How To Choose A Kayak Cart


Fishing kayak is one of the most significant fishing gears used by the anglers. To choose the right Kayak, you have to consider every part of kayak along with its associated features.

A kayak cart is an obligatory kayak fishing device that enables an angler to launch in the places, which are inaccessible without wheels.

It can offer you a great service, whether you wish to carry the kayak for several feet distance to reach near the water or portage the kayak through any woody place to reach a specific fishing point.

On this article, I have discussed how to choose the best kayak cart.

Kayak Cart

Consider a New or DIY Kayak Cart

Well, there are many ways to select a kayak cart, you can take the suggestion of your family members, relatives, friends or neighbors to know about the best brands and shops.

You can also search the internet to find the reliable e-commerce stores to choose the right Kayak cart from a range of options.

A new Kayak usually ranges from $75 – $200. Besides these, you can get a DIY Kayak cart using old materials left in your storeroom for years.

For instance, take a pair of old big-size wheels made of plastic. Then, you can do google in order to find some useful DIY articles regarding the homemade kayak carts.

However, to make a DIY Kayak cart, you need every small as well as big gears starting from the PVC to the pool noodles. A DIY Kayak cart is certainly a cheaper option comparing to a new kayak cart.

Consider Tire Size & Material

Whether you choose a new Kayak cart or determine to make a DIY Kayak cart, the primary thing you need to consider is, on what type of environment the Kayak cart is going to be used and which type wheels can fulfill your need the most.

A right tire can certainly make your fishing attempt easier. Moreover, the tire can save the Kayak from any potential damage caused by lifting or carrying it over a long path.

The tires used in the Kayak carts are available in different sizes as well as materials.

Plastic Tire Cart

Plastic Tires made Kayak Carts are widely popular among the anglers. This type cart offers a range of advantages.

Plastic carts are l Therefore, those are easy to carry. Moreover, plastic made carts are Easy to store. You can get them at the cheap price.

Furthermore, plastic carts are suitable to drag on the paved surfaces. These Kayak carts don’t become flat. However, while choosing a plastic made Kayak cart, you need to remember that the narrow carts don’t work in the places with a sandy surface.

Pneumatic Tire Made Carts

Pneumatic Tire made carts are also admired as Kayak cart. These type Kayak carts are air filled. Pneumatic tire made Kayak carts are suitable for using on any type of surface.

This type Kayak carts offer some extra-ordinary feature. For instance, it’s air pressure system can be regulated to ride on different terrains.

However, this air-filled tire made carts run the risk of being flat. Moreover, you must consider that if the pressure seal fails, then you will not be able to air up the pneumatic tires.

Foam Filled Tire Carts

Foam Filled tires are also used for the Kayaks. The foremost advantage of this type cart is, it is suitable for using on any type surface. Moreover, it is free from the risk of being flat.

However, it has a drawback that the air pressure of this type can’t be regulated. Furthermore, foam filled tire carts are more expensive.

Balloon Tire Carts

Balloon Tire built carts are also used in the Kayak Carts. If you want to drive the Kayak over a sandy surface, then this tire made Kayak-cart would be the best option for you.However, you should remember some other facts.

The Balloon tire made carts are more costly. It runs the risk of being flat. If you want to drive on a rocky place or rough surface, then this tire made cart will not work.

How To Choose A Kayak Cart

Consider the Style of the Kayak-Carts

The Kayak carts can be divided into 3 different styles. Each specific style comes up with its specific advantages as well as disadvantages.

End Cart Style

In this style, the carts are placed onto the rear side of a kayak. The carts can work without strapping and attach to the kayak. However, this style might be incompatible for the wider kayaks.

Strapped Cart Style

In this style, the Kayak is placed over the cart by strapping. In other words, the kayak is strapped over the cart’s roof rack. This style has brought different versions with the same theme.

While choosing a strapped cart for your Kayak you need to remember that the straps can become loose and your Kayak might require 2 straps for holding it firmly during transport.

Some carts offer frame built straps, while others brands offer separate straps for attaching to the Kayak-cart while tying up.  If you choose this style cart, you can place the Kayak anywhere over the cart.

Plug In Cart Style

In this style, the carts are plugged into the Kayak’s scupper holes. Usually, the sit-on-top type kayaks contain the scrapper holes on the tank-well or the seat area.

This plug-in cart style is easy to install. You can do it alone by following the manual. However, while choosing a Kayak-cart with this style you should remember that few plug in carts offers tiny scupper holes; so be sure that your chosen cart will properly fit in your Kayak.

Some kayak Bands offer the plug in carts suitable for their respective line, which is neither easily adjustable, nor usable for any other kayak-brands.

You can consider the above-mentioned facts to choose the right cart for your Kayak to make it a more user-friendly and efficient fishing gear.


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