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Best Fishing Line in 2018 – Available in Market

Understanding Modern Fishing Line TechnologyThere is an incredible variety of fishing line on the market today, making it nearly impossible to identify one brand or type of line as definitively the best. The type of reel in use, the fish being targeted, and the fishing environment are all factors to be considered when homing in […]

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Best Fly Fishing Lines of 2018 – Tested & Reviewed

Fly Fishing Line: A World of ChoicesThe world of fly fishing lines is a crowded one—there are hundreds of options to choose from in the trout fishing category alone. Then you have to get into line weights and types;breaking it down to the simplest matters, first, there are floating and sinking lines, then there are […]

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Best Fishfinder GPS Combos under $1000

Combine a Powerful Sonar with Accurate NavigationFor less than $1000, you can put advanced navigation capabilities and powerful sonar imaging technologies on your boat. A GPS that is accurate down to a few feet adds to boating safety and lets you precisely track and mark the best fishing spots, while CHIRP sonar systems put more […]

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8 Best Catfish Rods in 2018 – With Buying Guide & Comparisons

Catfish are absolute monsters—they are fierce and powerful fighters, and they can grow at an exponential rate. The largest catfish ever recorded was over 9 feet long and weighed 646 pounds. If you plan on catching a monster fish like this, you will need specialized equipment, first and foremost, a catfish rod. You probably also […]

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