Garmin Echo 500C Fish Finder [Product’s Features]

Quality fish finder is the order of the day if you want to catch your prize quick and easy from mid-lake. Lakes are often so deep that it becomes hard to catch a fish when you are diving in without the hand of technology by your side.

Garmin Echo 500C solves the problem for the users. It has a capable sounder that finds fishes efficiently. Furthermore, you’ll have a smaller footprint to work with so, it doesn’t take up much space.

Top Garmin Echo 500C Fish Finder

The Display Screen!

Well, to be frank, you can use Garmin Echo 500C for marine operations as well all, thanks to the QVGA display! It supports 256 colors to provide people with a brighter screen.

You can use this fish finders under heavy sunlight thanks to the bright display and high-resolution imagery. 5-inch display will provide lively 2D images with precise identification of fishes.

The resolution count for this tool is 320X234, and the screen is responsive to the sensitive sonar technology. This provides up-to-date imagery of an area as you move.

The Transducer and the Sonar Option!

Garmin Echo 500C has a transducer that runs at 500W capacity. That power provides significant results when you are fishing in saltwater.

It has dual beam sonar. You can expect the machine to provide clear readings for 1900 feet and for up to 700 feet when in saltwater. For saltwater, the transducer sends out narrow beams to clarify fish habitats and obstacles in the way.

You can switch to wider beams as well to cover the areas around your boat for 120 degrees. It includes the tight areas where your sight won’t reach.

Waterproof Machine with Sonar History

Like many other Garmin products, this one too is protected with IPX7 waterproofing technology. People won’t have to worry about this thing getting soaked and dysfunctional.

Also, there are sensors to monitor water temperature for people. Garmin Echo 500C is the perfect machine to take along with you when fishing in hot areas.

Thanks to Smooth Scaling, you can adjust the depth the sonar signal travels for a better and clearer reading. I could also record my sonar data and rewind it afterward to check on the tiny details’ thanks to this device.

Other Features which Enhance the Sonar

The best thing about Garmin Echo 500C is that it can process image itself to provide you a clear indication of where the fishes are.

For example, I found “Ultrascroll” to be helpful when running boat at a speed of 40mph. This feature allows the fishermen to see targets clearly in real time even though the vessel is moving.

You can also assign fishes with particular ID colors. That way, you can identify the horde you are after through graphical icons. It works well to narrow down targets.


  • Top quality equipment with an affordable price tag.
  • Simplistic design with minimal buttons.
  • Dual Beam Transducer for better scanning of saltwater and freshwater.
  • It is possible to record sonar history and rewind it back.
  • It is possible to use Garmin Echo 500C under intense sunlight.
  • It can be mounted on a transom, a flash mounts and can be kept on the dashboard also.


  • Warranty is only on parts and not the whole device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: If I want to upgrade, can I use the transponder of Garmin Echo 100 with Garmin Echo 500C?

A: I’m afraid you can’t. The connections of both the transponders are different than each other. They won’t fit.

Q: How long does it take to install this machine?

A: Five minutes at best.

Final Verdict

Garmin is known for manufacturing top notch pieces of equipment, especially handheld fish finders. There aren’t a lot of devices, which can stand up to the competition against Garmin Echo 500C.

Uncomplicated design and great sonar capacity wins the race for Garmin. It is not a GPS tracker, but this device excels when it comes to transducer performance and longevity.

The fish finder is available in grayscale display and the color. I’ll recommend the latter for better viewing and sonar performance.

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