Garmin echo 150 Dual-Beam Fishfinder Review

“Good Things Come in Small Sizes,” and it is especially true for the fish finders. One fitting example would be that of Garmin echo 150 Dual-Beam Fishfinder device.

Although it has some of the advanced technologies installed, on the outset it is pretty basic with a simple design and a small size display as perfect handheld GPS.


There are bigger machines available for purchase than Garmin echo 150 Dual-Beam Fishfinder device. But it rivals them all with its GPS capability and in terms of a display screen.

When you stand on fishing kayak there are other benefits that you get from using this EchoMAP device. This little review will provide you some ideas about them.

The Sleek Design


Surprisingly minimalistic design works well for this device. You will get 4-5 inch display depending upon the price. There is a menu button on the device, where a multitude of functions can be accessed.

It doesn’t over complicate things. There are power switch and another two buttons for selection of functions.

Garmin did well keep the features from branching out. There are no sub-menus or intricate options. You just select one from the menu through the buttons and press “Enter” to operate.

It has a Sonar function which can scan through variable depths again depending upon the price.

Sonar with Dual Beam Capacity

The highlighting point of this device is that it sends out dual beam signals to provide you a better view of the underwater scenario. The “Dual Beam” signal helps you to scan all around your boat even through tight angles.

The HD-ID Sonar does well to pick up activities underwater. It can separate fishes from all other structures. Plus, the display helps to get better images of the fishes. If you want, you can mark your targets on the screen and monitor them.

Depending upon the water, SONAR can be accurate for 1300 feet (in normal water) and 500 feet (in salt water) respectively.

The Display Screen and Transducer

Some would say that the display screen is too basic. But it works just fine. It supports 8 different levels of Grayscale color. I couldn’t switch it to any other color.

The depth calculator shows you data in either meters or feet. Garmin Echo 150 can monitor the temperature of the lake or ocean as well.

It displays the data in Celsius or in Fahrenheit. Everything is so perfectly placed on the display that people won’t have to look twice.

I repeatedly mentioned that the Dual beam transducer works in two frequencies. You will need 200 KHz for the shallow water and 77 KHz where the water is deep.

This sensor comes with a mount for your Transcom device. I also mount it on a quick-release clamp on the boat.

The Versatility of the Machine

The Dual Beam technology will allow people to search within 120-degree cone angles.

The area that these GPS tracker/ Fishfinder covers prove to be helpful when you are trying to get a lock on your target. I usually like to navigate through the sea faster.

Besides the SONAR, “Ultrascroll” helps me to get a fix on the fishes when I am traveling fast through the water.

The technology works great when you are trying to separate fishes from other objects into the lake or ocean.

How Easy Garmin Echo 150 Is To Operate?

From my perspective, the best fish finder can only be good when it is easy to operate and use. It shouldn’t take you long to get accustomed to it.

Garmin Echo 150 takes few minutes to get organized. You’ll need to follow four simple steps to set it up for the first time. Then just choose the units you prefer to show the measurements and stats and press “Done”. After that, use the five buttons to navigate through the machine.


  • A simplified design works well with fishermen of all experience levels.
  • Dual Beam technology makes Sonar work for Salt and regular water.
  • HD-ID sonar system helps you discover your prey in an efficient manner.
  • It can be mounted on clamps and Transcom device.
  • Display screen works very well especially for the new users.


  • It delivers feeds on the display screen in “Grayscale Mode” only.
  • The machine starts to distort when you scan deeper than 1300 feet in the regular water and 500 feet in salt water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does it show the depth of water when lacking power?

A: Yes, depending upon where you place it, the position of your boat and speed of it, Garmin Echo 150 does show the depth of the fish. The ideal practice is to have your boat run at 15 mph.

Q: What type of battery does this use?

A: It uses a 12-volt battery for power.

Final Verdict

If you own a small Kayak, this device should work efficiently for you. But on pontoon boats, show a bit of engineering to install this and it works perfectly.

Everything with this machine is “As advertised”. Garmin Echo 150 is the perfect device for its price and it lasts the long haul as well. I’d definitely recommend the product for all.


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