10 Cool Pool Floats – Our Top Picks With Step By Step Comparison!

Summer is the perfect time to invest in your comfort and relaxation. There are few things nicer than spending lazy days in the water or by the pool with family and friends. One of the best ways you can maximize your relaxation game and take your vacation to new heights is by getting yourself the perfect pool float.

Thankfully, pool floats have gotten ridiculously popular and the last few years, with all kinds of companies coming forward with fun and innovatively designed floats. Built for fun and relaxation, these floats won’t break the bank and will give you hours of fun and downtime that you can enjoy in the pool this summer. 

10 Cool Pool Floats - Comparisons


Product Name

Dimensions (inches)

Item Weight



5.5 pounds


3.2 pounds

19 x 19 x 1.8

4.2 pounds

15 x 11 x 7

11.2 pounds

81 x 18 x 90

9 pounds

14 x 12 x 4

10 pounds

108 x 87 x 55

6.3 pounds

10.5 x 12 x 3

2.3 pounds

48 x 48 x 48

1.6 pounds

61.5 x 61.5 x 10.5

3 pounds

Cool Pool Floats in 2020 - Reviews

This massive unicorn pool float is a wonderful and fun addition to any pool or pool area. Whether you want to use it to lounge around in the pool in on your own or have a friend join you for a ride, this giant float can hold two riders and has a max capacity of up to 400 pounds.

This float also makes for a great decoration and toy for pool parties. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about this float popping anytime soon. It is made of premium raft-grade materials to make it really durable.


  • This amazing product is reigning in the next generation of the giant inflatable unicorn pool float in all of its glory
  • This unicorn float is massive, and measures at 109 inches across, so it is perfect for riders of any size
  • This float gives you the perfect way to relax in your pool, and it also makes for an awesome decoration for pool parties and get-togethers
  • This unicorn float is really sturdy and can hold two adults at once, with a maximum capacity up to 400 pounds
  • You don’t need to worry about this float popping anytime soon. It is made from soft and incredibly durable raft-grade materials 
  • It is also really easy to inflate this float, and all you need is either a hair dryer, a toy air pump, or a compressor to fill it up quickly


  • This float is really big so it can be a little difficult to store

This wonderful lounge float offers the most in terms of comfort and convenience. This float is perfect for lounging and spending long lazy days in the pool.

It offers the most in terms of comfort with a full backrest and armrest that allow for sitting or lying in any position.

It even has a built in cup holder in the lounge so that you can take your drink with you as you drift around the pool.


  • This pool float is the perfect lounge in both comfort and design. It has multi-colored beams on the bottom of the float to give it a nice summery vibe.
  • What you will love about this pool float is that it has a built in cup holder in the armrest, so that you never have to leave your drink on the side of the pool
  • This comfortable lounge has a backrest and armrests that make it perfect for spending long lazy days hanging out in the pool
  • It also has a foot hole at the end of the lounge so that you can dangle your feet in the water while you float around the pool
  • It is perfect for reading in the pool, and is great for working on your tan in the middle of the summer
  • This awesome lounge comes in two different colors, that include a blue or a gold vinyl bottom
  • This float even comes with a patch so that in case you have any holes, you can patch it right up


  • Some of these have problems holding air or will get shipped and punctured during shipping

The Kelsyus Floating Hammock is the definition of innovation and convenience. This lounge is perfect for any watery environment including the ocean, lake, or in your pool.

The design of this float is what is the most impressive. The mesh hammock that you lay in is perfect for hot days because it lets you lounge in the water without sinking, so that you can keep cool on hot days in the sun.

It can easily attach to other floating hammocks, floating coolers, a dock, or a boat.


  • The Kelsyus floating hammock has a unique floatation design that makes it perfect for either the pool, lake, or the ocean
  • This float is ideal for hot days on the water, because it is primarily constructed from a mesh hammock that allows you to lounge in the cool water while you sit in the hot sun
  • This float even comes with attached clips that will allow you to attach yourself to a dock or boat, in case you don’t want to go floating too far away
  • The clips also give you the ability to attach to other Kelsyus floating hammocks or the Kelsyus floating cooler, in case you want to take drinks, food, and/or a friend with you
  • It even comes with a cool carrying bag that makes it really easy to take on the go
  • The outer inflatable ring of this float uses Jet Valve technology which makes it really easy to inflate and deflate


  • They compact very easily, but may be too big to travel with or take on vacation

The Swimline Sea-Saw Rocker is totally different from any design that we have looked at so far in this review.

