Garmin Striker 4 Review – Our Favourite Fish Finder?

All around, the Garmin Striker 4 is a really impressive little fish finder. For your pleasure and use, it comes in three different sizes that range from small to large, so you can choose the size you like based on the space that you have and your screen size preference. It provides all of the information that you need on a vivid, colorful and organized screen so that you have quick and easy access to all of your key information and statistics. The buttons and controls on this model make it really easy to use and navigate.

We really enjoy that this particular fishfinder comes with a portable carrying case as well as a built-in swivel mount so that you can easily transport and place your fish finder anywhere that you like. The chirp sonar provides serious detail of the edges of the fish around you, as well as the terrain underneath the water.

The GPS is handy for navigation purposes and displaying your maps so that you never get lost. Plus, this model has a built-in speedometer so that you always have a live view of how fast your boat is going.

Garmin Striker 4


Vivid Color Display

The last thing that you want in a quality fish finder is a crumby display. You may be surprised how many inexpensive and even nice fish finders that there are on the market that has all of the features that you need, but also have the low-quality display that is difficult to read.

Thankfully, the Striker 4 remedies those issues. This fish finder has a vivid, bright, full-color display that is really easy to read. Whether it be in the middle of the day, in the early morning before sunrise or after sundown, you will always have a clear view of all of the information that you need, on your compact fish finder screen. We also really enjoy that this particular fish finder has a key interface below the screen, that makes it effortless to navigate and use your fish finder. Some fishfinder models have complex controls that make it difficult to find the information that you need, but the Striker 4 is exceedingly easy to control and navigate.

GPS and Waypoint Map

Having the view of a map is essential while you are out fishing, especially if you are exploring new fishing spots. With areas that you are familiar with, you may be able to get by without a fish finder, but you are missing out on making your fishing experience more productive and enjoyable. You especially need an accurate map and GPS for new fishing territories and areas that you are unfamiliar with.

Thankfully, the Striker 4 comes with a high sensitivity GPS that is great for exploring new fishing territories. You will always have an accurate idea of where you are and will be able to navigate hundreds and thousands of different bodies of water effectively, without losing your way.

Garmin Striker 4


Built-in Sonar

The chirp sonar that is built into this fish finder is second to none. You will always have an accurate and detailed picture of the fish around you, and more detail on the outlines and the edges of your potential catch than ever before. The sonar gives you a precise and detailed view of the fish that are around your boat, the floor beneath you. It works well in fresh or salt water.

Portable Carrying Case

We really appreciate that this model comes with a portable carrying case so that you can safely take your fish finder with you. The last thing that you want to happen to your fish finder after you purchase it, is for it to get lost overboard while you are out fishing. Thankfully, this carrying case protects your unit and stores it nicely. This model also includes a swivel mount so that you can securely attach your fish finder to your vessel, eliminating the stress of your fish finder going overboard.

Garmin Striker 4


Memory and History

What any angler can appreciate about this model is that it has a built-in memory. Even the most avid fisherman will have trouble remembering all of their favorite fishing spots. With the Striker 4 though, you won’t have to. It has a built-in memory and sonar history so that you can go back and mark all of your favorite fishing spots on your GPS and your sonar. That way, you won’t have to remember where you were or have to mark your spot on a map.

Things We Liked

  • This fishfinder comes with a beautiful, vivid and colorful screen that is easy to use and operate. Depending on what model you get, the screen can come in 3.5 inches, five inches, or seven inches.
  • This unit is incredibly easy to use and navigate and even comes with a built-in keypad that you can use to fully operate your fish finder.
  • This particular fishfinder comes with a built-in high sensitivity GPS so that you always have your bearings. It even has a speedometer so that you always know how fast your boat it going.
  • The chirp sonar that is built into this model provides the highest detail and closest location information possible and provides a wider range of information for the anger. The sonar provides for a continuous sweep of chirp frequencies which gives your fish finder crisper details when it comes to the shape and location of fish, along with floor of the body of water that you are on.
  • The waypoint map that is built into this fish finder lets you easily and accurately get to wherever you need to go. The map gives you the ability to view and mark locations while enhancing your ability to navigate the waters that are the most populated with fish.
  • This unit even has a built-in flasher, which gives you the classic sonar view. This feature can be best used for vertical jigging and ice fishing.
  • This unit includes a chirp transducer with transom and a motor mounting kit that allows you to easily mount your fish finder.
  • This unique fish finder even gives you the ability to share waypoints and routes with other Garmin Striker models so that you can easily communicate your favorite places to your fishing buddies.
  • This model allows you to rewind on your sonar so that you can revisit your favorite waypoints
  • This fishfinder comes with a tilt and swivel mount that gives you the ability to safely, easily and securely mount your fish finder to your vessel
  • All of the data that you need from this fish finder is conveniently organized and placed on your screen.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The mount that comes with this model isn’t that great
  • The suction cup on the mount doesn’t work that well, so you may have to buy a different mount


Question: How long does the battery last on a full charge?
Answer: Two to three days of continuous use.

Question: What comes with the portable kit?
Answer: The carrying bag, portable battery charger, a stand to mount the unit on, and a transducer that is mounted on a suction cup stand.

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a powerful fish finder with a lot to offer. The GPS and sonar technology that is built into this model is perfect for fishing in all kinds of waters and locations. We really like that it gives you the ability to track all of your favorite waypoints and locations. The screen is easy to read and the controls are easy to use.

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