Garmin Echomap 73DV Fish Finder Review

Compared to old days, fishing has become widely popular and fun thanks to all the types of equipment that assist you whenever you are on a trip. Instead of waiting hours and hours on the water, fishermen now use awesome fish finders to find hotspots in rivers, lakes and oceans that are filled with fish.

Few brands even come with handheld GPS tracking facility that helps to navigate the Kayaks. One such brand is Garmin. They are revolutionizing the industry with feature rich fish finders. Garmin Echomap 73DV is one of the best in their portfolio so far.

Garmin Echomap 73DV Fish Finder Review


The Garmin Echomap 73DV is pre-uploaded with LakeVu™ cartography, which hosts 17,000 lake maps. This is just one of the many cool features that come with the machine.

Garmin Echomap 73DV Fish Finder Review

Let me review Garmin Echomap 73DV fishfinder to explain other benefits this device has.

Fairly Simplistic Design

Garmin EchoMAP 73DV is one of the simplistic machines on the market that are easy to operate as well.

The 7-inch display screen is one of the highlights of the design. You can do the backlight adjustment with this GPS. This machine uses DownVu sonar technology that instantly provides the view of what is happening underwater. Garmin EchoMAP will provide you the clear images of structures and fishes dwelling in different parts of the lake.

It comes with IPX7 Waterproofing ratings. Furthermore, I could mount this device, thanks to the supplied attachment.

Auto Guidance Feature

Garmin Echomap 73DV Fish Finder ReviewThis device is essentially a combo. You can have the privileges of both a GPS tracker and a Fishfinder.

You can also download the Garmin App Version 2.0 which is patented and switched the device on. It navigated a safe passage for you through which you could set sail.

The feature also provides opportunities to customize and form new routes of your own. You just need to tweak and add a way to point out.

You can tweak this setting in the middle of the road as well. This feature can save you when you are going fishing on terrains you are not familiar with.

The LakeVu™ Technology Makes Life Easier

Besides the customization feature and Auto Guidance, it also has LakeVu™ system.The system essentially has 17000 lake maps pre-updated within the machine. Out the 17000 maps, 5100 are in HD quality. These preloaded maps help you to get ourselves familiar with the terrain even though you are visiting the area the first time.

This feature combined with the first one makes navigation easier.

Also, adding custom maps via mapping cards can cost you $$$ and above. This GPS plus system saves a hefty sum of money for you.

Upgrading the Maps is Possible

This feature has to be counted as one of the positive sides of this unit. If by any chance, you feel more than 17000 maps are a necessary, upgrade the device with LakeVu™ Ultra HD Map card. You can buy the card and install it inside MicroSD slot that 73DV has.

The DownVu™ Sonar System Picks up Everything

Garmin Echomap 73DV Fish Finder ReviewIt is one of the signature parts of the design as I mentioned earlier. DownVu™ system utilizes GT20-TM transducer.

You will be able to scan the water at 455/800 KHz when you are pulling up images and 77/200 KHz when you are scanning in “Standard Mode.” The picture that you get is crystal clear and the data is refreshed 5 times per second to provide you real time images.

The unit can give information about different types of fishes, coral rocks underneath the water and much more due to the sonar


  • Simple yet efficient design.
  • The Fishfinder also functions as a GPS Tracker.
  • Auto Guidance feature to navigate a safe passage.
  • The DownVU™ Sonar Technology can scan on “Image Mode” and “Standard Mode”.
  • LakeVu™ gives you pre-uploaded routes through 17000 lakes in total and 5100 courses in HD.
  • Display resolution is 800X480, the 7-inch screen shows clear details of the scannings.
  • You can mount the device on trolling motors and Transcom.


  • For some, the numerical readings weren’t accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will Sunlight pose a threat to it?

A: No, it won’t. There is a protective cover which works great even in highways and windy conditions.

Final Verdict

Garmin Echomap 73DV is my clear favorite by a long shot because of the DownVu™ Sonar system. It provides me with clear scans directly below and in wide angles of my small kayak.

Plus, the LakeVu™ maps saved my Navionic’s card cost (which is more than $$$, BTW). I am pretty happy that I purchased this and at such an affordable price too.

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