Daiwa Lexa 400 Fishing Reel Review – Top High Capacity Bait Cast Reel?

Lexa 400 fishing reel from Daiwa is truly spectacular in terms of craftsmanship and design. The lightweight and outstandingly durable and aluminum body is the perfect housing for this professional standard fishing reel. It comes with all of the essentials including a seven ball bearing system, infinite anti-reverse, extended line capacity for catching bigger fish and some serious discs that give this reel power and make it built to last.

Daiwa Lexa 400


Durable Aluminum Frame

The first thing that you will notice about this particular reel is how lightweight it is. The way this model looks with all of its aluminum components makes it seem like it would weigh a ton. The reality is that every inch of this reel is made of lightweight aluminum so that you can have the maximum amount of power and control in a feather-light package.

The aluminum body and gear sides on this reel give it the maximum amount of protection from water, the elements, weather, rust, and corrosion while fishing.

7 Bearing System

Lexa 400 fishing reel uses a seven bearing system to give you the maximum amount of drag and power when fishing. The bearing system gives you the power to have longer casts and also gives you more power when you are reeling.

Infinite Anti-Reverse

The infinite anti-reverse system on this reel is another nice touch. This system engages the drag and helps you back reel so that you aren’t relegated to just letting the drag fight the fish.

Extra Line Capacity

Another nice touch on this reel is that it gives you extra line capacity. That extra line capacity is going to be ideal for reeling in large and powerful fish.

Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag

The ultimate tournament carbon drag gives your reel, even more, power and durability. The carbon drag discs are lightweight and 30 times more durable than your traditional drag discs.


Daiwa Lexa 400



  • This reel is built with an aluminum body and side plating so that it can handle the elements, water exposure and any kind of weather that you want to take this reel out in. It also has an aluminum gear side for added protection of the internal components of your reel.
  • This model uses a seven bearing system to give you the maximum amount of control and power when you are casting and reeling.
  • This reel uses Magforce Cast Control so that you can get the maximum amount of control, leverage, and power when you are casting with this reel.
  • The 400 model is really impressive and has a drag max of up to 25 pounds.
  • It also gives you access to an assortment of gear ratios ranging from a 5.1 to a 7.1 and a 1
  • One of the greatest features of this reel is that it comes with a built-in anti-reverse system. This will engage the drag and prevent the reel from spinning backward so that you don’t have to fight the fish as much. You can use that system as leverage to help you fight against the power of the fish as you reel it in.
  • This handle has a swept design with weight reducing cutouts to make your handle even lighter weight. The lightweight nature of this reel gives you added control and power when casting and reeling in big fish.
  • The 400 size model of this reel comes with a super leverage 120mm handle to give you an even better grip when you are reeling in fish.
  • Everything on this reel is lightweight, including the extra strong, 100 size aluminum spool that holds your line.
  • This reel was made for big and powerful fish. This particular spool has extra line capacity so that you have more length and leverage when you are working on reeling in a big and aggressive fish.
  • The drag system on this reel includes Ultimate Tournament Drag Discs which gives the angler 30 times more durability than they would have with normal drag discs.


  • This particular reel is nice and may be too much to start with for novice anglers.


Question: Is this reel durable?
Answer: Yes, even though the reel is lightweight, the aluminum casing makes it really durable.

Question: Is this a saltwater reel?
Answer: This reel is recommended for freshwater use.


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