Humminbird 409140-1 859 ci HD DI Combo Review

A fish finder is an important device used by boatmen to locate fish in water. It does this by detecting reflected pulses of sound energy. It then displays the location of the fish on a screen.

They are extremely useful and help divers, fishermen, anglers and all kinds of people who love the water. They take the guesswork out of fishing or whatever your activity is when you need to locate and capture the fish. They are convenient and a much-appreciated step in technology for those who need to locate fish in underwater environs.

While there are many models in the market, a few have managed to stand out as the best, and the Humminbird 409140-1 859 ci is one of such. It offers the best features, quality, and performance and is well-loved by many. It is an option I would recommend, but let me indulge you in some few details on the features and pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision.

360 Imaging

This fish finder model offers a 360-degree view around your boat. Picture a thin sonar wall that extends to 150 feet on either side of your water vessel. It creates a 300-foot circle, enabling you to see areas that are virtually impossible to reach visually, or even with other types of sonar. And because you take this sonar wall with you everywhere you go, you don’t have to move, so you can spot the fish before they see you.

Down Imaging

The ‘DI’ in the title stands for down imaging, which is an appalling technological feature on this fish finder. It is a feature that enables you to see like a fish, to make it easier to catch one. You get a perfect view of what is happening down below with this feature. These images are created with high-frequency sound waves that are emitted in thin slices. The sonar that returns from this produces a ‘portrait’ that makes it possible for you to watch reefs, fish, rocks, timber and et cetera, with incredible detail.

LED Display

The 851ci HD DI Combo features a bright 7 inch LCD display, which has a backlight. The widescreen, (800H x 480V) provides clear images that make it easy for viewing even in harsh light. In poorly lit areas, the backlight makes it possible to view images on the screen with ease.

Precision GPS

With this model, you get unrivaled GPS technology straight out of the box. It has an inbuilt precision GPS receiver that provides fast position fixes that are accurate within 2.5 meters. It provides permanent GPS capability on your vessel.

AIS Technology

Being in the water is not always safe, let’s face it. From high traffic channels to sudden changes in engine performance to poor weather, this model can help you stay safe, informed and productive, because you will have your peace of mind intact so you will be able to focus on what took you out there. The Humminbird radar can be used to maneuver areas of low visibility and give clues where the fish are.

With AIS technology, you can track other vessels, which takes out the guesswork and the risk of navigating areas with high channels or with low visibility. From your display, you can see important information relayed by other AIS-equipped vessels in VHF range of your vessel. You have the option of other vessels being able to view the same information about you too so you can see, and also be seen.


This is an enhanced, professional package that comes with this model. In its database, it has over 3,000 U.S. lake maps so you might be able to find a lake close to any location you might want to fish.

As a bonus, ContourXD maps have depth contour lines, so you can locate all the channels, drops or bumps holding the fish. The map also includes major roads and interstates so you can fish like a professional in your home lake or even a lake far from home.


  • Bright LED backlit 7-inch display
  • Widescreen with clear images for easy viewing
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • 360 imaging
  • Down imaging sonar
  • Ethernet networking capabilities
  • ContourXD map
  • Dual card reader


  • For Ethernet connection, a cable and two adapters are needed for each end, meaning extra costs are incurred
  • It comes with so many features but no printed user manual.

Humminbird 409140-1 859 ci HD DI Combo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is a printed user manual necessary when it comes with instructions on a CD?

A: When out in the water, a CD is no good. If you need to confirm a thing or two, it is better to have a printed manual with you as it is more convenient and logical

Q: What are the two adapters needed for in the Ethernet connection?

A: Humminbird’s proprietary cable does not fit their units, so you need adapters for both ends of the cable. The website will be of much help to show what is networkable and what products and accessories are required.

Q: How does one find appropriate replacement parts for this Humminbird?

A: You can visit the Humminbird website and click on the model to see compatible accessories and products. You could also contact the company via phone or email, and a customer service representative will assist you.

Final Words

So, there you have it! This model has an array of the unique and thought-out features that will make your experience in the waters easy, safe and super productive since you know this fish finder has got your back in more ways than one.

From the widescreen to the inbuilt GPS to the ContourXD map feature and much, much more, I highly recommend the Humminbird 409140-1 859 ci HD DI Combo as your best partner in all your marine endeavors. With a user manual to help guide you through the many features, it does not get better than this. Trust me.

Humminbird 409140-1 859 ci HD DI Combo

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