This float is specifically designed for kids so that they can have a blast with hours of play on this fun rocker. This float is designed like your traditional seesaw, but is designed to be used in your pool.

It has grips and backrests on each side of the rocker for the comfort of each rider, and the ability to hold on while the riders rock each other on the water.


  • This float has a fun and unique sea-saw design that brings a whole new spin to how you can have fun in the pool
  • This float is designed just like a traditional seesaw that is meant to be used with two people in the water, so that you can have endless hours of fun with this float
  • This rocker has built in handles so that each person on the float has a way to hang on tightly while you rock back and forth
  • Each side of this awesome float has a backrest too, to make sure that each rider is always safe and comfortable
  • This rocker is perfect for your kids, and has a max weight of 195 pounds, so that it can hold two kids at the same time


  • This rocker is prone to getting small leaks, and is not made with the toughest material so it can wear out quickly

This awesome float combo pack provides tons of funs for both kids and adults in your pool. This float set comes in a two pack, one float that is a giant inflatable swan and the other which is a massive inflatable surfing stingray.

Each of these floats are built to hold multiple people and have giant large weight capacities for holding multiple adult riders. The seats of the floats are beveled for maximum comfort, and they have easy grip handles that you can hold on to.


  • This is an awesome float set that comes with not one, but two giant inflatable animal floats that you can throw in your pool
  • This set comes with a giant inflatable swan and a surfing stingray, which are perfect for adult riders
  • Each of these floats are built to multiple people at the same time, which make them both great for having fun with your friends and family
  • These floats are perfect for pool parties and hanging out with friends by the pool
  • The seating areas of each of these floats are beveled to make them as comfortable as possible for the riders
  • Each of these floats are built with quick-fill valves which allow them to inflate five times faster than standard pool float valves


  • The materials on these floats are sensitive and can tear easily

This is another totally different design from your traditional pool floats. This unique and fun float is made in the shape of a giant 49 inch square ice cube.

This huge inflatable is perfect for two kids, five years and up. It is really versatile and provides several different openings in the float that your kids can jump and crawl in and out of.

 It gives them the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds between hanging out on the pool float and in the water.


  • This ice cube shaped float is massive, and has as little different take on the pool float design
  • This ice cube is meant to be more like a floating playground/habitat for your kids to hang out in while they are out on the pool water
  • This ice cube float has several different openings so that your kids can go back and forth between hanging out on the float, in the pool, or hang over the float into the pool
  • The ice cube is a massive 49 inch square, and has plenty of room for two kids to have fun on


  • If kids aren’t careful, it can be easy to get stuck in dangerous positions
  • The material on this float isn’t that durable and can split open or be punctured easily

This massive unicorn float takes size and durability to the next level. This huge float boasts some of the biggest dimensions of any float that we have looked at in this review, so far.

It’s big enough in terms of surface area to hold two adults or multiple kids, and has a maximum weight limit of up to 440 pounds.

The float is built with multiple quick valve systems that give you the ability to inflate or deflate your float in under 15 minutes. It is made from thick and durable PVC material so that it doesn’t tear easily, and it is also really comfortable.


  • This amazing float is another unicorn design that fuses a the concept of a unicorn and a dragon, and puts it on the water of your pool.
  • The dimensions of this float make it absolutely massive, at 87 inches x 108 inches x 55 inches, which is plenty large enough to hold two adults at the same time, or a number of smaller kids
  • The weight limit on this float goes up to 440 pounds
  • This unicorn-dragon float is made from a highly durable PVC that makes this float both thick and soft. The materials are both comfortable and heavy duty so that you don’t have to worry about your float getting punctured or deflated easily, like you would with other floats 
  • This float is built with a rapid valve system that fills and deflates this float five times faster than other similar floats. You can get this huge float completely inflated or deflated in less than 15 minutes
  • This float is great for large groups of people and pool parties


  • The only apparent downside to this float is that it is so large that it can be difficult to store if you keep it inflated

This is another uniquely designed float that is great for your kids. This awesome float is designed to look and feel like a UFO.

