one use
  • You can also replace the flint on these lighters as well, which is rare in lighters in this price range
  • They are really affordable, and 6 comes in a pack too, so that you always have backupsThis compact lighter also features a poker tool, in case you are used to rolling your own papers.


  • They are great for lighting cigarettes, but not that great for much else

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15. BIC Lighter Plain 50ct

This is the classic Bic lighter that everyone thinks of for when they got their first lighter. We like that this lighter is sold in a bulk pack of 50 lighters for a really affordable price.

These lighters are basic, easy to use, and the amount of lighters that you get with this pack will last you a long time.


  • These are the classic Bic lighters that you think of when you stop in any convenience store or gas station
  • This is the lighter that you probably first started using when you started smoking
  • The great thing about these lighters is that they are really easy to buy, and you can replace them just about anywhere
  • This particular Bic lighter is sold in a bulk pack of fifty, and comes at a really affordable price


  • No real highlighted features with this lighter
  • Because these are cheaply made lighters in a bulk pack, some of them may have flaws and issues

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Final Verdict

Out of all of these fantastic lighters that we have looked at today, there is one model that really stood out to us. That lighter and the winner of our review today is the Tesla Coil lighter that is USB rechargeable. This lighter has literally everything that you need:

  • Is totally butane free
  • Has some great safety features
  • Charges quickly
  • The battery lasts a long time
  • And it’s really efficient and lighting things.

Make sure that you check this lighter out and do your research before you settle on the right one for you.

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