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Lowrance Elite 4 Gold Combo Fishfinder Review – Good or Bad?

Don’t just show an angler an excellent fishing tool; show them an excellent fishing tool that is reasonably priced, and they’ll flock the stores looking for it. The fish finder industry, just like any other industry, is evidently benefiting from technological advancement. Thanks to innovation, we are witnessing the introduction of some very advanced fish […]

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Best Fly Fishing Reels in 2018 – Tested & Reviewed

If you’ve ever been fly fishing, you know that it can be a relaxing and satisfying pastime. However, even though the experience is rewarding regardless of your catches, it’s still imperative that you have the right equipment for your next fish. When looking at fly fishing gear, most anglers pay the most attention to the rod, […]

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Lowrance X4 Pro Fish Finder Review

We can’t ignore the fact that a good fish finder is necessary for rewarding fishing trips. It has to have capacities to tell you where to look for fishes, scan the area around your boat for obstacles or filter out the disturbances. Quality fish finders usually cost a considerable amount of money. But what if you […]

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Garmin Echo 150 Fish Finder Review

“Good Things Come in Small Sizes,” and it is especially true for the fish finders. One fitting example would be that of Garmin Echo 150 fish finder device. Although it has some of the advanced technologies installed, on the outset it is pretty basic with a simple design and a small size display as perfect […]

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Garmin Echo 500C Fish Finder Review

Quality fish finder is the order of the day if you want to catch your prize quick and easy from mid-lake. Lakes are often so deep that it becomes hard to catch a fish when you are diving in without the hand of technology by your side. Garmin Echo 500C solves the problem for the users. […]

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Hummingbird 718 Fish Finder Review

Fishing enthusiasts crave a fish finder that is laced with sonar and every other capability they need. More often than not, people end up not having the bucks to afford it. But for those who want a suitable device and at a convenient price, a Hummingbird 718 can be an option. People won’t get a color […]

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