It even has its own constant stream squirt-gun built into the float, which acts as the UFO’s laser beam. The design of this fun float will provide endless hours of playtime for your kids in the pool.

It is comfortable and has built in arm rests and a backrest, and is built with heavy gauge vinyl to prevent any puncturing or holes.


  • This is another unique and innovative design that is great for your kids when they are playing in the pool
  • The design of this float is meant for one rider, and provides a comfortable backrest as well as a built in squirt gun turret for firing at your friends
  • This float has a cool UFO design, and the squirt-gun on this float is designed to shoot a constant stream of water, in the style of a laser gun
  • This float is really durable as well and is constructed from heavy gauge vinyl to keep it resistant to punctures and holes
  • This is a large float that also has a substantial max weight capacity of up to 140 pounds


  • This pool float is a cool design in concept, but the gun on this float isn’t much better than your normal squirt gun. You may be better off getting a set of those and a few normal pool floats.

This awesome donut style float has been featured all of television and the internet, and is arguably one of the most widely publicized pool floats that we are taking a look at today.

It has been featured everywhere from Good Morning America to Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.

This high quality donut float has tons of style with its icing and sprinkles, and you can get it in either chocolate or strawberry.


  • The big mouth giant pool float is just like your classic donut or tire floats
  • It is great for drifting around inside of the donut hole to keep you cool while you float around, or you can sit right in the hole, on top of the water so that you can get a nice tan
  • This companion has sold over one million units of this product since 2012, so you know that the float is fun and reliable
  • The design of this float is awesome and it is made to look like a real donut. It even has icing and sprinkles on the top of it with a bite taken out of the outside. 
  • This donut float comes in two different styles which include a chocolate donut or a strawberry donut
  • This wonderfully fun float is versatile and great for both adults and kids


  • This donut really is massive, unlike your traditional donut or tire floats, so you aren’t going to be able to transport it in your car while it is fully inflated


  • This massive watermelon slice pool float is huge, and is great for both adults and kids
  • The flat design of this float makes it like a floating island in the middle of your pool
  • The float is really great to relax on while you are hanging out in your pool
  • It is designed to look like an actual slice of watermelon and has a really cool color pattern on the top
  • The slice is made of heavy duty and comfortable materials to resist holes, punctures, and deterioration


  • Though this float’s company says it’s made of quality materials, it deteriorates quickly and deflates pretty easily

Things to Consider Before Buying Cool Pool Floats

Now that we have taken a look at some of the coolest pool floats of 2020, here are some key factors that you can be considering when shopping for the perfect pool float for you.

Materials and Durability

The first thing that you want to look at when shopping for the perfect pool float is to make sure that it is made of premium materials.

One of the most common plights of this industry is floats that are made of subpar materials that ended up popping after the first few uses. You want to make sure that the float that you get is made of durable vinyl or PVC so that it is resistant to holes, punctures, and deterioration.

Number of passengers

How many people does your float need to hold? If you just need enough space for one person to lounge on it, you may want to look at single person lounge floats. If you need a big float to hold multiple kids or adults, take a closer look at some of the bigger, party-style floats.

What It Is Designed for

Do you want a float that is designed for play or relaxation?

Is it going to be used by kids, adults, or both?

If your float is going to go through some hard and frequent play from your kids, you may want to get yourself a larger pool float that has some game functions with it. If you just need it to hold a few adults to lounge on it, you could be better with a flat raft float or something similar.

Filling System

The valve systems on floats are really important. Take a look at how the float is filled, what kinds of valves it uses, and how quickly the float fills.


So after looking at all of these floats, which is the one that stood out the most to you? For us, that float happened to be theGiant Unicorn Float Dragon Animal. The reason that we like this float the best is that it is massive, made of premium materials, holds multiple riders, and is great for both adults and kids.

If you want to use this as a fun decoration for a pool party, or a lounge for yourself to tan and read a magazine on, this float is perfect. 

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